Ethereal Ambient Evening

12 September 2009
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I have been waiting very impatiently for this event… Apart from the great wish standing on both sides for a new ARCANA concert at Reduta, I also wanted to find out if bringing a band in the same place, after only just one year, will arise more or, perhaps… less interest. And I did find out… more than half of the audience from April 2008, despite the fact that now we’ve had more than 3 hours of music, alongside ARCANA having two additional projects, NARSILION and DER BLAUE REITER. If it was disinterest, ignorance or the effect of the economic crisis, matters less... 

What is important is that the almost 200 fans were able to witness a much, much better interpretation of the Swedish as compared to the one last year, due also to ARCANA’s wish to come back and sing in Romania. Maybe the on-stage euphoria of the 5 members seemed somewhat unfit with the music that was being played and thus a sentiment of uncertainty about the feeling that was being received now. 

The Dark note got slightly diluted in the ARCANA concept but the good side was that the feeling of friendship was abundant on the stage of Reduta theater on the beautiful night of September 12th. 

ARCANA came in its classic version and presented to us a set of tracks that are representative for the band’s history, including tracks from Peter Bjargo’s solo album, in a slightly modified version, but also tracks that are about to emerge. 

NARSILION showed us that Fantasy Music can take on a select contour in Romania too and DER BLAUE REITER presented an interesting Dark NeoClassical, with a lot of Industrial touches, rather based on massive percussions and a tragic feeling for the visual. I will not start telling stories about the tracks or other concert details… those who were there had what to pick… three bands, three different styles, three distinct visions. 

The most important element was the joy to see, at the end, an audience that stood up and applauded the 8 musicians for minutes on end… no encores, no other stage-directed things… maybe just the fact that during the last track played within the ARCANA concert the two members from NARSILION also got on stage, offering the element of surprise, a unique performance in the history of both bands. And… since you can see right now just what went on in Brasov, I will leave you to yours… soon we will meet again with ours… two more months left… 

October, 2009


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    Ethereal Ambient Evening - Narsilion

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    Ethereal Ambient Evening - Der Blaue Reiter

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    Ethereal Ambient Evening - Arcana


PRESS RELEASE - 05.04.09   

The Special Evenings started last year with ARCANA, on the 19th of April. It was a magical night, a special evening for all those present at the venue located in the Reduta Cultural Centre, both for the audience and the band. Encouraged by the positive feedback received, KOGAIONON and DONISART have decided to invite ARCANA once again, for an exclusive concert, dedicated to all those wanting to escape the daily routine. Together with tracks from their last album, Raspail, the Swedes will also play 4-5 new tracks, songs never played live before, especially for the old… but also the new ARCANA fans.

The band has promised a special concert, dedicated to the audience from Reduta, a place where they felt extraordinary!  (video).

As opening acts, you will be witness to 2 elegant recitals held by two very talented Catalans (plus a percussionist - live line-up), who in only a few years have released with both projects a number of very special albums, completely unknown in Romania but appreciated by the media found abroad.  

And so, DER BLAUE REITER will launch its second album this summer, musically localised in an Industrial Classical Ambient style that oscillates between ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, DER BLUTHARSCH, DEATH IN JUNE, BLOOD AXIS and SOPHIA, but with an impeccable original filter. They can be seen this spring at WGT, in Leipzig!  

On the other hand, Sathorys Elenorth and Lady Nott have first made a name through their other project, called NARSILION, a very beautiful Ethereal Folk Fantasy, a project that broke all ties with the Metal roots expressed through ORDO FUNEBRIS, but with a slight hint of LUGBURZ, another underground band that gravitates around these musicians. A lot more melodic and with a dream like aura, NARSILION intelligently entwines different concepts, from fantasy/medieval films like Conan, Braveheart, Legend, Willow or Lord Of the Rings, and to musical harmonies from bands like DARK SANCTUARY, ARCANA, DARGAARD, ENYA, KITARO, MIKE OLDFIELD or LOREENA McKENNITT.  

For those already used to our events, it will be a classical evening, one that will place a strong accent on quality, elegance, discretion and friendship… There will be backdrops to be viewed, stage props, merchandising stands; there will be competitions, staying after the concerts and talking to the bands will also become possible… It is going to be a nice September night, spent in Brasov, together with all those wanting to spend in a different way... and apparent normal weekend.   

We are expecting you!  


Tickets: 50 RON (60 RON on the day) 


Diverta,,,,,, (Titus).  

Best Regards, 

DonisArt & Kogaionon    


Ethereal Ambient Evening
12 September, 2009 Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov
Kogaionon and Donisart