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05 May 2012
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Here comes the made in Romania Arcturus.

I don't recall being so nervous at any DonisArt event so far, but things were about to change with KRUNA Pratar…I am not even sure if they were emotions caused by pleasure, stress, anguish or fear. All my life I have wanted to see ARCTURUS in Romania and since nobody took up the challenge, I ended up having the honor to bring them myself.

I was playing with different scenarios in my mind, I wanted to bring ULVER alongside ARCTURUS, so Garm and Vortex could sing together like back in the days when they released the brilliant album "Music for Nations". I wanted it to be something unique…I wanted to mix interesting projections in the background, to create a fairy tale basically. I had so many ideas…but putting them in practice turned out to be quite difficult. Then lots of time passed by and the ULVER scenario crumbled and I had almost given up on ARCTURUS as well. But a recent discussion with Simen rekindled my hopes and I began to dream again…

After discussing many functional details, I received the confirmation that ARCTURUS will be playing at DBE 4 and I wanted to dedicate an entire evening to them, the third. But just after two days, I found out that Knut had his own festival to run during the same time period, festival about which I have only heard great things. It's called Molla and this year it is celebrating its 10th edition. Therefore I had to drop the plans and convinced myself to pick an earlier date. I wanted to keep the option of the 3rd DBE 4 day viable and I was planning on bringing EMPYRIUM, but it did not work out. Then I wanted to make the 3rd day all about Romanian bands…but in the end we went for the 2 day plan.

Let me come back to ARCTURUS. After all plans regarding the date were set (a difficult task because I did not have many dates to choose from since the band rarely plays) I had to choose a location. Bucharest was the first option – it was clearly the most facile, cheap and visible way! But ARCTURUS deserved a different treatment, not to play in an average concert hall, even if some people don't agree on the fact that there is a huge difference between a concert and an event – I used to call my events the Special Evenings. Nevertheless the suggestions kept pointing to the capital, where more people would naturally show up. But I wanted to do it a theatre hall, in a beautiful city filled with rich histories, one that's not so crowded and where people would have the time to digest the story and live it as a dream, an experience, an event and not only a simple concert!

I keep remembering discussion I had last autumn when their manager expressed concerns that the Reduta hall will be too small so I assured him that 500 people will easily fit in there. I explained to him that regardless of the fact that the band has a history and a special status in Metal history, not many people will be interested in this symbol, a symbol well respected outside the borders but not so well known and appreciated here. My predictions were true judging by the number of people who showed up on the 5th of May evening. Actually, I was really scared that the band will end up playing with half the hall empty. But I wasn't going to put the cheapest price on the tickets just to fill up the space; it would have been an act lacking respect. I had to make sure that everything will be functioning perfectly. Those who know me know that I never had a problem with budgets, making a profit or losing money, because my religion is my music and being in love with music offers this splendid feeling of freedom, unconditional support and sincerity.

When I think of KRUNA, the "music bible" is mostly aimed at those interested in lesser known and less promoted artistic expressions, even if some might seem to be vigorously backed up by the DonisArt team (which is the case for ROME and DIRTY GRANNY TALES). ARCTURUS proved itself to be a new challenge for the KRUNA concept.

Therefore we had the date, the location, so we moved on to the technical part. And we were faced with major difficulties. Hellhammer was requesting a set of drums that could not be located in Romania and I had been hearing rumors that the musicians were extremely rigid and not prone to making technical compromises. That was one of the main reasons I canceled ULVER, a while ago.

I was hopeful that we will find a solution for the drum kit; 6 months were left to go before the concert after all. I was even thinking that I might buy them from the United States….I had a date for the event and that meant I could make my dream come true.

To make sure the band was coming to Romania not only to give another performance I began studying flight options. We agreed they will be coming a day before the show (a must for DonisArt) but I soon find out that Vortex can't arrange things at work and will fly only on Sunday. Now, the best option seemed to go ahead and plan the event in Bucharest, so fewer chances of delaying the event would arise. I have to mention that no direct flight Oslo-Bucharest exists, so a lot of hours must be dedicated to flying. Not counting the fact that the band needs at least 2 or 3 hours for soundcheck.

At this point I was thinking that everything was getting too complicated, risky and it was unnatural for me to push things just to get my way. I was getting sick of being the only one who pushed for this. Or at least that was my impression. So I said I will not do it anymore (after almost 2 years of work and time spent) so I will just go to see them live at Inferno. They had just been added to the bill.

After two days since I had made my decision, I get an email which is bluntly saying that the band really wants to play under the DonisArt banner and that this show must happen.

Well, it is said that a man expresses his feminine side when he is in love…and here I was struck in the head by ARCTURUS (some call it vulnerability, others madness) so I become shifting like the weather. I immediately decided that this event will take place, or else I will regret it for the rest of my life, especially since 7 years ago they almost slipped through my fingers.

Therefore, I booked the airplane tickets immediately and I found Simen a good flight as well, that was supposed to land in Otopeni on the day of the concert at about 13.00…to which we added 3 or 4 hours the trip to Brasov (after all it was the weekend and on the Prahova valley the traffic is hellish). We estimated that he will get there at 17.00 will take a shower and he will go to sound check around 19.00. Around 21.00-22.00 I was thinking we would start the show.

Things were starting to fall into place, I was starting to feel relaxed. The only worry persisting in the back of my head was related to the drum set but Adi Rugina assured me he will find them in another country and that things will be alright. Apparently everything was in order and we had 5 full months to think about the details.

But, a month before the event, I am notified that Simen's flight has been delayed and so did the flight the other guys were in. Ups, things were getting dark again and I was hit hard by a wave of obsessive superstations: of that which you are afraid, you will not be spared. Plus I found out that the tickets had the return date set for the 16th of May and not the 6th. I somehow mistyped a digit and nobody noticed it. So I started to look for tickets once more, I couldn't care less about the price, they only had to be available. Finally I booked the last 6 tickets for Friday and believe it or not the last one for Saturday. I was actually glad they were so expensive; they were the KRUNA Pratar tickets after all. Finally the stars worked in my favor, the planets aligned, fears were dissipated and I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Yey!

On the same evening I get a call from Leo who tells me that the Reduta hall is already book for another event on the same evening. I hear stories about some misunderstanding and that somebody cut off my event in favor of a religious meeting with a concert attached to it. It was supposed to start since 7 o'clock.

I was perplexed. That evening a lot of white hairs grew on my head but the alcohol helped me to forget about that stuff. How do I fix this? How do I make it functional? How do I tell the band that the hall is not booked like I told them especially since the musicians are extremely careful and pushy about the time and sound logistics. On top of that, Simen will be unable to make it before 19.00. That's just great!

Do I cancel the event? Do I move it to Bucharest? That's what was going through my mind for about two days? KRUNA Marta was just coming up and I was pretty stressed out with the organization details as well.

Finally, the perfect compromise is struck, a very Romanian one: "We'll find a way, we're going to do both events so everybody is happy in the end". I hate this rotten attitude full of self-sufficiency. The solution found was: the religious gathering will be held between 5 and 7 so theoretically there will be enough time for the Metalheads as well.

All nice and well, but Adi Rugina tells me that the setting up of drums takes about 2 hours because a whole bunch of stuff has to be build, carefully assembled and adjusted. On the other hand, Horatiu, the sound guy, told me that for the setting up of the PA (without the drums) we need at least 3 hours, because it's specially brought in for the event and that we cannot hope to start the sound check earlier than 22.30-23.30. And this if everything goes according to plan!

After countless scenarios and beta testing, I find the answer: we will set up the PA and drums until mid-day, we do a initial soundcheck until 16.00  without vocals, we hide the drums before a screener, so the religious group can have its meeting properly and then at 19.30 we do a proper full soundcheck.

The new plan seemed to be a good match, even if it seemed a little fragile, but I had high hopes that we could carefully pull it through. So one problem was fixed.

With 2 weeks to go before the event, I found out that Sverd is coming with 2 keyboards but the other 2 I will have to find. I enquire where I could find such gear and I fail to locate them in Brasov. I start asking around in Bucharest and after a week of perpetual search I have my answer: there's no way I will find something like that in Romania but there are other versions available. So I await for the band's feedback telling them what I have to offer, but I get no answer. Only Thursday night do I find out that Sverd will be bringing his 4 keyboards. That issue was settled and only a few hours were left to go before picking them up from the airport.

Then I found out that during the same weekend the weather is going to be crazy. Storms, volcanic eruptions, rain, earthquakes and the Moon coming very close to Earth are being forecast. Everything seemed to indicate that this will be a one of a kind event. I like the idea of a singular event that collides with astronomy, but I was very nervous about something going wrong with the flights. Therefore, I mange to submit a bombastic statement in which I complained about the Super Moon and mention ARCTURUS of course, but I did not write anything about storms and such. Everything made sense especially since outside there were over 30 degrees, which is way above the average May temperature.

Finally it's 16.00 on Friday. It's 32 degrees outside, the plane has landed, what was more difficult finally passed. I was checking the weather forecast by the hour, how everything in Oslo is, how's everything in Amsterdam, if the connection between the two flights has gone smoothly. After half an hour of waiting, nobody is coming, then another half an hour, nothing…I was starting to get worried, I did not have the cell phone number of any of the band members. But finally I see the group coming out of the gates with a massive amount of instrument cases. I had rented a van but when I saw so luggage I started to get anxious thinking that we might not be able to fit it all in. Especially since my car was already packed with hundreds of t-shirts made for them. When I think about the t-shirts, there was a lot of heart ache involved into that matter as well. Only a week before the concert, did the band give their approval on the sketches Costin made. Solutions were analyzed to make them in just 3 days and with the 1st of May free holiday coming up. Plus at first we couldn't find the right colors. After we did locate them, the stock was insufficient, so we had to gather them up form different places, but thanks to Alex of Beauty of Pain we did so. So their production started off. The inexplicable happened and the logos got mixed up with the wrong colors. Finally everything is fixed and at the airport I have my car full of t-shirts, but on top of all I had promised the three free spots in my car.

Finally everything was set, without somebody or something being crammed and we were off to Brasov. We got there in time as there was no traffic…I even made jokes about it. During the 1st of May we experienced a wonderful weather; people went to the seaside and probably stayed there the whole weekend, probably spending a lot of money in the process. I knew this because I got a lot of reservation cancelations within the last few days before the event. The only good part was that there was no traffic, especially since the next day Simen had to arrive.

During the evening we stayed up chatting until the early hours of the morning and I was convinced that all rumors about the members being non communicative, distant and cold were not true. Actually I don't know what artist came in Romania to my events and did not end up being super friendly and totally open.

The next morning, some of them visited the Bran castle and at 14.00 it was discussed that we should start the soundcheck. At 11.00 I get a call from Horatiu who's telling me that he is being denied access into the hall and that the stage has been prepared for others. Well, that was a good start for the day, especially since I did not do a lot of sleeping and I wasn't feeling too great. So I immediately went there. When I got there the stage had been prepared for the other event and it looked very empty. Of course we had to make a few calls to get things rolling.

After 3 hours of hard work the stage looked totally different, a lot heavier. You only had to take a good look at the drum kit to envision what was going to happen.

The first sound check started (it started off slow, but it ended well) and we were curious what reaction others will have when they would behold the madness on stage. Then a guy showed up who told us that he was here to set up a drum kit as well, but nobody knew about that. To take down Hellhammer's temple was almost impossible at that point. Stress hit hard again. More problems and aguish! Nevertheless we found the perfect solution, the religious group being very understanding and taking us up on our offer.

Thus, for 2 hours, God's Word was preached under the best conditions at Reduta, followed by the Metalhead's Word which was about to articulate a beautiful evening latter on.

I forgot to say that Andrei from BlackHawk Security had previously announced me at 13:00 hours that Simen's plane has landed safely. He said not to worry because he will bring him in time to Brasov. He also said he won't call me unless something impossible to be solved will show up. So my only concern was the heavy traffic. But, after only half an hour, Andrei called me to tell me we have a problem, Siemen is there but KLM lost his luggage. And the following plane was to land in 3 hours, and the luggage can only be handed in person... I couldn't risk letting him wait there, because that would mean for them to leave at 5 from the airport and to arrive late in Brasov.

After many interventions and countless discussions, Andrei found the perfect solution: they left immediately and someone else came from Otopeni to Brasov especially to bring Simen's luggage, with the "show outfit". I know that I talked to Simen and he told me it will be ok to sing without the specific outfit, just that the magic would be lost, knowing that I am obsessed over the details...

With the batteries fully charged, and glad that the ARCTURUS formula was complete, with the hall prepared for us, at 19.30 we begun the final soundcheck... it took an hour and, after thousand adjustments, everybody was pleased, all sounded impeccable.

I allowed the access in the hall a little after 20.30 and the seats were immediately occupied, the majority refusing to sit at the gallery.

Before the concert started off we projected some videos of some of the bands which will be on stage at DBE 4, so the public wouldn't get bored or fall asleep in those extra-comfortable chairs. Some choose to recount memories outside, while smoking a cigarette or having a glass of Leo's treats, insufficient for the most optimistic assumptions, anyhow... the evening was long already, the sun played havoc all day among Brasov's gardens and the beer flowed heavily... besides that, the concert was announced pretty late, so what the heck to do in those hours?

I walked through the crowd and I noticed few familiar faces, very few of those who usually come a DonisArt events... it was clear that the public was mainly made up by souls which came to a concert, not an event with its own flavor, souls who came only to see their favorite band... and I was tormented to pay attention to the details, to explain that the show is important in itself, that's it's not only about ARCTURUS, but KRUNA Pratar as well, meaningless details maybe but for me, full of motivation, especially because I wanted all the time to do something different, precisely to find a meaning in which what I dreamt of many years ago.

Therefore, convinced of the fact that this was the dawn of a new world, I told myself it is good like that, maybe some of them will come at DBE 4, if they like how things are done here and the atmosphere surrounding the concert... Truly it is a shame to limit yourself in seeing only what you like, to refuse to open an eyelid, even from time to time, to new experiences, without too much fame or media coverage... they indeed could be successful experiences... or not!

Well, me and my obsessions... so I turned off the lights in the hall and ended the series of the video projections, when the public started to applaud, to cheer.... When the Norwegians entered onstage, almost the full crowd was standing! I can say it all became very emotional. The band as well was immediately overwhelmed by this greeting! And we're talking here about musicians that played at hundred festivals, in front of dozens, even hundreds thousands people! You could see on their faces how glad they are that they're on stage, and how happy they were seeing the public worshiping them! Except we couldn't see Hellhammer's face, hidden behind a cold, mysterious mask!

I will not try and describe the songs that were performed because the video coverage describes the best how it was there. And thus you will recognize the fourteen sequences; it was the same setlist the band has been performing around since they got back together. Maybe this was one big disappointment for me, because I would have liked to have a first time element at Brasov, maybe "The Fall of Man"... oh well, it was not meant to happen, I was joking with the musicians afterwards, telling them how good it is that they came to Romania for the first time, but I see no reason to bring them back, if they will sing the same song or they won't compose new ones... And Sverd played on his phone a new song, in fact an instrumental demo, not finished, which sounded damn juggler! So there is a future, at least in theory! 

Coming back to the atmosphere at the venue, it all was very explosive and very intimate! I saw happy faces, persons smiling at each other even if they didn't know each other, who appeared to be communicating only through a body language improvised on spot, persons who sang with Vortex. There was a guy in the front row who knew all the lyrics, fact noticed and appreciated by the singer! How the hell should I explain here the happiness of such a beautiful moment that was alive and inhaled by all? I am convinced that all people present in the evening of May 5 keep in their hearts beautiful memories, of something unique! And I am very proud I was among them!

After about 90 minutes, the musicians thanked and greeted the public... A bis was beside the question because Simen announced earlier this all al the song they prepared (a scenario which reminded me of the first DORDEDUH concert from Echoes From Transcendence Evening). I couldn't believe the musicians persisted in staying on stage, shaking the hands to the people in front rows, thanking them and confirming how good they felt... Personally, I was shocked to see Hellhammer how he left the temple of his drums to salute the fans so fervently... Hugh was extremely glad, Knut very jolly and Sverd smiled constantly. Now I will give you some inside details, I hope he won't get mad at me, but Hellhammer told me latter that, even if he sings for dozens years in countless bands, it is for the first time in his life when he came to salute the fans in front of stage, that it was an emotional thing he felt and he's glad he did it! Oh well, we have a first time after all, heh!

And yes, all was perfect: the crystal clear sound, the impeccable performance, the spectacular projections so fitting with the music, the fascinating audience, an atmosphere full of respect and friendship, a beautiful spirit of an exceptional concert! I liked the pretty dark light show, exactly how I wished to happen... I know it is exactly the opposite for photos and filming, but experiencing the live moment offers another bright intensity coming from deep within(and not only), which can't be represented differently, no matter how professional one would be!

After the concert, the band members gave autographs, took pictures, sat at the t-shirt stand... This brought a shifting to the Afterparty's start, which, at least for the musicians, happened around 2 o'clock at night... even mega-tired an exhausted, the Norwegians came to Rockstadt where they stay to gossip and chat with whoever wanted to do it, until morning. Andrei Irode was at his best again, standing all the time near the artists, to avoid unwanted stuff... I didn't even believe when I saw, at the beginning of the concert, few knives and some other blunt object placed in a box to be seen, which BlackHawk Security has found in the attendants' pockets! Yeap, I am more of a naive and a dreamer, perhaps.... Andrei knows how free I am with my thoughts and how I am against any limitations of any kind... but I have an unspoken agreement with him: each one is doing his job, how he knows best, and Andrei had a faultless behavior and a maximum efficiency!

I remember how my friends told me a guy (a bit of a nut, to be honest) entered on stage, before the concert, to take pictures of the equipment, without asking anyone if he is allowed... to be honest I didn't thought about placing a security guy over there.... Andrei didn't rest until he found him and kicked him out, including paying his ticket back... The guy told us he came all the way from Iasi to see the band and that he doesn't think he should be kicked out just like that. Well, long and stereotypical debates were issued afterwards, but became normal after more beers were consumed... Eventually the person in cause managed to see the concert, even in first line and I saw him in the video footage, at the afterparty, talking to Simen. I hope he understood he was at fault back then....

When we left Rockstadt, the BRASOV logo could be seen luminescent on Tampa, very bright, and above, the sovereign, SuperMoon, a rare astronomic event, happening exactly when it should!

Many thanks to all who were present at Kruna Pratar, it was an unique experience now transformed into a beautiful story, best to be kept in the little box along with souvenirs! We have the full video story, delivered after much hard but passionate and intense work by Lus, my eternal friend who completes me (with image and visuals), each time, with all I ever did in Kogaionon, DonisArt, Dark Bombastic Evening and Kruna. And maybe we will talk about KRUNA Pratar, at Alba Iulia, at DBE 4 , in August, if the energies will allow it! The stars will surely align again, for beautiful friendships, beside sincere friends! 

May 12, 2012


Will we resonate with the star'allignement that is to follow in this coming weekend?

The Largest Full Moon of the year will take place this weekend. The Moon is going to be perfectly round Saturday, the 5th of May, and it coincides with the moment when it is going to be closest to Earth.

Wannabe astrologists will be able to enjoy a spectacular image, a specially since the "Super Moon" will be 16% shinier than as normal. The astrological event taking place this weekend doesn't happen very often, if you are to look at its history, it happened five times in the last 60 years.

On the other hand, Arcturus is the brightest star in the Bootes' constellation and the 3rd brightest visible star on our sky. Coincidentally or not, the Norwegian band ARCTURUS is coming to Brasov on the very same night of the 5th, in order to give both a cosmic and Metalic contour to the KRUNA Pratar event, in Reduta Cultural Centre, a cozy and refined theatre, difficult to believe that will be suitable for Metal event.

But DonisArt already has experience in this matter, bands like AGALLOCH, SLUMBER or ATOMA having already held here memorable concerts. Moreover, the existence of comfortable seats isn't necessarily a disadvantage for the less introverted, plus the fact the attendees will have the freedom to choose their place in front of the stage, on chairs, by the side or on the balcony. The doors will be open around 21:00 (those with confirmed bookings half an hour earlier) and the band's concert is expected to end before midnight. After this, all interested attendees can party next to the musicians and friends in the Rockstadt location, booked exclusively for this event.


-it is a unique avantgardist Norwegian Metal constellation, yet unmatched by anyone in approach and musical interpretation;

-although with an impressive history, the band doesn't brag with having many albums or lots of concerts, what makes out of ARCTURUS a rare piece in the actual musical scene and impossible to miss live;

-after a declared split-up 5 years ago, a couple of months ago, the members reunited on stage for a limited number of concerts this year;

-the line-up is impressive;

-the members collaborated or are a part of the late 20 Metallic year's spectacular bands:  ULVER, EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR, MAYHEM, THE KOVENANT, VED BUENS ENDE, WINDS, AGE OF SILENCE, BORKNAGAR, LAMENTED SOULS, IMMORTAL, SHINING, MYSTICUM…;

-it is undeniable that ARCTURUS was, is and will be an inspirational band for most actual Metal musicians and their albums are considered authentic musical jewels.

Why at KRUNA Pratar?

-because, in most of the cases out of the few present ones, ARCTURUS play at big festivals or events with other opening acts. In these situations, everything is very structured in well defined lengths, maybe even against the clock, so fans have little chances to have a chat with the musicians;

-because the band was invited to play all around the world and they can't honor more than 1 concert per month (in medium)... moreover, the discussions were long and troublesome but, in the end, the musicians decided to honor the DonisArt invitation;

- maybe also because ARCTURUS have never played in a theatre hall;

-because there will be an intimate atmosphere, exclusively created for the ones who wish to meet a legendary band, in a special event dedicated to these Norwegians;

-because their arrival represents a premiere in Romania and the members will be surprised to see they are known, especially when no record label the band collaborated with hasn't promoted their albums or no native magazine has made an interview with ARCTURUS;

-because, many years ago, little of those breathing ARCTURUS could imagine the band playing on our lands;

-because their performance won't be a standard one, respecting a certain timing… we can expect them to play for 90 minutes, everything will be decided on that evening, on the spot;

-because, in the background, the band will benefit of a unique projection, created especially for KRUNA Pratar, that will impeccably resonate with ARCTURUS galaxy;

-because the band can offer those interested, for the first time, the new ARCTURUS image, exposed on 3 shirts, made by Costin Chioreanu;

-because all KRUNA Pratar attendees will have the chance to spend together with the musicians a couple of hours in a club booked especially for this event, right after the so-called concert;

-maybe because through merely attending, each soul finds himself or even supports the honest and sincere idea of KRUNA concept, launched last year… the music bible! Pratar is the 5th KRUNA event and the next one will take place on December 8, still in Brasov, in Reduta: Neios;

-and last but not least, because we also have atypical concerts, in elegant locations, in weekends, in beautiful cities, filled with old history, with captivating stories… but also recent histories, lived and then written or told even by us, the present ones… photos and filming are permitted to the extent that everyone in the room will do it so it won't bother the one next to him.

The ticket price is 100 lei and can be exclusively purchased at the entrance, in the event's evening. 300 bookings have been made so far, but the room allows 500 people, still, hard to believe the event might become sold-out!

The hosts, NEXT DREAM EVENT will do their very best to fluidize and ease the access of the audience and the frirnds from BLACKHAWK SECURITY will ensure the smooth run of the event being in charge of your safety and security.

We shall see you again!


The 2nd of May, 2012

Cosmic  Salutations!

There are just 10 days left before we'll be able to witness the rare constellation that is ARCTURUS at KRUNA Pratar in Brasov. In the meanwhile DonisArt is intensely preparing the event, we have only managed to dream of until now. Therefore:

    • The drum sets that Hellhammer will be using have been located – after many, many quests across the country.
    • We are waiting for a positive response concerning 2 sets of vintage keyboards, rarely used nowadays, at least in our country. Sverd will be bringing his, but to make the show special he will be playing at 4.
    • ICS Vortex promised he will make some time to answer a few questions concerning this event. More than that, he's looking into the possibility of performing new songs en premiere.
    • Hugh confirmed he is fine with everything provided for his bass.
    • We're still waiting on Knut to give the green light concerning his guitar station.
    • We're working intensely on a scenario which includes projections personalized for this edition, nevertheless compatible with the ARCTURUS vision.
    • Things are already agreed upon concerning the Afterparty, bearing in mind that musicians and public will be able to interact in a cozy environment until the early hours of the morning…and we are also working on a cool little playlist.
    • Some reservations have been cancelled (I have to appreciate the fact that people communicated their decision via but until this moment we have 265 persons who confirmed their participation and the numbers keeps growing. The Reduta Hall can house up to 500 people (standing or sitting down) so the sold-out scenario is out of the question.

Therefore it seems like the KRUNA Pratar event is eagerly awaited, not only in Romania but in Eastern Europe as well.

On a different note, the ARCTURUS members were very impressed with the exquisite works of the talented artist Costin Chioreanu and just after a chat they decided he will be representing their image from now on. After 7 years of dwelling under the same imagistic banner, Costin convinced the band members that a change is due.

On the evening of 5th May in Brasov, the public will be able to purchase, in limited edition three new t-shirt versions with the new ARCTURUS badge – real collectable items:


New details soon…


25 aprilie 2012


Starting with today, the 2nd of April and until 3rd of May the booking for KRUNA Pratar: ARCTURUS is now available. The DonisArt event will take place on the evening of the 5th of May in Brasov, in the Cultural Center Reduta. The reservation requests shall be sent to the following and in 48 hours max the organization team will confirm the booking. Interested parties will pay for the ticket at the entrance.  Some tickets will be available on the night of the show provided that there are available seats left. The ticket price is 100 lei.

The people who attended KRUNA Marta following the same system of reservations and want to participate at KRUNA Pratar must sent another reservation request and will be allowed to enter the Reduta hall half an hour earlier before the official hour, which is set to 21.00

Other details will be announced in the days to come


2nd of April

ARCTURUS… an unique constellation, at KRUNA Pratar

The Norwegians started out more than twenty years ago, when Death Metal and Black Metal were on top, but somehow they managed to create their own Metal style. Their approach has been followed by a limited number of bands, but the original pattern was never replicated again.

Their first material - a promo - was released back in 1990. After that came the EP "My Angel" and the single "Constellation". In 1996 they launched "Aspera Hiems Symfonia" – a cult and landmark album for the global Metal scene. Just a year after that ARCTURUS unleashes the masterpiece "La Masquerade Infernale" album created at Music For Nations, that proved to be a genius and innovative entity, conceptually and interpretational speaking. In 2002 the Norwegians released "The Sham Mirrors" – an album anticipated by lovers of Avant-garde Metal, this one being their last album with Garm on vocals. In 2005 "The Sideshow Symphonies" comes out – the last album of these incredibly talented musicians, with I.C.S. Vortex on vocals. Throughout the years compilations, splits and one DVD were also released.

The band disbanded in 2007, but at the end of 2011, the members decided it was not too late to write another chapter in the history of ARCTURUS – taking on the challenge of limited concert evenings, among which we can find the one in Romania. With Vortex, we will see performing Hellhammer, Sverd, Skoll and Knut Magne Valle.

The line-up consists of implacable musicians who also performed in top notch bands who had a say in metal history: ULVER, EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR, MAYHEM, THE KOVENANT, VED BUENS ENDE, WINDS, AGE OF SILENCE, BORKNAGAR, LAMENTED SOULS, IMMORTAL, SHINING, MYSTICUM…

For DonisArt, ARCTURUS was and is one of the most representative bands for the Metal genre of all times and the fact that the band is coming here represents an immense pleasure. The fact that after two years of countless simulations and scenarios, the band members finally agreed to take up the invitation made by DonisArt, makes the organization team feel very honored.

The legendary Norwegian band might represent an unique occasion for the Romanian Avant-garde music listener of all ages but also for the diehard fan.

Completely atypical for a band like ARCTURUS and at the same time, challenging, the band will be performing in the theatre hall in Reduta/Brasov, which will host KRUNA Pratar, on the evening of the 5th of May 2012, starting at 21:00.

Considering that the band is coming exclusively for this concert in Brasov, the band members will surely have time to sit down and chat with fans until the early hours of the morning, in a location destined especially for the after party. The preparations for the after party are in charge of our partner and host Next Dream Event.

The ticket price is 100 lei and can be exclusively purchased at the location on the night of the event. The reservation process starts on the date of 31st of March at KRUNA Marta or at the address, starting the 2nd of April.


14th of March 2012


Kruna Pratar
5 May, 2012 - 21:00 Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov
100 RON