Labyrinthic Metal Evening

16 October 2010
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My intention was to create an evening dedicated to underground Metal by inviting a bunch of bands with totally different musical approaches. And I really thought more bands would mean a more extended public…Probably, more would have attended provided the ticket price was cheaper or if the global crisis wasn’t starting to chew the skin off everybody in this country. Or maybe it’s the promoters and their ability to speculate advantages that popped out at the right time just a few days ago. Well, it is their right and I can not blame them. 

Under this circumstances, I needed Labyrinthic Metal Evening, to finally realize that it is too much for Romania (or at least it is for me) to go on with this utraexpensive concept, by inviting underground bands here to perform exclusive shows…I can not deny that my expectations were great. I was almost sure that more people will come, it was Sunday after all…Anyway it is human to err, but it is unforgivable to keep erring forever.

And if I keep thinking that the event was in fact a marathon consisting of six bands and The Silver Church can not confer more than a club concept, it seems quite obvious to me, that this kind of endurance test was a little too much for the participants of the 16th of October. 

But what is my major satisfaction? That every band delivered the best they had, despite the obstacles, always arising that evening! 

Which was the biggest surprise? To see half of the 350 fans standing near the stage even as the clock was indicating the early hours of the morning, 4 to be specific. I had an incredible feeling seeing them, and this makes me believe that hope dies last. I was also impressed by the Dan Swano fans, who came discreetly early and waited, cheered the other bands….and then their joy (most of them were past their first youth) was fizzy, as lots of them were singing alongside Nightingale. It’s true that the Swedes were careless about the extent of the time eaten up by the linecheck and maybe they should have shorten their performance…but that wasn’t the case. And so I turned grey in that extra half an hour, more than I did in my entire life. Especially since in backstage Niklas was getting extremely restless by the hour he was supposed to get on stage. Maybe that’s why the NIGHTINGALE songs seemed extremely long and their medley, in premiere and unique, made up of the EDGE OF SANITY songs came as a final treat. Even so, it was very emotional and full of inner revelations for those who anxiously awaited a true growl courtesy of Swano! Anyway, it seemed that too much is too much, even if we’re talking about a real legend of the underground Metal scene! Nevertheless, I am happy that I saw joy on some faces after the concert and that in Romania, Dan Swano sang some one of a kind songs, which will be streamed around the world with the help of youtube! Perfect for posterity! 

I mentioned Niklas Kvarforth! He was, in a way, the star of the evening as he sang beautifully “Cantitude” with KISTVAEN and with the VISION BLEAK the atypical “I Dined With Swans”. With SHINING he performed more than 90 incredible minutes driven by force and determination, this concert being one of the best they did up to date. There were some devil’s advocates in the crowd who were more interested in the scandalous behavior part than in what the band was actually playing but I am inclined to think that is they managed to stay until 4 o’clock they realized that SHINING is made up of extremely good musicians – starting with the new bass player (which also does some evil vocals) and ending with the bluesy riffs done by Peter and Graby! Oh and the drums….Richard is unbeliev!eble A perfect show en-force, with tracks taken from “Halmstad” adapted and changed a little for the live version, but quite inspiring, old songs as well and 2 ones from their newest album. 

But where did this urge of Niklas’s of doing a perfect show come from? Well after seeing with me VULTURE INDUSTRIES and the crowd’s reaction, he really wanted to show the fans a more mature face of the band, sometimes masked by his cynical sense of humor and some backstage mutilations, which probably pissed off photographers who were craving for scandalous pictures. It’s a good think I decided not to bring in the smoke machine…. 

Back to the Norwegians! This industrial vultures amazed the whole audience! 

I don’t recall feeling this kind of energy at any of the other concerts. Bjornar is exquisite master of music – composed and played live. Theatrical, operatic, carnivalesque, hypnotizing, the front man presented the crowd with the best show up to date and had a wonderful time on stage – him and the other musicians. He had an amazing determination and dedication. At one point, he had a hangman’s knot around his neck and threw the end of the rope into the public so he could be pulled back on the music’s rhythm by them – people he had never met before. That’s what I call communicating with the fans – a total openness and an approach that baffled many! When I think about it I get goosbumps! That’s the underground sprit I’ve been talking about – no fancy Rammstein like pyrotechnic effects and cheap circus based on catchy riffs. His sincerity was rewarded immediately after the show, when lots of fans (conquered on the spot) we’re queuing to take pictures with the band members and autographs while emptying the merchandise stand. They were absolutely demented and highly inspired, and at the same time the most appreciated and captivating from the entire evening. I didn’t see so many hands in the air and so many desperate screams! Hail, Vultures Industries, we both know that we can’t enjoy a DEVIL DOLL show anytime soon! 

THE VISION BLEAK came after that, but unfortunately the crowd was already warred out by the Vultures, therefore their performance was a little bit overshadowed. As much as Tobias tried to get the show rolling, you could only see the results on “Carpathia” and another 2 songs, but nevertheless they were much more pale….In other words, it was an ok show, German, but lacking sparkles. 

INDIAN FALL launched their new material in front of a crowd who very much appreciated the strength of the new vocalist. 

Still their new approach was pretty confusing. Despite the fact that the sound engineer was the same that did the work for the recording of the new songs, my impression is (I hope it is only mine) that the new Black/Death Metal sounds more aggressive and more linear. I liked better their melodic avant-gardish approach if I am to compare with what they play now: a sort of 90s raw style combined with very few atmospheric and tranquil passages. Their dedication, tough, was sensed and appreciated by the public, who even begged for a bis, which I did not allow for. Thankfully, since the other bands would have asked for the same treatment, and in those circumstances I am not sure SHINING would have managed to play at all. 

KISTVAEN had a fluky show, about 50 minute time during which they unleashed their new album and also presented the audience with 2 new songs. I found the show a little bit too long, thinking that the guys should have added something more to the concept of their new material, avoiding the risk of becoming stuck in copy-paste maneuvers. Fane made good use of his vocals – he experimented both with extreme parts and with some clean weird ones (in a good way). Fenrir’s guitars seem to be the ones leading the party, so I think that in the future, the new songs should offer the listener a touch of something different. I also noticed the KISTVAEN flag, fluttered in first raw by two chicks….As if METALLICA was playing! 

I didn’t talk about the order of the bands, because I just have too many things to say on my mind. 

Everybody knows that DonisArt doesn’t have headliners, opening bands, so I told the story and mentioned the things I thought are worth mentioning. I know that finishing off the show at 4.30 a.m instead of 2.30 a.m is no reason for praise, on the contrary…it is a reason to be upset, for me, the bands and fans alike…but it happened and I am thankful to everybody for being so understanding! 

After the concerts ended, a screening of AGALLOCH’s concert from March was set up, but at 5 o’clock in the morning I decided that it was time to call it quits, especially since in the club were only 20 people left.  

For me it was the most stressful and tiresome event up to date and it is very probable that the effects of this condition will be showing its face sooner than I expected. Well we should enjoy what is, in this present moment and look in the right direction for what’s coming next. 

A religious man believes unconditionally in the bible. A musician believes faithfully in music and continues to love it, introverted or extraverted…either way…but in silence…. 

October 2010.


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A mai ramas o zi…

…pana cand cei 35 de muzicieni vor urca pe scena clubului The Silver Church din capitala, pentru toti cei ce respecta conceptul pur Metal Underground si doresc sa il sustina in cel mai simplu si onest mod! Trupele sunt pregatite pentru Labyrinthic Metal Evening!

TU esti?

DonisArt te asteapta la o seara memorabila, alaturi de generatii diferite, dar care se ghideaza dupa acelasi reper, muzica Metal de calitate.

Usile clubului se vor deschide la ora 19.00, la intrare si in sala fiind alaturi de noi pe tot parcursul desfasurarii evenimentului profesionistii dar si discretii prieteni de la Blackhawk Security.

KISTVAEN va urca pe scena la 19.45 si nu vom avea timp de respirat zeci de minute bune. INDIAN FALL o ora mai tarziu si ne dorim sa mentinem acest algoritm simplu, din ora in ora, pana la sfarsitul tuturor recitalurilor. THE VISION BLEAK va fi precedata de VULTURE INDUSTRIES iar SHINING va canta dupa Dan Swano si al lui grup NIGHTINGALE.

Nu vom fi insa limitati de timp si dupa, caci toti muzicienii doresc sa se relaxeze si sa discute pana dimineata cu tine. Si nu uita de vizionarea unica a concertelor AGALLOCH si ALCEST sustinute in urma cu jumatate de an, tot in acest club!

Toate trupele vor veni cu accesorii muzicale diferite si rarisime pentru fanii colectionari care vor fi expuse la un stand dedicat. Bestial Records si Beauty Of Pain vor fi si ei prezenti cu o multime de materiale, doar bani sa fie!

Gata cu scrisul… maine seara, 16 octombrie, in clubul The Silver Church. NE vedem acolo!

Echipa DonisArt

…au mai ramas trei zile…

DonisArt te saluta din nou!

…si te invita la o alta Seara Speciala, de data aceasta una dedicata Metal-ului Underground de calitate… adica la Labyrinthic Metal Evening, un eveniment in care atat organizatorii cat si trupele au investit imens, daruirea neconditionata fiind aura ce a reusit sa adune usor atat de multe energii! Toti muzicienii vin exclusiv pentru acest eveniment cu dorinta sincera de a le arata fanilor elemente noi, secvente in premiera nu numai pentru Romania, ci si pentru intreaga Europa! Iar selecta locatie The Silver Church este cea mai potrivita alegere, lucru dovedit si la DORDEDUH, AGALLOCH si ALCEST!

Dar sa facem o sinteza, care speram sa nu te oboseasca la fel de mult (poate) ca avalansa de informatii primite in ultima saptamana… permite-ne acum sa-ti enumaram cateva motive clare pentru care spunem noi ca si participarea ta ar fi mai mult decat o alegere isteata…

KISTVAEN lanseaza oficial albumul de debut… si vei vedea cum suna Black Metal-ul depresiv… Pana si Niklas/SHINING a apreciat rezultatul bucurestenilor!

Uite aici si ultima noastra discutie cu ei, chiar asculta integral si o piesa noua:

INDIAN FALL vine de la poalele Tampei in Bucuresti pentru a-si lansa oficial noul EP, care suna incredibil pentru o trupa romaneasca, mai ales ca nota extrema a prins mai mult contur cu o alta voce masculina; uite detalii aici si pune o ureche si pe noua secventa:

VULTURE INDUSTRIES a lansat acum o saptamana cel de-al doilea album iar trupetii sunt primii avantgardisti Metal norvegieni ce pasesc in Romania. Nu ne crezi? Citeste ce ne spune Bjornar plus o piesa audio de pe noul material.

THE VISION BLEAK sunt cei mai adevarati Gothic Horror Metalisti din Europa. Am stat de vorba chiar cu cel ce a infiintat acum multi ani EMPYRIUM si acum reprezinta acest grup german, Markus:

NIGHTINGALE sau mai bine spus Dan Swano, un muzician genial si un sunetist de exceptie, prin mainile caruia s-au format trupe de succes (OPETH, KATATONIA…), vine sa se intalneasca cu fanii, un eveniment rarisim chiar si pentru el. A fost extraordinar de greu sa-l scoatem din barlogul lui numit studio si sa vina la noi, pentru noi, mai ales ca ne va canta in premiera si cateva piese din legendarul EDGE OF SANITY. Convinge-te si tu, ca pe noi ne-au cucerit raspunsurile suedezului:

SHINING vine pregatita pentru un concert deosebit! Cei cinci suedezi sunt hotarati sa faca un show mult mai incisiv dar si mai atractiv decat anul trecut, si sa ne arate daca Suicidal Black Metal-ul are sau nu limite stilistice, repere sau clisee standard, mai ales ca vor canta in premiera atat piese de pe urmatorul album, cat si altele vechi, neascultate in concert. Niklas nuanteaza dar si confuzeaza in discutia avuta… noi am privit-o insa ca pe o provocare si nu ca pe o ieftina catalogare:

Dupa ultimul recital, nu trebuie sa pleci acasa; poti sta pana dimineata de vorba cu fiecare trupa, cu fiecare muzician sau sa-ti povestesti impresiile cu prietenii…iar pe ecranele din club vor fi difuzate inregistrarile video ale concertelor AGALLOCH si ALCEST sustinute in aceasta primavara aici. Va fi si unica data cand publicul va avea acces la aceste filmari!

Sa fie mult? Sau poate prea putin? E libertatea ta sa apreciezi daca merita sa ni te alaturi. Asta e ceea ce iti propunem noi iar trupele sunt nerabdatoare sa-ti prezinte… un format special, unicat, civilizat, frumos, de neuitat: O Seara Labirintica, O Noapte Metal!

Biletul costa 90 lei si se poate procura si la intrarea in locatie, in seara de 16 octombrie, incepand cu ora 19.00.

Te asteptam!

Echipa DonisArt

O noua Seara Speciala organizata de DonisArt va oferi fanului Metal oportunitatea de a petrece cateva ore bune intr-o locatie selecta alaturi de cateva trupe care doresc sa arate publicului ca muzica lor conteaza! Se poate privi seara de 16 octombrie si ca o platforma Metal, unde 6 trupe diferite ca orientare vor arata ca exista si similitudini conceptuale si chiar colaborari mai mult sau mai putin cunoscute...

KISTVAEN este prima trupa autohtona ce abordeaza Black Metal-ul in maniera unor grupuri europene ce au conturat si apoi consacrat aceasta orientare depressive-suicidal: SILENCER, SHINING sau BETHLEHEM. Cei cinci au legaturi si cu alte trupe underground bucurestene, cum ar fi: AKRAL NECROSIS, SINCARNATE, DOMINATION, DWARF PLANET sau ABIGAIL. KISTVAEN isi va lansa oficial in The Silver Church Club albumul de debut printr-un concert special.

INDIAN FALL este unul din grupurile veterane dar si de calitate din intreaga scena Metal romaneasca, Black Metal-ul prestat de cei sase brasoveni avand insertii multiple, de la Death Metal agresiv si pana la pasaje Progressive, cu multa tehnicitate, melodie si elemente de avantgarda. Intr-o formula usor schimbata, cu un nou vocalist, INDIAN FALL isi va lansa EP-ul la care lucreaza acum din greu, material ce ne va prezenta cateva noi piese interesante, concepute intr-o noua maniera, dar cu radacini in Metal-ul adevarat. Trupa a surprins mai mult decat placut pe toti cei ce au participat anul trecut la Experimental Metal Evening, eveniment organizat la Brasov cu ocazia lansarii oficiale a numarului 10 din Kogaionon magazine, alaturi de suedezii de la SHINING!

VULTURE INDUSTRIES este o trupa norvegiana ce a lansat in urma cu 3 ani un debut superb, album ce a fost cotat de intreaga presa de specialitate ca unul de referinta pentru noul val Avantgarde Black Metal. Vocea lui Bjornar aminteste de ceea ce facea in urma cu multi ani Garm, atat in ULVER cat mai cu seama in ARCTURUS! “The Dystopia Journals” ne prezinta o suma de piese incredibile, cu voci teatrale, operatice, riffuri de chitari extrem de heavy, synth dramatic dar si pasaje Progressive, dovedind o tehnicitate remarcabila. Componentii trupei colaboreaza si in BLACK HOLE GENERATOR, SULPHUR, MALICE IN WONDERLAND iar Bjornar este si un talentat producator de albume, prin studioul lui trecand multe grupuri interesante, de la THE BATALLION si pana la HELHEIM. In luna mai VULTURE INDUSTRIES va lansa pe piata, la Dark Essence Records in Norvegia, cel de-al doilea album, mult mai bine structurat decat debutul, dar si mai complex, influentele Progressive Metal fiind de data aceasta mult mai accentuate. In formula de 5, grupul norvegian vine in premiera in Romania pentru a-si prezenta piesele semnificative compuse pana acum.

THE VISION BLEAK este cel mai reprezentativ grup german de Horror Gothic Metal iar cei doi artisti au creat si alte denumiri remarcabile pentru scena Metal, sau chiar colaborari, cum ar fi: EMPYRIUM, SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS, NOX MORTIS, NOEKK, NACHTMAHR sau BETHLEHEM. Germanii lanseaza la inceputul lunii aprilie cel de-al patrulea album din istorie la label-ul german Prophecy Productions, cel mai complet din toate de pana acum! Se stie ca THE VISION BLEAK au o expresivitate incontestabila pe scena, acestia sustinand acum un turneu european alaturi de revelatia ALCEST. Pentru ca Markus Stock este un perfectionist, in studioul lui de inregistrari fiind produse multe albume celebre, acesta a decis sa vina in Romania cu propriul sunetist si luminist, astfel ca show-ul lor de aici (5 in varianta live) sa fie unul de exceptie! Dupa cum bine stiti, pe ultimul album apare ca invitat special Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING), deci exista posibilitatea teoretica sa-i vedem impreuna si pe scena!

Cine nu a auzit de artistul, muzicianul, producatorul Dan Swano si de al lui Unisound Studio! Sau de EDGE OF SANITY, PAN.THY.MONIUM sau BLOODBATH! Si lista ar mai continua cu alte nume pe care le-a infiintat: UNICORN, SECOND SKY, INFESTDEAD, ROUTE NINE sau BREJN DEDD. Este o legenda a intregii scene Metal Rock! Prin mana lui au trecut sute de trupe, de la cele mai necunoscute si pana la cele mai in voga: OPETH, KATATONIA, THERION, DARK FUNERAL, MARDUK, DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE, MERCILESS, DISSECTION, GODSEND! Un personaj de mare valoare, un muzician ce canta la toate instrumentele Metal posibile iar vocea lui este inconfundabila! Dupa mai bine de 20 de ani de activitate, Dan Swano va veni in The Silver Church Club!

NIGHTINGALE este proiectul lui Progressive de suflet, cu care a si realizat cateva albume, cel mai apreciat fiind “Nightfall Overture”.

Dan Swano nu concerteaza prea des datorita programului foarte incarcat pe care il are cu studioul, in ciuda faptului ca atat el cat si ceilalti membri si-ar dori sa fie mai activi pe scena! Dupa o lunga perioada de dezbateri, DONISART siNIGHTINGALE au agreat ca e timpul pentru un prim concert al suedezilor in Romania! Trupetii pregatesc pentru Romania un set de piese din intreaga istorie NIGHTINGALE, plus alte cateva surprize, printre care si posibilitatea de a reasculta cateva acorduri EDGE OF SANITY, dar intr-o varianta prelucrata... Ultima lor prestatie scenica a fost in vara anului trecut, la un mare festival european... se poate spune, deci, ca evenimentul din octombrie va fi unul rarisim atat pentru trupa cat si pentru fanii de pretutindeni!

SHINING vin pentru a doua oara in Romania, pentru prima data in Bucuresti! Cu un bassist nou, Niklas & Co ne vor prezenta cel de-al 7-lea album din lunga lor istorie, material ce va aparea oficial la label-ul Indie Records la sfarsitul acestei primaveri. Pentru SHINING acest eveniment va fi unul cu adevarat special, Niklas dorind sa cante EXCLUSIV piese ce nu au mai fost cantate niciodata pana acum pe scena dar si secvente de pe albumul numarul opt, ce va aparea cel mai devreme in 2011!

Se pare ca trupa a cunoscut o transformare majora in ultima perioada, lucru remarcat de intreaga audienta in urma lungului turneu european alaturi de SATYRICON. SHINING este o trupa ce suna excelent pe scena iar dinamica Suicidal Black Metal nu a fost egalata pana acum de nimeni! Suedezii s-au simtit extraordinar la Brasov anul trecut iar show-ul de peste 2 ore i-a facut pana si pe cei mai carcotasi sa accepte ca SHINING stiu “sa rupa” live!

O Seara Speciala, pentru Prieteni Speciali... 6 trupe, peste 7 ore de muzica! Un eveniment Metal unic pentru Romania, un mod inspirat de a petrece o noapte intreaga alaturi de muzicienii ce vor sta pana spre dimineata la dispozitia fanilor!

Pretul unui bilet este de 90 lei. Biletele vor putea fi procurate incepand cu data de 15 aprilie prin Eventim in magazinele Germanos, Vodafone, Librariile Carturesti, Humanitas si online pe

Eveniment: Labyrinthic Metal Evening


Locatie: The Silver Church Club, Calea Plevnei Nr.61, Bucuresti

Data: 16 octombrie 2010, ora 19.00

Organizator: DonisArt


Va asteptam!

Echipa DonisArt


Labyrinthic Metal Evening
16 October, 2010 - 19:00 The Silver Church Club, Calea Plevnei Nr.61, Bucuresti
90 lei
Biletele vor putea fi procurate incepand cu data de 15 aprilie prin Eventim in magazinele Germanos, Vodafone, Librariile Carturesti, Humanitas si online pe