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08 December 2012
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I knew for a while what was about to happen in Brasov, on the 8th of December – we were going to have the last event under the KRUNA banner, at least for some time. I knew it was the last DonisArt event held in Brasov, a city that I hold very dear to me because here I managed to enjoy a lot of wonderful and intense experiences. I knew it was time to take a break from the path I have been embarking on in the last few years, I knew and felt a lot, but I didn't want to add a pathetic or sad note on the event. I just let it happen, without so much drama, and yes everything came to be. It's true that under KRUNA we failed to see KAUAN or EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD - two live premiers, but maybe this is how it was supposed to be. I understand that things are bound to happen in that direction and I can only rejoice thinking of what is about to happen. For me this is a closed chapter, and I can only be happy that the projects I aspired towards will come to life eventually, under a different setting. It's more than honorable for me to see this.

I poured myself a glass of TRYCONNELL and sat down in front of my laptop with beautiful music streaming in my ears, enjoying the outdoor scenery. I'm also looking at the clock – in one hour another year from my tumultuous existence will pass me by and I'm just getting started about KRUNA Neios.

So how was it overall? There were a lot of stressful moments, combined with tiredness and unwanted problems (some bands members lost their flight, so we had insufficient time to do the sound check, some things we agreed upon ended up being broken), a lot of adrelanine, alcohol and tobacco. We also had too many blitzes during the event, people who haven't found out yet how to move discreetly when passing in front of the stage, maybe slightly bent during the recitals (we were in a theatre hall after all), but also some people who had to make their presence noticed by talking out loud, obviously being a little drunk.

But these were the parts I didn't like, willingly or unwillingly, inertly or just from reflex due to demand or maybe helplessness.

Nevertheless the good bits were infinitely more numerous and these memories will forever burn alive in my memory. Andy and Aslak, two very different but extremely pure souls, overjoyed me! I liked seeing the big age difference between the two as it seem that for them it was just a calendar problem and the chemistry between the two could be sensed everywhere and in everything. Finally, after so many years I managed to meet them face to face, to talk to them comfortably and to see SYVEN at work on stage.

I remembered those underground days, when people interested in music where doing so out of love, devotion and curiosity, when money did not matter, because not many of us had it anyway. And so they performed a special show, boasting of dark aromas which fit perfectly with my soul! A night before as we were all relaxing at Leo's Pension, Aslak put on a little show for us, just to unravel the beauty of the instrument and of the sounds birthed by the chords. When I recall those moments, I get goose bumps. And Andy was so methodical during rehearsal, he presented himself early in order to have time to prepare the vocal part. Pffff! The launch of "Corpus Christi" was supposed to happen officially at DBE 4, but the band delayed the material due to problems with a windy label, so the second SYVEN chapter arrived in December. It was spectacular, nevertheless!

Then, we had ROME, the 5th time in 5 years and everything happened as relaxed as it did back in 2008 in Brasov. I remember back then they were only 3 and I picked them up from the airport happy that I could finally talk to them. But I barely had managed to go out of the airport parking lot that another driver hit my car. I remember their shocked faces, especially since their plane was delayed almost 8 hours and they had to wait for their luggage at least another hour because they were apparently lost somewhere within the rooms of our airport. I explained to them that Romania is the land of choice, but that's how things work around here. Bottom line, if we take up drinking, life doesn't seem so hard anymore! I learned only on the way back, after I had dropped them to the airport that for them, driving in Romania brings a dose of adrenaline. At least when I'm driving the car

This time only 2 band members from the old line-up met up with me in Brasov, Jerome and Patrick. Nevertheless I knew the others from last year's KRUNA. They played a varied set-list from different albums, old tracks and new, some a little processed with a touch of melancholy attached to them. All in all I found them a little bit too static compared to what I was accustomed to, but I reckon the importance of changing and experimenting all the time. The performance was intimate and relaxing and I managed to understand that the ROME cycle courtesy of DonisArt has reached maturity. I'm still curios to see what Jerome will come up with in the future, if he's capable of the same sort of innovation we found on "MMM" or "Flowers from Exile". Some might say it was way too much, other au contraire, nevertheless everybody is entitled to their own conclusions.

I was waiting for CECILIA EYES to bring about their new album, but the Belgians aren't apparently good at keeping up with plans (as opposed to Jerome for example). More than that, they had problems with the airplanes. At midnight on Friday night, I found out that 2 of the 6 band members were not on the plane, for a reason that had nothing to do with me. Thankfully those around me, ensured me that everything will be ok (declaratively speaking), but you have no idea how stressed I was. Therefore I managed to drink a whole bottle of liquor in less than one hour. So there I was looking online for flight tickets and I found one with Tarom but all places were booked. I was desperate, really. After ESLHAC, now I was risking CECILIA EYES not going on stage either.

My friend Andrei Irode joined us all night long, relaxed and happy, so I stayed up with him and Leo until 6 a.m. I went to bed but at 8 a.m. I get a message from Gauthier saying that they managed to get their hands on the last 2 plane tickets and they will be there. They were set to land at 2 p.m. in Bucharest - so now we were facing a very tight schedule but at least we had something. Of course the stress and tiredness were felt fully during soundcheck but also during the first songs of the set where they had some technical issues. But in the end these things didn't matter as I tend to think overall their recital was a good one.

Michael told me before the show, how strange it seemed to him that there was an empty void between the stage and the audience who was sitting down on chairs. We could see his annoyance with this topic, as during the concert he perpetually invited the crowd to come closer to the stage. They played the songs we knew in a different manner and revealed how the new tracks are going to sound – a little more shoegazey and atmospheric that what I was used to. 2 songs really blew my mind.

The atmosphere at the event was a friendly one, I saw a lot of people from Brasov and less from throughout the country. A few people outside Romania also came and that made me so happy. The Next Dream Event team was at its best and Andrei managed to handle the event security all by himself (that's also because the public was civilized). Reduta Hall didn't look so empty after all, my dear friends brought with them all sorts of cookies and cakes in order to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Then in Rockstad people drank until morning, even if the brutal music in the background didn't really agree with my ears and the communication was achieved with signs. It was beautiful, nevertheless.

In 2 days you will have the full recording of the 3 concerts.

I'd like to thank those who attended all the 6 KRUNA events, I'd like to think there are people who participated fully to all the events integrated in the concept, started by a word game (K's rune) and which eventually managed in the end to create its own identity. Now everything has become visible, way too visible, so it's time to let it go…

For the year to come, DonisArt will morph only into the MONO event in Timisoara and then into the next DBE utterance. DBE will revolve around a bunch of unknown bands, who nevertheless managed to make a statement, all through innovation. It's like Lus used to say "it's good you stopped with the madness of organizing so many events, but don't stop for good. We still need a reason to meet up once a year, to talk about this and that."  All in all DBE might prove to be that opportunity.

So happy birthday, I wish you to become what you wish to become and may you be full of life. What we are experiencing now brings fulfillment and what we leave for later will only bring frustration of forced ingestion.

May you experience gain in everything it's important to you.

The 11th of December 2012



Last time we saw each other in Brasov, it was May and we reunited for KRUNA Pratar. There were plenty of us enjoying a beautiful Saturday, alongside friends and ARCTURUS. Actually we could call ARCTURUS friends too, as they sat down and chatted with fans until the early hours of the morning in Rockstadt.

According to our 5 year tradition, we always gathered in December, in a way or another, in this or that location. In 2008, we met up in Brasov with ROME and SPIRITUAL FRONT, in 2009 we changed the location to Bucharest and greeted another six bands. 2010 was a sabbatical year for Jerome Reuter, but we made up for it the next year at DBE 3. Then again we saw them in December of the same year in Bucharest, where they put on an enchanting performance featuring songs from all albums that lasted about 90 minutes.

At the end of October ROME will be launching a new album entitled "Hell Money"  and that's the reason I invited them back to Romania at KRUNA Neios, on the 8th of December so they can share with us some of the upcoming musical sequences. Jerome is one of the most prolific artists and he reveals new materials every year. This tendency might cause shock to some people, but also makes others happy. We'll be trying to keep up with ROME in order not to miss much of the jazzed rhythms of his albums. The Luxemburg band will go on stage on Saturday and will whisper their story in a relaxed, captivating and cursive way.


CECILIA::EYES played only once in Romania and were a pleasant surprise for the public present at the 2010 event. The Belgians are now prepared to present a few new songs from the upcoming album, but of course will be play older songs from their previous materials.

SYVEN constitutes a therapeutic entity stepped out of another world. The music created by Tuomi (ex-NEST) is interpreted on a traditional Nordic instrument called kantele. He will come to Brasov along with Andy, the person in charge of adding vocals for SYVEN, thus transforming the project into a novel and innovative body of creation. SYVEN will also launch the new CD/DVD "Corpus Christii" so the public will be able to enjoy a full screening of the material, after the concert per-se.

The ticket price is set for 60 lei and will be available at the entrance of the location during the evening of the event. The capacity of Reduta hall allows for easy access for 400 people, which we feel is more than enough.

The reservations for the tickets can be made in the following interval (1st of October-30th of November) at the address The confirmation for the reservation will come in the form of an email from our part. You will be paying for the actual ticket on the night of the event, at the entrance.  

With friendship,



Kruna Neios
8 December, 2012 - 19:00 Centrul Cultural Reduta
60 RON
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