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03 December 2011
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They came, they chatted with fans and then they left… The band lost one member since DBE 3, but nevertheless the sound has managed to transform itself into something fuller, closer, more bombastic… they were complete… or that's how I saw it. The playlist of 90 minutes danced around all their history, a long history, rich in achievements… They always play so different live and the sound is unlike the studio albums. The only time they managed to catch their breath was during the bis (for a very short while, they didn't want to leave the crowd waiting for ever). I think this was a big accomplishment. I am out of bombastic words here; they would crush the discrete but radiant harmony built only on fragility and emotion!

ROME were here on Saturday, the 3rd of December and it was all I needed: a musical "passage" full of sensibility, vibration, longing and inner peace….a lyrical/musical manifestation, introspective, unique…. a voyage to the inner self, a deep spirited reflection….for special souls.

In a formula of 4, and enjoying a sharp sound, thanks to their brilliant sound manager, ROME gave their best to the public. For me, their 4th time coming in Romania was flawless in message, expression and perception.

If I am going to make a connection between the number of persons present and the noise coming from the concert hall, I can say it is for the first time in the history of concert organizing, when the percent leaned toward silence. But quite far fetched from what I believe to be a decent behavior for a show, regardless of what type of music is played. There was a lot of beer bottle and glass noises, lots of smoke (I only need to think back on that smoke fest and I feel for those around me), people were standing for most of the show, so the psychical comfort of enjoying the music was gone. Plus I don't understand why some people must tell their loudest stories during the recital of the band…but anyway everybody is free to do as it pleases.

Take a look at this short video recording (from the "field", there's no editing or filters) and you'll understand what I mean by hall noise. Something there is not right, it comes from another world, a world I do not wish to visit or to listen to, and I'm afraid I wasn't the only one thinking like this…!

But anyway, it happened, maybe it will not happen again…!

I had the chance to read some comments about KRUNA 3, and I now wish to share with you the point of view of a person from the Kogaionon team, who was apparently "struck" by the last ROME recital…. despite the fact that back when we first met, our musical chats were built upon topics concerning Extreme Metal and the bizarre Experimental, who some of us still have a hard time understanding.

I really liked this little talk with the "self", it must have happened so, that the "chakras" were wide open….a nice feeling overall!

I have also found a couple of stories about KRUNA 3 on the net (only in Romanian, unfortunately), written by people who love music, are interested in the scene, and know a great deal of things about it. Most importantly they advocate for it. Congratulations, friends, whoever you are! I like to see that you have written from the heart, sincere, leaving the boundaries behind. And the most important thing, you've done so, right after the event, when the aroma can still be felt in the air, on lips, in mind, everywhere. I love this feeling, and I am so glad we are many….Especially, since we're talking about KRUNA, there were no compromises involved regarding the reviewing act. Because there were no accreditation given and no media partners involved, this reviews might seem like a deaf and amateur message, but even if they are unusual, they are much more than that. It goes to show that who wanted to write, did so, who wanted to photograph, photographed, who wanted a chance to video tape, video taped. No restrictions involved… only the pure Underground spirit!

This was the last KRUNA evening in this format. It was designed to be a tool in the art of promoting the quality Underground, regardless of musical style. The "2 hours, no give or take" were imposed by the fact that Kulturhaus is a very sought after club on Saturday night. The 3 editions were very similar in structure, but focused on a single band each, who spread its aroma around fans, but also towards any curious soul. ALTAR OF PLAGUES, KWOON and ROME – 3 very different bands, with strong roots but very unique in their own way – manage to establish a common ground with fans. Actually not fans… friends! Through this I want to thank everybody who came to the 3 editions! The story of "KRUNA… the music bible" has reached an end.

The written voyage of Rome has also ended. I now wish to make room for those who managed to transform a normal Saturday into a special one.

4th of December 2011


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    Kruna3 - Rome


ROME… pe ultima suta de metri… 

Acum cateva luni, in al treilea weekend din luna august, la Alba iulia, Platforma DBE a adunat cateva sute de suflete frumoase de pretutindeni. Aroma acelui weekend de poveste inclinam sa credem ca inca salasluieste, activ sau latent. Acolo, ROME au sustinut un concert de aproximativ o ora, intr-o formula noua fata de trecut, un show plin de emotie si sensibilitate. 

Intrucat trupa a lansat un nou album pe 11 noiembrie, DonisArt si-a permis sa-i invite pe Jerome si echipa lui live pentru a patra oara in Romania, pentru a doua oara in Bucuresti, la un nou ritual. 

Astfel, pe 3 decembrie, in KRUNA 3, luxemburghezii vor inchide ciclul acestui nou concept intr-o editie speciala, in clubul prieten Kulturhaus: 

Va fi o perfecta oportunitate pentru cei ce au respirat aerul de poveste de la DBE 3 sa se intalneasca in ultimul weekend in care DonisArt organizeaza un eveniment in Bucuresti. Exista amintiri frumoase, exista povesti nerostite, exista atmosfera prielnica pentru o noua intalnire… iar ROME, da, ROME, ne vor teleporta intr-o dimensiune unica, de la Johnny Cash, Nick Cave si Death in June pana la Tom Waits sau Leonard Cohen, dar cu o amprenta unica, inconfundabila!


Intrucat e sambata si clubul are programul propriu, am gasit totusi intelegerea de a insera conceptul KRUNA in "2 ore batute-n cuie" pentru prietenii DonisArt.

Astfel, incepand cu ora 19.30, usile clubului vor fi deschise pentru fanii ROME. Punctualitatea este foarte importanta iar timpii propusi vor fi respectati cu strictete. Primii ajunsi vor avea prilejul sa asculte, in premiera, o buna parte din noile album ALCEST si SYVEN.  

Ca niciodata pana acum in istoria evenimentelor DonisArt, presale-ul ne-a aratat ca exista interes major pentru ROME si implicit pentru KRUNA 3, astfel ca, pana in acest moment s-au vandut aproape jumatate din biletele disponibile. Reamintim ca pretul unui bilet este de 30 lei si poate fi achizitionat din reteaua EVENTIM si in seara evenimentului, de la intrare, in limita disponibila. 

Trupa va urca pe scena la ora 20.00 si va sustine un concert de cca 75 de minute, dupa care va fi de gasit la standul cu produse personalizate ROME. 

Ultimele noutati despre trupeti le puteti afla din scurtul interviu avut zilele trecute cu Jerome Reuter: 

Am mai avea multe sa va povestim, dar avionul cu muzicienii trebuie sa aterizeze din moment in moment, asa ca nu ne ramane decat sa va multumim anticipat pentru sustinere si haideti sa ciocnim maine un pahar de orice, alaturi de o trupa fabuloasa, pentru un an ce sta sa se termine, dar care ne-a adus si bucurii frumoase. 

Va asteptam cu drag! 

Echipa DonisArt

2 decembrie 2011 

Noul album ROME, "Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit", se va lansa oficial pe 11.11.2011, la label-ul Trisol Music Group! Jerome Reuter si-a propus in urma cu cateva luni sa organizeze un concert special, astfel ca, in seara de 11 noeimbrie, la Mannheim (Germania), cei prezenti vor putea intra si in posesia noului album direct de la membrii ROME. Intrucat cererea de bilete a fost mult mai mare decat capacitatea locatiei, s-a luat decizia ca si sambata, 12 noiembrie, ROME sa sustina un nou concert, in acelasi loc. In doar cateva zile si acest nou recital anuntat s-a dovedit a fi sold-out, fanii urmand sa vina din intreaga Europa pentru a vedea si a asculta in premiera noile compozitii ale luxemburghezului. La un asemnea interes, s-a luat decizia ca si pe 13 noiembrie ROME sa prezinte acelasi show tuturor celor prezenti, eveniment unde, doar cu cateva zile inainte, mai sunt disponibile doar cateva bilete. Noi ne vom reintalni cu ROME in Kulturhaus, pe 3 decembrie, la a 3-a editie KRUNA, incepand cu 19.30. Alte detalii vor urma in curand... Echipa DonisArt 7 noiembrie 2011 Atypical support for innovative bands...

DonisArt continua seria KRUNA cu un nou eveniment, dedicat unui artist luxemburghez cu o ascensiune muzicala incredibila: JEROME REUTER.

De la album la album, muzicianul surprinde, deruteaza dar si incanta iubitorul de faze Neofolk, pline de insertii Melodramatice dar si de infuzii Martial-Ambient sau Chanson Noire. 

ROME vine la Bucuresti pe 3 decembrie sa-si prezinta noul material, "Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit", o trilogie ce apare pe 11.11. 2011 si care insumeaza peste 150 de minute de muzica frumoasa, unica, inconfundabila. 

De la Tom Waits si Leonard Cohen, pana la Death In June, Nick Cave sau Johnny Cash, ROME reuseste sa-si croiasca cu succes un drum propriu prin desisul de trupe mai mult sau mai putin originale, mai mult sau mai putin comerciale, mai mult sau mai putin cunoscute. 

La a patra venire in Romania, ROME prezinta pe 3 decembrie, in Kulturhaus, un concert exclusiv in varianta live, cei 5 artisti pregatindu-se sa ne spuna o poveste din alta lume, unde emotia lirica se imbina spectaculos cu acordurile epice si vocea impresionanta a lui Jerome. 

KRUNA 3 se identifica prin „doua ore batute-n cuie” de Melodramatic NeoFolk, incepand cu ora 19.30, in seara de 3 decembrie, in cochetul club bucurestean Kulturhaus. Pretul unui bilet este de 30 lei si poate fi achizitionat din reteaua EVENTIM dar si de la intrarea in locatie, in ziua evenimentului. Reamintim ca dupa ora 22.00 usile Kulturhaus se vor deschide pentru desfasurarea programului de club saptamanal, astfel ca reperele de timp propuse de KRUNA vor fi respectate cu strictete.  

Echipa DonisArt 

15 septembrie 2011 


3 December, 2011 - 19:30 Kulturhaus, Str.Sfanta Vineri 4, Bucuresti
30 lei
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