August 2007

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Intense salutations!

After several tropical months, I've got lucky enough to reach some shady, saturnine days that easen up my way to the keyboard for writing down some lines. I've done that also intending to say some words about the coming festival in Cluj - Napoca, but I've realized that I can do it too in the weeks that are just about to come.
I know for sure that on Friday evening (10th of August) I'll be at 10 pm at the Cluj-Napoca airport, just in right place and time to see once again my friends from ORPHANED LAND on the scene, as they are to visit our lands for the second time, thanks to the same man (Nelu Brandusan/Promusic/Maximum Rock).
As I loved the atmosphere back one year ago at Satu - Mare, I have certain emotions regarding this year's concert when there shall be a more numerous audience, yes my fear is for not experiencing disillusion, but I cannot experience anything if I'm not present at the gig. Anyway, it worth seeing them live, because Kobi &Co certainly know how to make a show, especially as the tracks sound far more aggressive on stage ... well, don't imagine it's studio like sound, on the contrary, you'll be earthquaked by the sonorous differences, yet again if you'll succeed into recognizing a few tracks (eventually lyrics or a refrain once in a while) then you're good indeed ... I truly like the live acts done by these talented Jewish.

I'll get to the subject, leaving my introspections aside. With a new imagery, the site reached a new form and a distinct dynamic. Lus convinced me that the main difference between the former version and the current one resides in the site's dynamic, as it is far easier to be found through any search engines in the world, and this was precarious before, as you well know.

One of the key achievements, as far as I am concerned, is the fact that Kogaionon Magazine is now available online, in its complete and official version, starting from the first issue to the number nine. Considerable works lies behind the scanning of over hundreds pages, but this way I was able to avert one of my readers great discontents, as some of them insistently requested me to give them access to the early issues of Kogaionon. Now, Kogaionon has no secret at all, everything turned transparent, viewable. So, if you find enough patience and the right mood within yourselves, you can now spend full hours on the site, reading hundreds of interviews, over a thousand reviews and several other materials written in more than ten years of activity.

Also thanks to Lus's insistences, I've also posted a Blog, which is by no means intended to become a forum...honestly, I couldn't desire it less. It is just that I try to contour there certain distinct ideas related to everyday problems and experiences... I am glad that this way I also get to find certain persons having nothing to do with the musical sonorities that I approach within Kogaionon, yet ones sharing same interests towards further debating on particular themes, even if that's not done in the comments...

The contest that is now posted, will also be there for the future coming, as I realize that the thousands CDs bundled on my shelves, start to raise a problem in what concerns my space... moreover, I am sure that some of the readers may enjoy more than I do those two CDs given as a reward, yet in order to get them some must carefully read Kogaionon's pages and afterwards give the right answer in time.

I've intended to post two extremely interesting interviews on the site, ones conducted by a good friend of mine for a well known magazine, but they haven't been officially presented yet so I have to put them on hold for the next two months probably. Maybe in the coming time I will also do one or two interviews, in my own way, but so far I didn't have the needed time or mood, plus there was no particular band to ignite my desire towards dialogue.

Here we are talking about the albums... you can enjoy a profuse playlist, consisting in over sixty albums that have been released in the meanwhile, many of them mediocre, others slightly above average and one or two elegant ones. I find salutary Peaceville's decision, consequently to the purchase of Avantgarde's rights, to reissue some referential albums for this very scene, such as: MAYHEM, CARPATHIAN FOREST, KEEP OF KALESSIN or KATATONIA. Cold Meat Industries have released a new STORMFAGEL, alongside fresh and inspired conceived materials from DESIDERII MARGINIS or COPH NIA, Indie Recordings present us an imposing IN VAIN, Spinefarm bring a very bombastic ELEIRA; Prophecy surprised me with a rapturous ALCEST and a THE VISION BLEAK material that I've been hearing a lot within the last years; Heavy Horses has now released even more Death/Black modest albums, yet FINSTERFORST seems to be the smartest choice thus far. The End released the WINDS I've long awaited, DGF made an excellent compilation and also presents a new and quite linear ANGANTYR album, plus IMPERIUM DEKADENZ which brought a sensational Atmospheric Bombastic Black Metal album... therefore, plenty for you to choose from! Some tens of albums have been extracted and analyzed from the current playlist, and you can find them all in reviews folder.

That would be all for the time being... until Autumn lays low its anchor, the best thing to do is to leave you living your lives! See you soon!

August 2007.