April 2006

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Nostalgia Salutes via Twin Peaks!

All the same April is here, I am still wondering about autumn's bygone, especially this sublime season's last spark, Novembre. I invite you to do the same, because "Materia", the fifth album of the Italian trio, is magnific (see the playlist)! As the sun is shining all day long and the heat starts to suffocate us already, the light of the day is longer than the night, my tone should enhance optimism, joy, synthetism... I fear it's impossible for me to experience all that and moreover the environment I live in helps me feeling so. To be more precise, this very evening, right after I've enjoyed a glass of wine in a restaurant, I woke up finding myself in another restaurant, placed in the woods near the town where I consumed my hole childhood, even adolescence...to a jazz concert! The banner was announcing "jazzin' the ward"! I am still surprised how I have managed to stay there for almost 5 hours and enjoy the atmosphere! The music could not feed me at all, but it doesn't mean it couldn't have been an interesting eye/ear experience for the others... Still, I was touched by the atmosphere and the details within. For instance, I found there at the tables characters unseen for over 10-15 years, most of them odd in my view. Obviously, time has marked it's passing through the dark circles under their eyes, hair colours or nonathletic body shapes. Probably the feeling was gaining reciprocity - except for the hair colour. Indeed I have experienced a bizarre feeling that night, as all the personas were acting in a dear movie of mine, and deep within my desperation, no matter my longing and the desire to taste it once more, I could not find the one who should impersonate David Lynch...nor Bob...he was probably all around and deep within the personas there populating the tables, hidden behind his puerile jeans jacket. Therefore, over 100 fans of an extremely appreciated style by intellectuals and American negros, acted in an elegant and decent manner, living the moment vividly so, in my oppinion we can rate this experience as successful.

Moreover, finding Mosu (alias Florian Lungu), a master of the genre, as the concert host could only fulfill this experiece... What came into me sharing you such details ? Maybe I fell into nostalgia and I woke up remembering those long past times when I used to wonder night after night in my lunatic outings, along some alcohol and music all around; I used to enjoy musical diversity, but the so called night birds were all over the parks and nocturnal clubs. What could be more stupid than watching the people hurring to work early in the morning (around 4 - 5 am), while I was walking my angry Metalist steps towards the bed in my room, waiting to feast me with it's cosiness...beautiful times, long bygone for me! Indeed, they dissapeared just for me, because all the personas I used to intersect in the past, night by night, every single night in the town's dark paths (let's call them at all illuminated) are still alive and continue to share life! Quite a feeling! Now let's change the cip, end the jazzmania stuff and turn to Metal realm, because we have several interesting albums, for you to get to listen and, as you already know my monthly playlist is an aleatory compass...I have been stricken by nostalgia relistening to the sublime project THIS EMPTY FLOW, an inspired remastering via Eibon Records! SATURNUS brings up, after 6 years, a rather melancholic album. ARTHESIA is an interesting debut, based on an ELEND/DARK SANCTUARY structure, adding an extra Ethereal feature and using only the feminine vocal. AVA INFERI's release is a different frame in the classical Doom/Atmospheric scene but an interesting one, while PROJECT MORFEO presents a mix of rhythmic, dynamic, even bombastic styles. Moreover...several other albums fighting to get over mediocrity! I already know the next month will bring up some interesting albums, so it's for sure I'll share you my ideas in May also...afterwards, untill autumn or perhaps 'till a new remarkable release, I'll enter my stand-by state of continuous hibernation or...maybe not!

Still, don't forget to enter reviews folder, because I've placed something for you around there too! Moreover, I want you to know that the 10th project of the printed Kogaionon is not lost, yet questioning about the diguise of its neverending ignition...

April 2006.