Reverberant Waves Evening

30 October 2010
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 Another evening following the pattern of concerts announced within a very short period of time. This time it was held in Suceava, a town with many live activities but nevertheless, with very little people interested in this sort of stuff. I’ve been in Vox club a week ago to see Luna Amara and I was very disappointed to see that a band who build a name for itself in Romania failed to gather more than 150-200 fans to the show. Still, I was relaxed, because I told myself I shouldn’t be expecting much for Reverberant Waves Evening. And why is that? Because I was doing it in this city, who is only related to my history. The present is very confusing, bent towards other horizons.  

Featuring a crowd similar with Luna Amara’s, the event of 30 October can be called a successful one, for the bands. Still, a big question I still have in the back of my mind is why on earth did the LABURINTHOS fans – who came in big numbers – kept staying on their comfy couches instead of having the decency to get up during the band’s recital? It’s like me sitting lounged on an armchair talking to who ever stands in front of me and actually having a real conversation. LABURINTHOS wanted to show the people present in the venue (friends, curious people, DORDEDUH fans) that evening, that they have something to say, something unusual for Romania, that actually sounds very good played live! Only a few people wanted to express their respect in a manner I appreciate and they deserve all the esteem in the world. The six band members from Suceava played to their maximum potential; they performed almost 50 minutes in the most original and surprising way – for those who weren’t up to date with their song from myspace. There were a few people who witnessed their first live appearance a few months ago. I was very pleasantly surprised, especially since I’ve seen them so many times in the studio and I think I was a little overcritical. Saturday night they outdone themselves and I only can congratulate them! There are still some things needed to be done, maybe work on their fine-tuning as they go (too many ideas scalded one on top of each other can tire the listener’s ear). At least for Romania, LABURINTHOS is an innovative concept! And they are only a young band, regardless of age of the band members. Keep in mind: Labyrinthine Blue Wave! 

Now let’s talk about DORDEDUH…although it sounds quite mercantile to talk about how it went…DORDEDUH represents an “esoteric entity” who doesn’t deserve to be identified as a band. Still the normal standards bind me to fit them into the usual semantic clichés. We’re talking about “beautiful” souls, people who are doing what they are doing out of unconditional love, within their own faith, who manage to transcend into another dimension through their concepts! What a concert! What energy and magic….it seems like an act of desecration to retell the exact details…you can witness it in the videos. DORDEDUH recharged my batteries during the evening of 30 October (the next evening too, in Bucharest during Hatework) overshadowing the mental exhaustion provoked by Labyrinthic Metal Evening. 

The new songs are too avant-gardish for the Romanian scene, I mean for those type of metal heads who are into epic, bombastic, melodic and rhythmic melodies or those who like extra raw and fast music which looses any kind of technicality it might have. The keyboard part needs more work, but the guy behind the drum kit is really really good (although he seemed more adjusted in January). The bass player is also very talented and there’s no need to say that Hupogrammos and Sol Faur could do a show all by themselves if they wanted. The harsh vocals blend interestingly with the clean passages, while the breaking of rhythms offers another technical treat. I never said I was a professional or an adherent of objectivity in writing or speech, so therefore I can say, while being under the influence of the Sunday and Saturday concerts, that DORDEDUH is the most inspiring Metal underground project from Romania! Even if the music’s message is one extremely introverted and too experimental! The musical approach is very much to my liking, but, I am sorry to say, I really don’t know that many people who like listening to this sort of stuff. Or who knows, maybe I am wrong! 

Speaking of totally different matters, I was surprised by comments I keep hearing (after more than I year) about NEGURA BUNGET and the pro and against legions. I think it’s a huge mistake to look at music by comparison! Or, how one of my friends asked me recently, a friend who’s not into this kind of music: “So, dude which is the best: Iris or Compact?”. And so I realized that the right answer is: Holograf! Or, none of the above! When, after a shallow introspection, you can’t find a bone in your spine, a spine which you’d like to think it’s completely vertical, you immediately start researching for landmarks to govern your thinking. But, everybody has his own agenda… 

Therefore, this was a performance in my beloved Bucovina, were I met with friends and people I knew that I haven’t seen in a good while. This was an evening about 2 successful recitals and 2 different bands who were nevertheless appreciated if I am to relate to the feedback. Last but last least, a video screening of AGALLOCH’s concert in Bucharest took place. 

It was beautiful, a Special Evening never to be forgotten, full of interior reverberations…it was definitely something different. Thank you Suceava! 


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    Reverberant Waves Evening - Laburinthos

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    Reverberant Waves Evening - Dordeduh - Part 2

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    Reverberant Waves Evening - Dordeduh - Part 1


DonisArt in Bucovina!

Dupa Brasov si Bucuresti, DonisArt poposeste acum si in Suceava! Reverberant Waves Evening este Seara Speciala care va oferi oportunitatea participantilor de a savura doua recitaluri complet diferite, atat ca structura, cat si ca interpretare.

LABURINTHOS este un proiect sucevean format din 6 persoane ce s-au adunat acum mai bine de un an sub acelasi acoperis muzical pentru a promova un concept nemaintalnit pana acum in Romania: Labyrinthine Bluewave.

Cu multe influente din trupe Underground, LABURINTHOS a reusit sa-si contureze propria abordare muzicala, pe care doreste sa o impartaseasca cu toti cei prezenti, printr-un show greu de incadrat stilistic. O piesa se poate asculta deja pe myspace (masterizata de Hupogrammos/DORDEDUH), urmand ca altele sa fie postate in saptamanile ce urmeaza. Aura melancolica aminteste pe alocuri de THE 3rd AND THE MORTAL, dar se regasesc pasaje si din IN THE WOODS…, STILLE OPPROR, KAUAN sau NERONOIA. Mixul de voci lasa de cele mai multe ori locul unor pasaje foarte atmosferice, ghidate de un keyboard bombastic, care comunica inteligent cu solo-uri de chitara extrem de apasatoare si o baterie care se incapataneaza a nu respecta nici un ritm clasic. Bassul intervine rar intr-un mod vizbil dar cand o face da acea sobrietate necesara unui sunet ce graviteaza in jurul sferei Dark.

DORDEDUH este trupa celor doi mentori din NEGURA BUNGET, Hupogrammos si Sol Faur, care, in urma cu un an, au pus bazele acestui superinteresant proiect Transcendental Black Metal. Este, cu siguranta, cea mai captivanta trupa autohtona de la care atat fanii vechiului NEGURA BUNGET cat si cei mai noi din bransa Metalica au foarte mari asteptari. Interesul acestora s-a vazut in Bucuresti, la prima lor aparitie live, unde au venit si multi jurnalisti de specialitate din intreaga Europa pentru a imortaliza evenimentul. Dupa Echoes From Transcendence Evening din ianuarie, timisorenii colaboreaza din nou cuDonisArt, de data aceasta prezentand oficial prima lor realizare, EP-ul “Valea Omului”, aparut la inceputul lunii septembrie la label-ul german Prophecy Productions. Concertul acestora va dura peste 60 de minute, in care vor interpreta atat piese ce vor aparea pe noul album dar si secvente celebre pe care cei doi le-au compus in decursul anilor sub bannerul NEGURA BUNGET. In formula de sextet, alaturi de propriul sunetist, DORDEDUH pregateste fanilor un concert exploziv, un melanj inspirat intre arsenalul clasic metalifer si instrumente traditionale ca tulnic, xilofon, toaca…

Hupogrammos a cantat o singura data in Suceava, in urma cu circa 15 ani, intr-un concert memorabil pentru veteranii Metal suceveni, alaturi de Negru, cu proiectul WICCAN REDE, care ulterior s-a transformat in NEGURA BUNGET.

DORDEDUH va aduce tricouri personalizate dar si prima lor realizare, vinilul aparut in doar 500 de exemplare, din care jumatate s-a vandut deja in regim de pre-order.

Dupa recital, trupetii vor fi bucurosi sa stea de vorba cu fanii de toate varstele despre muzica creata de ei si nu numai.

Toti participantii la Reverberant Waves Evening vor avea posibilitatea de a pleca acasa cu CD-uri Metal si nu numai, oferite gratuit de organizatori prietenilor Serii Speciale.

Mai mult, dupa terminarea celor 2 concerte, cei prezenti vor putea vizualiza in premiera reprezentatia integrala AGALLOCH, sustinuta in urma cu cateva luni in Centrul Cultural Reduta din Brasov.

Evenimentul va avea loc sambata, 30 octombrie 2010, in Clubul Vox, situat la subsolul Casei de Cultura din Suceava, accesul fiind permis incepand cu ora 20.00.

Pretul unui bilet este de 20 lei si va putea fi achizitionat la intrare.

Va asteptam!


Trupe participante: LABURINTHOS, DORDEDUH

Locatie: Clubul Vox, Casa de Cultura, Suceava

Data: 30 octombrie 2010, ora 20.00

Organizator: DonisArt

Bilet: 20 lei

Distributie: la intrare
Septembrie, 2010


Reverberant Waves Evening
30 October, 2010 - 20:00 Clubul Vox, Casa de Cultura, Suceava
20 lei
la intrare
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