Doomed Souls Evening

07 November 2010
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I cannot really find the right words to tell you what went on during the evening of 7th of November, in The Silver Church! Another new DonisArt event, the 15th Special Evening, a concept that started 3 years ago and will come to an end in December, with Dark Bombastic Evening 2nd edition! And why is it that this story can not really be told? Because I have never witnessed during a Metal performance such a great communication of energies between crowd, bands and organizers! The people who came to the concert (a couple of hundreds maybe more) were intensely breathing in the entire Doomed Souls event that opened its warm doors at 18.30. The first to arrive were the people coming from outside the borders: Bulgarians, Serbians, Ukrainians and Greeks. They proceeded to the merchandise stands to make a fill up….- they were the ones who actually boosted the t-shirt and CD sales. A very nice gesture to come from hundreds or thousands of kilometers away to support their favorite bands. They only deserve respect!

The clock was 19.30 and the club was still quite empty, despite the warm atmosphere incremented by the lights playing in a very relaxing manner. There were still 30 minutes left until the official hour and I was still hoping the bands won’t play only for a few fans who came from outside of Romania. All 3 bands were mesmerized by The Silver Church and they all assured me it was going to be a great night…or, to say it in my own language….another Special Evening.

Time flew by quite quickly and at 20.00 the Italians of FORGOTTEN TOMB got up on stage. The venue seemed quite different now, the fans (about 300) came out of nowhere and straight into the front rows, where they stayed until midnight. The Italians played on the instruments of ABIGAIL/KISTVAEN, because things didn’t go so well for them at the airport, resulting in their stuff being left behind in Milan. The band politely thanked the people from who they borrowed the instruments so they can play a perfect show. (Thank you, Fenrir, for your unconditional help).
And they did it as never before, while having a great time on stage! The crowd matched the expectations, they even asked for a bis. The four Italians gave it to them, singing a very short cover song. I wished they could have played longer, but it was their decision so I respected it…even though I know the public wanted more. After the show, the bass player came up to me and said: “Hey man, it was fantastic…We are so happy and satisfied we have participated on your event! Great audience, great atmosphere, great club! Thank you!”. I could only say: “Impressive show!”.
With OCTOBER TIDE I was expecting a genre band, at least one that is perceived like it, because it’s not at all known. I was actually quite nervous and was thinking that people would start to walk away from the first rows. My closest friends knew, that they were the first band I chose for this evening, and that the group used to be ran by Fred Norrman. Their one hour show, stressed the importance of their latest album, nevertheless offering some old songs from their 2 old albums, that sounded spectacular! Even tough the vocalist Tobias limited communication to the minimum; the fan’s reactions proved to me, the Swedes actually caught on. There were no more bis request here, everybody was waiting for SATURNUS… Needless to say that their representation was also awesome as their dedication on stage was complete, even tough their way of exteriorizing was apparently distant. Fred was soaking wet after the show, as well as the others band members…It might have been too hot in the concert hall but for this musician-public embrace to happen, every commentary should be abandoned. The intensity of the moments was maximum! The best thing was – seeing happiness and joy on the musicians’ faces after the show when they were gathering up their gear.

At 22.27 the Danish group started playing: forceful and determined! The crowed went nuts: all the 600 hands were up waving, applauding, screaming, and cheering! I couldn’t imagine that such an underground band could be so loved in Bucharest, where they were playing for the first time! That’s the “spirit” I’ve been looking for in the crowd, for so long, especially since this kind of “hysteria” is only seen in big bands. I was getting the goosebumbs while seeing the fans’ faces as they were singing line after line with Thomas…even if some of them (a few, from what I could tell), had to make a statement, behavior-wise, at the bar that only FORGOTTEN TOMB was worthy of DOOMED SOULS EVENING! It’s pretty normal for different opinions to exist, I am just glad they had the opportunity to see something they could digest. My admiration goes out to them, because despite all, they stayed up until the end.

But let’s go back to SATURNUS. Thomas wanted to play 2 hours and I think that was enough for everybody, especially since they closed the recital with “Christ, Goodbye” where the audience overshadowed a little bit Rune’s magnificent guitar. For some people it was too much to take 2 hours. For others maybe, a bis would have made the night perfect. Who knows? Four new songs, of which three were an absolute premiere, were presented, plus their old “hits”. The joy of performing and the natural way they did it, was appreciated by everybody. After the show, the band was flooded with requests of pictures, autographs and chats. After 2 a.m satisfied and tired bands left the club for the hotel. The same goes for the fans.

All the 14 musicians had to mention I don know how many times that it was the best evening of their career and that they had a great time in Bucharest and our public is great. The guys of SATURNUS send me a message while on the airport waiting for departure which read: “I hope we are a part of the Romanian family now”. I tend to believe that the fans had a Special Evening on their hands, an Evening just for their souls. The truth was it wasn’t really “doomed” as an event!

Many thanks to you all!

…underground will never die!

November 2010




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DonisArt invita, in seara de 7 noiembrie, pe toti cei ce apreciaza Metal-ul Old School, in varianta lenta, la DOOMED SOULS EVENING.

KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST sau ANATHEMA, alaturi de MY DYING BRIDE sunt trupele etalon care au scris istorie la inceputul anilor ‘90! Acel Doom Death Metal apasator, cu derivatele lui imediate spre Gothic sau Funeral, au creat imediat o comunitate fragila dar dedicata prin multimea de fani ai fazelor ultrarapide si superbrutale!

SATURNUS este o trupa ce s-a infiintat in 1991 de catre bassistul Brian Hansen, care l-a cooptat imediat pe Thomas A.G. Jensen, o voce greu de confundat din intregul spectru Doom Death Metal. In decursul celor aproximativ 20 de ani, danezii au avut foarte multe schimbari de componenta, foarte multe colaborari cu muzicieni mai mult sau mai putin cunoscuti, singurul care nu a plecat din trupa fiind Thomas. La capitolul realizari SATURNUS a lansat in 1996 “Paradise Belongs to you”, in 1998 “For The Loveless Lonely Nights” EP, in 2000 “Martyre” si in 2006 “Veronika Decides To Die”. Rune Stiassny canta live cu SATURNUS de mai bine de 2 ani si a devenit acum membru oficial al trupei, alaturi de Thomas si Brian. Cu o noua componenta, cvintetul danez vine la Bucuresti in premiera pentru Romania dar si ca prim concert pe 2010 pentru a sustine un concert memorabil!

OCTOBER TIDE a inregistrat in 1995 albumul “Rain Without End”, considerat de cea mai mare parte a presei dar si de fani ca unul din primele 5 albume ale genului din toate timpurile. Foarte multe referiri la legendarul “Brave Murder Day”, mai ales ca trupa a fost infiintata de cei ce activau in KATATONIA. In 1999 apare “Grey Dawn”, ultimul album realizat si trupa se desfiinteaza, datorita activitatii intense cu KATATONIA. Dupa mai bine de 10 ani, chitaristul Fred “North” Norrman decide sa reinfiinteze grupul si iata ca la sfarsitul lunii septembrie Candlelight Records va lansa noul album, intitulat “A Thin Shell”. Fred a cooptat alaturi de el muzicieni din grupuri ca IN MOURNING, AMARAN, MANDYLON si DEMONICAL, cu care incep un drum nou, dar care continua munca conceputa in milenul trecut. Pentru cine nu stie, Fred a fost chitaristul de baza pentru KATATONIA in ultimii 15 ani, insa problemele familiale l-au determinat, la sfarsitul anului trecut, sa renunte la colaborare.

Trupa isi lanseaza noul album la Bucuresti dar publicul se va putea bucura si de piesele mai vechi, cantate intr-o formula noua, insa la fel de autentice.

FORGOTTEN TOMB s-a infiintat in 1999 de catre Herr Morbid ca un proiect Depressive Black Doom Metal, influentat de vechiul KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST sau BURZUM. In peste 10 ani de activitate, italianul a realizat 4 albume ( incepand din 2003 cu componenta de cvartet stabila pana acum ) si chiar acum a terminat de inregistrat un nou material care va aparea la inceputul anului viitor la Agonia Records. Trupa a lansat acum un dublu album cu cele mai reprezentative piese din istorie, reinregistrate dar fara efecte sau alte artificii de studio, conceptul corect fiind “Live In Studio”. Avem si doua cover-uri NIRVANA si BLACK FLAG dar si o piesa in premiera, “Spectres Over Venice”. Materialul poarta emblema celebrei case de discuri Avantgarde Music si numarul este extrem de limitat! FORGOTTEN TOMB va veni la Bucuresti in formula de 4 si va sustine un concert de peste o ora pentru toti fanii sonoritatilor Metal depresive.

Toate trupele vin exclusiv pentru aceasta Seara Speciala, concertul lor nu face parte din nici un turneu, ceea ce inseamna ca fanii vor putea sta de vorba cu artistii pe o durata nelimitata!

Evenimentul va fi gazduit de The Silver Church Club, cu incepere de la ora 19.00. Pretul unui bilet este de 70 lei si vor fi puse in vanzare incepand cu 15 august.



Locatie: The Siler Church Club, Calea Plevnei Nr.61, Bucuresti

Data: 7 noiembrie 2010, ora 20.00

Organizator: DonisArt

Bilet: 70 lei

Distributie: Bilete prin Eventim: Magazinele Germanos, Orange, Vodafone, Librariile Humanitas, Carturesti si online pe



Doomed Souls Evening
7 November, 2010 - 20:00 The Siler Church Club, Calea Plevnei Nr.61, Bucuresti
Bilete prin Eventim: Magazinele Germanos, Orange, Vodafone, Librariile Humanitas, Carturesti si online pe
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