14 August 2013
17 August 2013
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Normal bombastic salutes!

"See you next year"..."DBE must go on"..."what happens here is way too beautiful to disappear"... these were the types of phrases I kept in mind after the new DBE uttering. I sat down on a bundle of hay, watching as the DBE flag lazily fluttered. It was past 1 AM, one hour later than the deadline I strictly wanted to follow and I was plucking up my heart as the stage was disassembled. Alright, everything ended well... rather very well! I never had the wish to see how the lights turned off, how the stage is disassembled, as people begin to leave, for I find endings sad. But, this year, I quietly watched, I peacefully sat reconciled how Biju and his team disassembled the scaffoldings that guarded 4 days and nights the RYMA spaces. And it was beautiful. Acquaintances and strangers passed me, stopping only to share with me their joy. And I saw sunny faces that incredibly and irremediably charged me!

In a world where everything is grey, rugged, where numbers and digits are on the first place, I realized (one again) that DBE succeeded in overshadowing everything that gets us down, that hurts, that makes us sad. Seeing politeness and respect coming by itself, that kindness is at home and the present souls are unconditionally and freely rejoicing for a couple of days... yes, it's a big deal. Like it's a big deal to be natural nowadays, to behave normally, to smile, to help, to be better. And I remembered a gesture that greatly moved me: I was checking with Andrei Irode the DonisArt bracelets, right after we opened the access and, at one point, a person wanted to pay the ticket, but then realized she didn't have 5 lei and that was all the money she had. And she started desperately crying, saying that she doesn't have money, that she lost the money, that she doesn't know why she doesn't have it anymore. I won't mention her gestures, but the fact that in the next seconds another person came who, understanding what happens, put his hand in his pocket to pay the difference, so the girl would stop crying and she would calm down.

I won't get into details regarding the bands' performances, for I should write lots of pages, starting with the enormous bonfire that purified everyone's anguish "acquired" in the last year to JAMES destroying his guitar on stage, as a penultimate ALTAR OF PLAGUES recital. Or how relaxing and captivating the 2 movies rolling in the RYMA small yard were... or the exhibitions that had their own charm in a livable atypical but unique concept.

I was and I still am fascinated by those who came all 4 days and nights, who peacefully enjoyed what DBE was. The relaxation and peace mattered and it seems that everything settled down as it was meant to be, with rain, with wind, with sun and heat. The adrenaline wasn't missing, we had plenty of stress, unwanted episodes still happened, but I don't want to remember them again or in the future. Maybe the lizard syndrome made its presence felt and each one's reinvention represents a process that starts from our inside and transformation can happen on the spot or in time. With more openness and wisdom we shall identify new meaningful paths.

I don't know if DBE will go on or if it will stop here. If this was the last edition, then I am happy because of the result, for the 5th Ritual was truly bombastic. If it will go on, Alba Iulia isn't a mandatory condition of being a host. Time will show us how and what, as always!

During this edition I launched 5 lanterns in the sky and at each of it, I made a wish. I was happy to see I wasn't the only one. In the last night, towards the morning actually, I stayed for a drink with dear friends for hours, I listened to music and in the end, and I launched a lantern, because I found one in my car. And it was so intimate…. Especially when Darth Bombastic Vader and Soso were sleeping wherever they could and how they could next to us.

I sum up thanking everyone present for the support, dedication and the sacrifices they made so DBE will continue identifying itself with that nicely said story, in a carefully chosen moment, that made all of us live a real dream… like a free and atypical family, reuniting year by year as a ritual, but with a strong aura that highlights a beautiful tradition!

A tale told with talent becomes a beautiful story… but an intensely lived story takes the shape of a unique memory whose discreet perfume will continuously persist! And if you don't believe me, read again these lines in 3 months, when the rust of autumn will wake up once again these times' nostalgia. Good thing we will meet again at DBE echoes, so everyone will say what we've done all this time!


Thousands of hugs,




14 August, 2013 - 07:00
17 August, 2013
Alba Iulia Fortress, Transylvania, Romania
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