Dark Bombastic Evening 3

19 August 2011
20 August 2011
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Under the sign of these times we stir our souls about and we’ve come to accept, to get used to and even to think in terms of numerology. Or maybe we’re just following the well established/quantified/braced emblems regarding how many people attended a certain concert, how many beer have been sold, how many minutes the bands played, how much was the beer, the food, the accommodations, what special offer we might have missed, and all of this can be never-ending. Sadly, all these are little things, maybe with certain importance to those who guide their existence following statistics like that: “is it a lot, is it less?” 

Well I wasn’t interested in such an aspect and I tend to believe this was the correct choice for the first outdoor edition of DBE, an edition that was deliberately meant to be something different – a clean, simple, free alternative, which lodged a message of unconditional friendship and respect.  

DonisArt started to build some years ago a new form of advocating for beautiful music, the Underground art in general. And the most visible event created for this purpose so far seems to be DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING.  What is DBE actually? I wouldn’t call it a festival because it sounds too mercantile, too commercial and easy to be labeled and compared! I dare say that the word platform is the most likely term which can be viewed as an alternative but also as an enclave.  

A festival makes a point of gathering the largest sum of bands possible, which perform on multiple stages. The most famous artists always must play last and more time is allotted to their performance, the crowd is always on the run to see the bands, and eventually it must give up on seeing some of them. And just like that the all-inclusive concept sneaks in and functions just fine on the music event market. You pay 100 Euros and you get to see 80 bands, but in reality this is nothing but a trick to make you believe that this price is worth it. Furthermore, if you attach a presale offer to the deal, clearly the person buying the ticket will think he has struck gold. It doesn’t matter that you’re going out to see your favorite bands in the morning, during coffee hours. It doesn’t matter that you will be seeing the big bands only on stage and from a considerable distance (because of the huge number of people), behind fences, guarded fiercely by bodyguards. If you look at it differently, there’s no way a festival could function without these strict rules, and everybody knows that, including the fans. It’s still a good thing they exist, it’s a good thing there’s competition between them, but this “movements” have nothing to do with the DBE profile.  

Therefore, the DBE PLATFORM, confirmed that it can exist as a simple artistic expression in resonance with the peaceful thoughts of those souls who are stubborn enough to still follow the idealistic guidelines (could be called naïve, if we are to judge by the murky times we manage to survive in). The DBE PLATFORM proved it can MATTER, INFLUENCE and BREATH, free, unconditioned and civilized! 

DBE came true in Alba Iulia! And it happened, right here, in the city of the Great Union, only because of those beautiful souls which were more than happy to attend the 2 day fairytale, in a place so different from the real word, where positive energies floated supreme upon those walls filled with unknown history (for most of us anyway)! 

The participating bands mingled with the crowd, they only set apart when they went on stage to do their thing, the old and new friends from all around the globe were social with each other while having a drink or a bowl of those traditional kettle made foods (nevertheless, the process of making the food was a little smoky, the line was a little big, but the food was so tasty and so it finished very rapidly), the graphic art and photography exhibitions were always cool alternatives for introspections, the merchandise stands were full of supplies specific of the event, and last but not least, the music from the little stage went on and on after midnight until the hours of the early morning.  

Because the music was so diverse, not all the bands were to everybody’s liking…but nevertheless I managed to discover people who accepted that music has no boundaries as most of the fans who attended the event for specific bands, left fans and friends of the other bands as well. Each artist had its own story which was told in the most determined and harmonious way, and this is what mattered the most…There were of course fans who were not interested in other bands, nor the atmosphere of the event. This folks just came, witnessed and left…but I would like to thank them too for participating and backing us up. I am sincerely happy for their joy.  

We exist in the 3rd millennium, which has been called the technological one, and I’ve been thinking about writing or not the chronicle of the 3rd chapter laid down by the DBE PLATFORM, especially since I’ll be posting in the days to come the semi-full videos of the concerts. This should be a wonderful opportunity for the people who did not attend the show.  

As for the friends who were there, I am sure a re-experience of those beautiful moments, will make us/them appreciate more this superb, Underground, civilized and harmonious event in Sprit and as emotional discharge 

It’s the same as it is with sports supporters: its one thing to cheer in front of the TV, and another one to be on the stadium, with the gallery, to breath in the atmosphere and to live the real vibe! 

Now it would be interesting to start telling you guys about each band in part, but it seems too much of a cliché and it doesn’t seem to align with what went on during this August weekend in Alba Iulia. I only know that the frailty of Fursy and Audrey’s voices gave LES DISCRETS a very romantic and poetic shape….Bjornar and his theatrical moves and his now famous rope blowed the minds of those in the front rows, all die hard VULTURE INDUSTRIES fans, Anders and Lisa made a point in showing the crowd that DRACONIAN can sound as dark as ever, even if the darkness did not set over Alba Iulia at the time they played, DORDEDUH is a band full of potential, we all should be proud of, ALCEST is one of the most cheered bands of the new Metal wave, and YEAR OF NO LIGHT can  bewilder the audience with an extraordinary mix of music and visuals, especially since the background consisted of a vampiric themed movie. SUNSET IN THE 12th HOUSE can only shock after their first live performance, LOELL DUINN crushes with that incredible female voice, HEXVESSEL gained some fans instantly, offering the crowd a bis, they did not saw coming, ROMA AMOR presented a story from different times, told in a very simple yet authentic manner, ROME continues to be this unpredictable universe created by Jerome, a surprising yet confusing one. And last but not least, the six Greek artists proved that they can amaze anybody who has an addiction for beautiful artistic experiences. And this time DIRTY GRANNY TALES put on the lofty complete show called Jealous. 

After this edition came to an end, I did not know whether I will go on with the DBE concept anymore (those copy-paste and repeat chimeras keep haunting me and the fact that I felt fulfilled brought me to the conclusion that I should just let things be, like a neat close chapter), but last night I received from three different places some photographs with my son climbing that wall from the RYMA spaces, so therefore I told myself that the challenges must go on, that there’s still much to go to reach the top of the board. I do not plan to step out of the Underground dimension, nor to make this event a bigger one or summon bands who will only play because I insisted. Anyway, it’s a known fact that for the DonisArt events we’ll be having only bands en premier for Romania which are coming to say something to the fans, not just to do another gig. I do not know if the next edition will take place in the same location, or maybe somewhere else, because the excitement of discovering new locations in Romania is maximum! I know that I still owe you guys that camp fire in Alba Iulia, but also that surprise citadel tour with the changing of the guards and the firing of cannons. 

Be that as it may, I wish to thank everybody who, in this complex and very though moments of my existence managed to help me construct the most ambitious project of my secret life – DBE 3: my family, Andreea, Lus, RYMA, Beauty of Pain, Blackhawk Security, TopSound, Horatiu, Pub Gambrinus, plus those partners who understood what the Underground Spirit meant: Prodvinalco, Ciuc, Rauch, Perenna, Lavazza and maybe most importantly, the audience, new and old friend, who came from 18 countries to be part of this unique experience! 

We shall see what the future holds, when, where, how and with whom we are going to share it.  

I only know that I’VE SENSED so many beautiful souls this weekend. I SPOTED smiling faces, happy people….a lot of DBE t-shirts worn out of respect but also due to the feeling of belonging and because of this I can only say: congratulations to everyone, you were like a big family….and maybe there’s actually a real family? 


… underground will never die!

23rd August 2011

PS. I forgot to thank the weather, but I guess I should thank the participants instead…their prayers have been heard. 


19 August, 2011 - 15:00
20 August, 2011 - 15:00
Alba Iulia Fortress, RYMA
60 lei/day - 100 lei/event
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