10 February 2013
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The Japanese band MONO returns to Romania after their first apparition one and a half year ago, from Cluj Napoca. The show from the 22nd of July 2011, from Euphoria Music Hall, rejoyced everyone present, the Japanese being pleasantly surprised by both the way they were welcomed and acclaimed, at the end of the show.

DonisArt found again the right bridge with the artists' management, therefore, on the 10th of February 2013, their European tour will also include Romania, through a concert in Daos Club, from Timisoara.

 MONO is one of the representative bands of Instrumental Rock style, the 6 conceptual albums released until now (besides other projects and collaborations) continuing to be inspiring for the whole actual Post-Rock scene and beyond. Their last album, released in the beggining of September, "For My Parents", continuing the unique and unmistakable musical travel the four Japanese concieved and expressed in the 5 new songs.

 Next to MONO, the Belgian artist DIRK SERRIES will present his new album, a seqel to the "Microphonics" concept, this time with a new chapter, expressed through an interesting Ambient and Shoegaze mix. Dirk has accomplished over 100 albums, the most visible bands so far being vidnaObmana or Fear Falls Burning.

The event will start at 20:00, Sunday, February 10 2013, the tickets will be available only at the entrance of Daos Club, Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu no. 5, Timisoara, on the event's night, at the price of 50 lei. Bookings can be made at the address, starting with January 15, 2013.

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22 November 2012


10 February, 2013 - 20:00 Clubul Daos, Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu Nr.5, Timisoara
50 lei
in seara evenimentului