Dark Bombastic Evening I

12 December 2009
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The Special Evenings of 2008 have tried to frame an identity specific to some less than common music styles in Romania.  

Over-optimistically looked at, this Musical Scene had enjoyed 5 distinctive events, different as music but also as possible fans. Unfortunately, the audiences present were not enough in order to allow a positive outlook towards this theoretic niche.   

In the end, we decided to experiment once again, by bringing back a few bands in 2009 as well, in order to see if anything will change or if we will have to step down.  

The first experiment, in September, has turned out as neat as the other ones, our curiosity when pondering on a Special Evening that would feature a ‘crowd’ of bands…  

If we are to talk about the number of attendees, we can say that the approximate 550 fans have given the signals of a rather satisfactory vision… The problem is that out of all of these people, only around 400 were from Romania, the event being very attractive to the approximate 130 foreigners, used to the music played by their favourite artists. However, an advantage was also that besides the usual friends of the Special Evenings (whom we THANK from all our heart for participating once again), we have seen new people as well, people who wanted to congratulate us for finding in our event something they didn’t expect.  

Nothing much to say about the bands... Every one of them did their job as best as they could, some enjoying a perfect sound, others perhaps less than that, but all happy about the show they had. It is pretty difficult to have a perfect sound for 7 different bands, especially since the audience didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes in between acts… Interesting enough how the bands enjoyed an incredible feedback from the fans, TRIARII, ROME or ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO being called back onto the stage for a few encores, while SPIRITUAL FRONT, through Simone, more Rock’N’Roll than ever, has once again enchanted an audience exhausted by so many hours of standing, of the agglomeration within the venue but also by the, at times, limited visibility, the tiny ones having to suffer due to some of the taller ones present in the crowd. The eternal ‘Slave’ has transformed once again into a launch ramp for some 25 fans that got up on the stage, waving to their shier friends who remained in the first row, all in the applause of the audience. There were also torches, flames, incense (only on the sides, as the background screen wasn’t suitable for the images prepared by the bands)… also girls that have done different things on stage, but masked by an arm chair that was rather on the large side… too large to satisfy the curiosity of the ones sitting in the first rows… Tomas sang with Christian both in TriORE but also on “4 Roses For Rome”, Simone went on stage with Tomas for some “Satyriasis” material, Axel sang with both, Achim too, alternating percussions with trumpet, Fredrik held his own with his percussions, again on both projects, Rose Marie’s voice was rather fragile, in order not to destroy the conceptual harmony of ORE, Kim, using his guitar, took us for a ride into a very eclectic virtual world, the frozen image of Christian together with his percussionists, Axel and Volker created a cold martial atmosphere, with a German feel to it, with messages relating to the Roman Legions, Rossanos keyboard together with Giorgio’s Country guitar framed that Mediterranean atmosphere,  out held by Andrea’s exceptional drums but also by the energy filled bass belonging to Amorosi; Jeromes voice resonated sensitively with Nikos’s violin but also with Patrick’s guitar… and when a string broke from Nikos’s guitar, Giorgio went to rescue…   

One can say that the night of 12th of December was a Bombastic night! Or maybe not… but it was definitely a Special one… at least for all those present, at The Silver Church! Especially since the Christmas tree was decorated so nicely... and around noon it even snowed a bit, announcing an early musical Christmas…  

The venue was perfect for something like this, with acoustics that doesn’t necessarily excel, but when the number of people grows, then everything seems to harmonise correctly, with elegant lights and chandeliers, or better said, stylish ones… perhaps misunderstood by some due to the mix of influences, but accepted by the great majority, as this isn’t a club that is available for only one sort of audience; bartenders that moved pretty good, drinks not necessarily on the less expensive side but not to high on prices either, the cocktails seemingly being the number one attraction.  

It was a Special Evening where the communicating was made through a number of languages, over a dozen, you could hear it in every corner of the place, dialogues in German, Russian, Finish or Croatian, English being still the driver used by the majority... And some Romanian too, not as much, something that made us believe that all the people present within the venue have socialised quickly and comfortably.  

I have seen all sorts of clothing, from Goth to Metal wear, alongside normal looks, perhaps too usual, have seen ties and leather suits, latex, chains, piercing, expressive make-up, different pin ups, military outfits… probably pretty much everything that can scare a ‘normal’ person, here mentioning that particular sort of individual who categorises everything that is different as being ‘off the hook’/unbalanced.  

There was more merchandising than ever (in Romania), at least from the point of view of the availability and range of products… Including here a limited number of t-shirts with Dark Bombastic Evening! 

A civilised night, without whistling, cursing or pushing... a place where a significant number of people (too soon to call them ‘a community’) have enjoyed the opportunity of drinking a glass of something with others around them but also with the participating bands.  

Looked at it from a different point of view, it was a 7 hours long physical challenge,  with no delays or major schedule changes, with an After Party that went on until 5am, when the two Dutch DJs have brought the night to an end and concluded a unique Special Evening.  

We hope to learn from the mistakes we have made, we also hope not to torment the fans with 7 hours long musical marathons, we hope to make things better, friendlier… this… should anything exist in the future, somehow, somewhere…  

Many thanks to all those who have promoted us, to those who attended and to those who appreciated the organisers will of doing something of quality for a frail Musical Scene in Romania, where the Metal Heads are too ‘tough’, the old Goths and Punks are too ‘true’ and the Pop fans are too ‘optimistic’ or too ‘cheerful’ for this sort of music...  

And so… a successful event! This is the epilogue. Or this is how it is supposed to be, considering that a line-up like this one is unique to us and there is little to no changes of repeating itself too soon!  

Happy Holidays! Happy New Years!

Kogaionon & DonisArt Team


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    Dark Bombastic Evening I - Of The Wand And The Moon

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    Dark Bombastic Evening I - Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

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    Dark Bombastic Evening I - Rome

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    Dark Bombastic Evening I - Triarii

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    Dark Bombastic Evening I - Cascadeur

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    Dark Bombastic Evening I - TriOre

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    Dark Bombastic Evening I - Intro


Friday evening will find all the bands safely landed in Bucharest, for the great majority of them the visit to Bucharest being a first. Saturday, starting with 12 o’clock, the bands will proceed in doing their sound/video checks in an effort to ensure that the event will be one to remember! 

The Silver Church Club has also been busy getting the Christmas tree ready for the celebrations ahead… this year coming early! 

On the other hand, the ticket sales registered this week seem to frame DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING as a successful event! 

Due to the organisers wish to offer the fans the liberty of immortalising the most representative moments of the event, the access into the venue will be permitted with any sort of video or photo camera, but with no tripod! 

Following a request to personalise the event with symbolical accessories, the organisers will release an exclusive, limited edition of DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING t-shirts! We are reminding all that the access within THE SILVER CHURCH CLUB will be permitted starting with 7pm, exception to the rule will be granted to those who have made ticket bookings at kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com, these being asked to make their way to the venue at 6.30 pm, in order to avoid jams. 

The first band will start their show around 7.30 pm, while the After Party will commence immediately after the last show, around 3.15 am. 

There will be no table bookings available, the two sitting areas on the left and right of the stage being used by the organisers and the bands. 

Thank you for understanding! 

We are expecting you! 

Kogaionon & DonisArt Team

Only a few days until Dark Bombastic Evening! The night of the 12th of December will be a special one, where a few hundred fans will enjoy the music performed by their favourite bands and will get a change to meet them too, at the After Party that will run into the early hours of the morning. In the background, DJ RICHARD and DJ MYRTHO (Holland) will try and create the atmosphere of an unique night! 

What is the bands view on Dark Bombastic Evening? What news they have? What are they preparing for us? Read here the interviews made last week: The bands will have their own merchandising stands, with accessories, posters, vinyl’s, t-shirts and CDs. Corvus Corax, Black Widow, Bestial, Beauty of Pain and Valse Sinistre will also be present with their own stands. The event schedule is as follows: 

18.30 Open door (only for those who booked their tickets through kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com

19.00 Open door (general public) 

19.30 TRIORE 

20.00 Break 


20.45 Break 


21.30 Break 

21.45 TRIARII 

22.45 Break 

23.00 ROME 

00.15 Break 


01.45 Break 


03.15 AfterParty 

We are reminding you that until present, a significant part of the audience is coming from abroad, something that gives the event an unique dimension within Europe and more! 

Blackhawk Security will insure the security of the event and will work towards a smooth unfolding of the event. 

Tickets will be available to purchase at the entrance of The Silver Church Club (85 lei/20 eur), but the organisers reserve the right to close the ticket house should the number of attendees be greater than the capacity of the venue (in order to be able to offer a degree of comfort). 

We are expecting you… 



The interest for DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING seems to be unexpectedly big, even when it comes to people abroad. And so, until now, there are approximately 100 reservations for fans who will arrive from over 25 countries: SERBIA, HUNGARY, BULGARIA, UCRAINE, RUSSIA, BELARUS, CROATIA, ITALY, SLOVAKIA, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, BELGIUM, HOLLAND, ESTONIA, SWEDEN, POLAND, IRELAND, ENGLAND, FINLAND, DANEMARK, even from ISRAEL or AMERICA! Bands will also come (VINTERRIKET, BLACK TAPE FROM A BLUE GIRL, SUBLUNA, SOPHIA…), there will be label owners attending (Projekt, The Eastern Front, Sturmklang, Corvus Corax…), people who take part in events like this throughout Europe, friends of bands that are performing, there will be people that just wish to spend a whole night in a nice setting… it will be a night filled with global scents, with the capital at Bucharest, more precisely at The Silver Church club!  

We have some new elements about the bands that you’ve seen last year in Romania, if we are to talk about the band membership. Therefore, SPIRITUAL FRONT will appear on stage in a 5 member version… ROME will come out with its new official member, Nikos, and last but not least, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO will present to us a show adapted to this important night, having a membership more than complete (!!!??) …plus some more surprise elements, including improvisations… But everything on its own time! 

TRIORE will be performing the second concert in the history of the band, at only 3 weeks after the first appearance on stage, Kim Larsen will be presenting a set of :OF THE WAND AND THE MOON: acoustic tracks and TRIARII will be bombing the venue with percussions and military cadences, framed in a very expressive visual border and full of dynamics! 

All the band members are excited about the event which is about to unfold, some of the even mentioning in the specialized media that they don’t usually have the opportunity to go on stage together in this complete version… and so, it can be called a historical event, and why not, even unique! 

The Silver Church Club capacity can easily take in 700 people, a detail of importance, in order to offer the minimum of comfort to all the participants on the night of December 12th (see photo). 

The bands will come with their own merchandising stands, from t-shirts, hoodies and CD’s to LP’s, badges and posters! 

We remind you that the tickets for the Special Evening held in December, Dark Bombastic Evening, can be found at our official distributors. All those who made reservations at kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com will find a special list at the entrance, where based on an ID card can pay for the value of the ticket.


Event: Dark Bombastic Evening

Location: The Silver Church Club, Plevnei Nr.61, Bucharesti, www.tscarena.ro

Organizers: Kogaionon si DonisArt

Hour: 19.00

Tickets: Diverta, www.ticketpoint.ro, Titus (Bestial)

Ticket price: 85 lei (almost 20 euro)

Further Details/Contact: kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com


Do to reasons independent from the organisers, the Special Evening set on the 12th of December will no longer take place at the old location : Hala de Muzica. Dark Bombastic Evening – where the following bands will take to the stage: SPIRITUAL FRONT, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, ROME, TRIARII, Kim Larsen / :OF THE WAND AND THE MOON:, CASCADEUR and TriORE will now be held at THE SILVER CHURCH CLUB, located at 61 Calea Plevnei Street, Bucharest.

The ticket price for this event is 85 lei. 

For more details regarding the location please access: http://www.tscarena.ro/tsca. 

We are reminding you that KOGAIONON and DONISART are welcoming you to Brasov, to the elegant theatre Reduta, on the 12th of September, alongside ARCANA, DER BLAUE REITER and NARSILION.

Ticket prices are currently 50 lei, 60 lei on the day.

Due to popular demand, we have uploaded one track belonging to each one of the participating bands. More details here.

A week after the event went public, fans from all over Europe have showed interest in coming to Bucharest on the 12th of December! Ticket bookings have been received from Bulgaria, Serbia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Greece and Turkey!

Event: Dark Bombastic Evening

Organizers: Kogaionon & DonisArt, www.kogaionon.com, www.donisart.ro 

Venue: THE SILVER CHURCH CLUB, located at 61 Calea Plevnei Street, Bucharest

Entry time: 19.00

Tickets: Diverta Shops, www.ticketpoint.ro, Titus (Bestial), www.beautyofpain.ro

Price: 85 lei

Details/Contact: kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com.

As well as that, a few more audio snippets have been added onto the web, belonging to the bands participating at the other Special Evening organised by Kogaionon and DonisArt, Ethereal Ambient Evening, an event that will take place on the 12th of September in Brasov, having guests the bands ARCANA, DER BLAUE REITER and NARSILION. More details here.

The tickets to this event have been on sale for about a month now and the price of a ticket is 50 lei, approximately 12 euros, until the day of the event. It is quite likely that this particular event will be the last one held in the elegant theatre hall of Reduta, after a number of 5 other Special Evenings held during 2008!

Event: Ethereal Ambient Evening

Venue: Centrul Cultural Reduta, Str. Apollonia Hirschner 8, Brasov.

Organizers: Kogaionon & DonisArt, www.kogaionon.com, www.donisart.ro

Entry time: 19.00

Tickets: Diverta, www.ticketpoint.ro, www.beautyofpain.ro, Titus (Bestial)

Price: 50 lei (60 lei on the day)

Details/Contact: kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com

Keep close! More surprises to follow! 


KOGAIONON & DONISART have the pleasure of announcing that that Christmas is coming early next year! 

A new Special Evening, this time an unusual one, that will offer to all those interested the possibility of spending an entire night alongside the favourite bands:  


The first four bands played in Romania for the very first time during last year, but in separate events: 



Both the musicians and the audience were delighted with what they had experienced in Brasov, the fans wishing to see Simone/SF play alongside Tomas/ORE, performing their remarkable songs from the album “Satyriasis”. And so… there you have it, these wishes will come true on the evening of the 12th of December 2009! 

SPIRITUAL FRONT will show us their new material, the most Rock & Suicide Pop of them all, entitled “Rotten Roma Casino”! Simone even wants to make out of this event the official launch of the album! 


This time around, Tomas will share his microphone with Rose Marie and they will perform in the complete ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO formula, bringing onto the stage tracks from the older releases but also from their new material, “Songs For Hate And Devotion”, due to be released in 2010. www.myspace.com/ordorosariusequilibrio 

The collaboration between Tomas and the mastermind behind TRIARII, Christian took the shape of the superb track called “Roses 4 Rome”, released as part of the Berliners second album. In the meantime, another small jewel appeared, “Muse In Arms”, a material that got great reviews from both the press and the fans. The three Germans are coming to present us with a bombastic Industrial Martial, well respected and admired by the true fans of Ambient. www.myspace.com/triariiheadquarters 

And in order for the surprise to be whole, Christian and Tomas have started a new musical project called TriORE, mixing the Apocalyptic Pop of ORE with the Ambient Martial played by TRIARII. 

The Danish Kim Larsen is known for his long activity with the band :OF THE WAND & THE MOON: but also with the project THE LOVELESS… and his friendship with both Simone and Tomas is well known throughout the entire NeoFolk scene, recently finalized through some common work, tracks that will now be brought, in premiere, onto the stage! In fact, Kim has just launched a new :OTW&TM: album at the renowned German label, TESCO, album called  “Solanaceana”. In Bucharest, he will share with us his most representative Experimental Folk works, in a solo acoustic performance. 


Jerome & Patrick are coming back to Romania because they have a new image of ROME to show, but also due to the fact that they have enjoyed themselves greatly while in Brasov. The most important aspect though is the fact that they are launching a new album this summer, “Flowers From Exile”, an exceptional Dark Pop NeoFolk album, with visible roots from the old LEONARD COHEN, TOM WAITS or JOHNNY CASH. And… as a preview, the guys have recently launched a limited edition MCD, with a remarkable new track, together with another 3, full of rhythm and melody. www.myspace.com/romecmi 

Part of ORE (concert line-up), Axel will present to us this winter a couple of new CASCADEUR tracks, performed in the same original Apocalyptic NeoFolk manner. 

Kogaionon & DonisArt have decided to organize, for the first time ever, an event in Bucharest, and Dark Bombastic Evening wants to be the most complex event so far and the most important one (in the genre) from the entire Eastern Europe!  

Do to reasons independent from the organisers, the Special Evening set on the 12th of December will now be held at THE SILVER CHURCH CLUB, located at 61 Calea Plevnei Street, Bucharest.

It’s going to be a special evening, with artists form Sweden, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy and Denmark, with about 7 hours of music, with different background drops, with merchandising stands, with Goth, Dark, Ambient, Metal, NeoFolk, Ambient, Ethereal, Industrial, Pop and Rock fans from all over Europe and… last but not least… FULL ON ATMOSPHERE! 

Bookings can be made using the address kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com until the 15th of September, those who will get a booking confirmation from Kogaionon being eligible to receive different prizes, including here the possibility of gaining backstage access in order to get up close and personal with the bands. The list of reservations will be limited and those who will get a confirmation will pick up their ticket and pay the entry fee on the day of the concert.  

We are expecting you! 

Event: Dark Bombastic Evening 

Organizors: Kogaionon & DonisArt, www.kogaionon.com, www.donisart.ro

Venue: THE SILVER CHURCH CLUB, located at 61 Calea Plevnei Street, Bucharest 

Entry time: 19.00 

Tickets: Diverta Shops, www.ticketpoint.ro, Titus (Bestial), www.beautyofpain.ro

Price: 85 lei 

Details/Contact: kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com. 


Dark Bombastic Evening I
12 December, 2009 - 19:00 The Silver Church Club, Calea Plevnei Nr.61, Bucuresti
85 Lei
Magazinele Diverta, www.ticketpoint.ro