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31 March 2012
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Dear friends, supporters of experimental musical Underground…

We know and we understand how hard it is, in these times, to have the events of maximal interest separated from the ones you could attend… the reasons would be too many to list, for sure. But, for the most "courageous", curious or the ones rebellious in spirit, still trapped in the standard dogmas of tedious everyday, the opportunity to change the air and transform a classic weekend in a natural one filled with "atypical normality" has come!

Only two days are left until KRUNA Marta, this year's first DonisArt event, part of the 2012 trinity: KRUNA… the music bible! Maybe the term event sounds too depersonalized, but I haven't found another suitable word that would describe the DonisArt friends' possible joy of seeing each other in civilized circumstances, next to more or less known musicians, who unconditionally come to present their musical works. And speaking of the audience, largely audiophile or open to new stylistic valences, not numerous, but willing to honestly share with every interested soul their own musical knowledge, acquired or confirmed, recently or long ago…

That "beauty" of meeting again was created and settled step by step, in 4 years, in more than 20 evenings, since DonisArt set off to discreetly, but unconventionally outline a new artistic expression.

The Reduta theatre hall from Brasov will be, once again, after a 2 years break, the perfect location for the present audience, for forgetting worries and problems, at least for a couple of hours… there will be 3 different, but spectacular representations, held by musicians coming from the south and north of the continent, for a unique event.

KRUNA Marta won't end here, for our host from Next Dream Event will take care so that everything will be comfortable and friendly, inviting the ones willing for a drink of anything:

Saturday, March 31, 19:00 o'clock, we will open the theatre's doors for KRUNA Marta. The 80 persons with made and confirmed reservations through will have priority starting with 18:30, choosing the first places in the room.

At the same time, Kogaionon will offer the first attending the possibility of choosing some free CDs from a list of underground titles.

DIRTY GRANNY TALES will be the band that will start the night. I had a chat with Thanos about this:

SLUMBER will step on stage after an hour and a half and also they will be the ones sharing their new image, ATOMA. Ehsan gave us some details:

ATOMA also releases their debut album at a first class European label:

There won't be any time limits for photos or videos, all kind of devices are permitted, as long as the owners won't disturb or inconvenience the attendees… we encourage all artistic expressions and a DonisArt meeting means more than seeing and supporting the invited bands… the immortalization of the "whole" KRUNA might become, at a certain point, a beautiful visual revival in each of the attendees memory box.

The ticket is 60 lei and it can be purchased only at the entrance, in the evening of the event.

We are expecting you!


29 March 2012

Everything is based on ideas… every idea is made of an inner story…every story consists of dreams, wants and needs. And it is so wonderful to be able to give happiness and to be happy at the same time.

KRUNA  represents that live articulation that resonates with our inner artistic self, with the beautiful devoid of standards and labels.

Marta is the edition meant to celebrate the coming of spring, in a fairy tale city, Brasov, where DonisArt started out on the path of concert organizing, four years ago. The Cultural Centre of Reduta is an elegant, private, comfortable and most important spacious location for the friends of the public.

The evening of Saturday, the 31st of March is dedicated to KRUNA Marta or it's better to say to ATOMA, DIRTY GRANNY TALES and SLUMBER. The Greeks will be joining us with a new catchy show, the Swedes will delight us with an exclusive interpretation of the tracks on their 2004 album "Fallout" and shortly after a break they will go on stage again to present their new musical sphere, a little less Metal, but nevertheless epic and explosive, brought forth by their debut "Skylight".

After the event is finished, fans will be able to sit down and talk with the bands, because the friends of Next Dream Event already took care of the details, so the people present in Brasov can be certain they will enjoy an atypical and beautiful weekend, alongside talented musicians and a crowd who is touched by uncommon (non)musical experiences.

We will be in Brasov with the band starting Friday night, so for those who want to hang out, please contact us! We will be honored and pleased to start KRUNA Marta earlier.

The access within the Cultural Center of Reduta will start on the evening of 31st of March at 6.30 PM for those who made reservations and received a confirmation. For the rest of participants the doors will open thirty minutes later. There are no reservations for the places in the theatre hall so the rule first to come gets served will be applied.

The ticket price will be 60 lei and can be purchased during the night of the event, from the entrance to the hall.

The friends from BEAUTY OF PAIN will be present with a stand of musical accessories, plus merchandise from the invited bands.

We want to kick start KRUNA MARTA around 7.30 PM and to end it in about 3 hours.

See you all in a few days.


26th of March 2012

Hey everybody!

KRUNA MARTA will take place on the 31st of March, at the Cultural Center Reduta (Str. Apollonia Hirscher nr. 8) in Brasov.

For this event, we originally announced four bands, but unfortunately the final line-up will consist only of three:

ATOMA (Sweden), DIRTY GRANNY TALES (Greece) and SLUMBER (Sweden).

Due to the complicated procedures for obtaining the visas and the lack of certainty surrounding the fact of whether or not they will be released on time, we came to the decision that we should postpone the first show of KAUAN in Romania, for a later date. We are very sorry for not being able to include this beautiful musical project in KRUNA Marta, but we hope to make it up for it as soon as we will have the confirmation that the visa issues are fixed.

ATOMA is a new Experimental Metal Rock band, which consists of mostly all SLUMBER members. They are set to release a debut album through the famous Austrian record label NAPALM records, exactly on time for KRUNA Marta. The evening of 31st of March will be the first live appearance of the Swedes in this new formula.

DIRTY GRANNY TALES is a name well known and respected in Romania, because of their two live shows performed at DBE 2 and DBE 3. The talented Greek artists will be coming back to Brasov bringing a new representation, a brand new Dark Theatrical Puppet show, which will find them in a new extended and altered distribution and bears the name "Rejection". All in all, the concert hall of Reduta is the most suited place for a special DIRTY GRANNY TALES performance.

SLUMBER is an old Atmospheric Doom Death Metal act fans remember because of the 2004 album "Fallout". The band broke up a few years back, but after common discussions, it was finally agreed that the audience will have the chance of fully understand the concept behind the music the band has crated, only if it would witness two completely separate performances: SLUMBER and ATOMA. The crowd present in Brasov will be able to experience something that months ago, seemed impossible.

The ticket for the event is set to 60 lei and can be acquired only at the entrance at the venue, on the night of the event. The concert hall Reduta can provide about 400 places, a more than enough number for interested parties.

The reservation system has also been put into place. You can now reserve your ticket via The advantage in making a reservation is that people who received a confirmation from the DonisArt team will be given priority in front of those showing up to buy tickets without a reservation.

Next Dream Event will also be in charge of hosting the event, and of what will be going on after the concert comes to an end. That means that they will be organizing the after party, so fans will be given the chance to interact with the musicians until early hours of the morning, while having a drink or not. The location will be announced shortly.

We are expecting you!


the 5th of March 2012


Kruna Marta
31 March, 2012 - 19:00 Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov
60 RON
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