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22 October 2011
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KRUNA 2… KWOON… poetry on stall! 

After last year’s Experimental Friday I told the two present bands that a return to Romania through DonisArt is possible only if they will have something new to show the audience. If CECILIA EYES finalized at the beginning of 2010 the new album, the ones from KWOON moved faster in 2011 and, at the beginning of this month, they released a new EP in vinyl and digipack format. The promise had to be fulfilled, especially for the ones from KWOON are very friendly… and about their music, only words at superlative… even though, with the new compositions, Sandy steps deep on the Indie/Pop-Rock line, a more mainstream and melodic musical approach. It’s good the melodic side keeps overflying the sound of KWOON… and the emotion developed on the last track performed in Bucharest, “Bird” leaves speechless everyone who wants to discover beautiful chords, no matter what the stylistic direction is… a long “we want more” echo followed in Kulturhaus was a natural consequence of a show where the musicians have up everything on stage… And the 5 ones returned for one more sequence where they tore apart the audience in infinite musical fragments! 

The beginning of KRUNA 2 story has begun many, many months ago, I believe in February, when Sandy sent me the first riffs from this new material, still in progress… And we decided together to make his release in Bucharest. Meanwhile, the French aroused the ambition to plan a big European tour, thing that already started to happen. Their biggest regret is the fact that they couldn’t play Friday in Athens in opening to MOGWAI… but you can’t fight the strikes, so everything was postponed… let’s hope not cancelled. 

KWOON supported some lineup changes that somehow changed the sound, I don’t know if in good, but it definitely sounds more pro… Dan’s vintage guitar riffs create another KWOON dimension, although the past cello didn’t sound bad… and even if I missed Cyrille’s (EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD) complicated battery rhythms, Piere, the new bass player proved that he is fantastic live (even if he almost didn’t make it to Bucharest, forgetting his paper home… good thing with the others who arrived Friday and Saturday we were all running around in airports to make sure that all deviations from the original program won’t influence KRUNA’s time limits)…  it happens, no one is perfect! 

Guillaume’s never ending guitar solos were also fantastic (EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD) but also Sandy’s fragile voice that gently “automated” the evening of October 22, in those fixed 2 hours. Yoann showed us that bass continues to be a main instrument in WOON’s sound and the riffs’ gravity still keeps away “light” Pop expression. 

The ca 70 minutes of beautiful music were like a melancholic therapy coming from another world, for a passionate audience that was stubborn enough to get to Kulturhaus, support an honest band and a new concept in Romania. 

Although I am obsessed with all details, I tend to believe the technical problem after the first track didn’t count as much for the ones attending, especially because in maximum 5 minutes it was solves exactly as the French wanted… they didn’t have such problems during the soundcheck… but, as I stated above, it happens… 

I don’t have to describe you what songs and how they sounded live, because you can (re)view the concert’s whole recording… anyway, the end came earlier because the camera’s batteries ran out… maybe this is how the stars worked it out, so the end would remain only for the ones in the hall… or maybe others managed to record, in high quality!

Mostly everyone told me the actual representation was far above last year’s, that it was truly spectacular… and the ones who saw them for the first time on Saturday, that they couldn’t imagine such an emotion live… all I can say is that it was another experience, done in another manner, including the long awaited “I Lived On The Moon” which, in the new version, sounds dreamy, although the expression is way more simple! It’s obvious the French left some marks in Bucharest and the few fans so far will willingly amplify the echoes of an extraordinary concert! 

I liked a lot the way the photographers from the first rows searched for possible and impossible angles to catch better what they saw on stage, so they can relate through their photos how KRUNA 2 was. And their attending number was higher than last year’s, a thing I felt from the first riffs, because they do their madness silently, unlike a great deal of public who kept staying in the first rows and loudly expressing the ideas going their minds… most of them managing to crush that fragile aura emitted by the slow and quiet KWOON passages… But I know that isn’t (necessarily) the “speakers’” fault, but the offered place and space conditions, day by day I get to think that a concert hall can’t be totally substituted by a club hall (not even by the best one)… only if we want to impose and accept this. But I will remind you of this topic towards the end of this year.  

The poem on stall KWOON came to an end, another cruel KRUNAA edition came to an end…  

I’ll see you at the last one, on December 3, together with a band dear to me that comes for the fourth time to Romania to present us a new spectacular album that will be officially released in 3 weeks… Je(Rome) and his crew: ROME… but, until then, best wishes! 


24 October, 2011


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    Kruna 2 - Kwoon


Post-Rock-ul este un stil muzical cu radacini in Rockul Alternative si Progressive ai anilor ‘70 (THE VELVET UNDERGROUND sau PUBLIC IMAGE LTD), dar care a inceput sa devina un curent propriu-zis spre sfarsitul mileniului trecut. Astfel ca, la inceputul anilor ’90, trupe ca TORTOISE sau LABRADFORD defineau in America o noua exprimare muzicala... Canada a reactionat doar la cativa ani distanta prin GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR iar Europa prin islandezii SIGUR ROS si scotienii MOGWAI. Un al doilea val de trupe a consolidat miscarea Post-Rock prin trupe ca JAKOB (Noua Zeelenda), MONO (Japonia), EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY (USA), DO MAKE SAY THINK, A SILVER MT. ZION (Canada)... Si lista poate continua. Astazi exista mii de trupe, care mai de care mai diverse, mai experimentale sau ambientale.  


Dupa debutul “Tales and Dreams”, din 2006, trupa franceza KWOON a lansat la finele anului 2009 un nou capitol, “When The Flowers Were Singing”, primit foarte bine de comunitatea Post-Rock si de scena Ambiental/Atmospheric. Mai putin visator si mult mai experimental decat primul material, KWOON a aratat ca nu ii place sa repete nimic din ceea ce face prin noile compozitii... Melanjul inteligent de voci fragile, contopit original cu sunete variate de violoncel, keyboards, samples, baterie si chitari, deruteaza dar si incanta in acelasi timp, parizienii putand totusi fi greu de catalogat doar in clasicul Post-Rock. Dimensiunea melancolica rezoneaza inteligent cu cea hipnotica, muzica KWOON oferind ascultatorului o calatorie spre o alta galaxie.

Clipul piesei “I Lived On The Moon” a reusit sa aiba peste 850.000 de vizualizari si este cea mai cunoscuta si apreciata compozitie KWOON 

Anul trecut, in septembrie, francezii au uimit audienta din Kulturhaus cu un show plin de emotie, aplicat si exprimat intr-un mod original, penduland intre trupe ca SIGUR ROS, MOGWAI, RADIOHEAD si chiar ANATHEMA sau I LIKE TRAINS. 

Trupa s-a simtit extraordinar in prima lor experienta din Romania (alaturi de belgienii CECILIA EYES) si si-au dorit mult sa revina. DonisArt a pus insa o singura conditie: sa prezinte un nou concept, un nou material! 

Si iata ca lucrurile s-au asezat linistit dar sigur pe calea corecta, astfel ca, in septembrie, KWOON va lansa un nou material, EP-ul “The Guillotine Show”. Intr-o componenta usor schimbata, Sandy & Co vin la Bucuresti, sub emblema KRUNA, pregatiti pentru un show special, in care sa prezinte atat noile compozitii cat si sa ne incante cu cateva din piesele lor de rezistenta!  

Informatii despre trupa: 

Puteti urmari aici cateva minute filmate anul trecut, pe 24 septembrie, in Kulturhaus, la primul eveniment gazduit de clubul bucurestean: 

KRUNA 2 va fi derulat in seara de 22 octombrie“doua ore batute-n cuie” de Melancholic Post-Rock, incepand cu ora 19.30, in cochetul club bucurestean Kulturhaus. Pretul unui bilet este de 30 lei si poate fi achizitionat din reteaua EVENTIM dar si de la intrarea in locatie, in ziua evenimentului. Reamintim ca dupa ora 22.00 usile Kulturhaus se vor deschide pentru desfasurarea programului de club saptamanal, astfel ca reperele de timp propuse de KRUNA vor fi respectate cu strictete.  

Echipa DonisArt 

20 iunie, 2011


22 October, 2011 - 19:30 Kulturhaus, Str.Sfanta Vineri 4, Bucuresti
30 lei
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