Experimental Black Evening

21 March 2009
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SHINING is the band I have been longing to see live for quite some time! 

To be more precise, since their fifth album hit me full on about two years ago, it is since then that “Halmstad” continues to be one of my favourite releases from the new Black Metal scene. 

With a healthy degree of caution (not to call it fear), I tried to make sure that a Romanian concert with the Swedes will be different from what has been taking place abroad, meaning that the theatrical side of the show to be dominated by the musical side, simply in order to avoid conflicts of sorts. 

I heard a lot about Niklas Kvarforth (this is his full name, no pseudonyms), I wrote about him a lot and have seen quite a bit of footage with him, I have friends in bands that have told me that this character is not normal for this world… but all these aspects have managed to provoke me, rather than anything else. 

And so... having learned that the band is coming to Romania in August, but in a part of the country that will most likely be out of reach for many (north – west), I have decided to invite them to Brasov, to a Black Metal Special Evening, alongside another band, INDIAN FALL. If it has turned out to be good or not, pleasant or shocking, interesting or disgusting, everybody is free to believe whatever they want. Perhaps I have lost some KOGAIONON fans, or gained and kept others… Time will tell! 

But let me share my view of the event, not from a journalistic point of view but rather from the perspective of a person who had more access to details pertaining to this event, more than anyone else reading these lines could have had. Everything was supposed to start at 8 pm, but it seemed that Suburban was difficult to be located by many (despite of the instructions, even with a map we have posted online), as we have received a number of calls being asked to postpone the starting time of the event with 30 minutes. But anyway… now everybody knows where the place is and so, those going to the Gorefest gig in a few weeks time will not spend time wandering around the narrow little streets of that neighbourhood. 

Finally, it has all started with a 20 minutes delay, with about 150 people in the location. INDIAN FALL played about one hour of modern Black Metal, somewhat avant-garde, with a lot of keyboard, bombastic guitar riffs, and alternating vocals, aggressive or rhythmic drums. It was a show that promoted the new album, and I believe the audience liked it. Unfortunately only about 100 of them stayed in the front of the stage (a rather small stage and not high enough, the absence of a real stage is the biggest disadvantage of the club), the rest of the audience having preferred to sit at the tables or to chat in the hallways full of merchandising stands. Very serious, good instrumentalists, with an accent on originality, with a specific and pretty interesting backdrop, INDIAN FALL showed us that Black Metal can be played well and elegantly in Romania too! It seems that they already have a dedicated fan base that have showed their support on this evening as well, the final conclusion being that the new album seems to be more elaborate than the intelligent “Pathfinder”. 

After an half an hour break (required mainly due to the switching of the drums), the body count grew to some 280 people, the larger part of it trying to get close to the stage (and to Niklas, heh). The promotional video of KOGAIONON 10 went on but I’m afraid the visual wasn’t perceived correctly as the screens were located at the far sides of the venue and the majority of the people were standing in the front, waiting for the Swedes to come on… 

After about 4 minutes of TRIARII that sounded perfect in that location, in that darkness, SHINING went on stage. A long intro followed by the 5 jumping into their roles. They played for about two hours and 15 minutes, playing both tracks from the older releases and from the forthcoming album, due to appear in about two month’s time, one of them a superb SEIGMEN cover-version… There was a mosh pit, there were screams, and complete debauchery… it was eerie! But I am content that the sound was perfect, the guys from SHINING insisting on the issue during the rehearsals, the risk of them not playing being very real (should the sound not be of a satisfactory quality). 

Niklas’s stage entrance was somewhat controversial, as he spit on the first rows with whiskey, a sort of a nonconformist/amusing hello that most of the audience accepted right away, except a couple of people who seemed to have come to the show with the intention of boycotting it and try out Niklas’s patience, or just simply being too intoxicated to be lucid. These reacted right away throwing beer on the stage, getting Niklas’s anorak wet, actually my anorak that he was wearing at the time… All this when Kvarforth had an altercation in Berlin about two weeks prior to our show, with a fan who got on his nerves with similar antics as in our show… Niklas then ended up breaking the German fans skull with a bottle he threw at him. Now, due to the fact that these two were trying to touch him, to express their hate/respect in a disturbing manner, including here a load of cursing, Niklas asked me to kick them out, or he will react… However, after a short chat offstage he accepted that these individuals are SHINING fans, a bit too drunk but there is no point in insisting on the issue. 

Once returned on stage, one of them continued to manifest himself in a manner Niklas found irritating (perhaps the red t-shirt he was wearing in the mass of black made him even more visible) and so he was called to the front of the stage, where a tense conversation was carried on for a few dozens of seconds, ending in a dry “Fuckin’ idiot”. Not to mention that the bodyguards had their eyes set on these two as well, but it’s good that finally things calmed down… This damn alcohol… 

Niklas smoked on stage, he even received a cigarette from a fan, gave the mic to some girl and had her scream her head off, interacted with the audience in a pleasant way... As pleasant as someone who suffers of different things can be and someone who is not characterised by being an optimist… After six tracks the band members stopped and went to the bar, where they had a digestive, a different intro going in the background, after which they have returned on stage. It seems that this digestive wasn’t really what Niklas needed (having in the meantime licked a fans hand, perhaps in an effort to be more “ex(r)otic”) and he found himself regurgitating for a few seconds, something totally unwanted, but yet it happened. 

In other words, it wasn’t part ‘of the script’, and his role of an extreme actor has only manifested through a few kisses shared with the Punk haired bass player, but also in a drink swap between the two mouths. Other than that, nothing special, nothing to get the media to transform nothing into something… It was a show that can be called complete, intense, one that sounded perfect, a true lesson of extreme Metal executed in an exquisite manner! And to play non stop for two hours and at a rhythm of this sort could say a lot even to the most bitter of commentators. The guys from SHINING were impressed by Romania, of the fans that came to greet them backstage at the end of the show, of the warm welcome and the way they have communicated throughout those two hours of music. 

I have to say that I am also taken back by the sound of the two forthcoming albums, the sixth one that will appear soon at Osmose and the next one after, due to be released next year, at INDIE: aggressive and clean vocals, special guests, a SEIGMEN cover-version and an ALICE COPPER one too, a few instrumental tracks that sound exceptionally good, a 17 minute long track, very oppressive as atmosphere and with an impeccable Slow Dark Doom note, aggressive Black Death Metal but also Thrash tendencies… I’m telling you that it is worth keeping an eye on their activity as they truly are good. And Niklas’s voice can do all sorts of things, with a strength that is shocking for some! 

The Experimental Black Evening ended around 2.30 am when the crowd dispersed and people went about their business... probably more ‘enlightened’ or more ‘darkened’… Those who knew of SHINING were most likely satisfied with the event and the on stage behaviour, perhaps regretting that they haven’t seen a more extreme dynamic... and those who had no idea what SHINING meant were perhaps left with a bitter taste… You can not please everybody… not at a SHINING show! 


  • See video

    Experimental Black Evening - Indian Fall

  • See video

    Experimental Black Evening - Shining


 Au mai ramas zece zile pana la Seara Experimental Black Evening ! 

SHINING tocmai s-au intors dintr-un mic turneu, prin teritorii ca Germania, Olanda, Elvetia, Franta sau Italia iar nu cu mult timp in urma au cantat si in Tarile Baltice, Irlanda sau chiar Turcia. Puteti deja citi sau vizualiza pe net despre cum arata/suna SHINING acum live: concerte decente, atmosfera placuta, feedback excelent al publicului!

In aceasta saptamana vor sustine un concert in Mexic dupa care se vor intoarce pregatiti pentru seara de 21 martie de la Brasov. INDIAN FALL au terminat de inregistrat noul album iar in Suburban cei cinci ne vor prezenta materialul integral, in premiera, plus alte cateva surprize! KOGAIONON Magazine No.10 va putea fi de procurat tot atunci insa, atentie, numarul de exemplare va fi extrem de limitat! 

Vor fi prezenti cu standuri: Beauty of Pain, Bestial, Axa Valaha, Valse Sinistre + tricouri SHINING & INDIAN FALL. 

Programul evenimentului : 

-accesul in Suburban se va face incepand cu orele 19.30 (cei care au primit confirmarea rezervarii sunt rugati sa ajunga la locatie cu jumatate de ora mai devreme pentru a-si putea ridica premiile)

-INDIAN FALL vor urca pe scena in jurul orelor 20.00

-SHINING vor incepe concertul in jurul orelor 21.45

-dupa orele 23.00 toti participantii vor putea sta in Suburban la discutii cu trupetii si nu numai, ascultand muzica sau consumand bauturi de toate felurile din barul locatiei pana spre dimineata. 

Va fi o seara/noapte interesanta, cu chef de distractie si cu muzica din belsug! 

Va asteptam! 

Brasov, 21 martie 2009, Club Suburban, B-dul 15 Noiembrie, Nr.86, Orele 20.00. 

Biletele sunt disponibile in: Magazinele din Reteaua Diverta, www.ticketpoint.ro, www.beautyofpain.ro (Timisoara), Bestial (Titus, Bucuresti), www.bangyourbrain.com (Brasov), www.valsesinistre.com. 

Vor putea fi achizionate bilete si in seara evenimentului, la intrare in Clubul Suburban, la acelasi pret, de 70 lei. 



Comunicat, 16 februarie 2009 

Ce se va intampla pe 21 martie, la Brasov, incepand cu orele 20.00, in clubul Suburban? 

O Seara Experimental Black Metal ce se va putea prelungi printr-un AFTERPARTY pana dimineata, impreuna si cu trupetii ! 

Ar fi de retinut trei aspecte importante: 

1.Lansarea publicatiei Underground Dark/Metal/Goth/Ambient KOGAIONON nr.10; 

2.Concert de lansare al noului album INDIAN FALL (trupa brasoveana adepta a unui stil Black Metal avantgardist); 

3.Concert in premiera pentru Romania cu trupa suedeza SHINING (Black/Doom Metal); 

Daca doriti sa aflati cum vad cele doua trupe acest eveniment, cititi aici : 



Ne dorim ca toti participantii sa poata sa petreaca o Seara Speciala intr-un mod civilizat, relaxant si placut ! 

Vor exista standuri cu accesorii Metal, vor exista proiectii, cateva premii oferite de Suburban… si nu in ultimul rand, la AFTERPARTY, muzica underground din plin! Veti putea asculta peste 70 de trupe ce au fost intervievate in intreaga istorie a KOGAIONON-ului, unele care au ajuns populare astazi, insa la momentul interviului fiind relativ necunoscute. 

Partenerul nostru www.pensiunealeo.ro ofera pentru acest eveniment preturi speciale la cazare, astfel ca un single va fi de 130 lei iar o camera dubla de 150 lei pe noapte, mic dejun inclus. Pentru rezervari, alte informatii: rezervari@pensiunealeo.ro 

Va reamintim ca pretul unui bilet este de 60 lei pana la data de 28 februarie, incepand cu 1 martie acesta va urca la 70 lei. 

O Seara Speciala, recomandata fanilor Black Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal… Dar si altor pretendenti de senzatii tari! 

Brasov, 21 martie 2009, Club Suburban, B-dul 15 Noiembrie, Nr.86, Orele 20.00. 

Biletele sunt disponibile in: Magazinele din Reteaua Diverta, www.ticketpoint.ro, www.beautyofpain.ro (Timisoara), Bestial (Titus, Bucuresti), www.bangyourbrain.com (Brasov), www.valsesinistre.com. 

Vor putea fi achizionate bilete si in seara evenimentului, la intrare in Clubul Suburban. 



Kogaionon #10, Indian Fall, Shining... Experimental Black Evening...

Ce oportunitate mai buna de a prezenta un nou numar din KOGAIONON magazine ar putea fi decat un show cu una din trupele intervievate? Nebunia cu aceste concerte a plecat de la ideea de a lansa intr-o forma cat mai adecvata ultimul numar din revista underground KOGAIONON, o revista al carui prim numar a fost realizat in 1995! Istoria ei dar si toate paginile pot fi citite pe site-ul propriu. Intrucat revista si-a propus inca de la inceput sa promoveze trupe underground extreme, in paginile ei ati putut gasi deopotriva atat material Black, Gothic, Doom sau Death Metal cat si DarkWave, Ambient, Industrial sau Ethereal. Usor confuzant pentru fanii Metal-ului extrem pe de o parte, dar si pentru fanii fazelor mai abstracte, pe de alta parte, KOGAIONON a adunat in propriile pagini stiluri diferite, din concepte diferite, care, in multe cazuri, s-au dovedit a avea aceleasi radacini. De aceea, inca din 1995 s-a putut citi in aceeasi revista si despre OPETH, MY DYING BRIDE & MOONSPELL dar si despre AGHAST, TENHI & STILLE VOLK… sau LACRIMOSA & IN THE WOODS… alaturi de RAISON D’ETRE & ARCANA… sau BURZUM & EMPEROR alaturi de COPH NIA & ULVER… si exemplele pot continua.

Asadar, KOGAIONON magazine a ajuns acum la numarul 10 iar in cele 108 pagini tiparite profesional veti putea citi peste 150 de recenzii, retorice dar si interviuri detaliate, cu: SHINING, ARCANA, MY DYING BRIDE, SPIRITUAL FRONT, ZA FRUMI, TENHI, AGALLOCH, ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, ROME, STILLE OPPROR, TRIARII si SOPOR AETERNUS. Acest numar aniversar apare doar in editie limitata si se adreseaza exclusiv colectionarilor de presa tiparita!

SHINING este un proiect Metal ce s-a infiintat in 1996, de catre un tanar suedez, care la doar 13 ani dorea sa socheze si sa le arate si altora cat de ciudat/talentat este el, avand ca sursa de inspiratie trupe ca BURZUM, STRID, MANES, CELTIC FROST dar si OPETH sau DEVIL DOLL. Astazi, la 25 de ani, Niklas Kvarforth are deja cinci albume realizate, al saselea va aparea in cateva saptamani, cateva zeci de concerte mai mult sau mai putin controversate si se pare ca SHINING este “pe val”. Multi spun ca a ajuns atat de mediatizat nu datorita muzicii ci mai degraba prestatiei sale pe scena, barfelor si scandalurilor din jurul acestui personaj, apreciat de unii si defaimat de altii. Se poate sa fie asa… sau poate nu… aveti ocazia sa va convingeti singuri… oricum, este singura trupa Metal ce a reprodus intr-o forma Dark “Sonata Lunii”, compusa de celebrul Beethoven…

Daca ar fi sa ne luam dupa incadrarile muzicale, probabil ca Suicidal Black Metal ar putea fi stilul cel mai potrivit pentru SHINING. Combinatia expresiva de Black Metal agresiv cu insertii Doom Metal, chiar Pop/Rock pe alocuri, a facut din SHINING, poate, cea mai reprezentativa trupa a genului Depressive Black Metal…

In jurul numelui SHINING graviteaza si alte trupe care au avut sau inca mai au legaturi cu membrii cvintetului: MAYHEM, CARPATHIAN FOREST, SKITLIV, ONDSKAPT, BETHLEHEM, DEN SAAKALDTE, HJARNIDAUDI, CRAFT, URGEHAL, SYNERGY, BLOODLINE… si lista ar putea continua. Sa nu uitam ca timp de ceva ani bateristul a fost celebrul Hellhammer (ARCTURUS, MAYHEM…). Ultima componenta a trupei ne prezinta foarte tineri muzicieni care reusesc insa sa-l multumeasca pe Niklas, acesta declarand ca SHINING este acum o trupa propriu-zisa, nu doar un proiect solo.

Un scurt interviu despre ce se asteapta SHINING sa gaseasca la Brasov veti citi curand…  Pana atunci, puteti (re)citi interviul de acum vreo 2 ani cu liderul acestei trupe, aici.

Trupetii vin in premiera in Romania pe 21 martie pentru EXPERIMENTAL BLACK EVENING, unde sa ne cante (si) altfel decat cum stiu fanii, mai ales ca isi vor prezenta in mod oficial si noul album, realizat sub bannerul Osmose Productions, intitulat “Klagopsalmer”. Mai multe informatii, inclusiv piese audio, aici: www.myspace.com/shininghalmstad

INDIAN FALL este o trupa Black Metal brasoveana ce s-a infiintat in 1996.  Materialul cu cel mai mare impact asupra scenei Metal a fost albumul scos in 2001, intitulat “Pathfinder”, bine primit atat de presa autohtona cat si cea de afara. Din 2003 si pana in 2007 trupa a fost considerata de multi ca fiind desfiintata, deoarece nu s-a mai auzit nimic de ea (plecarea bassistului Adrian in strainatate a blocat orice activitate, el fiind si liderul trupei). Ei bine, intr-o formula usor schimbata fata de “Pathfinder”, cei cinci muzicieni revin in forta, atat ca materiale audio cat si ca vizibilitate.

In ultimul an INDIAN FALL a concertat la diverse festivaluri, alaturi de trupe ca: MOONSPELL, CREMATORY, LAKE OF TEARS, ORPHANED LAND sau SEAR BLISS. Pe 21 martie INDIAN FALL isi va prezenta noul sau album, “Seasons In Equilibrium”, un amestec de Black si Death Metal, cu multe insertii atmosferice, melodice dar si experimentale sau progressive, un material la care au lucrat din greu dar care promite mult! Un scurt interviu cu INDIAN FALL va putea fi citit in zilele urmatoare. Informatii si piese audio, aici: www.myspace.com/indianfallro, www.indianfall.com

Seara EXPERIMENTAL BLACK  nu se va termina dupa cele doua concerte, deoarece va fi organizat un AfterParty, in barul clubului SUBURBAN, exclusiv pentru participantii la eveniment, unde se va putea sta la un pahar de vorba (si nu numai) cu trupetii dar si  cu toti cei ce doresc sa petreaca o NOAPTE Metal in Brasov. 

Clubul SUBURBAN se afla pe B-dul 15 Noiembrie nr. 86, in spatele DHL, la subsolul sediului ARDAF din Centrul Civic, www.club-suburban.ro. Cateva preturi speciale din aceasta locatie in seara evenimentului: bere pahar 400 ml: 3.5 RON, apa minerala/plata/racoritoare 500 ml: 4 RON. Partenerii nostri SUBURBAN vor veni si ei cu anumite premii atractive dar toate la timpul lor…

O Seara Speciala, recomandata fanilor Black Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal… Dar si altor pretendenti de senzatii tari!

Pretul unui bilet va fi de 70 RON (60 RON pana la data de 28 februarie).

Se pot face si rezervari individuale la adresa kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com, pana la data de 28 februarie. Cei interesati vor trebui sa trimita un email la adresa mentionata in care sa specifice numele, prenumele si domiciliul (oras/comuna, judet). Raspunsul organizatorului la mesajul trimis (in maximum 48 de ore) va insemna automat confirmarea rezervarii, plata biletului facandu-se in ziua concertului, la intrare existand o Lista de Rezervari. De retinut ca rezervarea biletului pe email implica achitarea in seara de 21 martie a sumei de doar 60 RON.

Mai mult, in limita stocului disponibil, doar cel ce va beneficia de aceasta rezervare va avea posibilitatea de a-si alege 2 CD-uri gratis dintr-o lista de peste 700 de albume Metal/Ambient/Industrial (pe principiul prima solicitare onorata) care ii va fi pusa la dispozitie pe email, ridicarea acestor CD-uri facandu-se in ziua concertului, dupa verificarea persoanei (pe baza actului de identitate) cu cea trecuta in Lista de Rezervari…

De mentionat ca numarul de bilete va fi limitat, la fel ca si accesul la AfterParty, pentru ca toti participantii sa poata sa petreaca pana dimineata (maximum orele 8.00) in conditii decente si confortabile.

Va asteptam!

Brasov, 21 martie 2009, Club Suburban, Orele 20.00.

Biletele vor fi disponibile incepand cu data de 19 ianuarie in: Magazinele din Reteaua Diverta, www.ticketpoint.ro, www.beautyofpain.ro (Timisoara), Bestial (Titus, Bucuresti), www.bangyourbrain.com (Brasov).


Experimental Black Evening
21 March, 2009 Club Suburban, Brasov
Kogaionon and Donisart