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17 August 2012
18 August 2012
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I remember how I was once…how I used to move or invent mountains, how I used to build or burn bridges, covering up or drawing little paths in the woodland only so I could accomplish my dreams, my purposes, my aberrations…and every time I led myself to think due to my mendacity that the world is ready to experience my views. I thought of myself as being somebody who knew extreme underground music better than anyone and that the determination of those around me was much more frail than the flame burning inside of me. So for 20 years I managed to do all I have ever wanted, all within the boundaries accepted and approved by my standards: producing a radio show, printing a magazine, going to concerts, organizing concerts, having direct contact with bands. In other words everything was build and was gravitating around this word that might not even mean anything to some, but that meant everything to me: underground. Then after a while, time started taking other shapes, but I still didn't allowed myself to recognize that, my selfishness was eating up my emotions as I kept auto flagellating myself - I was living everything intensely, that's what I was telling myself. I kept running from repeating things, from not being buried by the "same old", I didn't want to reproduce things, to keep doing them over and over again, even if they were actually providing me with the sense and reason for my experiences.

Then I realized I liked being the salve of my ideas, even if is it sounds quite irresponsible and distant. At work and in meetings I tried to tell my colleagues that sufficiency is the worst remedy you could ever stumble upon. That you need to move on, to run, run, run…to be the first, the best, to break every record, to run towards…I have no idea towards what you're supposed to run now…

Sufficiency is indeed very dangerous because once accepted, it is very convenient to live within it, alongside it. And it can be easily confounded with contentment.

So, I kept running like a mad man for years now, I've been writing, I've been speaking, I got upset, I smothered, I bored, I lost dear friends because of the religion I call music. I remember how I used to quantify money over the stamps I used to buy daily so I could write bands and record companies, how I was putting aside money from my salary for CDs and merchandise of my favorite bands. Like that I kept running on that invisible band, most of the times so bitter and grim that the others were not following me and they were better off in different worlds, suspecting they might start enjoying the beauty of what they felt now…but actually they were mine.

Just then I realized I was the slave to my own ideas; it was no use promising myself things because I would have to follow them through even if I would lose the joy of completing them. So I came to tell people everywhere that I didn't know if I would be able to organize DonisArt events anymore as I had lost my motivation, the beauty of my intentions, the satisfaction and gratitude.

Until I saw a picture of me, sitting by myself on the walls of RYMA with a DBE flag above me…that was the moment when I decided to give myself some time, to look myself in the mirror and come to grips with the fact that everything started from me, from an idea. Even so why does it all have to revolve around a single person, one that across the years has managed to do one single thing – to run. I might have done in a classy way, but that's all I ever did.

Now I don't only see it, but I'm being stopped and asked by people which I know and I don't know why I am running so much, why I am running like a mad man. Why I am hiding and I'm not admitting the things that are happening, growing and breeding life. I've realized that my running could end up destroying something that creates joy, satisfaction, gratitude. It is so strange not to feel alone in the crowd anymore…it's strange how people from around the globe come to thank you for what is already there – the DBE family. I know now that it is time to admit that and stop refuting it and stop running. I don't think I have ever received so many beautiful and sincere words. I have been touched even beyond tears, I don't know if I ever were like this. I see and receive messages from people known to me or not, who are talking about the DBE family, about a beautiful idea embraced already by Beautiful People.

I've been seeing souls breathing the DBE air for years, I spot that unconditional smile that paralyzes me on the spot, I can sense so much grace in the gaze of people I don't even know, I smell discreetly that common sense that makes me put myself out there. I feel like I want and can relax and I can watch myself in peace and friendship. I finally can see I am ready to discovery their inner aura and beauty, without asking or being asked for something in return. I see people I have never seen before in my entire life but which it seems I've known for ages. I can see and feel and love to be part of the harmony, chemistry and kindness of those present at DBE without looking for explanation, motivations and logical frames. It's beautiful and that's it!

And yes I finally understood that the mindset is within me, it's me who is the problem. I wasn't running away from the slavery of ideas, but from the slavery of running, something I've been connected to very tightly over the years.

Everybody present at DBE 4 enjoyed a "Ritual", a normal weekend, a gathering, a moment in time. Some came to see only a band or two, some maybe more, they might have discovered others in the process or maybe not. Maybe they managed to get into the atypical DBE expression and to discover the details of the entire concept or not…I would really like to believe that the people present resonated in a way with the DBE feeling which constitutes more than a simple festival, where, in most of the cases, the bands show up, play, conduct autograph and photo sessions and leave. Or where the public just comes to see their bands, drink a few beers and leave. Everything happens so quickly, maybe because we have been accustomed for it to happen like that…In the aftermath the people present at the concert will talk about it on other terraces, far away from the aroma inflicted on them by those musicians a couple of hours earlier.

And with this tour around the subject I couldn't get out of my head, I'm going to get into the matter at hand now.

DBE 4 has reached its end. It was a ritual that consumed me of all my energies and dried me of everything else I had…

First off I would like to highlight something I couldn't be gladder of: there were extremely few persons who bought tickets for only one day. This makes me believe that those who came knew exactly what they came for or what to expect. Even if I always say this about expectations: "never get them, so you will not get disappointed"…but at this very moment I'm reading a dialogue between two souls very dear to me and one of them (the other half of Beauty of Pain, Lore) says: "when we don't have any expectations, we fly and we dance and we sing amongst clouds". I really needed something less bitter, abrupt, sarcastic and manly. I find this line of thought so soothing, unlike the arrows of my zodiac sign, arrows I've been shooting for so many years now. I've loved shooting them by using complex words and cryptic meanings, even if it happens to leave behind a lot of deep wounds. Now I feel so much more at piece, Lore's expression is so playful and suggestive and offers what I love the most: freedom!

What I also remarked with pleasure was that the public was opened to paying the ticket to the event. I know a lot of situations when pressures from the outside were exercised in order for some people to get in for free. I didn't understand those manipulations but I got along with them. I don't understand them even now but like I said we had to deal with less of those situations which makes me think we are on the right track. People understand that DBE was never designed to be a source of money and they can show their support by buying an event ticket. The truth is there's no external financing, the sponsors are friends who try to help out to minimize the financial hole, the money is not dug out to be washed elsewhere. I believe that something can exist, go on and follow the second principle of physics: where there's action, there's reaction as well, even if the reaction comes with a great delay, but it comes, that's what matters! The result is the mobilization of hope towards something beautiful that doesn't get overshadow by the fear of the premature sunset.

DBE doesn't support press accreditations because it does not wish to maintain the differences between press people, public and artists, maybe that's why no Romanian site updated before the event the final details of the 4th Ritual. This doesn't make me sad or happy. It is what it is.

DBE doesn't have a guest list because we do not believe some people are bigger/better than others, or more important, or special. There's a permanent list of friends that comes regularly to DonisArt events and receives private invitations, but not be because they represent something or they are part of something, they just "earned" their right to be permanent guests and DonisArt is honored to enjoy their presence.

DBE has no opening bands or headliners because it does not believe in differences or habits of the kind practiced in other places. Most of the bands come to play because they are delighted to do so and also they want to spend a relaxing weekend amongst old and new friends. The Underground Spirit doesn't mean utopian equality, but uniform thinking when we're talking about passion and dedication.

I' m convinced that for some the bands where either too noisy or too boring, lacking in impressive scenic movements or excessive communication with the public, like we're all accustomed. Maybe those people will be left with a bitter taste after DBE if they did not manage to find solace in the atmosphere found on the festival grounds. I've read something like this and I'm really sorry for those who didn't manage to fit in and vibrate. But like always the problem rests with ourselves not with others. I thank them for coming out and trying!

Other rushed to make comparisons between previous DBE editions. If that's the way they feel, it's out of my hands but these moments in time should be accepted as they are, without bringing in the logical arguments of our daily life, which lose their purpose in front of the manifestations that might come into existence. I saw some people looking at me with pale sadness as they were expecting much more people at the venue. Others told me that the amount of people who showed up is impressive. Nevertheless I felt something hanging in the air – questions about numerology, quantity, tops, so I abandoned them quickly for fear they will cloud their minds and make them back to the mundane we were trying to escape from in here.

I appreciate the intensity and the intention of the messages. Most of them I received with gratitude and I thank each and one of them but DBE was born out of passion and love and for as long as DBE will go on it will not step away from these non conventional attributes, unlimited and impossible to enclose in quantitative borders. DBE loves the minimalist concept, breathing of normality and of intense living and the Underground Spirit is the brook that gives meaning and vibrations to all that happens within the day. Yes, now I am truly convinced that DBE exists, that a DBE family exists, that this family made up of beautiful souls lives and resonates with what happens fully. And the only thing I can do is bow to everybody and thank them from all my heart!

I don't know if it's any use talking about the rest, because the others felt it, resonated, vibrated. We had 3 intense nights, each and one of them with its own aura, providing a different kind of fulfillment in a very unique and personal way.

The bon fire was maybe the best way for all those present there on Thursday night to say hi, get to know each other and communicate verbally or not.

Before midnight some people lost their patience and went to sleep, some were asking around when is the bon fire going to be ready. Nothing special was arranged, it was just a simple camp fire at midnight when we were passing on to the 17th. Edmond and Ovi sat down near the fire as well with a mandolin and some percussion and made us feel less alone until the fire really burst into flames. Apparently the "Fire Ritual" hit its target: everybody was completely relaxed.

On the other hand DBE drained me completely. I don't think I ever lived through so much stress in my entire life, starting with the fact that 4 musicians lost their luggage while flying (therefore their instruments) and ending with the last night when I wasn't sure the last two bands were going to be able to perform due to the late hours of the night. The approvals for our schedule got refused a day before (I was denied holding the law in my hand) and things got into a very nasty turn.

But everything turned out to be fine and I thank everybody who knew these details and wished in every possible way that things will turn out right. And they did. You probably imagine now what kind of wishes I was making while fixing the lampions I was preparing under that superb night sky full of stars.

And when TKDE finished their recital, the 11th lampions let loose in approximately 5 minutes proved to me that the 4th Ritual was now over…and it was oh so beautiful.

About the atmosphere and bands soon you will be able to see a video, the DBE 4 SAGA which will speak wordlessly about what and how it was over there. A bit later the recordings of the live shows will come.

DBE 4 is gone, it's time for a break, long or short, that's up to everybody. I already know without any false modesty that as I ascend into autumn, the nostalgias of summer, the holiday memories will come back to haunt my memories. Amongst them, the aroma of a late summer weekend will make me sigh, because it will be in the past, but I will surely be glad I inhaled it deeply. Therefore I managed to achieve inner equilibrium, inner peace and contentment of which I was so in need of.

About this event I found reviews who said it a lot better than I would ever hoped to:


With friendship,   Doru

P.S. 1: I finish this subjective saga of mine with a short message from a friend who sent me her honesty and warmth through her words: "Be whatever you are, not what you are supposed to do". So many thanks to everybody, may we see each other healthy and full of life at KRUNA Neios in Brasov on the 8th of December. It will be another event of great intensity, especially because of the changes that happened within me for the past 2-3 years. I will probably know then what will happen to DonistArt in 2013. Until then we will take some rest and start the intense preparations for this event that somehow manages to encapsulate my birthday… 

P.S. 2: A couple of seconds ago I received an email from the mother of one of our participants, a message I want to reproduce here without giving any names because it is incredibly emotional, at least for me:

"Good evening mister Doru, I salute you from the sea side and I want to congratulate you for your festival! Andra came back extremely excited from what she saw there (she was sitting next to you one night on a casing but she wasn't brave enough to introduce herself). My husband isn't the chatty type so it's up to me to express the joy she felt to be part of this original manifestation, unlike anything she saw in Sibiu or in Vama Veche. She loved everything: the bands, the accommodations, the food, even the people in charge of security. She never saw the citadel before but she felt she was amongst friends. I am convinced it was very hard for you to organize this event but let me tell you it was worth it and maybe next year I and my husband will join as well. I would have dared writing you so much but I was inspired by your letter to the festival participants. I thank you again and I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing your projects, because as far as I can see you have plenty."

Thank you very much dear lady! If another edition will be organized it will be my pleasure to have you amongst the souls that will gather for the new Ritual.

08/24/2012 - 14:57



If we take a quick look at the calendar you can see that there are more than 277 days to go until DBE4… so you might think there's plenty of time left. In reality, we've been working hard in the last month to set the line-up, book flights and sort out other financial and logistic details. Up until now we know for sure that DBE 4 will present the friends and supporters of the Underground Spirit with 16 bands from 10 countries, from which 2 have already been to Romania but in 2012 they will be joining us with fresh materials and a different line-up. We had diverse scenarios in mind, and a few rehearsals already took place, but we finally chose the bands who we think will resonate with the DBE atmosphere. We also took into account their willingness to join the DBE family next summer. There will be no headliners, no opening acts… we're just going to sit back and enjoy the time with friends from around the world, who are coming to support the cause and to share with other guests their own unique, original, interesting experiences. 

DonisArt wants to offer on the 17th and 18th of August 2012 in Alba Iulia something more than your average festival. DBE strives to be a sincere expression of the beautiful souls who are willing to spend a weekend between the walls of this fascinating fortress, alongside musicians who will mingle with fans, will talk to them and will enjoy a Beautiful normal, relaxing and friendly Atmosphere! 

In the following days, we will visit our friends from RYMA, who already brought to our attention the fact that for the past weeks they have been working hard to make the place better than it was last year. We're curious ourselves to see what surprises our hosts have in stored for us. 

We will be back with details soon!

The DonisArt team

14th of November 2011

DBE 4… a new ritual! 

Dark Bombastic Evening was born from the wish of supporting similar musical styles belonging to bands that respect and promote the Underground Spirit qualitatively and unconditionally. If the first edition was a Special Evening in December 2009, in The Silver Church club, the second one was held in Kulturhaus, for two days, one year later. In this year’s summer, DBE became an outdoor festival, between the walls of Alba Iulia citadel.  

In 2012in the third weekend from August, DBE platform will once again halt in the friendly RYMA location, from that miraculous, yet unknown fortress… for a new meeting with friends, for a new ritual

We, DonisArt, read and listened every suggestions of those who wished to expressed their opinions about a possible DBE 4 line-up. Some will be content for they will find names mentioned by them, others will be happy to also discover bands we propose… and others, unfortunately, will be less attracted by the soon to be announced line-up and won’t join the DBE expression… As I already mentioned, we don’t want to repeat year by year the same experiences, we don’t put in mind to remain anchored in certain musical styles… beautiful people with interesting music exist in every style, we just have to discover them… and unchaining by energies and breaking away from the grey everyday will remain the only landmarks we will accept to be repetitive!  

Still, we will invite bands that have already been to DBE, if they will have something new and particular to show us, to assure a continuity of this (yet) unique musical concept in Romania… But we will always bring bands for the first time too, less known, even completely unknown ones that we consider to have something special to share! After all, that’s what we like, to support quality Underground… we appreciate, respect and love these “headliners”, but it’s not our aim to integrate them in the DBE platform, in this frail and discreetly balanced concept, where there are no headliners or opening bands! 

We looked at the calendar and there are 295 more days… we have plenty of time! We established and basically agreed upon the attending bands, we just have to decide in the next days if there will be 7 or 8 expressions per night… We speak about musician friends from over 10 countries, probably not only from Europe. 

We will return with details… 

How was DBE 3? The whole recording of the 12 concerts can be viewed here:


As for the atmosphere from the weekend a couple of months ago from Alba Iulia, a reliving of what happened can we seen here:


The DonisArt team

27October 2011 


Dark Bombastic Evening 4
17 August, 2012 - 15:58
18 August, 2012 - 15:58
Ryma, Alba Iulia, Transylvania
95 lei per day; 170 lei for 2 days
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