Elite Dark Metal Evening

20 March 2010
21 March 2010
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I’m glad to see that people wrote and are still writing about Elite Dark Metal Evening…  some of them in a subjective way, other less… the opinions are of all kind, from superlative to acid critics… some had seen the bands for the first time, others listened to them in exclusivity… some came to see if the bands’ live sound is identical with the one from the albums, others to count the musicians’ mistakes… some to enjoy the created atmosphere, others to get to talk to their friends and also the bands… some came for AGALLOCH and left fascinated by ALCEST, others came to see how this new wave of Shoegaze Metal is to be assimilated and left with the impression that such sonorities are best listened at home, or the bands don’t  provide the same feeling live, this leaving possible marks of disappointment… therefore, after all, I can say that ELITE DARK METAL EVENING gathered, in 2 evenings, more than 1000 attendants! A great deal for these times… and for 2 bands which could be classified as anything but mainstream! And the interest of this Special Evening composed of 2 parts was incredibly great, if I am about to look how many YouTube posts exist, but also the large number of views!

Let me tell you some details which lead to me think they would capture your interest. Both bands were eager to play in Romania, to walk up on stage together and to greet the public in the most sincere and friendly way! Things which happened at the end ! Both bands were quite nervous in this Special Evening, each of them having their own personal reasons: the ones from AGALLOCH haven’t played for over 6 months and had no chance to rehearse together all this time, because each of them lives in towns not quite close to each other… Ever more, the Americans can’t really brag with too many yearly concerts, AGALLOCH being considered a studio band! And the commotion of playing in the First Part in a theatre hall in front of an atypical audience was obvious when I’ve met them in Romania. ALCEST was about to go on stage for the first time in history and the honor of playing for the first time with AGALLOCH made NEIGE  anything but talkative, if not stressed!

But still, at Brasov, AGALLOCH offered an immaculate concert! Starting with the long intro of approx. 15 minutes, followed by that “healing” ritual and to “The Lodge (dismantled)”, the song when the guitarists threw themselves on Reduta’s stage in the most dramatic way… everything sounded perfect! Contrary to the fact that the Americans’ videos couldn’t be used, the background scenery resonated perfectly with what AGALLOCH wanted to express!  The 2 hours of Dark Metal are going to remain splendid memories for the public, but also for the organizers and the band… including ALCEST, who sat in the first row of the theatre’s hall. Its hard to find words to describe what kind of pressure and rumble was felt behind my back, me being in the first row, when, during “Not Unlike The Waves”, the public stood up from the comfortable chairs and started moshing in the most Metal way possible! I wouldn’t have been surprised to see some chairs flying around… obviously, the idea was rather appealing to me, but it’s better that nothing similar happened… “Bloodbirds” was the song which really succeeded in entirely detaching me from everything happening that night, the guitar solos outlining me a levitation I’ve never experienced at a Metal concert! Thank you, AGALLOCH, you were ravishing! After the concert, the Americans were assaulted by the audience, with whom they talked a couple of hours, including the time spent in Musik Café… sadly for them and also for us, we had to end everything somewhere around midnight, because the second day has the same importance!

At Bucharest, at the announced hour, Costin pushed the play button for NIGHTPRAY new album’s audition… there was a certain confusion among the public, especially among the ones who haven’t read the specific press releases, maybe it was our fault that we haven’t thought about posting on the monitors that “Dreamocracy” was being played, but, even so, I’ve seen many people who seemed interested in those sonorities! Especially because the album is 40 minutes long, the last song being more dynamic and, implicitly, liked after a superficial audition!

At 19:15, ALCEST went on stage… and totally rocked! By far, it was the evening’s revelation! The 60 minutes interpreted by the 4 French won’t be forgotten too easily! With a Silver Church buzzing with people, with 2 chandeliers required by ALCEST and heavy blue lights, enveloped in a smoke controlled by the bassist Fursy, the mysterious ALCEST concept discovered its identity! And it was heavenly, dreamy, melancholic… but also energetic, especially the passages where Neige’s growls exploded!  The songs’ combination from both albums was extremely inspired and the audience was unexpectedly receptive starting with the first song! Even though an encore was ardently asked, Neige told me backstage that that was it. I saw on his face tension together with satisfaction, his first step under the highlights of ALCEST’S banner being an indisputable success!

AGALLOCH hadn’t been offered that perfect sound on the first 2 songs, because technical issues occurred and the musicians didn’t hear their instruments in the monitors… From this, a little irritation, too much nervousness and a couple of misfires in execution, unavoidable live but wished by no one! Despite those small lacks of synchronizations during the first songs, the Americans held a long concert, longer than I initially expected, they had an explosive encore, with a new, more dramatic and more vivid performance of “The Lodge”, ending with the throwing of guitar strings and picks, including Aesop’s drumsticks into the audience! The communication with the fans was outstanding, the ones from the first rows fully enjoying the approx. 10 minutes of noisy craze… the sad thing was for the ones from the back, who didn’t see much of it and probably didn’t get to understand too much, especially when the band were horizontally on stage, killing their instruments ! But for the next similar concerts we’ve already found the solution, so we will be able to project on screens everything happening on stage!

The band finished their recital, left accompanied by the fans’ cheers, most of the public headed towards the wardrobe and exit, our sound technician put music in the background… and still, in front of the stage there was a huge mass of fans that refused to leave, yelling and acclaiming: AGALLOCH, AGALLOCH! I held a short discussion with John and this time we agreed on the spot for another song (at Brasov they didn’t even want to hear about another come back), so the 4 returned on stage, this time with ALCEST, thanking everyone for this beautiful Special Evening ! Suddenly, the public heading to the exit was seen returning, everyone being pleasantly surprised by the artists’ will, friendship and a marvelous evening’s satisfaction! They played “Of Stone, Wind and Pillar”, song which put an end to the bands’ recital from the 21st of March… An autograph session followed, photos, discussions (a little bit stiff at first because rows of people willing to speak to the artists was formed) and then free dialogues in the whole room, the Special Evening ending somewhere around after midnight.

For the bands, the trip to Romania was an unique experience! For the fans who came from the outside, as well… for the larger part of local attendees, it was a Special Evening where it was easy to see that the underground spirit continues to triumph, unconditional! For the ones who couldn’t be convinced now, but attended the event, all my thanks, and I hope that in October, at Labyrinthic Metal Evening, DonisArt will live up to their expectations!

...underground will never die!

Setlist Agalloch (Bucharest): 

Dead winter days

As embers dress the sky

I am the wooden doors

In the shadow of our pale companion

Hawthrone passage Pt II


Not unlike the waves


prim bis- Falling snow

- The lodge (dismantled)

bis 2- Of stone, wind and pillor 

Setlist Alcest: 

Printemps Emeraude

Les Iris

Solar Song

Ecailles De Lune part1

Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde

Percées De Lumière


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    Elite Dark Metal Evening - Bucuresti - Alcest

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    Elite Dark Metal Evening - Bucuresti - Backstage

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    Elite Dark Metal Evening - Brasov - Agalloch - Part 4

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    Elite Dark Metal Evening - Brasov - Agalloch - Part 5


Au mai ramas doar cateva zile pana la Elite Dark Metal Evening. Dupa cum se stie, Part I este soldout! Organizatorii Kogaionon & DonisArt insista ca in seara de 20 martie, la Reduta (Brasov), sa fie prezenti doar cei care au biletele fizice sau rezervari & abonamente confirmate de emailul Kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com. Nu se vor accepta alte derogari! Accesul in locatie pt cei cu abonamente: ora 18.00. Pentru cei cu bilet: 18.30. Ora de incepere a concertului va fi 19.00.

Part II va fi sustinuta in Bucuresti, pe data de 21 martie, in selectul club THE SILVER CHURCH, Calea Plevnei nr.61.

Incepand cu ora 18.30, prima trupa romaneasca de Avantgarde Dark Rock, intitulata NIGHTPRAY, va avea lansarea oficiala a noului album, Dreamocracy, material ce va putea fi ASCULTAT in premiera si in intregime inainte de recitalul trupelorALCEST si AGALLOCH. Pentru a fi o lansare profesionista, trupetii vor veni cu standul propriu de accesorii muzicale, CD-uri sau tricouri cu si despre acest interesant proiect muzical demarat in urma cu patru ani ani de Costin Chioreanu, cunoscutul artist ce conduce TWILIGHT MEDIA.

De mentionat ca in NIGHTPRAY activeaza membri din diverse trupe underground, cum ar fi : SATANOCHIO, EXTINCTION ALGORITHM, PARACHUTE PULSE, DISCORDLESS, H8, CAP DE CRANIU… si nu in ultimul rand, bass-istul Clandestine din legendarul grup Black Metal norvegian DODHEIMSGARD! Noul album va avea lansarea digitala pe data de 22 martie, deci cei ce vor fi prezenti in clubul The Silver Church in seara de 21 martie vor putea avea oportunitatea de a asculta si de a-si procura noul NIGHTPRAY in premiera! Pentru cei ce nu stiu, stilul abordat de muzicieni este unul extrem de complex, ce experimenteaza intr-un mod original faze Post Black Metal, Gothic, Rock sau Jazz!

ALCEST va incepe sa cante in jurul orei 19.15 iar AGALLOCH in jurul orei 20.30. Dupa ora 22.00 ambele trupe vor fi la dispozitia fanilor pentru discutii libere, fotografii, autografe. De reamintit ca ALCEST va urca pe scena pentru prima data in istorie, concertul din Bucuresti fiind unul de o importanta cruciala si pentru trupeti!

Este permis orice accesul cu orice tip de aparat foto sau video, dar fara trepied.

Pretul unui bilet este de 45 lei si mai poate fi procurat doar in seara evenimentului, de la intrarea in locatie.

Va asteptam !


Numarul de bilete pentru Elite Dark Metal Evening part I (Brasov), din seara de de 20 martie, a fost epuizat. Deoarece sala de teatru Reduta are un numar fix de scaune, organizatorii au dorit ca evenimentul AGALLOCH din Brasov sa fie perceput ca pe unul rarisim si dedicat doar fanilor trupei americane! Pentru a evita orice forma de disconfort fizic sau psihic, Kogaionon & DonisArt au limitat accesul in locatie doar la numarul de scaune existent.

Accesul in cladirea Reduta va fi permis incepand cu ora 17.30, in holul teatrului fiind prezentata publicului o expozitie de arta fotografica a celei ce se ocupa de intreaga imagistica foto AGALLOCH, artista Veleda Thorsson. Aceasta va fi bucuroasa sa impartaseasca cu cei interesati detalii diverse. Mai multe amanunte despre artist si lucrarile sale aici: http://www.veledathorssonphotography.com/

Toti cei ce au primit confirmare de rezervare pentru abonament de pe adresa kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com sunt rugati sa fie prezenti la intrare la Reduta incepand cu ora 18.00. Acolo va fi o lista nominala, procurarea abonamentelor urmand a se face doar pe baza de act de identitate.

Accesul in sala pentru toti posesorii de bilet va fi permis incepand cu ora 18.30, concertul propriu-zis urmand sa inceapa in jurul orei 19.00. Deoarece spectacolul va fi unul special dar si conceptual, se doreste ca la ora 19.00 intreaga audienta sa fie in sala.

Este permis accesul la Reduta cu orice tip de aparat foto/video, fara trepied iar acestea vor putea fi folosite in fata scenei doar pe durata primelor doua piese. Multumim anticipat pentru intelegere.

Dupa terminarea concertului, trupetii vor veni la standul de produse pentru discutii libere cu fanii, fotografii, autografe.

Elite Dark Metal part II (Bucuresti) va fi sustinut pe data de 21 martie in cadrul clubului The Silver Church, accesul in locatie fiind permis incepand cu ora 18.30.

Este permis orice tip de aparat foto sau video, dar fara trepied.

ALCEST va incepe sa cante in jurul orei 19.00 iar AGALLOCH in jurul orei 20.30. Dupa ora 22.00 ambele trupe vor fi la dispozitia fanilor pentru discutii libere, fotografii, autografe. De reamintit ca ALCEST va urca pe scena pentru prima data in istorie, concertul din Bucuresti fiind unul de o importanta cruciala si pentru trupeti!

Pretul unui bilet este de 45 lei si poate fi procurat exclusiv de la Titus/www.letsrock.ro/bestial si Alex/www.beautyofpain.ro, dar si in seara locatiei, de la intrare.

Va asteptam!

Echipa Kogaionon & DonisArt


Au ramas mai putin de 50 de zile pana la ELITE DARK METAL EVENING!
Pentru concertul dedicat AGALLOCH din Brasov, de pe data de 20 martie, mai sunt disponibile doar 100 de bilete spre vanzare (la pretul unic de 30 lei), acestea putand fi procurate EXCLUSIV de la Titus / www.Letsrock.ro/bestial si
Alex / www.beautyofpain.ro.

Estimam ca aceste bilete vor fi epuizate pana la data concertului; in cazul in care, totusi, vor mai ramane disponibile, acestea vor putea fi achizitionate si in seara evenimentului, in limita capacitatii locatiei.

De remarcat ca la acest eveniment si-au anuntat participarea fani din peste 15 tari: Spania, Italia, Statele Unite ale Americii, Canada, Portugalia, Ungaria, Franta, Germania, Grecia, Bulgaria, Turcia, Finlanda, Norvegia, Suedia, Anglia…

Abonamentele pentru ambele concerte s-au epuizat iar suplimentari nu mai sunt posibile, deoarece sala de teatru Reduta are un numar foarte limitat de scaune!

Pentru concertul din Bucuresti, AGALLOCH si ALCEST, din data de 21 martie, biletele se pot procura tot de la Titus si Alex, cu mentiunea ca se vor gasi si la intrare in Clubul The Silver Church, in seara evenimentului, la acelasi pret, de 45 lei.

Vom reveni cu alte detalii in saptamanile ce urmeaza!

Echipa Kogaionon & DonisArt

Pentru prima data in istoria evenimentelor Kogaionon & DonisArt, organizatorii incearca sa promoveze un nou concept, Seara Speciala sa fie acum alcatuita din doua parti distincte, obiectivul final fiind cel de a creiona complet imaginea trupei favorite, prin doua concerte consecutive in doua zile, diferite atat ca forma cat si ca fond. De aceea si ELITE DARK METAL EVENING va fi structurata in doua parti…

Una dintre cele mai respectate, apreciate si longevive trupe din intreaga scena Dark Metal americana este, incontestabil, AGALLOCH. A inceput sa cante la putin dupa ce trupe ca PARADISE LOST, ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE, IN THE WOODS… loveau scena Metal cu debuturi remarcabile. Cu un statut mai degraba Cult decat Underground, fiind prima trupa de pe acest continent ce a promovat Dark Metal-ul, cvartetul de pe coasta de nord-vest nu cauta prea des oportunitati de a canta live, din mai multe considerente, insa, de fiecare data cand o face, audienta ramane ravasita de prestatia scenica! Anul acesta a sustinut un turneu de doar cateva concerte in Europa, alaturi de DORNENREICH, turneu in urma caruia trupa si-a castigat un numar important de noi fani, pe cei vechi lasandu-i fara cuvinte! AGALLOCH continua sa ramana una dintre cele mai interesante trupe Metal de pe mapamond, cu o abordare originala, tehnicitate remarcabila si un mod de exprimare muzical selectiv, ignorand total cantitatea in favoarea calitatii…

Istoria discografica a trupei este destul de limitata in ciuda celor 13 ani de activitate, in sensul ca pana astazi au doar 3 albume de studio si mai multe EP-uri plus MCD-uri. “Pale Folklore” (1999), “The Mantle” (2002) si “Ashes Against The Grain” (2006) sunt bijuteriile Metal scoase la cunoscutul label american The End Records, albume de referinta pentru orice iubitor de acorduri Metal avantgardistice: de la Progressive Black si Atmospheric Doom Death Metal pana la Experimental, Post Rock, Folk, Ambient sau Industrial, cu multe treceri Wave, dominate de o aura Dark epica melancolica desavarsita. Cu radacini din ULVER, SWANS, SOL INVICTUS, IN THE WOODS…, BATHORY, FORGOTTEN WOODS, DARK THRONE, BURZUM, KATATONIA, GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR sau EMPYRIUM, AGALLOCH a devenit astazi o trupa de inspiratie pentru noul val de proiecte Black Metal, FEN sau WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM putand fi doar doua exemple. John Haughm (g,v), Don Anderson (g), Jason Walton (b) si Aesop (dr) sunt incantati sa vina pentru prima data in Europa de Est, acestia urmand sa zboare cateva mii de km doar pentru a canta si vizita Romania. Ei vor sustine doua concerte diferite, atat ca lungime cat si ca structura conceptuala, in cele doua parti, astfel:

- BRASOV, Sambata, 20 MARTIE 2010, Centrul Cultural REDUTA, orele 19.00 (Part I)

- BUCURESTI, Duminica, 21 MARTIE 2010, THE SILVER CHURCH, orele 19.00 (Part II)

Seara de 20 martie din Brasov va fi dedicata exclusiv trupei AGALLOCH printr-un concert UNICAT in istoria trupei, de peste 2 ore, in care cei patru ne vor arata diferenta clara dintre un concert clasic AGALLOCH si unul SPECIAL, datorita faptului ca vor canta, pe langa cele mai reprezentative secvente din intreaga discografie, si noi piese, in premiera, la care acum lucreaza, dar si datorita videoproiectiilor selecte, plus diverse ritualuri ce au legatura cu semantica termenului agalloch… Data nu a fost aleasa intamplator, daca tinem cont ca 20 martie coincide cu echinoctiul de primavara, deci va fi o seara cu totul speciala si pentru membrii trupei.. va fi si seara fanilor AGALLOCH, ce va avea loc intr-o locatie eleganta, confortabila, cu o sonorizare si acustica foarta buna, o locatie perfecta pentru a rezona cu atmosfera si conceptul AGALLOCH!

A doua zi, in Bucuresti, trupa AGALLOCH va sustine un concert de cca 70 de minute, un concert clasic Metal pentru ea, asemanator cu ceea ce a cantat si in turneul european din acest an.

In deschidere, va urca pe scena o trupa respectata de multi fani al noului val Black Shoegaze Metal, dar care nu a fost vazuta pe scena pana in acest moment, intitulata ALCEST. Primul album, realizat in 2007 si intitulat “Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde“, a aratat un nou mod de exprimare in scena Metal, original si controversat datorita mixului de sunet Cold Raw Black Metal cu acorduri melancolice, nostalgice, foarte melodioase dar si elemente vizibile Shoegaze. Liderul trupei, Neige (MORTIFERA, AMESOEURS, FORGOTTEN WOODS, PESTE NOIR, PHEST, LANTLOS, VALFUNDE), este unul dintre cei mai activi muzicieni din underground-ul Metal francez, care a schimbat complet orientarea acestui grup, initial un trio adept al unui Raw Black Metal agresiv, apoi ca proiect solo, promotor al unui sunet Cold Melancholic Black Metal si realizatorul unui EP excelent, “Le Secret”. Albumul din 2007 ne prezinta un sound modern, avand la baza un Dark Black Metal ritmat, melancolic, plin de nostalgie, cu elemente Shoegaze, Post Rock, dar si cu o voce masculina extrem de calda, intrerupta de cateva pasaje cu voce feminina. Dupa 10 ani de la infiintare, ALCEST a devenit un nume foarte apreciat de fanii Metal-lui nonconformist, nume care reuseste sa-si contureze un stil propriu, foarte inteligent structurat, care penduleaza intre SIGUR ROS si SHINING si care a devenit reper pentru zeci de trupe noi ce au creat deja un nou curent avantagardist, mai melodic, mai ritmat, dar cu accent pe teme ca melancolie, nostalgie, romantism, disperare, singuratate! Cel de-al doilea album ALCEST a fost terminat zilele acestea si va aparea oficial la inceputul lui 2010 la Prophecy Productions, Neige urmand sa vina la Bucuresti impreuna cu alti trei muzicieni pentru a-si promova noile piese.

Asocierea AGALLOCH cu ALCEST nu este intamplatoare si probabil ca cei ce stiu ce canta acesti muzicieni cunosc mult mai multe detalii… De asemenea si sala The Silver Church este una eleganta iar trupele vor beneficia si aici de o acustica impecabila!

Elite Dark Metal Evening (part I&II) se adreseaza celor ce apreciaza aceste trupe, trupe care vin special la Brasov si Bucuresti pentru cei ce respecta si doresc sa mentina spiritul underground Metal pur! In acest sens si trupele vor aduce cu ele diverse accesorii muzicale originale, unele in editie limitata, altele facute exclusiv pentru acest eveniment! Pretul unui bilet este:

-30 lei pentru Brasov
-45 lei pentru Bucuresti

Acestea se pot cumpara din Reteaua Diverta, www.ticketpoint.ro, www.letsrock.ro/bestial (Titus), www.beautyofpain.ro, www.myticket.ro sau la intrare, in seara evenimentului. Deoarece atat dorinta organizatorilor cat si a muzicienilor este ca o mare parte din audienta sa participe la ambele parti din Elite Dark Metal Evening (inclusiv membrii ALCEST vor fi prezenti in sala Reduta din Brasov), se ofera oportunitatea de a achizitiona abonament la pret special, de 60 lei, suma ce va fi platita la intrare in Sala Reduta (Brasov), in seara de 20 martie. Doar de acolo se vor putea achizitiona aceste abonamente sau se pot face si rezervari la adresa de email: kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com.

Informatii, video oficial AGALLOCH gasiti mai jos:


Informatii ALCEST:


…underground will never die!

Octombrie, 2009


Elite Dark Metal Evening
20 March, 2010 - 19:00
21 March, 2010 - 19:00
Centrul cultural Reduta, Brasov
The Silver Church, Bucuresti
30 lei Brasov, 45 lei Bucuresti
Reteaua Diverta, www.ticketpoint.ro, www.letsrock.ro/bestial (Titus), www.beautyofpain.ro, www.myticket.ro sau la intrare