August 2008

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Canicular salutes!

My intentions were to leave it slower until the midst of September, but the avalanche of albums I’ve received during the last weeks made this drift of mine impossible. And so, I started to write again. Not as much as I wished, yet I do point out some information.

If you take a look at the current PLAYLIST, you’ll find some interesting albums on their way to be released, and also some reissued ones, just perfect to take their place in your collection.

In what concerns the REVIEWS folder, you’ll find over 50 materials about which I’ve put down some thoughts, just to give a glimpse on how do they sound. Surely, in my subjective dimension.

In ARTICLES folder, you can uncover the analyze of Artmania festival, held at Sibiu in July 18th and 19th, where solely LACRIMOSA and NEGURA BUNGET gave the proof of their talent and value.

The ones that have missed Richard Lederer’s aka Protector (SUMMONING, DVKE) concert can see a short movie about the Cold Dark Evening held at Brasov, on July 28th, under the name ICE AGES.

The next Special Evening will take place on September 20th with the fascinating band ATARAXIA, who proves their true value live therefore I thought it would be interesting for you to read the latest details about them, in the text that you can find posted on INTERVIEWS folder.

The “CONCURS” becomes an interesting issue once again, for the ones aiming to get some interesting Kogaionian things.

That would be all for the moment. We’ll hear each other and see you all hopefully as soon as possible, with as much of you as possible at the ATARAXIA After Party.

August 2008