Kruna 1 - Altar Of Plagues

01 October 2011
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I begin my ALTAR OF PLAGUES story with: Thanks everyone who decided to support the KRUNA cause and attended in the evening of October 1 a DonisArt event! 

Integrated in the partner club KULTURHAUS, the new KRUNA concept gathered more than a handful of souls, in conditions that, not far from the minimalistic but elegant location from Bucharest, there was another Metal event, of another size, reported to the number of attendees. In these conditions, there was a certain anxiety on my side, but also on the band’s too, so the representation wouldn’t have to be held in front of only 20-30 people. The KULTURHAUS location has good acoustics, but has to be at least half full, in order to avoid that broken sound. 

I was pleasantly surprised that people started showing up around the established hour, meaning 19:00, another important factor which, along the history, was proven dysfunctional in Bucharest.

But, considering we created those “2 hours set in stone”, respecting the timetable was crucial. Until 20 o’clock some music was heard, all songs being played for the first time. Stressed out because of both small and big organizing details, I didn’t realize I saw, met, greeted dozens of beautiful souls, the majority being that “DBE family”… It was touching, at least for me, to see that sincere smile from Alba Iulia, one and a half month ago on the faces of so many people… now in a quality club from the middle of Bucharest. And also then I realized DonisArt is not mine anymore, but this platform/community’s who unconditionally comes to support the Underground Spirit, to discover or to see such bands, with other music, without stylistic borders, always in quality locations, with services offered in the most professional way. 

I don’t know what the future of this freshly launched concept will be, for the things depending and not depending on me dramatically confuses me for hours, but as long as KRUNA takes place, I am happy and last night I was convinced I’m not the only one. 

At the announced hour, the 4 Irishmen stepped on stage. Extremely stressed for not playing for 14 months but also by the fact the album “Mammal” was about to be played for the first time, ALTAR OF PLAGUES started the how very stiff. The public felt the tension from the stage and instantly supported them, the band getting in their role in the most comfortable way, after the first song ended. 

What can I tell you about the show? You will see below a part of the concert and each of you can make up their own opinion: that it’s an intense experience, of entering a trance (that red pale light having a precise aim)… or maybe too noisy (those guitars sounded extremely strong compared to the vocals, but that’s how it was meant to be)… or maybe too linear… To me, it was a flawless show… of an intensity I’ve never felt at a Metal concert, those few live flaws being insignificant for the 75 minutes.  

After the end of the first 60 minutes, the band exited the stage because they were exhausted. In backstage they fervently discussed of going back to encore or not… especially because I announced a 90 minutes show… there was the scenario of only 3 going back, but, eventually, they returned in the complete formula offering those attending one more extremely fast but perfectly executed song. 

They played tracks from different materials, they breathed together with the public on the ambient parts, very effective and catchy…

After the concert, the band lost themselves between friends, offering autographs at the merch stand. I even saw some ripping off posters on the club’s walls, then bringing them to the Irishmen to sign them… I remember that the same scenario also happened at MONO, in Cluj Napoca. 

I don’t have more to say now, just that, it was from far the most aggressive concert (as music) from DonisArt history. 

We’ll hear and see each other at the right time! 

With friendship, 


PS. After an entire night of lack of sleep, at 6 in the morning, I got up in taxi James and Dave, for their plane was around 8.30. In a couple of seconds only, the taxi driver stole my mobile phone… After around 5 minutes I realized that and I can’t tell you how I drove through whole Bucharest to catch that grub, somewhere at the airport exit, blocking his car in motion… and he told me: “mister, I didn’t think it was yours, I was thinking anyway to bring it to you at the hotel”… you can imagine what a coherent expression, especially that 3 minutes after he stole it, calling from the reception, that was already switched off… yeah, I’m still thinking if I was lucky or unlucky…actually, it doesn’t matter. I should have brought him to the police, but I was too exhausted both physically and psychically… so, attention! Romania continues to be the Land of Choice! 

Some fragments from Kulturhaus, from the evening of October 1, can be viewed here:


Kruna 1 - Altar Of Plagues


Kruna 1 - Altar Of Plagues
1 October, 2011 - 19:30 KULTURHAUS, Strada Sf.Vineri Nr.4, Bucuresti
30 lei dar si de la intrarea in locatie, in ziua evenimentului.
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