Magical Medieval Evening

19 April 2008
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Back over 10 years ago I was craving to see ARCANA live! I loved the first two albums and I felt the strong desire to do a subjective review and an official interview! Well, my dream came through in the evening of 19th of April, as a true MAGIC EVENING happened! But everything started on April 18th, when I first met them all at the airport. Yes, five persons as normal as you can imagine, very friendly and communicative since our maiden contact. The most "Metal" of them was Peter, wearing a coat on which you could see BATHORY and seemingly POSSESSED or VENOM. Later on, I was about to see Mattias with a CELTIC FROST T-shirt, so a long talk started, technically divagating over and over again on Old True Metal theme.

Our ride to Brasov was a perfectly normal one, as we laughed, spin a lot of stories and listen to all sorts of music in the car. We spent that evening on a traditional restaurant, where palinca had a role of its own, aside the classic beers and wine. I obstinate into explaining to Peter that vodka is not the sole strong drink and this turned obviously clear on both our faces the next day. It was a hard night, indeed...

The second day started with a ride nearby, by foot this time, and afterwards followed the sound check which lasted longer than I thought. Clearly, ARCANA are professionals! They haven't moved until making sure that the slightest detail went the way they wanted it to. And some hours went by in order to do that... instead of ending the check by 6 pm, only some time before 7 pm ARCANA were ready to take their dinner. This was the reason for decaling the concert with half an hour. Meanwhile, Reduta was starting to fill with all kinds of persons, very angry ones (I've even seen some BEHERIT T-shirts) or possessors of usual NIGHTWISH or OPETH T-shirts. I've also noticed some individuals having completely Goth appearances, tasty ones, yet not discrete. I've come across many persons that I didn't see in years, I acquainted a bunch of funny ones, happy to be able to enjoy the opportunity of such a concert, chatted a lot of individuals from all around the country. Gladly, Suceava was present too, not solely through my true friends, Catalin and Andrei, but also by another seven persons! In the lobby the ones present could choose among a multitude of musical accessories, as the CDs and the T-shirts were sold immediately (probably the low prices had to do with this aspect). The last preparations have been done, and so the concert could take place. It was just that the delay started to become burdensome, so the spectators could watch on the background screen the "Toward The Within" concert of the legendary DEAD CAN DANCE. I had no negative feedback for that concern, so I tend to believe it discomforted nobody.

Some minutes after 8 pm ARCANA come on scene. A decent show, elegant, debuted full of emotions, so the atmosphere was portrayed after the first two tracks. The audience was pretty tranquil, just discretely applauding, they were probably in a state of wooliness due to what was happening. That's why I sensed that "Lost In time" didn't have the desired energy. Slowly, the things started to go on the right line, "Baraka" film was projected on the screen, smoothly entwining some images with the music on stage, heading towards full resonance, and so it was all like a dream. Maybe if the sound volume was higher, the feedback within the hall would have been different. But it was ARCANA's desire for the sound to get to the audience comfortably, and not noisy, implying false adrenaline. After performing for an hour time, the five Swedes timidly went behind the curtain and, despite an apparently directed bis (I was with them behind the curtain imploring to sing at least two another tracks), ARCANA went back on stage and amazed us all with two another tracks. Everything was so real, that ARCANA also played some unscheduled tracks, fully taking the audience's desires in consideration. Some might regard it unprofessional or evenly awkward, but the search on the computer for the particular tracks illustrated the genuineness and the sincerity of the band for the audience!!! And yes, to Stefan, as facetious as he usually is (even tearing a page from the score as it didn't stay right), to Mattias, continuously preoccupied of his exemplar percussions, to Ann Mari, an incredible voice, a true soprano, to Cecilia, the one animating the entire band on stage through her spirit and intelligent humor ... and not lastly, to the creator of ARCANA, the serious and introverted Peter, my sincere felicitations ... and Happy Birthday wishes, as today, when I am writing this live review, he celebrates 34 years!

If I am to analyze the atmosphere from the organizer's point of view (over subjectively), I would say that despite being a slight hamper mood at the beginning (apathetic even), finally it turned into a fantastic one (ignoring the feminine voices' deviations on "Invisible Motions"), as the scene design created the proper state for an incredible ARCANA show.... Yes, I will say it once again, it was a magic evening! Too bad my favorite track hasn't been on the list... But I'm sure next time ARCANA shall caress me with "Closure"!

I've seen many happy faces, charmed ones, I've talked to many persons declaring themselves fortunate for being able to experience an hour and a half of ARCANA in a select hall offering quality conditions for the audience.

Musik Cafe AfterParty followed. The aim was to facilitate the fans into informally talking to the band members after a programmed concert. We weren't expecting so many persons to come at the same time, as everybody came right after the concert ended. Some discontents have been expressed by the ones that had to wait outside for the band members to come, some renounced evenly, we apologize once again for the eventual lacks in synchronizing! Yet, we've announced via media before the concert took place, that the PUB's capacity is limited to 150 sits, and that simply couldn't be enough for approximately 300 spectators, other than by patience and tolerance ..., meaning in queue. I've heard that some came by far, via 8-9 hours by train, that they were tired and eager to get an autograph, a picture, something with ARCANA. We tried to bring some of them closer to the band in order to facilitate the desired contact. True, all right, for about two hours general madness happened there. After midnight, things started to get more serene, solely some individuals remained, I could meet the Greek from ARKANE, who came all the way from Greece especially for this event; I've also been glad to meet Mark and Ilua coming right from London for ARCANA, and dressed socking for the entire audience, you can see that in the photos too. It was an evening to remember, one with laughs, jokes, stories, everything done with great pleasure and without excesses.

The day to come, the five could enjoy other superb places in Brasov and nearby, and they've all been enchanted by ROMANIA!

It has been the first event organized by Kogaionon and DonisArt, so naturally, there have been some angularities, discontents and desynchronizing. Once again, we ask the ones debunked to accept our apologies. Including the particular person who dropped the wallet out of the pocket and happened not to find it again... not necessarily a disaster for the money (just bought over 10 CDs for collection) but for the papers inside. Well, there have been some problems and I fear there will be still, no matter by who and what kind of event is organized.

As for me, the important thing is that ARCANA was an evening to remember and that you maybe will be able to experience the entire event on DVD, not long by now.

I thank every single one coming to this concert from all over the country, from Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Holland or United Kingdom! You will be welcomed at future events too! I thank the press and all the ones that promoted this event in their best ways! Thank you ARCANA, you have offered 90 minutes of a dream come through, of meditation, of inner burst! A Magical Evening it was! And I am sure we'll meet again... yet until then, "Raspail" caresses my ears... does it happen to you too? Because if you still have any doubts, maybe it is time to try once again listening to the most representative and nostalgic track performed that evening, "My Cold Sea".... Superb!


1. Abrakt

2. Lost In time

3. Hymn Of Absolute Deceit

4. Wings Of Gabriel

5. Lovelorn

6. Like Statues In the Garden Of Dreaming

7. Parisal

8. Invisible Motions

9. Angel Of Sorrow

10. Out Of The Grey Ashes

11. Chant of Awakening

12. We Rise Above

13. Outside Your World

14. My Cold Sea

15.Innocent Child

16. The Arcane


17. This Big Hush

18. Through The Grey Horizon


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Am crescut cu Arcana... am respirat Arcana... era puntea de legatura intre trupa mea preferata din toate timpurile, Dead Can Dance si universul Metal-Dark Wave in care gravitam in urma cu 15 ani. Mai mult, Peter era un impatimit al Metalelor, ca si astazi, de altfel. Ca si mine, de altfel. Insa, cu Arcana, atingea sublimul...

Respiram atat de mult Arcana, incat coperta din Kogaionon no.3 a fost, de fapt, coperta albumului Arcana. In nr.4 am postat un interviu cu suedezii... Au urmat ani de schimbari, de albume interesante, ajungand acum la "Raspail", un album ce va aparea zilele acestea. 

Mai mult, vin si in Romania, la Brasov, adusi de, pe 19 aprilie, orele 19.00.

Cu siguranta ca va fi o seara magica, cu siguranta ca Seara Floriilor va avea in acest an o alta dimensiune: Accoustic Medieval Ethereal Lyrical Dark Wave...

Cine nu a avut interesul de a asculta pana acum "Innocent Child", "Closure" sau "Through The Grey Horizon", o poate face accesand myspace-ul trupei... Cine stie ce inseamna Arcana (ca trecut personal si poate chiar prezent), va trebui sa se asigure ca va fi in acea sala de teatru chiar de Florii... pt ca vor fi extrem de putine locuri... Vor veni toti 5 sa ne prezinte un show unic, intim, elegant, cu proiectii, lumanari, candelabre si multa atmosfera medievala... adica ARCANA!


Magical Medieval Evening
19 April, 2008 Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov
20 lei