Martial Postfolk Evening

13 December 2008
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 Nothing is more contagious than... MUSIC!

A half full hall, an apathetic audience, shy, ‘hidden’, confused, not so knowledgeable but open to see something different within a local scene that is full of events but lacking substance… Two bands that have only one thing in common, the record label Trisol, one playing a Martial Industrial that reminds of DEATH IN JUNE, the most difficult to play 100% live due to the samples present on the background of the sound, and the other one more Pop, superficially catalogued as NeoFolk, a band that can put up quite a show… especially if it has an audience to match… An elegant venue, intimate, comfortable, with chairs that seem to induce the desire to sleep, more than the want to see/live with maximum intensity, lights less than hospitable, a frozen blue alternating with a strong red, a setting that mixed scattered newspapers, hats, bags and collages that were trying to construct something feminine… with or without soul…

Nevertheless, one could somewhat feel a warm atmosphere floating around the room, an overall friendly attitude, of unconditioned relaxation, one could even say… a familial feel…

Around three hours spent in Reduta, alongside at least 200 people, some coming from quite a distance (Portugal, Serbia, Greece or Hungary), others from all over the country, together with some local audience… this is pretty much the Martial Post Folk Evening of the 13th of December, Brasov. With all the hopes the organizers had of starting at least the fifth Special Evening at the scheduled time, ROME went on stage more than half an hour late. 

At least there were enough musical accessories to be found on the hallways of the theatre, perhaps just enough to help save the unwanted state of irritation… It is also to be mentioned that the organizers wanted to salute and thank everyone through a few minutes long film that was presented at the very beginning of the Evening, nothing more than a summary of all the past Special Evenings… Jerome and the two Patrick’s tried to introduce their music to the ones present in the room, a somewhat difficult to digest music, based on light percussion, samples and a lot of guitar, all lead by an imposing, low masculine voice. 

There were approximately 75 minutes, pleasant for some, boring for others wanting more rhythm, with unusual projections showing on the background, a bit of socializing with a few words said in Romanian, all in an effort to link with the audience… but in the end, without success. In spite of this cold and colourless discourse, when it all ended, the audience got up on their feet as a sign of respect and deservedly acclaimed ROME!!! For a band formed some 4 years ago, one that played for the first time in Romania, it could be said that this gig brought to the band the appreciation of the people present at Reduta…

After a half an hour break, on an audio background that played ONANI (ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO), the four Italians went on stage, dressed in black suits and with white ties. Simone tried to be as communicative as possible with the audience, to joke, to relate… but he got hit by a cold, glacial wall, figures frozen in their chairs, waiting to see who these guys that call themselves SPIRITUAL FRONT, are…

And the band did its thing, played songs from the older albums, but as well as that, from the new one that will be released in April 2009, one song was actually played for the first time ever in front of a live audience, dedicated to the guys from ROME… Overall, they had an inspired choice of songs, but a list that lacked “Autopsy Of A Love”, “Cruisin” and “No Kisses On The Mouth”… Full of desire to talk, sing and have fun, Simone showed us that together with an indisputable charisma, he can sing too, improvising and transforming every song into a novelty, possibly confusing the ear of the listener of the studio version SPIRITUAL FRONT… ‘The Song Of The Old Man’ was the most altered track, different, where, towards the end, for a good few long seconds he went into trance… The actual concert ended approximately after an hour, but a come-back followed, Simone trying once again to do what he already did in Spain, Lithuania or Germany, to get fans on stage and have them sing ‘Slave’ with him… 

After some pressing and insisting, he managed to get some people up there, majority of them fans that came from overseas, some organizers and... ROME… yes, Simone, in his spontaneous style, invited the three musicians up on stage as well, showing us all that a Special Evening can only be done with friends, for friends… especially as he found a Romanian flag somewhere backstage and made sure to take it with him and hang it on the microphone support… a gesture practiced by many… in a calculated manner… here… it just happened… 

As many had no idea what SPIRITUAL FRONT and ROME were all about... the idea is that the two bands made many new friends that night, individuals that most likely did not regret those three hours of isolation from the day-to-day. It was beautiful, it was friendly, it was special, and it was real… A Story, A Real Story… Thank you to all those who have managed to transform 2008 into a dream year: ARCANA, ICE AGES, ATARAXIA, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, CASCADEUR, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, ROME, SPIRITUAL FRONT, spectators, friends and collaborators! A friendly salute... and, who knows...


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    Martial Postfolk Evening - Rome

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    Martial Postfolk Evening - Spiritual Front


 COMUNICAT 01.12.08

Dupa interviul in exclusivitate oferit de Jerome Reuter despre tot ce inseamna trupa ROME, a venit acum randul lui Simone Salvatori, cel ce conduce grupul SPIRITUAL FRONT, sa ne spuna cateva lucruri inainte de sustinerea concertului de pe 13 decembrie de la Brasov. Link-ul il gasiti aici:

In alta ordine de idei, toti posesorii de bilet la Seara Martial Post Folk ce doresc sa primeasca gratuit 2 CD-uri la alegere dintr-o lista variata de albume trebuie sa trimita la adresa, pana la data de 8 decembrie, raspunsul corect la intrebarea: In ce tara s-a nascut liderul grupului ROME, Jerome Reuter? 

In acelasi mesaj, concurentul trebuie sa treaca si un minimum de 4 albume preferate din lista de aici, iar pe principiul «prima cerere onorata», acesta va primi un email de confirmare al premiului (cele 2 CD-uri) pana pe data de 10 decembrie, CD-urile castigatoare putand fi ridicate in seara evenimentului, la intrarea in Reduta.

Accesul publicului in sala Centrului Cultural Reduta din Brasov va fi permis incepand cu orele 18.00. Vor exista standuri cu accesorii muzicale pentru toti cei interesati. Fiecare concert va dura o ora iar pauza intre reprezentatii va fi de 30 de minute.

Dupa orele 22.00, cei ce doresc sa petreaca alaturi de membrii celor doua trupe o pot face la Musik Cafe, la un AfterParty liber, care va fi rezervat participantilor la Seara Speciala (accesul este gratuit insa se va face pe baza bratarii primite la concert).

Amintim ca biletele la acest eveniment se gasesc in reteaua Diverta, la si, in reteaua magazinelor Flanco si pe 

Pretul unui bilet este de 70RON.


DonisArt & Kogaionon


COMUNICAT 20.11.08


Posesorii biletelor cu seriile: 229106915-1, 229106915-2, 229106959-1, 229106959-2, 229107296-1 si 229107395-1, cumparate in data de 13 si 14 noiembrie 2008 sunt rugati sa contacteze DonisArt si Kogaionon la adresa:, pana in data de 5 Decembrie 2008. Persoanele aflate in posesia biletelor mentionate mai sus pot astfel recupera 10 RON din pretul de 70 RON platit pe data de 13 sau 14 Noiembrie pentru biletele la evenimentul cu Rome si Spiritual Front.

Ne cerem scuze pentru eroarea comisa, modificarea de pret producandu-se cu doua zile inainte de ziua initial comunicata.

Amintim ca biletele la acest eveniment se gasesc in reteaua Diverta, la si, in reteaua magazinelor Flanco si pe Pretul unui bilet este de 70RON.


DonisArt & Kogaionon




   Anul 2008 a adus in Romania un numar mare de trupe pentru toate gusturile. Kogaionon si DonisArt si-au propus sa promoveze prin conceptul Serilor Speciale doar stiluri muzicale necunoscute marii majoritati, dar care merita putina atentie, daca nu chiar mai mult decat atat. Astfel ca ARCANA, ICE AGES, ATARAXIA, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES si CASCADEUR au fost primele trupe ce au cantat in premiera in Romania. Unele din ele complet underground, altele mai cunoscute in acest segment de nisa, insa toate dedicate complet muzicii pe care o compun si o interpreteaza.

   Ultima Seara Speciala din 2008 aduce in aceeasi eleganta sala de teatru din cadrul Centrului Cultural Reduta din Brasov doua trupe spectaculoase, mai putin mediatizate in Romania, dar care se bucura de un succes impresionant in Europa.

   Chiar daca s-a infiintat doar in urma cu patru ani, ROME a reusit sa realizeze pana acum 3 albume si un minialbum, toate la renumitul label suedez Cold Meat Industry. Deoarece ultimul album, scos in primavara acestui an, Masse Mensch Material, s-a bucurat de un feedback incredibil, casa de discuri germana TRISOL i-a oferit trupei un contract mult mai atragator, ceea ce poate fi considerat un mare pas inainte pentru Jerome & Patrick.

   Stilul abordat este unul Dark Pop Martial Neo Folk, cu o voce ce are repere in mai multi muzicieni celebri, de la Jaques Brel si pana la Nick Cave sau Leonard Cohen. Melodicitatea este si ea un element important in constructia muzicii ROME, alaturi de o amprenta sobra si grava ce se poate distinge usor din acordurile acestui sound. 

   Cu siguranta ca ROME va deveni in scurt timp o trupa reper pentru foarte multi si de accea ne-am gandit ca cel mai bine este sa-i aducem in Romania, sa ne prezinte muzica lor exact cum si-o doresc.

Puteti citi si un interviu in exclusivitate realizat in luna octombrie, de unde veti putea desprinde esenta conceptului muzical ROME.

   Partea a doua a serii Martial Post Folk va fi in compania unei alte trupe celebre afara, care vine din Italia si se numeste SPIRITUAL FRONT. De fapt, trupa se asociaza cu numele lui Simone Salvatori, creatorul si mentorul acestei trupe, un talentat muzician ce transforma concertele lui in adevarate spectacole. Profitand si de faptul ca tocmai a terminat de inregistrat un nou album, oportunitatea de a asculta clasicul dar si noul SPIRITUAL FRONT este una unica pentru Romania si nu numai! Stilul Suicidal Pop este unul foarte controversat ca denumire dar, in realitate, muzica italianului este una plina de ecouri Pop si Rock, prezentate insa intr-o aura Dark melancolica, care ne aminteste de Western-ul de demult sau de muzica lui Ennio Morricone.

SPIRITUAL FRONT este o trupa cu peste zece ani de activitate, care are la activ cateva albume remarcabile iar unele piese au devenit deja balade renumite ce se canta pe scena impreuna cu spectatorii.

   Seara Martial Post Folk din 13 decembrie va incepe la orele 19.00 iar pentru aproximativ trei ore va veti putea delecta cu doua trupe elegante, poate cele mai in voga ca aparitii live dintre toate cele aflate sub la Trisol Music.

   Vor exista si standuri cu CD-uri, tricouri si alte accesorii personalizate cu trupele participante, va exista si clasicul AfterParty din Musik Cafe, incepand cu orele 22.00… va fi o noua Seara Speciala, ultima din 2008, un motiv in plus ca, la final, sa ciocnim impreuna un pahar de sampanie.

Va asteptam!

Info eveniment & Bilete:

Loc de desfasurare: Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov.

Detalii trupe:,

Pret bilet: 70 RON

Biletele se gasesc in reteaua Flanco si Diverta, pe, si, precum si la (Mihai, Brasov) si (Titus, Bucuresti) 

Data eveniment: 13.12.2008. Orele 19:00.


Martial Postfolk Evening
13 December, 2008 - 19:00 Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov
Kogaionon and Donisart