Dark Bombastic Evening II

10 December 2010
11 December 2010
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Time passed slowly until Dark Bombastic Evening 2. Starting from the idea that we have to create something beautiful, we engaged ourselves in a more than ambitious thing, to invite ten bands and to spend two unforgettable nights. Things didn't work out as they should have, for negative energies swarmed around this edition... We didn't fight them because we wouldn't have got any chance anyway. Still, we tried to avoid the direct hits, which could have led to the event’s cancellation. There would be many considerations, the last one, the financial one, being the less important one. The first one was the venue change for Saturday, which led to the change with who will play and when... Then Friday's location changed as well, which cut off many of our expectations regarding the number of people attending. Still, until that moment, everything seemed to be ok, although the number of possible attendees was cut to half (comparing it to the first edition).

From this moment on, things went on a completely chaotic direction: SUNSET IN THE 12TH HOUSE announced that they couldn't attend anymore in December, and the harp player of SEVENTH HARMONIC cancelled, due to health issues and, the cherry on top, NAEVUS broke up. This meaning Lloyd telling us in a polite way that the only way to save the appearances is to perform some kind of solo set. And everything happened just days before the event. Quite puzzled and confused regarding what was going to happen with DBE 2, we decided that the best thing is to go on, worse than that couldn't happen... even though we started from the idea to make everything more than perfect, heh... And with only 3 days before the event, while we were making the accommodation, rider, schedule double checks, we get an email from SOL INVICTUS... The legend Tony Wakeford isn't allowed to fly during this period... due to medical issues as well. I was left with no words, no limp, no determination... that was too much... On top of that, the telly was saying that we had a yellow code concerning the snow. Moreover, some European airports were already closed, others cancelled many flights because of the bad weather... this is why our DJ friends arrived from The Netherlands only at the end of the first evening... and not only them, others have arrived with delays.

In this immense pressure we set out organizing the second Dark Bombastic Evening edition, and meanwhile, the last DonisArt representation out of the 16 organized in their 3 years of history. The last conceptual one, under the Special Evening's umbrella. Maybe this is why the ones above or the ones below us decided to judge and strike us with these unwanted deviations from the initial program. Good thing that the presale was very weak and that made us hope that few people will feel "cheated" by the fact that they bought before ticket or subscription - an extremely difficult price and hard to accept in these almost bankrupt economical conditions; but, considering who was going to take the stage, more than reasonable. Let us not mention the abundance of late concerts that made even the most avid fans of underground look ten times in their wallet, choosing, in the end, to attend events with bigger or better known bands.

DBE is nothing but a niche event that should create that emotion or impulse of discovering something new, something interesting and not on the least mainstream... And in no way big bands!!! They don’t need our support! They found their own way! In this economical crisis this concept seems to become undoubtedly, utopia. And yet, friends from over 10 countries came, most of them being the ones that attended last year. It was emotional, it was pleasant, it was great to see their faces, to greet them, to chat with them... to see how easy they communicated with the rest of inland public, most of it coming from outside Bucharest.

And then the bands... I saw them at sound check and we were astonished by how great they sounded... it was clear something special was coming... and in the end, something interesting followed: DIRTY GRANNY TALES shocked everyone with their stunning representation, ATARAXIA showed us two different, but delicious sides, ARCANA impressed with emotion and sad melancholy (their last live, sadly without Ann-Mari's voice, having a terrible cold), IRFAN showed us that they sound emotional with the new vocalist (too bad they used samples to reproduce integrally the albums' sound), SEVENTH HARMONIC who made a beautiful surprise with the instrumental song set (Ann-Mari's voice was smartly substituted by Nuria's violin), DESIDERII MARGINIS wanted to break the borders of a completely unheard musical style (and we don't know how many people they convinced), SIMONE trying to show that an Italian can make a show alone only with his guitar (we think he succeeded only partially) and a NAEVUS transposed in Lloyd James’s person who started anxious and finished without convincing many of the fans who wanted to see the complete band. And, between the representatives, DJ Richard and Myrtho, who offered us songs from the industry.

If we look back, it's good we brought joy to some souls... it's good we offered some bands the opportunity to present their visions... that they spoke to each other, discovered each other and enjoyed everything together... that we spent 2 days loaded with pressure but emotions as well... and everything ended well... after all.

We're sorry that Friday night we started a bit later, it was our decision because the public was too small for the announced time and it would have been lack of respect for the first band to sing in front of some people (one of our ancient flaws). Because of this, we didn't finish before midnight, as we planned, and somehow, Simone's show was somewhat sacrificed, meaning that the event’s intimacy was destroyed by opening the doors to the club's devoted public who had nothing in common with what was happening in stage... and from here, every DBE friend's mental and physical stress, which we all awfully felt, believe us! We made mistakes whose blame we all take, but we tend to believe that we are mature and sincere enough with ourselves and with yourself, so we all assure you that WE WON'Y MAKE THEM AGAIN! And we thank you all for your understanding, for your support, for your devotion! Without you, without the bands, DBE wouldn't exist... and wouldn't go on!

Until summer, in August, in the heart of Transylvania, between the walls of an old fortress, in harmony with nature, in a calm, quiet environment, we will meet for 2 magical days, we all wish you HAPPY FESTIVUS! And we wait for you with the most avantgardist and experimental Underground event (not only in spirit) from Romania, which will mix inedited but also surprisingly diverse musical styles, for music is art and art does not have borders... DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING 3!


Happy New Year!

December, 2010


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PRESS RELEASE - 09.12.2010 

There’s one day left until Dark Bombastic Evening 2nd Edition!

We announce you with regret that the band SOL INVICTUS won’t be attending the event on Saturday, because the lead singer has medical issues. Read the official statement received from Tony Wakeford, a little while ago:

"It is with much regret that I have to let down my band mates, the promoters, and those who are coming to see us, some traveling long distances to do so. Unfortunately, a check-up has shown a heart irregularity that has to be looked into. Until then I have been advised against the stress of flying etc. Hopefully, it’s just a minor thing, but when you are fat and fifty, it’s best not to risk it. Once again, sorry to all who have been let down by this."

Both Friday and Saturday the doors will open at 6:30 pm, the first band starting its performance at 7 pm. All live performances are to end before midnight, the aim of the rest of the night being that of offering the audience the possibility of spending time with their favorite artists and enjoying the beats attentively prepared by the two Dutch DJs.

The bands wanted to mention a few details regarding the event and more:


Tickets available at Eventim, but also at the venue (on the day). Ticket price: 90 RON/night.

Hope you will join us throughout these two special nights!

With friendship,

The DonisArt team.   



Sol Invictus - STATEMENT

"It is with much regret that I have to let down my band mates, the promoters, and those who are coming to see us, some traveling long distances to do so.
Unfortunately, a check up has shown a heart irregularity that has to be looked into. Until then I have been advised against the stress of flying etc.

Hopefully, its just a minor thing, but when you are fat and fifty, its best not to risk it.
Once again, sorry to all who have been let down by this."

Tony Wakeford / SOL INVICTUS




Tookies proposes itself to spread original cookies worldwide, combinations of unprecedented flavors and natural ingredients. Out of respect and passion for this art, Tookies strolls through the country visiting different events, always with goodies in its bags, convincing people that the secret doesn't lie in the recipe - it lies in the courage to bite in the culinary art with passion and without fear, in creativity and especially in the joy brought to those who are near.

For DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING, Tookies prepared an esoteric mixture, Christmas taste and lugubrious spice, bringing amazing muffins with carrots, walnuts and coconut, ginger bread and packages with zucchini, cheese and lime.

Teo from Tookies comes to weave our sense of taste with the auditory and visual ones, each delighted by what completes the DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING concept: the beauty of music, the expression of the visual art and the sweet or salty taste of the energy emanated from the stage.

We're waiting for you on Friday, we're waiting for you on Saturday... With Tookies only on Saturday. The DonisArt team.



The full band line-up of Naevus will now NOT be appearing at the Dark Bombastic Evening 2nd Edition. There will be no further live appearances by this band, and Naevus has now effectively ceased to exist. The final vinyl and CD releases by Naevus will follow in 2011.
However, Lloyd James, the singer and principal songwriter of Naevus, will present instead a special set of acoustic versions of classic Naevus songs, along with a preview of new material that will appear on his forthcoming solo album, The Division of Labour. This performance will mark an important moment of transition and will showcase the intimate, acoustic side of Naevus material as well as indicating the future direction that Lloyd James will be pursuing in his solo career.


DonisArt invites you to DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING 2nd EDITION!

The event will unfold along two whole days, the 10th and the 11th of December 2010, in two clubs in Bucharest.

Therefore, on the date of 10th of December, in club KULTURHAUS, starting with the hours 19.00, 5 different bands will present themselves to the public and their most outstanding compositions up to date in an original way.

-DESIDERII MARGINIS evolved an impressive Dark Ambient aura while being the project of Swedish Johan, musician who is considered one of the most emblematic figures under Cold Meat Industry label, along with RAISON D’ETRE


-DIRTY GRANNY TALES is a complex Dark Atmospheric Acoustic Gothic project, mixing inteligently and uniquely a buquett of elements: music, puppet shows, dancing and video animation….Inspired by TIGER LILLIES, and overflowing Gothic and even Black Metal, the Greek group will be presenting “en premiere” for Romania their latest artistic concept entitled “Jelous”.


-IRFAN is a fabulous Ethereal band, who, in their 9 years of activity managed to create two distinguished albums (“Irfan”, 2003 and “Seraphim”, 2007), to give many performances in over 20 countries and to be labeled as the most perfect clone of DEAD CAN DANCE…With a new feminine voice, IRFAN is going to perform old song as well as new, for the first time in our country.


-SIMONE H. SALVATORI, the front man of the Dark Pop, SPIRITUAL FRONT, is comming to Romania once more, with the idea in mind to present to fans a mixture of different songs, but in a different solo version, accompanied by his own guitar.


Saturday, on the 11th of December, starting with the hours 19.00, in the KULTURHAUS club, other five bands will enchant the audience with their performances:

-SEVENTH HARMONIC will be presenting its NeoClassical dimension in a creative way. Caroline, Lesley, Frederique and Ann-Mari have managed to capture the attention of the promoters of the most European Festivals of the genre and even to sign with the mega label Out of Line, in just a few months since they decided to reform the project.


-ATARAXIA unleashed this spring a new album, which will be promoted by concerts throughout Europe, in Mexico and even China! Two years ago, in Brasov, the Italians focused more on the Ethereal side of their music, but this year in Bucharest they are going to be performing a complex concert, structured in 2 distinct parts, one Ethereal Folk and one Dark Cabaret.


-ARCANA is coming for the third time in Romania, but for the first time in Bucharest. And for the first time, Arcana will play live for good! Old and new song will be approached with a different line-up made up of seven people, including Sergio and Nuria from NARSILION/DER BLAUE REITER and Johan of DESIDERII MARGINIS being guest appearances. You will be able to witness a more larger than life ARCANA!


-NAEVUS is a British band of Minimalist Post Punk who has been active for more than 10 years. During this time the group has realized spectacular albums, released under the most prestigious European labels. The best way to describe the music of the four Brits is Acoustic Modernists. Their concerts as well exhale an incredible energy!



So there you have it, Neofolk and Neoclassical with a brief stop through Post Punk, Dark Ambient and Post-Rock, a sprinkle of Gothic Acoustic, Ethereal DownTempo or Cabaret Macabre with an atmosphere maintained by two Dutch DJs Richard and Myrtho, DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING, invites everybody who whishes to spent 2 unforgettable days within the most Avant-garde underground event of all Eastern Europe! To be taken into account that, this year, the biggest Goth festival in the world, WGT of Leipzig, was blessed with the presence of the bands SOL INVICTUS, ATARAXIA, SEVENTH HARMONIC and ARCANA.

More details about the bands and the event can be found here

www.darkbombasticevening.com, with a forum attached, dedicated to the comunity.

The ticket proce is 90 lei for each evening and 170 lei a 2 day pass.


We’re expecting you!

The DonisArt Team




Venues: Kulturhaus, Str Sf. Vineri No.4, www.kulturhaus.ro;

Date: 10-11th of December 2010, 7 pm

Organizer: DonisArt

Tickets: 90 lei / night, 170 lei 2 day ticket. Available in: Germanos or Vodafone stores as well as Carturesti and Humanitas Bookshops and online www.eventim.ro.


Dark Bombastic Evening II
10 December, 2010 - 19:00
11 December, 2010 - 19:00
Club Kulturhaus, Str Sf. Vineri No.4, Bucuresti
Club Kulturhaus, Str Sf. Vineri No.4, Bucuresti
90 lei / night, 170 lei 2 day ticket.
Germanos or Vodafone stores as well as Carturesti and Humanitas Bookshops and online www.eventim.ro.
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