April 2007

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Everlasting salutes!

After a marvellous LAIBACH concert in Bucharest (probably the most profi one I've seen so far), I was expecting a fade and pale coming frame of time, but it seems that the last two months gainsaid me. Firstly, ever more labels hastened into sending me many of their releases, settling into shape an approximately 50 albums playlist. Secondly, the utter fruition might be ladyfied as Les Fleurs Du Mal, the new SOPOR AETERNUS album, or simply SOPOR; ANTIMATTER returns with an excellent new release throughout which Mick Moss evinces us what a little genius is;

ELEND reveals that French can sound great too, especially when the entire symphony unveils a continuous storm on the background... less Ambient as the last two albums, yet as furious as on the "The Umbersun" this last work is conceived in a different sonorous structure; NOVEMBERS DOOM proves us Doom Death Metal's allurement when it is well performed; FINNTROLL insists on virtuosity and celerity, leaving the Epic dimension lost behind, regrettably; VIRGIN BLACK obscures the sound quite much, placing it somewhere between the debut and the second album; THURISAZ astounds with a very well conceived and interpreted material, so that we are dealing here with an excellent Doom Death approach; MANES seems to over-experiment and exceeds my apprehension boundaries as an uninitiated DJ; MITHRAS comes back powerfully but at all explicit; Peaceville reissues probably the most complex of all Blackheim's albums (KATATONIA), as DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE project is now a dissolved one; THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT returns with the second album released by the Portuguese label Equilibrium, bringing pretty much the same value as the last one, plus some influences reminding me of Lorenna Mc Kennith; VINTERSORG winds up a bit to the first two albums' sound, but the stylistic mixture has not captivated me this time either; VISIONS OF ATLANTIS copies NIGHTWISH in a more progressive, bombastic, yet depersonalized manner; SERENITY sounds fine, but far too light in order to stir up my interest; HELRITT performs a quality Black Metal; KRODA comes from Ukraine and their Pagan Black Metal approach is one to be explored; UNEXPECT proves that also Canada can create a beautiful avantgardist Metal album; PANTHEON I brings an interesting Epic Black Metal album from Norway; HEIDEN insists on the same linear Black Metal approach; FORNOST cannot escape from the comparison with BURZUM; KARNA is a quite pleasant surprise;

OMNIUM GATHERUM sounds good, but reveals its inability to pass beyond a certain inspiration level; NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION tries to set a place of its own on the Suicide Black Metal market via its new release at a fresh Romanian label, Son & Moon Records; this label has also reissued a LABYRINTH OF ABYSS album released two years ago, one not very habile mixed but probably demanded by the public; EERINESS brings a quite complex, melodic and full of rhythm Gothic material right from Switzerland. Obviously I could have written dozens of rows alike if I was to characterize every single album from these months' playlist, yet I could get wasted in unimportant details. You have plenty of choices to make from the current playlist, enough releases to enjoy, yet others to ignore. And when I come to think that the next playlist will harbour new STORMFAGEL, COPH NIA, PIMENTOLA, ROME, PEST and KAYNO YESNO SLONCE releases!

Surprisingly or not, I am joyful as I'll be able to see some true bands live on our lands: MY DYING BRIDE is the first on line, alongside HAGGARD, ANATHEMA, THE GATHERING. There shall be another two bands that you'll find out about in just a few days, but the important thing for you is to think twice if it worth ignoring a show alike this one, even though it will take place in June at Sibiu. The distance is not significant, the price is unimportant (quite reasonable versus the offer), so all that matters is that we'll be able to witness Aaron's poetic depression on a Romanian stage ... and not solely that.

OK. Spring is here, day grows longer and longer, snow only caresses us in our imaginary wanderings, everything revives, all turns more positive, flashy and cheerful. I have no idea how many fit this description, yet it is a cycle you cannot skip in order to survive. Sure, there are always ones who persist on virtually transforming their solitary dreams into lifestyles and I cannot do else but gladden about their will... even though I know it is all about indulging in illusions. No matter how long I would peer to see some snow through my window, green finally defeats me. Maybe I am weak, fearful or perhaps simply too realistic, pragmatic, imprisoned by the shallow materialism of the times I'm living in...I've got no clue about that! I accept my condition and I enjoy the egotistic escapades within the circling realm that music creates around me!

Sure, I'll do some reviews for the best albums from my last two playlists, and they'll probably be online in the middle of April.

We'll intersect again in another two months, before or after the Artmania concert from Sibiu. Until then, enjoy the transcending realm superbly created by Anna Varney Cantodea, that unveils us an unconceivable sonorous Baudelaire ... moreover, the ones from Trisol proved their genius once again with a magnificent boxset! Yet, in order to get not too deepen within this controversial personage's universe, take some bracing air from time to time via ANTIMATTER's new material, one offering you for sure something that no other new release could have generated in the last years!

April, 2007.