14 June 2011
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DonisArt Evenings


After a 6 months long sabbatical time, DonisArt presented in the evening of June 14, to the fragile number of spectators from Kulturhaus, an event with a cult band of the Darkwave scene: BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL. The three Americans arrived in Bucharest after two concerts in Leipzig and Prague and their experience in Romania was an extremely pleasant one, I could even say successful. 

We played on the screen in the opening the video recording of ROME’s 2008 Brasov concert and we were pleasantly surprised to see that some people really wanted to watch (again) those unique moments. After the Americans’ concert we played the second part of the concert, this time with the Italians from SPIRITUAL FRONT.

The 15 songs played by Sam, Valerie and Athan magnetized the audience, especially on the more rhythmic passages, filled with melody and contour.

I really enjoyed a review written by a Metalhead collaborator, which I gladly post below… Why gladly? Because I can read in Romania too, ample, specific, dedicated chronicles, filled with substance… That makes me consider more seriously (but in  pleasant, even fulfilled way) my retreat from “those written in the musical Underground”, for I have discovered new people prepared to continue and develop (through writings) the promotion of beautiful bands, less known and not publicized by the so called specialized press:

It’s a documented written chronicle, careful with details, very neatly structured structured and with a perfect image of what happened in Kulturhaus.

I found a more poetic but similarly resonant note here:

In other words, the Underground Spirit still exists and this enlightened, more than I would have thought, a confusing period I’m going through. Congratulations to the scribes!

Thanks to the band BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL for the commencement and will to play in Romania! My respects to the souls who continuously stubborn themselves to thrive through the web of daily ignorance and are a part of DonisArtevenings!

June 19, 2011 


25 years ago, on the North American continent, one of the most interesting DarkWave bands was born: BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL. Its mentor (no other than Sam Rosenthal the head of the Projekt Records label), has released 10 varied albums that alternate from Gothic, Ethereal and NeoClassical to Dark Cabaret, Dream Pop or Ambient, his music being appreciated even by the famous film director David Lynch.

The American band can’t really brag about too many European gigs, preferring to focus more onto their own continent. This year, the famous WGT festival celebrates 20 years of existence and so, the organizers decided to invite bands that wrote and are still writing history, within all the Goth/Gothic genres. Of course BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL could not miss participating, and so, the Americans will return, after a long break, to our old continent, at the beginning of June, in Leipzig. After a stopover in Prague, the legendary band will stop for a couple of days in Bucharest as well, where it will hold an exquisite performance, for both old and new fans, but also for whoever would like to chat with the leader Sam Rosenthal, the one who, throughout the years, launched and promoted bands like: LYCIA, STEVE ROACH, UNTO ASHES, ANDROID LUST or VOLTAIRE. Moreover, Projekt Records will release at the beginning of next month the superb debut of the French band EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD, a beautiful Melancholic Romantic Post-Rock.  BLACKTAPE will return to the States after their Bucharest gig.

The friends of DonisArt know that Sam Rosenthal crossed the world in 2009 to honour the invitation of attending the first edition of DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING. It was a wonderful evening for all attendees, but also a great joy for the participating artists to speak, face to face, with the one who, in the promoted niche, wrote history with his label, Projekt. It is, if you'd like, the American replica of Trisol Records, Sam putting the basis of the label back in 1983!

The last album released by BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL is “10 Neurotics”, a material that insists upon the Rock & Dark Cabaret dimensions, but also with focus on Ambient or Ethereal, a short promo being made with the help of an intriguing actress:

The official video of the song “The Pleasure in the Pain” perfectly outlines the latest album's musical approach, very well received by the specialized press:

"I set out to create an album that looks at our sexuality, obsessions and fetishes with a mature (rather than sensationalized) eye," writes Sam Rosenthal, the group’s founder, keyboardist and guitarist. The new live line-up also includes vocalist Athan Maroulis (formerly of the pioneering electronic band Spahn Ranch) and guitarist/vocalist Valerie Gentile (formerly of The Cruxshadows).

Starting at 9pm the evening of June 14th (in exactly 2 months), in the minimalistic and coquette KULTURHAUS, #4 Sf. Vineri Street, Bucharest,  BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL will perform their first concert in Romania, including tracks from the most representative albums of the band.

Details about the band:
Doors open at 8pm, the waiting time until the artists will step onto the stage being filled with the video projection of an exclusive ROME concert, dated the 13th of December 2008, part of the Special Martial PostFolk Evening held in Brasov.

The ticket price is 30 lei and can be purchased from Germanos, Vodafone, Orange stores, Carturesti and Humanitas bookstores &, but also from the venue, on the day.

We look forward to seeing you!

DonisArt team
April 14th 2011


14 June, 2011 - 21:00 KULTURHAUS, Strada Sf.Vineri Nr.4, Bucuresti
30 lei