DonisArt, starting over

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It’s been another year in which the DonisArt team continued to exist due to your participation, but also out of respect and admiration for the beautiful music, noncommercial, Underground Spirit bearing. Thank you for your support!

Started 6 years ago through the experience in concerts, the DonisArt journey strove to emphasize the normality, common sense, respect and last but not least, the simplicity! We dare to believe that we managed to bring a breath of fresh air in everything that we accomplished and that we inspired, motivated, or even brought joy to some of you. We did not differentiate between musicians, organizers, public, media and guests, while outlining a concept that some have defined eclectic, others atypical ... We did only what we felt, without asking anything in return ... but we were delighted if you've enjoyed and felt that excitement, that thrill that made the difference between a successful concert and an intense, unique immersion ... we are inclined to believe that the flavor of those moments still lingers somewhere inside of you!

Zooming in onto minimalist details but unquantifiable by comparisons or financial calculations, in all of our events so far we have invited a remarkable number of bands from around the world, carefully chosen, all at their first visit in Romania (excepting local bands). We never liked to copy others, to do what others do, especially that some do it very well and is, in fact, their own story and their own belief. . We don't like to interfere with the others and make room just to get heard, seen, acclaimed. We believed in alternative expressions, the boundlessness, in the freedom to think and express unconventional, nonconformist, unconditional.

Thus, we sought to organize events in cities, halls or spaces less advertised before, but which have a decent standard, infrastructure, logistics and proper acoustics. We wanted to get out into nature and have chosen a fortress, where, for a moment in time it brought positive energy, much joy and even became, for a few years, a beautiful tradition.
We repeated certain invitations just because some bands were coming with new albums or  new features and we have held some events in the same place as we felt very comfortable there.

Six years have passed and we are at peace with what we have accomplished. We tried, besides the concerts themselves, to insert other artistic activities, we wrote various materials, many people have been given the opportunity to be heard, to talk about their obsessions publicly, we showed everyone that we can behave and express ourselves less formal, less stereotypical, with a different attitude toward what we find every day at school, work or leisure time.

Thus we want to reinvent ourselves, not to fall into routine or let ourselves seduced by copy-paste elements. To proceed in the same way it would mean to abandon our belief in total sincerity, in unconditional devotion! The way to the final destination is predictable and it sounds like a stereotype that we always tried to avoid. We believe that those who have joined us many times will understand us now ... and maybe some will follow us in our madness, just like every time. Because we want to continue, but in a different way.

That is why we have laid the foundations of a new concept (like the famous Special Evenings, DBE or Kruna) that does not attempt to substitute DBE (the sole outdoor concept) nor to compete with it, because we are not competing with anyone. DBE needs a break, peacefulness, a new identity, a new creed, by which to manage to bring joy to those around us that we can not see or do not have the opportunity to be together with us in those beautiful moments ... DBE will reinvent itself when that beautiful vibration will totally and unconditionally reopen the hearts of the people eager of unique experiences and feelings full of friendship and harmony. We like to surprise, to come up with new, innovating, inspiring but playful elements, so as not to become predictable and then boring. DBE means peace, it means love, freedom, it means a beautiful and respectful attitude! It would be nice for DBE to return one day…

For the year to come and we aim to go further back to normality, to simplicity, to… Escape to Nature. KruNatura (the expression of harmony) is a new challenge for us in several ways. We want this output to be an escape from the everyday life, but into nature. Why shouldn’t we enjoy the fresh mountain air? Why don’t we take a slight walk in Rarau Mountains and see the Lady Stones? Or visit a few monasteries in the north of Moldavia, Bucovina named by the Austrians, and even take lunch in an old monastery? Why don’t we visit some beautiful places in Bucovina and a friendly guide to answer all our curiosities? Furthermore, why don’t we sit at a camp fire at night, as we listen to local storytellers and their legends, in front of a glass of anything, we could even bring our own drink and split it between us "praising which is the best”? Why not try to cook something there and if we all come to the mountains? There are no restrictions or constraints, each can bring anything he desires, we will find there a few rocks and some firewood, perhaps even a grill...

And late at night, why not stay near the campfire, all relaxed and dreamy, listening to acoustic songs played by a few bands that are coming to KruNatura with great love and with a desire to discover a very beautiful area? Kim will come up with another 2 members, so we have plenty of vocals, guitar, melodic and percussion... Aslak will bring his own handmade stringed instrument, kantele, with which he will play completely rearranged songs ... B'ee will come up with two other musicians; his music will be played like never before, in a unique way, with 3 voices (one female), guitar, flute, various types of harp, hurdy gurdy, percussion ... and Costin will surprise us with a new avant-garde expression, through his guitar.
If we will get inspired by those songs or surroundings, why shouldn’t we bring with us a Chevalet, paper or drawing canvas and try to paint, sketch whatever comes to our mind right there on the spot? Or if you come up with other ideas or crafts of any kind, why wouldn’t we do it there, among friends? It's just an Escape To Nature, a different kind of escaping the mundane... nothing more!

There will be no electricity in the place where we sit in the evenings, but there will be a facility nearby to recharge phones and yes, there will be signal on all mobile phone networks. We will take care of accommodations for those interested, at decent prices, in cottages or nearby hostels. Those who want can stay in the city center, because of the national highway and up on the KruNatura land there are around 3 km of paved road. It's just 500 meters away from the last inhabited house in Campulung Moldovenesc, on Valea Izvorul Alb (White Spring Valley), immediately after Campulung East train station. The road was once paved up to the Rarau Hotel (peak) and could be easily reached by car. Not today. But there is other recently paved road where you can go up the mountain by car (from Pojorata), it takes around half an hour. In any case , walking from the KruNatura land and up, on Rarau, means approx. 10 km of walking (4-5 hours) and there is also the possibility that on the return to go down by bus in order to save some time.

And for those who want to bring their tents we will have minimal solutions to cover the electricity, toilet or shower. Camping will be possible on the KruNatura land or in a fully equipped camping nearby, approx. 2km away.

We will handle reservations early next year. We will provide coach buses, if there is demand, one in Bucharest and one in Cluj Napoca, so that everything goes easier and cheaper than a trip on its own. Whoever wants to come by car or train is as welcome.

We have outlined the plan for what it will be like in the end of spring, but we will tell you later on, when it will be finished. We are thinking, however, on building a small scene or a roof, in case it gets rainy. We will arrange some waste bins, and we will handle the few resources that we have there, relying on our common sense, respecting the nature, implicitly us. We will also have a few volunteers to help us in everything we do.
The KruNatura ticket will be 80 lei and will be paid on the first evening, May 30. People who are only attending the last night (ie 31) are also welcome, just that they will partially get into the feeling or understand the KruNatura concept. For other expenses (travel, accommodation) we’ll come up with more details in January. For other questions, krunafest@gmail.com is at your service. We offer priority booking, just as before. We would be honored if we gathered 50-60 souls.

So much for KruNatura.
As for other DonisArt events for 2014, there is no other intention, there is no plan or any other idea. If something changes, you will be the first to know.

In parallel, we are trying to launch and to develop a proper alternative to the musical/artistic data existent in Romania, suffocated by the mainstream and commercial, that is blocking or ignoring artistic, smart, quality, innovative acts. Thus we can say that the Kogaionon mission was carried through, all planning to turn into a multi-platform, proactive and of interest for those who love quality.
And we hope to put into practice this vast, resourceful, industrious project.

Thanks for reading these lines.



November 30, 2013