Experimental Friday I

24 September 2010
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Let me start off by telling you something…..about what? About how it all went down? Or about how many people attended? Or maybe you’re wondering if it was a success? Yes, that’s what I should tell you about, but even so, I have an urge to write about how I’m feeling right now, because tomorrow I might become too selfish and will keep all of it to myself (or that’s what I keep telling myself).

KULTURHAUS: a jewel of a club, a real challenge for anyone living in Bucharest, a way to spend ones free time in the most rakish way. This is a replica of the Berlin club which puts an accent on the minimalist trend. Its walls are painted in non colors, forming a perfect harmony between black and white while tastefully decorating the venue. The club has several halls, one for the concerts, one for exhibitions; one for movie viewings….it is just wonderful! I am extremely honored that DonisArt was the first visitor of this avant-garde, esthetic and quality club! I am sure most bars will sense the competition, something that happened when The Silver Church opened, a while back, although this location provides a more glam atmosphere then it does an indie, metal or alternative one. Oh and one more thing: the prices were so convenient, that it would have been a shame not to spend the whole night over there. THE PUBLIC: not a very encouraging number, for someone who doesn’t know how Post-Rock music is received outside the borders of the country….but a perfect number for Romania, a country who doesn’t stand out for entertaining preferences of this kind. About 150 people passed through the gates of the new club (in the concert hall there was room for another 150) and I have a tendency to believe that there were no souls left unhappy. The atmosphere was sincere, opened, relaxed, friendly as was expected!

KWOON: a perfect band to hear, after the playing of SIGUR ROS’s DVD “Heima”. A little note here: the public was quick to take seats in the concert hall, probably, hoping to view the material there. In reality, the DVD was projected only within the film hall, although you could hear the music everywhere.

The French went on stage after a long and stressful sound check, because of the guitar player who arrived at the venue 1 hour before the doors open, courtesy of the flight company. So what did KWOON actually do? They delivered, from their hearts, to the crowd present, an hour long musical experience, melancholic and fragile but also experimental and very noisy (the ending was truly bombastic). The variety of instruments was to the public’s liking, while the vocal mix opened up a whole new world, visible only if you dared to close your eyes. During the ambiental passages, some people had to hear their voices out loud, but this little incident, didn’t disturb the five people on stage and I hope that it didn’t disturb the other participants as well. In this classy club, with this opened and educated public listening to such a refined piece of music, every noise could have been ill interpreted. The French had a wonderful time on stage and after the performance as well: they talked to fans (some came all the way from Serbia), they took photographs, signed autographs on their merchandise, laughed, told stories and enjoyed every moment of it.

CECILIA::EYES: They played almost 75 minutes, songs from all their materials, intelligently using samples and keyboards. The drums arranged the wonderful Experimental Post-Rock rhythms while the guitar lines kicked some serious ass! There were some traces of vocals, but everybody knows that the Belgians are an instrumental band. Their show was much nosier, more energetic and explosive, with the only forms of melancholy showing their shy faces only on slow passages, commanded by the keyboard. But they gave such an extraordinary performance! I don’t remember being part of a concert that exhaled so much intensity. They were maddening in their style of playing but also in their way of feeling each musical accord! More introverted than KWOON, less ambiental but melodic because of their song structures, CECILIA::EYES delivered to the public the other side of the coin, a side that KWOON exploited only during the ending of their recital. In other words, they were a perfect match for each other. And “Death For Treason” sounded godly!

After about 75 minutes, we screened the MONO DVD, which we watched alongside the Belgian musicians and other friends. It was well after mid-night when the club emptied, so the Spiritual Front DVD was left for another occasion.

DONISART: Happy that we saw new faces and our Friends which constantly attend the Special Evenings, happy about the happiness of those being present and happy about the recitals of the two bands that sounded perfect. (CECILIA::EYES told me it was the band’s best evening so far). A little bumped that we couldn’t honor the schedule – KWOON went on stage half an hour after the official hour. The organization team was ready to start at 20.00 but most of the public showed up a little late. Anyway, it’s good to know for future club events that, especially on Friday, the hours 20.00 are too early for the Capital!

Sincere thanks to all! Thanks to you the first edition of the concept Experimental Friday turned out to be an experimental and classy event with friends and for friends. We’ll see each other again in Kulturhaus on the 5th of November for a new edition of Experimental Friday.


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Comunicat, 7 iunie, 2010

Intr-o lume aflata la rascruce, unde amprenta economico-financiara invita la prudenta, concertele continua sa fie din abundenta... de la cele mai mari festivaluri si pana la cele mai mici si necunoscute evenimente, fanii sunt pusi in fata celor mai mari dileme, intre a culege si a alege.

DonisArt doreste sa prezinte prietenilor Serilor Speciale dar si altor posibili interesati un nou concept, prin organizarea evenimentului EXPERIMENTAL FRIDAY. Prin aceasta noua abordare, DonisArt isi propune sa sustina si sa promoveze in cel mai sincer si profesionist mod trupele a caror determinare si daruire este totala, trupe care au avut sau au ceva de spus in segmentul lor muzical, care doresc sa tina aproape de fani, sa comunice direct cu ei, sa se bucure de experienta in Romania. Audienta va vedea la lucru muzicieni mai mult sau mai putin cunoscuti, va viziona diverse concerte aparute oficial in format DVD si/sau inregistrari integrale ale Serilor Speciale, va putea sa-si achizitioneze merchandising direct de la artisti si se va bucura de diferite surprize oferite de organizatori.... cu alte cuvinte, un alt mod de a petrece o noapte alaturi de trupeti si prieteni, intr-o locatie complet renovata si cu preturi la bar accesibile oricarui buzunar.

Prima editie EXPERIMENTAL FRIDAY va dezvolta tematica Post-Rock & Shoegaze.

SIGUR ROS, SLOWDIVE, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, COCTEAU TWINS, MOGWAI, RADIOHEAD sau TOOL sunt nume mari, dar la fel de interesante sunt si cele mai putin cunoscute, dar care scriu istorie: GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, ISIS (R.I.P.), MONO, RED SPAROWES, CASPIAN, PELICAN, RUSSIAN CIRCLES sau GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT. In ultimii zece ani aceasta scena muzicala a explodat... din America, Noua Zeelanda sau Japonia si pana in Europa, sute de trupe incearca sa-si exprime propriile idei in moduri mai mult sau mai putin originale... Aceasta abordare experimentala a adunat sub acelasi acoperis faze Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Ambient, Down Tempo, Psyhedelic, Electronica, Progressive Rock, Post Metal... si lista ar putea continua lejer cu alte si alte derivate! Discutam, de fapt, de un mix de Indie si Alternative Rock cu radacini din muzica anilor 60, care a luat multiple forme in decursul timpului si a ajuns astazi sa creeze un curent impresionant!

Dar ce trupe vor participa la EXPERIMENTAL FRIDAY?


KWOON este un sextet parizian ce s-a infiintat in urma cu patru ani si a realizat pana acum 2 albume. Debutul “Tales and Dreams” a fost lansat in 2006 si apreciat atat de intreaga presa de specialitate, cat si de fanii Ambient Shoegaze Post-Rock. Acum cca 6 luni francezii au realizat un nou material, mult mai matur si complex, “When The Flowers Were Singing”. Cu un melanj inteligent de voce masculina si feminina, violoncel, keyboards, samples, baterie si chitari, noul material KWOON face atingeri vizibile catre fragilitatea si delicatetea soundului SIGUR ROS, ANATHEMA sau MOGWAI, insa insista si pe forta si dinamica chitarilor in genul EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY.


CECILIA EYES a inceput in formula de cvartet in 2004 si un an mai tarziu a iesit pe piata cu un interesant MCD, “Echoes From The Attic”. Adepta unui instrumental Post-Rock romantic, plin de elemente Ambient si atingeri Ethereal & Down Tempo, soundul trupei pare sa-si extraga multe idei din trupe de gen insa, in final, rezultatul este unul cu personalitate proprie. In 2007 belgienii semneaza cu label-ul dEPOT 214 si realizeaza doar dupa cateva luni “Mountain Tops Are Something Closer To the Moon”, un album mai putin mediatizat dar bine primit de fanii MONO. In aprilie 2010, in formula de 5, CECILIA EYES lanseaza noul material, “Here Dead We Lie”, o bijuterie Post-Rock de colectie!


Ambele trupe sunt pregatite sa ofere tuturor peste 3 ore de muzica adevarata, dar si bucuroase sa stea de vorba cu cei interesati despre piesele compuse.

EXPERIMENTAL FRIDAY va avea loc in data de 24 septembrie, in Clubul Kulturhaus (fostul Club Twice) , situat in centrul istoric din Bucuresti, Str. Sf. Vineri Nr.4, incepand cu ora 20.00.

Pretul unui bilet este de 40 lei si poate fi procurat din reteaua EVENTIM, dar si in seara evenimentului, la intrarea in locatie. Se pot face si rezervari pana la data de 1 august, cei ce vor primi confirmare de pe adresa kogaiononmagazine@gmail.com vor fi recompensati cu anumite surprize in seara evenimentului.

Va asteptam!

Echipa DonisArt

Eveniment: EXPERIMENTAL FRIDAY, editia I
Trupe participante: KWOON (FRA), CECILIA EYES (BEL)
Locatie: Clubul Kulturhaus (fostul Club Twice), Str. Sf Vineri Nr.4, Bucuresti
Data: 24 septembrie 2010, ora 20.00
Organizator: DonisArt
Bilet: 40 lei
Distributie: Magazinele Germanos, Vodafone, Librariile Carturesti, Humanitas si online pe www.eventim.ro.
Detalii: www.donisart.ro


Experimental Friday I
24 September, 2010 - 20:00 Clubul Kulturhaus (fostul Club Twice), Str. Sf Vineri Nr.4, Bucuresti
40 lei
Magazinele Germanos, Vodafone, Librariile Carturesti, Humanitas si online pe www.eventim.ro.
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