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KRUNA was created to support the quality artistic underground and since its birth the concept took many forms, all taking place in enclosed but stylish places. The former 3 editions of 2011 were held in Bucharest and the next three in 2012 in Brasov.

Like was the case with DBE, we decided to take KRUNA out of the performance halls we are all accustomed to. So we started looking for some other beautiful places to be exploited to their true value. Of course the musical frame won't be the same every time and the places we do choose will probably vibrate with the stories that will be told during the night.

We'd like to think a small but eager community of dear friends exists (some of them which are still unknown), friends who accompanied us everywhere we tried to put together beautiful, sincere and atypical events. And DonisArt did roam the country - from Brasov to Bucharest to Suceava, Alba Iulia and Cluj Napoca. We heartedly wish for these journeys to continue, because they are designed to create joy, relaxation, to break the mundane and why not create intense inner reflections that may create piece and quiet.

We've been thinking long and hard of where we could move KRUNA, somewhere away from the concrete walls, somewhere were the logistic, technical and functional aspects won't be ignored as well. A nature outing would add lots of other organizational details we are not familiar with entirely, details that could end up besetting us, frighten us and convince us to abandon the 4 year old project.

But among pine trees and high peaks, near a river that flows continuously since millennia, on the grass that stretches calmly all around us, with eagles and loud ravens circling our place of choosing, we'd have no choice but to follow through our dream and turn it into reality. That's why will and desire would probably triumph.

Thus a new alter ego of KRUNA was birthed, which we called KruNatura. It represents an easily understandable word game that basically explains itself.

Because a nature outing would mean we'd have to have mellow weather during night time, we decided that KruNatura should take place somewhere around May, when the late spring allows for life to blossom even in the mountain regions. Then nature will be awakened and we'd be able to enjoy the fairy tale-like landscapes. We still don't know which weekend we'll choose for the event, but we will decide together. We'd like to think we're going to organize it next year or maybe in two years.

We do know that the location will be Bucovina, on the road that connects the East side of the city Campulung Moldovenesc with the RarauMountains - Pietrele Doamnei.

The local legend goes like this:

"It was 1541, during the second ruling of Petru Rares. The lord was defeated so he was heading back to his fortress in Ciceu. He was travelling with his wife lady Elena and his son Stefanita and they reached the bottom of mount Rarau, that was called Todirescu back then.

Petru Rares went out to build up his army strength and Elena with Stefanita remained to guard their fortunes. One day the Turks arrived and lady Elena and Stefanita decided to hide within the cave. Desperate, they started praying and suddenly they heard a loud thunder, like the mountains were about to crumble. Huge stones fell on top of the place where the lord's treasures were harbored.

They never managed to get the treasures back. Lady Elena said: that was the payment for our salvation. Since then, the savior rocks were called the Lady's Rocks and on top of them grow the Queen's flowers which are very hard to reach. The Todirescu mountain was named Rarau after Petru Rares."

Therefore the location we chose is 3 km away from the national high way, on an easily accessible road that coils among mountain huts, lined up around the Izvorul Alb brook. The spot of KruNatura is situated about 500 m from the last house, just before the asphalt road ends. It's situated entirely in nature in a lovely setting not far away from accommodation facilities, which we will be telling you more about when the time comes. Camping grounds will be available as well. Reservations will be made beforehand, as the shower and current water infrastructure will be extremely limited and we do not want to create discomfort to those who will follow us in our endeavor to make our dream come true.

We're thinking that Friday night, after checking in to accommodations or setting up our tents, we should all gather around a camp fire, and tell legends and stories. We're also thinking we might invite a local character to unravel local legends and fairytales. We're opened to all kinds of suggestions, more than that we more than welcome your input.

The next day we'll go for a climb on Pietrele Doamnei - a 4 hour walk. Or for those who will come with their personal cars there's the possibility of going up the mountain on the other part of the slope, on a freshly paved road, very easily accessible, that is covered in maximum 20 minutes.

Those who wish to do something else could opt for the WoodMuseum in Campulung Moldovenesc. The establishment offers some exhibits that are unique in Romania.

"On top of the basic exhibitions, the museum offers an attraction for the chess lovers - a chess gib in the backyard that stretches for more than 100 square meters and which offers the possibility for tourists to play chess with real seize characters from folk tales. Visitors can also engage in some other activities like a shingle workshop or learning how to make products out of barriers."

In the evening we will be returning to the location, we'd be sitting relaxed on the grass and we will be enjoying the sounds offered by the musicians present, until night time when the pungent mountain air will drive us back to our accommodations.

Sunday morning we'll be gathering up our stuff, we will say good bye to each other promising we will meet again if the time will allow us, maybe at the new DBE utterance in the Alba Iulia citadel.

This schedule might suffer modifications which we will announce in due time.

We will also poll you about the bands you deem appropriate for the new concept KruNatura.

We still don't know what the solution for food and drinks will be, but we have enough time to think about that and to choose the most appropriate for the spirit of the event.

KruNatura is an unique artistic expression, intimate and underground, that is not governed by commercial and financial compromises. Everything is made with love and respect for the beautiful musical Underground and all its derivates. We don't want to catalogue it as a festival but simply an outdoor meeting, alongside friends. Every one of you who wishes to experiment normal, natural and we hope intense moments, are welcomed.

With friendship,
The 12th of October, 2012


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