August 2011

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Bombastic salutes! 

We enter the last month and get rid of this tiresome summer! If that’s good or bad, it’s for each to decide! I know this year’s BAC turned out bad. It is said they are the history’s worst results (45% graduated), that led to many cries, curses, fights, traumas... I don’t know how normal this situation is, but the sum of reasons that led here doesn’t necessarily has to do with the students (to the extent that the classic “put the hand on that book, or else...” pattern is used by all ascertaining)... for example, the incompetence of politicians, demotivation of teachers, lack of medium and long term strategic lines, educational carelessness of parents might be some culprits. On other hand, the fact that exams are for real now is a progress, even some might not agree with me... and that the teachers’ are poorly paid is not an excuse I believe in, so is the remark: “I fake working and you fake paying me.” One thing is clear, the 2011 BAC destroyed many of this year’s vacations so far... what can I say about the ones dissatisfied with their graduation average who filed a contestation... and they failed... looks like the camel going to seek horns, lost his ears. 

I feel like the weather this evening will make me write down many ideas I had in mind for quite a while (non-musical ones), so, for a better lecture (or whatever this might be), I propose on a background something very dear to me, both as music and people, Aslak and Andy being two persons who firmly believe in the Underground Spirit, expressed through the band SYVEN: 

And if I gave way to the song, let’s get to another approach... they say in life, if you give more than you get, you’re on the good way... heh. I won’t start rambling or preach classical religious things for, in the Lucian Bute case, his religion is boxing... and he hit, oh boy, so he knocked that Frenchman out! It’s the first (boxing) game I have ever integrally watched and I must admit I’m not a fan of this sport, but the 3 Romanian pugilists’ victories made me glad, all through KO, in the violent but beautiful night of July 9! That American in white jacket with bow tie was quite the circus performer, he is said to have made a couple of hundreds of million dollars with his voice, maybe this is how it’s done... he came, he did his number and left! Tomorrow he should present a DIMMU BORGIR concert, it might be effective!  

Bute made me feel proud of being Romanian, an overlooked and anachronic matter for our times. It’s clear that the “hegemony” of Galati started, after they won even the football championship... let’s see how long it’s going to last! On other hand, let’s not get excited more than we should, for Bute boxed with someone imposed by some league, a boxer who I understood to be on the 17th place, so a bombastically presented trick... even Leonard Doroftei was right, the gala was ruined by Mandy and the ones who chose to box in Bucharest... but anyway, Bute had no fault.

I will write later about the anachronism I internalize myself in more and more, but, if we speak about patriotism, I continue to believe in these beautiful landmarks, under whose influence I grew up and was educated... or maybe indoctrinated? I like seeing close ties between tradition, identity, authenticity and patriotism! Right, I don’t feel comfortable with those who fancy 4th or 14th of July shows, but it seems that the Americans or French have no problem! Each with their own belief! But I really missed seeing how everyone goes out on the street for simple, but beautiful things... except the strikes manipulated by politicians well stuck at the buttons of endless compromises! I think the last time people went out on the street for something beautiful was on the occasion with the victory against Argentina at the World Cup in the United States!


Oh right, in a couple of days I will go with my son (for the first time in this formula on a Bucharest stadium) at the football game with Argentina, I hope it won’t be too hot and I hope to see more than I would see at the TV... for hearing, heh... Stefan will hear many things on the stadium, a good opportunity for a 10 year old to find out that street language is a part of everyday life! That’s what happens when the mother leaves her child on the father’s hand... we’ll see what’s going to be, for everything has a beginning... and others will tell the ending... oh, these generations! 

On other hand, I’m disgusted by what nowadays happens, with the innocent animals’ massacre, with the escalation of stupidity to the highest level, with daily pathetic cynicism we embalm ourselves to survive, the tragic ignorance that extends to every field, with those mercantile competitions of becoming a star overnight or the desperate run after hopeful votes... without tangible models and values, obvious, certain ones, that would wake up the spirits numb by total ignorance and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel... actually, the tunnel doesn’t exist anymore, for the sound of manele, mixed with the over one kilogram gold necklaces worn over floral shirts, do nothing but overshadow any rational struggle to create something decent and of good taste in this country... but the hypocrisy and envy are so great... oh... no worries, we’ll drown our sorrow with mici and beer, at the shade of tents overhung  with fancy brands and the crowds remind us that it’s summer and the showers or roll-ons are not mandatory. 

In this country I love so much there still are zillions of policemen but when you need one, he’s nowhere to be found... it’s full of taxi drivers, but when your lip is burning, either the phone line is busy, or there are no free rides... it’s full of omniscient ascertaining, but when it’s about firmly supporting an opinion or stated declaration, they start to say fables and reverse it like in Ploiesti, with all kind of cocky Oltenian words, Moldavian tangles or conceit Transylvanian ones... This is the LAND OF CHOICE, with good and bad... I sometimes feel like leaving and never hearing of Romania and this cocky population ever again... But I remember how others, scattered all around the world for a better job, yearn for home, friends, this mioritical environment... Alright, there are Romanians who don’t want to return here or don’t see the motivation to do so, but this is an uninteresting topic for me... But I’m glad for their joy and I immediately come back with my feet in the Post-Communist Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic swamp in which I continue to believe and hope for a better future... somewhere, sometimes, somehow! 

Concerning the TV and what dozens of channels broadcast, hmmm... I came to the conclusion the remote has no sense (I know many of you knew this long before I did), because no matter what button I push, I can’t find anything to watch (except documentaries). Otherwise, tasteless, pale news, without a shape, but pumped up with cheap journalistic empathy, long dissected tarnished topics, boring and without any interest... and that scratch my ears with those reporters with strong accent on the "I" from “traffic”... or maybe things changed and I remained old school? Do we get back to French words or did I skip school? Right... 

Still, a couple of days ago I was pleasantly surprised to see what a 90 years old granny got as present from her relatives: a glider ride! That’s what I call news... and considering the tonus, zest for life and the incredible vivacity the old lady showed, the news really brightened my day... Good for her! 

2nd of July, is from a Christian point of view, a day with double significance, double religious holiday. I can’t forget that it’s the day when the Master of rhetoric from Romania was born, Octavian Paler. Even if he’s not physically with us, I reread what I wrote about him the day when, 4 years ago, he left us: 

Let me speak about DBE, for there are only a couple of weeks until then and it seems to be the most ambitious DonisArt project... we have the idea of organizing concerts for many years, since we came to the conclusion we can make much more for both the bands that compose beautiful music and for the artists who believe in the idea of coming to Romania not only for a a mere show. After 20 years of supporting the Underground cause (radio show, fanzine, webzine), the concert organizing was a natural step... all I would need is to make my own label and then management agency and it’s done, all in one! 

DBE was initially thought out to mobilize a couple of bands who, until then, we brought separately in events organized in Brasov, in that shy but select Reduta theatre hall. The first DBE edition took place in December 2009, in The Silver Church club, actually the first DonisArt event from Bucharest. Over 500 souls came, out of who, counted by me, over 150 were foreign... I saw true fans from everywhere, properly equipped, who came to support their favourite bands, all from the Gothic-NeoFolk-Martial niche. It was a tiresome marathon, but with great memories, which I was only halfway satisfied with. 

In the next year I wanted to extend that one day to the second one, in order to avoid forcing the spectator to stand up 7 hours! The second edition was somewhat a step back, but I understood we made mistakes I wish to believe won’t ever happen, plus bad luck straight on the line. But, out of all present bands, DIRTY GRANNY TALES radiated... the show provided by the Greeks was sensational! But still one thing didn’t satisfy me: because of the small stage, the dancers had to adapt their show to the Kulturhaus structure and this thing stopped them from performing at their true value. Therefore, right after the concert, I invited them to come to Alba Iulia, a thing they gladly accepted on the spot! And yes, these artists are extremely cordial and friendly! You will have time to chat with them soon! 

But I forgot to mention how I decided to organize an outdoor event, at Alba Iulia. Last year, the DonisArt team was in that town to support a band they couldn’t see in Bucharest, Secret Chiefs 3. The concert was organized by the friends from RYMA, who kept telling us how they want to “move the mountains” in the location they granted, in a rather quiet town where nothing ever happens. The Americans’ concert didn’t take place in the RYMA areas, but on a terrace near the citadel and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever been to. After the concert, it was already past midnight, we went in the RYMA areas, to see what wonder there is. And we stayed there until morning, on a drizzle, around a fire which enhanced positive energies and where we went nineteen to the dozen. It was a simple, clear evening, but dreamlike! I know that Trey/SECRET CHEIFS 3 (ex-FAITH NO MORE) was fascinated by that night, he even declared in an interview he felt then best in the whole tour... follow the interview’s last part: 

We left Alba Iulia with the idea that we’ll think of a way to organize something in the location sometime, but nothing set. We also liked the madness of those from RYMA, their fight with the windmills and the wish to do something beautiful in that place! 

After a while, the first OST edition took place. Despite the heavy rain, small number of attendees and other issues on account of this small number, I loved the idea of this festival, especially because the organizers showed that they are dedicated to the Underground cause. I wrote here about the first edition, I will also say some words about this year’s edition, but later: 

And then I realized that an outdoor event, in nature, is the next step I will have to make. 

But my challenge was of another kind, of trying/experimenting a new concept, of bringing together, under the umbrella of the same event, souls that listen different musical genres: Metal, Neofolk, Goth, Post-Rock... actually, a synthesis of individual events we organized so far. And that’s how the Special DBE Evening became an outdoor festival! The term “festival” sounds a bit inappropriate, but this was one of the few compromises we inserted in the DBE concept. The musical variety the event presents now might confuse, but my belief in that platform of beautiful souls is beyond any possible more or less correct, more or less approved remarks.  

On other hand, this continuous copy-paste feeling determined me to do something else, if not, I would have definitely given up. 

From here to deciding where the first outdoor event will be wasn’t but one simple phone call, at the friends from RYMA, who immediately responded affirmatively. I know that coming to Alba Iulia at concerts is not a habit, I know that citadel is not promoted at its true value, I know people prefer going to what they already know, where there’s a reflex, a habit and even a tradition... especially when, only a week before, at less than 100 km away, there’s Artmania, a festival that gathers each year thousands of people and where we speak about big bands, in a superb town, that benefited from maximum exposure in that European Capital year. And a week after, at Targu Mures, a new Peninsula edition... Who wants to believe this might be a cannibalization of a public between these festivals it’s free to do so... I see no connection, both as music and approach, not to mention the concept... maybe if you have money in your wallet, for the one who wants to go to both... or all three, in 3 consecutive weekends... 

DBE 3 is not only a festival, it’s a simple artistic expression that wants to support the Underground Spirit and the artists who make quality music, but who put on the first place the public and then the logistic or financial details. You won’t see there differences between the band mates, organizers, press or spectators! Without visibly flashed badges, without violent or strict bodyguards who would check you through and through of mineral water or homemade sandwiches! We don’t want you to condition you to exclusively consume only what’s available in the festival area... but we come with a civilized alternative, of good taste, we’d say (details in the following press releases), that would make you understand we all want to spend 2 days in a natural, honest and civilized manner where the respect and common sense would make a good couple! And the 12 bands that will play in Alba Iulia come especially for fans! As for the location, I believe you have already seen the video: 

The first band chosen for DBE 3 was ROME... I tried man scenarios before as well, but the break Jerome took thwarted all my plans, although the idea was them playing on December 12, exactly one year after their first concert, still in Bucharest... they should have played the third day at DBE 2, together with SWANS. It wasn’t meant to be. I didn’t know much about HEXVESSEL, but the 2 songs posted on the internet immediately caught my attention. Moreover, Mat sent me the album around Christmas and as I listened to it, I took the decision to invite him to Romania! I tried bringing ROMA AMOR in other editions, but we couldn’t; now things were easier, for August is the month of vacations. LOELL DUINN is a band that emitted something special last year at WGT. I saw them there, then I started discussing on email with Alen and I discovered that, behind the beautiful music they compose, they are honest persons dedicated to the cause, so my invitation was immediately accepted. LES DISCRETS remained a promise since last year, from March, from the concert with AGALLOCH, so things were arranged on the spot, especially that Fursy’s project held their first concert only a couple of weeks ago at WGT and the second one will be at Alba Iulia, probably with the female voice for the first time live... as for ALCEST, at how well they felt last year here, Neige instantly accepted the invitation... do you remember, it was their first live concert and since then, the band played hundreds of concerts! And in autumn, they will leave one again the old continent to delight fans from other 3 continents! DBE 3 related you have no idea how many pressures there have been made for them to play at much bigger festivals, in the same period. But Neige was unshakable and for that, I am sincerely thanking him... surely this band will become really great and signing with a lot bigger record label is just a matter of time. But it’s great to see some haven’t forgotten where they came from and accept these kinds of invitations, not only those quantifiable in money, in daily concerts and framed in more or less strict technical and logistical patterns! Eventually, DBE can be, for the artist, a mixture between useful and pleasant, in a dreamlike location!

VULTURE INDUSTRIES broke the hearts of participants at LABYRINHIC METAL EVENING and, honestly, this band deserves to be seen live more often, for it’s fantastic! Especially because they come to DBE 3 with a surprise set list!

DRACONIAN is a highly appreciated band overall Europe and I’m surprised because they haven’t played in Romania so far. Many expected them to play at other festivals here, much bigger and implicitly, more popular, but Anders accepted my invitation, despite other pressures of playing in the same weekend at another European festival. Thanks to him as well for trusting and supporting DBE3!

YEAR OF NO LIGHT is a completely unknown band in Romania but their music is extraordinary! And the idea of projecting the movie “Vampyr” in Transylvania sounds perfect to transcend in this band’s concept, which will deafen the ears of present ones in an over of one hour concert!

I also made a survey to find out what local bands would fit the vision of DBE festival. And we made the result public. After many scenarios, we chose DORDEDUH and SUNSET IN THE 12TH HOUSE.  

The collaboration with Costin Chioreanu came by itself, especially because we had to make something together last October, but it wasn’t meant to be. 

My friendship with Alex is a long one and his seriousness and dedication for everything he did and continues to do with Beauty Of Pain is impressive! That’s why we thought of some Goth fashion parade for the festival... let’s see what’s going to turn out! 

You’ll find out the rest of details about DBE 3 in the the next days’ following press releases... and we have great news, we think! 

And one more thing, it seems Rooftoping has become increasingly popular these days! So far, I’ve seen hundred of photos, ranging from breathtaking to spectacular. Below, you have a link to a couple of urban works, so to say, not spectacular as those done upon mountains, but revealing enough for the ones who find inspiration in SHINING’s suicidal music:


Now, let me tell you about the things that happened in July, and the things about to come in August. I’ll do a forecast for this year’s musical events and album releases probably in autumn, there’s no point in doing it now. It’s night time, it is raining, and I believe it’s the perfect time to be writing down my afflictions.


Craziness and competition between 2 mainstream festivals, this summer, still managed to gather the different kind of rock fans for the Judas Priest day. The bands who played first, the opening acts I mean, had to do their thing before a very small crowd, or so I’ve heard. The only good thing about such an experience is that they will be able to add a Rock the City or Best Fest performance to their portfolio. Good for them, I wish them the best of luck! Bon Jovi also visited Bucharest, and 50 000 fans almost died standing only to see their idols in action! Entirely uninteresting to me, but I’ve heard that there were lots of people who waited since 10 o’clock in the morning, just to get a spot in the front lines. That’s what I call true spirit! And on top of that we had this big media circus revolving around the band, a band promoted by people who don’t really have anything to do with rock music. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing Rock and Metal bands are starting to visit us, maybe some people will have ears to hear. Maybe the masses and their annoying music will start to loose their grip on consumer taste.


I’ve already told you about Artmania taking place in the second weekend in August (at the same time when Hefe is brining DEFTONES to Bucharest), but I forgot to mention Buvnitz’s two concerts from Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, ushering the veterans of ATHEIST, on the 15th and 16th of August. One kvlt events for the fans!


I went to OST... only from Saturday, for MONO was Friday... what can I say more then I said in the story below?


I went to OST… only from Saturday, for Friday was MONO… what can I tell you? Initially, I wanted to write novels, but I realized it’s not the time.  At the 200 souls per evening average, where only at the headliners the image of festival looked reasonable, I don’t have much to say! It’s obvious that in the future, Mihnea must radically change many things! Whether he would have invited 2 or 18 Romanian bands, the public would have stayed the same. This raises great question marks towards our fans’ interest for our Metal scene… But I will return in the autumn with more dissected matters… I declared much time ago that besides FEN and THE FORESHADOWING, I’m not interested in any bands, but this didn’t stop me to attend, on the contrary, after MONO, I came to Rasnov, I bought ticket and supported the cause, from my point of view. The image of 20-30 fans in front of the stage was quite deplorable, in a beautiful weather, imposing stage and crystal clear sound! Beautiful T-Shirts and hoodies with OST, the festival’s forte, I believe. FEN greatly disappointed me live (although I like their albums very much, at least the first one is awesome), I couldn’t see THE FORESHADOWING, but in exchange, I really liked METHEDRAS, who intensely communicated with the fans. I’m not crazy about their Thrash, but I saw the joy in the bandmates’ eyes, and that’s more than anything else… LAONLYNESS sounded very atmospheric with 2 keyboards, Leo’s voice was a bit stingy, marching in inflections towards commercial Pop… SINCARNATE was well heard and I liked Marius’ voice, MEDIOCRACY didn’t really convince me, maybe because of the voice; on other hand, Costin is that Mackintosh from Core phases, his guitar showing much melody…NEGURA BUNGET sounds good on the tracks from "Varstele Pamantului”, but the old ones still sound like a continuous cover, massacred chords and tormented voices, indrawn and lengthy guitars, I wonder how Negru keeps on ignoring this; even this way, I still believe during their show most people were there… who enjoyed and highly acclaimed the ones from Timisoara’s representation…ONSLAUGHT animated their fans with a good show, but very linear one, WINTERHORDE had a share of a very friendly, but pale show, being more active in public, where the vocal tried to sell, more or less seriously, a shirt or a CD to everyone he was talking to…KEEP OF KALESSIN seemed very wan…and DIN BRAD, hmmm… it’s an experiment I felt ashamed to integrally watch… only a Maria Tanase cover sounded better, hearing jokes around me that, in fact,  I was listening to Inia Tanase.

Therefore, a festival where the load of discontent was felt, from organizers to bands, the present ones’ disappointment towards the small number of attendees and who wish to see their favorite bands and then go home. Too many merch stands, maybe too many for the folk that’s been there, small range of food and beverages, and the ones selling were too bitter and disappointed they didn’t hit the financial checkpot…and kind of that was all.


I’ve read that BUCOVINA is going to be playing at Wacken Open Air. I’m really happy for them, especially since Butzi and his team really believe in their music and had to make numerous sacrifices during their 10 years of existence. Because their EP was masterized by Dan Swano himself, I’m predicting that the new album will be a beautiful jewel worthy of collection for Pagan Viking fans. I believe that BUCOVINA is pretty much the only band from this genre which I found appealing and I’m sure their will have a good performance at the most important Metal festival in the world.


About GRIMEGOD I’ve been telling you last month, they have two songs almost ready and before fall/winter we’re going to have a new album…ABIGAIL will release a new EP in a few weeks…which is pretty good news, although I don’t expect Razvan to break this EP cycle of his anytime soon. What I mean is that I’d like to see a full length album, regardless of their bizarre history and the constant line-up changes. I’m using the words bizarre because despite having a proper full length out, the band obstinately clings to existence for years. I’m hoping for a full album in the upcoming months! An interesting idea at some point in the past (last year), was the Trinity of Doom tour: GRIMEGOD, GOTHIC, ABIGAIL. I don’t really know why it never happened. Maybe it will this fall?


August’s playlist consists one more time, of a mix of albums, even thought is the holiday month. Robert from Valse Sinistre bombarded me with lots of CDs, probably his latest achievements. All bands where complete unknowns to me, the layouts seemed to look good and some of them even sounded decent. HYPOMANIE is a not so original combination, but it sounds really relaxing/enjoyable nevertheless. The music represents a sort of Neige/Alcest copy, where the voice is not so important, and involves lots of Shoegaze/Post-Rock influences. DEEP-PRESSION brings to the table some sort of cinematic experimental piece which leans towards the Dark-Ambient side. So is the Pole of SOUFFERANCE, VISION which could easily be signed at the Swedish label CMI. MORD’A’STIGMATA are labelled Post Black Metal but I really didn’t understand much from their music, apart from some technical bits maybe. LAURA WEIXELBAUM strives to be some sort of DIAMANDA GALAS clone (because of her avant-garde approach to music), but fails by bringing tribal electronic insertions who seem bland and synthetic. BEYOND LIGHT is mixing some BURZUM with acoustic moments and even some psychedelic, but the music didn’t get to me. A WINTER LOST demonstrates that Canadians can play some European styled Black Metal in the vein of DRUDKH (very nice audition), and ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE is shyly trying to copy a plain BAUHAUS with LYCIA insertions and some JOY DIVISION déjà-vu-s.


From Radauti, I’ve just found out about the band DESCEND INTO DESPAIR. They presently released their second EP – a not so original piece of Doom Death Metal, with Funeral and Slow Metal bits, Atmospheric in part, a little bit Dark, plus some Symphonic influences. Their intention is a laudable one, but the end result did not produce any effect on me. In order to achieve a proper identity, the band must create some original elements of its own to create its own space in the music scene. From what I’ve gathered their keyboard player also performed for ERA DECAY, a detail which should propel the band into the front line. You can listen to the 2 demos on their MySpace:


From the Czech Republic, Epidemie Records, send me two new CDs which I had to say sounded really confusing: KRIEGSFALL comes from Hungary and delivers some sort of Sacral Martial Industrial with Neofolk influences. Even with Agnes Toth as guest on a song, this project didn’t convince me. A little bit more Neofolk but with the same level of Industrial mixed in is LARRNAKH. The new album released by the 3 Hungarians using a lot of piano, violins and keyboards, is in the vein of Steinklang bands. Their first album was actually recorded last year under the Austrian label.


Another news of great interests, is the re-issuing of the genius album “Human”, one of the most complex Death Metal works of all times! Even though Chuck is no longer in the band, DEATH will remain the perfect landmark for this type of music, the American version anyhow.


Napalm Records comes up with two new Pagan Epic Folk Viking Metal releases, SKALMOLD and SVARTSOT...hmmm, I really can’t integrally listen to the albums! Too jumpy, too folk, too Happy White Metal! But that’s the fashion and maybe the bands find themselves in this ftrend... TYR, SABATON, KORPIKLAANI... all are a part of the same music gang, which I don’t fancy at all, so I can’t say if they are good or bad materials. On other hand, I listened with a great deal of interest the THE BOOK OF KNOTS project, an incredible exponent of Experimental Art Rock, with members from

SKELETEON KEY, SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM or THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, but also with guests like Mike Patton or Blixa Bargeld. The new album was realized at Mike’s new label, Ipecac Records and, surely only the ones keen on tangled phases could perceive such sonorities...


Also over the ocean I have the opportunity to write about WOLVSERPENT, an extremely odd duo, a mixture of Doom, Ambient and Psychedelic, for JUCIFER, SUNO))), OM, MELVINS or EARTH fans. Brittany and Blake manage to compose a perhaps eclectic music, with extremely long tracks, where only the guitar and violin matters and, sometimes, the super slow battery tries to confer the listener an atypical rhythm, next to some invocations and other incomprehensible texts... it is, if you like, a transcendental Dark expression of 70s essence but processed for our times. I’m very curious to “taste” such an experience live: either I’ll get completely bored, either I will get in trance and become an unconditional fan of these sonorities... It’s clear I don’t want to miss something like that, they’ll get to Europe! You have a sample here:


MAMIFER is another impossible to describe musical sample... more experimental than WOLVSERPENT, but similarly cinematic as perception, but not Metal, a sort of musical journey in a hypnotic universe, filled with Dark Ambient phases, neo-classical passages, choral meditations, fragments of funeral marches, oasis of organic melancholy and weary transcendental effects. Faith Coloccia’s piano invented a musical relationship with Aaron Turner’s guitar, known from ISIS, JODIS or owner of HYDRA HEAD label. Other famous musicians were invited on their albums, who I don’t think we can see live! However, this name, MAMIFER, is worth keeping in mind:


And also from America, from a Hardcore niche, BALACLAVA comes with an extremely noisy album for me, but which will agitate to the bone with jumps in the head and other extreme phases all the genre’s fans!


CAINA left me speechless with the new album, which I understood it was the fourth of their career! This boy, Andrew, is damn talented and inspired! Whether it’s Post Metal or Black Metal, I don’t even know! The seemingly eclectic concept of CAINA’s music makes the depressive Black Metal phases like XASTHUR or old SHINING to originally mix up with Post-Rock and Shoegaze phases, but also with Ambient and Experimental. It’s a music that touches, in the whole concept, influences from ALCEST, BURZUM, JESU, MOGWAI or THE RED HOUSE PAINTERS... as aggressive it seems to be, as melodic and epic seems the sound to express itself! Even progressive on some parts! On this album they have as guests three more or less famous musicians, the most important being Lord Imperial from KRIEG. Thus, an album which next to “Mammal” represents the peak of this years’ Black Metal releases... at least for me.


I listened only twice to YOB and their new album, but I don’t have the right condition to pay more attention, their Doom Metal being a rather simple one as instrumentation, but weary and desolate, if I’ll catch their vibe... maybe later...


From Scotland we have a band, which to my amazement, was signed by Candlelight pretty darn quickly….it probably helped that they had their album produced by Ronan Chris Murphy, who is famous for his collaborations with King Crimson or ULVER. The name of the project I’m bringing up here is FALLOCH and is concocted by two fans of AGALLOCH, ALCEST, LES DISCRETS or PRIMORDIAL. The blending of Atmospheric Metal with Folk and Pagan seems tailored enough and one can also sense some Post-Rock in there. This is album is certainly driven by trend, yet is a very relaxing one, where you can hear influences of the bands mentioned above, dressed up in FALLOCH clothes. I don’t like the vocals as they seem powerless and recurrent, leaving the distinct sense of no creativity involved and of too much lightness. The listener can run into some aggressive passages as well but they fade quickly. One can hear some traditional flutes being used at some point, which transform the music into a dream speck, for a brief moment. On the other hand, I’m sure this debut won’t go unnoticed by the fans of this modern genre. From my point of view, their music is what’s not supposed to be: too light for fans of aggressive Metal, too nosy and harsh for non-Metal adepts. But who I am to say, that this sort of music can’t create a place for itself?


The drummer for ALCEST and LES DISCRETS has just released with his 2001 project, BAHRRECHT, a Furious Black Metal album! Winterhalter told me in passing something about this project, but I did not have time until now to look into it. Well, with band members of SORS IMMANIS and FUNERAL HOLOCAUST, they created a Grim Black Metal album, which I am sure will be a treat for fans of PESTE NOIRE. I am saying this because Winterhalter has played with Neige in this band as well. Although some kind of schism seems to be going on between the members of ALCEST and PESTE NOIRE. I like the drums and the guitar riffs a lot, which seldom remind me of Thrash Metal. The vocals revolve on a common ground, making use of an Evil Brutal old school approach, one can also sense the Norwegian influences and recognize the breakdowns that were invented by others. All in all it sounds very brutal!


EINHERJER have a new album, but I don’t feel I have much to say about it, except that I am utterly disappointed! There’s no structure or consistency....nothing special at all! KEEP OF KALESSIN are enjoying the re-editing of their new MCD which added another bonus track. Another chance for collectors! HAIL! HORNETH is a band formed by BUZZOVEN and WEEDEATER members which approach some sort of noisy Hive Metal with Hardcore influences, that didn’t impress me much especially on this hot summer days. ELASTIK is a project I didn’t hear of before, but it turned out to be a very bizarre yet strange combination of Electro and Industrial, with guest appearances from BRAIN DAMAGE, ORCHESTER, NO ONE IS INNOCENT or HORROR 404, bands for connoisseurs which can be easily labelled as Electro-Experimental. A couple of songs forget this dance-like Electro vibe, and concentrate on a more dark, slightly melodic approach.


EUPHOBIA has released a professional digipack, under Death&Roll, a very bombastic one, which seems to cross the Classic Death Metal boundaries, which is good. I feel as the new album has moved away from the empty and repetitive brutalities characteristic of their earlier album released under Coro’s label. One has now the impression of coherence and of a new and improved concept, a fresh and assertive one. I could almost call it diversified, but there still much work to be done and I was just comparing the new songs with the old songs.


And if we are speaking of brutal, this time Black Metal brutality, AZARATH have a flawless new album out, but it would have shined more if it would have been released 15 years ago.


SILENT LOVE OF DEATH is a project of the Toledo brothers. I’ve written about them two years ago, when they released a fascinating debut album. Their new compositions tend to be NeoFolk oriented, but also more sterile and dark, leaving behind the romantic aura I’ve been accustomed with. From ROME and SOL INVICTUS to ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, the brothers still manage to ship me off into a staggering universe, especially since the music comes equipped with a DVD full of projections which stimulate my imagination. I have to admit that this Spanish project and its new album could be the best pleasant surprise of the whole month!


GORATH hail from Belgium and have released a brand new Cosmic Black Metal album, a relatively dark one, with a decent sound. I can’t see any progress in comparison with the other albums and I didn’t notice a whole bunch of new elements. En ensemble it’s average, but nothing too spectacular. The same goes for AVE MARIA, a pretty exciting American Black Metal project judging just by the name, but who offers just another piece of well executed music without anything else to back it up. SARABANTE are from Greece and have released a couple of interesting songs, the others being too Crust/Hardcore for me. Their album would probably appeal best to the TOMBS fans.


Solitude Productions has sent me three new materials, but only one of them seemed of interest to me: ANTROPHOBIA, a solo project of one Black Doom lover with depressive and atmospheric insertions.

ILLUMINATE THE SILENCE strive to create an odd type of Experimental Metal, one from which it is not easy to distil something out of. The release is only an EP, so it’s hard for me to understand what they were actually hoping to achieve. Anyhow, after my first audition, it seemed to me that the things didn’t add up. REGUL is a modest Pagan Black Metal, with a lot of keyboards and modern insertion, some reminiscent of Doom and Ambient but Atmospheric nevertheless. I like the vocals, but other than that, we have nothing new here.


From Norway comes a project unknown to me until now. I knew of a FLUERITY member who also played in DODHEIMSGARD was also active in another Black Metal band called UMORAL. I heard that this Svein has another bizarre experimental electronic called ZWEIZZ, a band that toured with ULVER, but I did not listen to it. I just recently received ZWEIZZ & JOEY HOPKINS, a team work effort between two artists on two different continents. Joey died some while ago, aged 26, his death ruled as an apparent suicide. ZWEIZZ is presenting the listener with a recording made alongside Joey which apparently he’s very pleased with. I can see Garm/ULVER’s name on the CD and Carl’s (ex-VED BUENS ENDE, VIRUS, AURA NOIR) as well. It’s pretty obvious that this experimental music is only for the fans. I’ve tried to make something out of it, but I found it very very difficult, so I haven’t formed a precise opinion about it….one thing I can say it has nothing to do with Metal or other stuff I have been listening to so far.


I’ve been telling you last time about WHERE PURGATORY ENDS, a incredibly dark project created by four people, from which two of them are well known: Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media) and Rune Eriksen (ex-MAYHEM, AVA INFERI). The three songs included on the MCD develop a form of atypical instrumental music, abundant in experimental and avant-garde insertions but also of Dark Ambient, Doom and Black Metal. The violin sounds incredibly well and the last song makes you understand that you actually don’t understand anything. WPE is not therapeutic for the faint hearted, but nevertheless the band manages to construct a place for itself in the music scene. The only thing is that from the 23 minutes of music I can’t really paint the whole picture about what this band is really about.


I almost forgot to tell you about this project from Milan, which is a pretty interesting one, LA BLANCHE ALCHIMIE, which offers a mix of Dream Pop with Alternative, Psychedelic and Goth. The feminine vocals complete the picture of this “light” group. Some parts also remind me of TORI AMOS. You can see below a quarter of hour assemblage done last year in the United States, from which you can extract the essence of this Italian musical group.


I understand that Oniska will be in charge of promoting the group but also of organizing concerts for the band in Europe, so I wish her the best of luck!


Also, I urge you to take a look at the Swiss project of Silvio Pfiffner, called NYCTALGIA. He has just finished composing new songs, and his demo released some years ago gained tremendous notoriety in the Underground Post Rock & Shoegaze scene. If you like KWOON, it’s impossible you won’t enjoy NYCTALGIA, because their music has it all: melancholy, romanticism, nostalgia. It’s great!


I wanted to develop further the subject of musicians/promoters of the Romanian Metal scene, but I don’t think I have the patience to explain myself in a coherent and explicit manner. I’ll make an effort here and try anyway. I don’t know where this all started from,  but 20 years ago a lot of people involved with this genres openly expressed their devotion to the music they love (promote, advocate for, compose) in a way that reeks of virulence, vanity, arrogance and bloating. I call this people “beggars”, beggars for attention and appreciation. A few days ago, I was reading some interviews with some Romanian bands from which I could pick up some not very nice ideas, maybe real ones but still… Where this fanaticism is is coming from? This scene has never been a place where you could become rich over night or where you would know intergalactic success. Therefore, there aren’t lots of money to be made, there’s no competition for wealth, only a simple and unconditioned Underground Spirit. Or this is where it first started out….


More so, in my unwariness, I still tend to believe that the people in this music scene do thing because they chose to do so, for themselves, but recently I was reading some stuff that left me speechless. To a question about being headliner in a concert came an answer like this: “I think that after almost twenty years of hard work, it’s our right to be there, a right that we have earned and when I’m saying these things I don’t think anybody could contradict me”. I do not wish to go into vast discussions about the issue here but who sais that if you’re a veteran you must certainly be a headliner? Who sais that if you did this all of your life you must be by definition the best, the most respected or the most valued. Is it ok to scorn others, because of your long history and age? If I take a closer look at concerts in Romania or at the few existent festivals, the participants are young people, their ages ranging from 16 to 30. These people live in the same world as us (the people with 20 years of experience, doesn’t matter in which field), the only thing is that “we” come from a world with different rules! And it’s “our” duty, of those with the 20 years experience to integrate ourselves into the present, not to rip off those who live at full speed under Gauss’s bell at the young age of 20-30 years. It’s a sad thing to live in the past, but at the same time it’s sad to forget/deny your past. When I think about arrogance I have so many examples in my mind, starting with the press people all the way to organizers and musicians, so I’ll better stop now until I open Pandora’s Box and showers of old timers comments start to emerge. Like retired folks gossiping about the performance from their comfy balcony seats. Muppets!


This “barbaric” needless competition evokes superficiality, frustration or decrepitude. Why are we so different, or we just like to think we’re different? Why do blame and disconsideration rule the scene and are main focus topics on virtual forums and at musical gatherings? I am sick of hearing from the fans or even artists the same well known braced and shallow commentaries: “that guy is a fake sad doom metal lover, who views the world as a dark and depressing place” or “death metal fans only like to get drunk and head bang like crazy, plus they like only chainsaw music” or “hipsters are too melancholic, they forgot where they started out from and now enjoy some cheap floppy music” or “we’re a small elitist community which cherishes good real music, and unlike others we like only unknown experimental stuff while we totally ignore all mainstream…”. The examples could go on for ever. We’re a small community as it is, immersed in a huge sea of orientalism and glam housing, and by saying this I’m asserting my own limitations, but I don’t want you thinking that my references are aimed at the music itself and not towards the actual people who listen to it. Why so much conditioning and exigency towards the Underground listener? Let me take things one at the time…


Romanian bands are disappointed and make a point of blaming the fans for not buying CDs, for not showing up to their concerts (even though, most of the time, they don’t bring anything new to the table, they just happen to organize another concert). The claim to have put all their investments into music which turned out to be futile and I can relate to that, but on the other hand no one can be 100% sure of an investment (to be read as being SUBJECTIVE), especially since this investment is part of their private/secret life of the person writing the music even though he rehearses in rentals, spends a fortune on quality musical instruments and artwork/image and basically spends a whole amount of time doing this. It’s sad but it is also true. If somebody wishes to step outside this paradigm, one must work hand in hand with managers driven by interests and connections, take on multiple terms or find record labels not to small for his band (meaning they should have a fairly decent budged for promotion) or to big (where the band must wait in line for its turn to come). I’m not saying it’s an easy task, especially since you have school, a job or a family to attend to.


However, if one tends to think clearly, whatever you are doing, musician, you’re doing it for yourself, not the others, your satisfying your own demons, feeding your own obsessions, and if it’s meant to please others, it’s nice….but if not, I don’t understand all the bitterness…It didn’t work now, try again later, if you have faith in your lunacy, you will find the inner resorts to keep going!


My references here are about old time bands, nevertheless, I can spot in the new ones the same sort of behavior….well, not in all, but they have take the inspiration….but different sides always co-existed and will continue to exist for ever!


Speaking of CDs. We don’t have a lot of Romanian record labels, and I can say politely that I can barely count five. However, there are online platforms where albums are released for free which deserve all the consideration in the world like!


Music magazine don’t really exist (except for SUNETE), the same goes for radio broadcasts or TV shows, and those who work on them aren’t exactly popular. This is where disinterest and disappointment starts, and implicitly the lack of trust in the Underground cause. Slowly the shows start to transform into something else, they bring mainstream bands on of totally different genres. Even the Rock and Metal radios continue to stream only major bands, hoping to catch the eye of a sponsor. It’s a good thing we have much more going on online, where there are a few sites that keep us up to date with the music world, the only downside is that even here the commercials seem to take up all the space or the big news is strongly connected to the size of the band. It’s not so bad if we remind ourselves that online traffic is important for the survival of such platforms.


The same can be said for the concert venues, which are increasingly hard to find. Those who are decent enough are even fewer, and nevertheless Fridays and Saturdays, are largely booked for other type of events. All we can do is go back to Youth Thursday or to camp out for big shot concerts that everybody is into. For those who gather 100-200 people, there’s no point in doing it, is it?


Concert organizers seem to prefer whatever the crowd is into, if he experiments there’s no positive feedback, quarrels start or the Underground approach is dropped.


When talking about the fans, most likely we’re talking about the band’s friends or friends of friends. The fan is the one person who has no actual blame in this, because he’s either not properly informed about certain bands, concerts, albums or he’s not satisfied about the quality of the music he discovers (audio, live, communication). And I’m telling you responsibly and sincerely, that I knew people who year after year are attending foreign festivals…so there is still interest! And we’re talking about a lot of money, meaning significant efforts!


It’s probably due to the calling of the West, its music history, its upper advantage, that we can’t possibly dream of stepping on the same platform. Not yet anyway…..maybe we should have more patience, tolerance without doubting in mind or speech. One can criticize when something is not right but also one can be supportive when things done well show up! Otherwise we shall remain in the same picturesque dump, while starring in admiration of things going on outside our borders. We’re all right, but also we’re all wrong, even though everybody’s intentions are on the right track, I’m sure.


There’s a new trend on Facebook it seems, a new way for fans to recommend to organizers, bands that should play here. An example would be URFAUST, a band that many people feel should be brought out here to play by DonisArt.


This phenomenon escalated and now there are plenty of such petitions for IMMORTAL, ASPHYX, ARCH ENEMY, for the latter the issue has been resolved, as the concert is due in January. I find this a very functional idea for fans, a very interactive one, because the feeling of belonging to such an event would be a major one. On the other hand, it’s a good thing to listen to the fans in trying to offer them whatever they wish for. There are plenty of organizers, but we’re more in need of will and big budgets!


  If it’s about music, let me comment upon what I read and saw here:


If we see things from a musical point of view, what Kobi did seems very normal and not annoying at all... I might find foolish belly dancing on metal Music (which once also had an interesting Dark Doom form). But it’s not the first time happens at ORPHANED LAND and if the rhythms allow this, each could do what they want and feel like! The Basque and female voice on the stage, but only in the speakers (the CD ran in the background) was lame for a live band that claims to respect the standards... but goes well for metalheads! At how many pagan folk dances I saw in the last years, all I can do is just smile... but it’s just from another movie, good for them being able and liking it!


I know Kobi for a very long time and his madness with peace and the “brotherhood” platform is not recent... Maybe through the way he looks and dresses he’s believed to be a Messiah or a Jesus of Metalheads, a peacemaker sick of conflicts, wars... But he continuously has been declaring, for over 15 years, that he’s against these stupid conflicts, based on religious, economical, socio-political themes... But waving the two flags on stage, it’s obvious that strategic-politically wasn’t the best decision and peace isn’t made in the limelight of steps of negotiation between the belligerent parts. And I’m not referring to the Metal fans or the ones without prejudices, for they are not the problem and there weren’t any camps...


However, great deal of courage from the two ones to display on stage the two flags, especially when, in their countries, bombshell noises are daily (in Beirut, at least) and the most faithful ones will heavily criticise on both sides the things that happened...


For some time it keeps inciting but also confusing me the theme I simply defined: the Futility of Utility/Addiction... it might sound like a pun, maybe the semantics might differ, I have no idea, I only know that the questions I ask myself seem, for most of times, more edifying than the possible answers I should give a listen to... utility can create addiction, starting with the job or internet to accepting the idea of family (marriage) or religious dogmas... I was recently reading that since the patriarch, the world has become more frowning, filled with wars, with an overdeveloped sense of propriety, of possession and why not, of jealousy... They say in matriarchy, community took the place of family, only who the mother is was known, there were only uncles in rest, so that every child could be taught by more people who lived in that community.... and the harmony, love and peace were their existential landmarks... I don’t say it might have been better in another way, or, how others are quick to say that civilization evolved, but I know I am against wars, any kind of conflict and useless wars for more or less passing things... I don’t find myself being a feminist but I surely know the thought of being misogynist is far from me, despite the fact that in some fierce male circles, the question “what gets first old at a man?” is still present and strong. And the question keeps coming in a chorus, through a proud masculinity, eventually also on a terrace full of beers: “the wife”... followed by long and noisy laughs... maybe some smart gestures of “give me 5”... could this be the patriarch? Hah...


As for religions, they existed since the beginnings, but monotheism is in trend only for a couple of thousands of years... and from here a whole multimillenary discussion about “my God” who’s better than “your God”... or “my Bible has correct inscriptions compared to your Koran, which is surely wrongly interpreted”... where the man is above the woman, for Adam was the first and Eve destroyed the Eden... and so on... a whole more or less schismatic fuss about declared love and the revealed one... about that personal love that’s only mine, clearly not discussed but accepted, axiomatic... and then you will understand that everything that’s about knowledge necessarily transcends into believing and unconditionally following what others wrote, promoters of the prophet, whoever he might be...


But let me get back to the utility that creates addiction... It’s clear that addiction is convenient, doesn’t bother or templates, if you want, harmoniously and easily, the traceability of a person who admits (aware of not) to give up (for most times) the introspective seeking, at their own conscience. Is this bad? I don’t think that, if the person feels right this way, that’s good for him and life is filled with lively colours!

It might get problematic in the moment when the flavours of uselessness would hang alluringly around the already cobwebbed mind, by guidelines traced by society and strictly respected until then... therefore, accepted and inoculated things as being classic, usual, that are very actual nowadays, tomorrow might become only “vintage bohemian” sets (nostalgias locked in dusty secretaries from forgotten offices), disappointments and irretrievable sorrows, physical and psychical traumas, separations, breaking ups, isolations, partial or total abandonments...


But the revealed Futility might be perceived as a gate for other worlds, to unprecedented touches or emotions, a new way of seeing the life, the world, the sense of existence... an inner consciousness, an illumination... and not lastly, a total change of value criteria...


The debates about the changes taking places nowadays are highly topical, both for ideological and mental order, how prepared we should be to be able to integrate easily and correctly in the world that’s changing, that’s settling down on other Gnostic landmarks and whatnot...


Crucial things or practices in some times might become, under the new patronages, anachronic forms, useless or senseless for the dogmatic mass follower. But that won’t present serious forms of inner or rhetorical interrogations, for some of us... On the contrary, to not understand (or refuse to understand) more, to continue to put “to believe” before   “to learn”...and then we’ll be equally “innocents” and we’ll give up making the difference between existence and consciousness... If it’s useless or not the game of penguins from below, if it’s a ritual or something else, it’s up to us to accept and look inside of us... to find ourselves or not:


There’s the extreme version, the one that might create panic, terror, fear... of the unknown, change, will... The most cosy/inspired of us might desperately seek for those prophets who’d offer the inner calm and balance we impose to believe, want to exist, to work... and, from case to case, to rapidly integrate in new flocks, new communities, a new Noah’s ark...


Clearly there will be some who won’t resist, who will fail and will give up everything...


There would be the version I spoke about earlier, when you realize that most of the things done are now useless... and you remain with the nostalgia that you enjoyed them, that they were beautiful in those times and you could share them with friends or strangers... that you can sincerely accept they were and are part of your past... that they were good or bad, that you want or not to remember them (lecithin might be a solution), but they existed and because of them you got there...


The important thing is to make a step towards something different... which, actually, is nothing new, it’s a simple form of return to the origins, but through an entirely changed expression and thinking, maybe evolved... maybe accepted and assimilated in another way...

And maybe there would be more scenarios, but I will stop here.


I left from the topic of futility, derived from the semantic and complementarities (or not) between addiction and utility. If I would have started debating the smoking, alcohol, music, technology, science or religious addiction, but also other relishes and vices, the utility of debate became, in the end, probably a paradoxical futility. So, let’s leave it like that...


Then I sketched some simulations, even scenarios, some credible, some less credible, it depends on each how much they want to believe... or even to learn...


Everything gravitates around this daily anachronism (mine) in which I try to survive every day. Everything is in a hurry, everything evolves way too fast, I feel I don’t relate to those who want to keep up with technology, with modern applications, to be multidimensional in all fields. If some years ago you could find in stores or antique fairs old things to “decorate” rooms (pans, irons, gramophone), similarly retro might be: a Pentium unit, CRT TV, a mobile phone that breaks tables or the Deck techniques line I still use... meaning post-modernism... In 25 years, things have evolved and changed at an infernal speed, so, at a time, the vinyl plate, recorder tape, audio and video tapes became objects of the past and soon, CD and DVD will follow the same path. I somewhat see a revival of business with LPs, but I don’t know how long it is going to last, but, for collectors, its manna. Will the future look like the photo below?



I said earlier I’ll leave it like that, but I actually want to exemplify a state, if I watched the photo with this tape... 20 years ago I searched like a desperate to purchase “original tapes” from dealers from Poland and who earned money with Twin Peaks and other trendy soundtracks... It became a great business then buying Metal tapes by these people as well, for they multiplied illegally and were sold in the Romana Market and other known locations. We bought “Xerox” copies from fanzines, catalogues or foreign magazines because in Romania all we had was Rocker and later, HMM. And there, as much Power and Progressive Metal, but they got away some rougher things, more dark... Like at Magdin’s IMM, where I stood a whole show to see what oddity maybe he jabs at the end... yes, introspective, bygone times, maybe with a vintage flavour to relate around a fire...


But let me get back to cassette tapes... I made an enviable collection, a true one! All originals, with folders, photos, lyrics... and only rarities, cannonballs, oddities, out of which I broadcasted some at my radio show Antofagasta...


The vinyl became an obsolete thing then, for I was fed up with Communist releases under the name Electrorecord and what appeard on the outside was very expensive and hard to get.


And I got to have over 2000 tapes, on which the dust was settling, for the moments of nostalgia gravitate only around certain albums (classics for me) which I proposed to keep no matter what... „the music I will listen to even over 20 years, hah!”... I sold the rest, I gave them away as presents or I sealed the deal on different radio competitions... And I won’t tell you how I was with money then, in times of student life filled with white nights, card games and neverending Bacchic aromas... just my luck with parents!


Only in a  couple of years, things were about to change... bands started to give up at promo tape in favour of PromoCD, labels got to completely give up sending Promo tapes and CD rapidly became No.1. Obviously I started making a CD collection, like an obedient fan who respects the music...


The CDs traceability was identical to the one of the tape and I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation... I gazed at the 5000 CDs that were already removed from the “place of honour”, those beautifully arranged shelves, on musical genres, in alphabetical order (like the medals from my father’s coat), because of the lack of space and moved in boxes disposed on unto the other...


Lately, today the labels send the promotional audio and video materials through the Internet, easier, faster and cheaper... I had a certain resistance against change, but then I folded on the offered things... It’s more comfortable now, even though I continue buying and putting aside CDs, like a rigorous collector!


Back to time... In order to support the cause and not close myself in that Underground “musical temple” I built for several years, I’ve decided to publish my info wherever I could, but in small dosage... for still, who want to discover more, should search and make sacrifices, that’s the right path... first in the column of a local paper and then in Kogaionon... a fanzine that counted 10 numbers, starting with 1995, each with its own story, around which beautiful memories gathered, lived through both printed papers and beyond them. I remember how my mother was glad because her son changed (supposedly) in good, meaning he’s done with wandering, the gang and other student nocturnal things I applied to and she wasn’t proud of... She saw that I handled a magazine (she thought of a cultural big deal, that I speak with artists and musicians from overall, hah) would have been a first step to get in line with the normal world, I just needed to shave, cut my hair, get a good job, change my clothes ( I just declared in my family that I’ll never wear shirt, costume or tie), to get married, have children and settle down...and that’s it, happy end!


My mother hoped I will grow up... but also that’s normal to understand my foolishness, for they are part of my life... and if I don’t do them at the right time, I will do them later, when I will become lame for the ones around me... a sort of “carpe diem” my mother believed in and unconditionally supported me, even if my father, with an extremely military regime, tried to impose his own points of view, a right one, but expressed in an impolitic manner, even a rather vehement one... And from here barriers and communication conflicts, violent thinking rebellions, together with other impulsive negations through I hoped to identify my own way, unique, elitist, visionary, far from what should have been normal and settled... maybe the Oedipus complex spoke out...


A moment of revelation for my father was when he saw I started to receive letters from people from Romania who ordered the magazine, that I received dollars in envelope from countries he saw only on the map (you can imagine how haughty I became towards him), from persons who ordered something his son wrote! He thought that I’m starting to be on my own feet, that I realize to treasure every penny and through work I’ll get far... that it’s the only solution, that the rich kids around me always screw up (my teenage models) and what he says is law and that’s how it was going to happen:”lies have short legs” and “easily earned money easily go”! And my mother was secretly financing me with money for letter stamps, or for faxes desperately sent to outside labels, to take me into consideration, for I have a magazine and a radio show... even if I was from a country whose capital was many times Budapest... And I sent postcards with Dracula and hundreds of promo magazines to see that I’m not a rip-off... even though we had some “intelligents” who declared many things and then they proved to be nothing but mere lies, well clotted, but perfect for the foreigners’ naivety and trust...


And my mother’s greatest pleasure was to create a registry office, actually a simple notebook cut in the corners with the alphabet letters, where she noted every person, orderly, with first name, last name, the address and what they ordered... today things are more practical, reply to a message, it gets in my data base and with a simple “add” I introduce them in the newsletter...


Yes... and my mother got to speak at the phone with various strangers which whom I corresponded through letters... they wanted to find out other details and they didn’t have the patience and disposition to send written envelopes... but I was rarely home, so my mother, retired, felt useful and sort of became my assistant, answering all my landline calls, for only rich slicks had mobile phones! Old times... 


It’s obvious that the dependency of utility named magazine, valid in those times, proves to be today useless... if we relate to nowadays... All these magazines became, in the best case, waste paper... or maybe forgotten somewhere, in a hidden corner and untouched for an eternity... otherwise, the electronic form successfully replaced the printed magazine and the leftover fragments will go as well, if they won’t adhere to commercial survival compromises.


The only things from this musical gear (vinyls, tapes, CDs, magazines) that still “functions” is called T-shirt... and there could be a whole story, it depends on the pounds you weight... moreover, after a couple of launderings, its “utility” for this noble cause disappears.


And like this... and that... the tape, CD and what not... the utility we see as a pleasant addiction became a beautiful futility, from another century, another millennium... And maybe worthy to tell at the multitude of concerts that exist nowadays, unexpected to happen so easily 20 years ago!


Seen as pragmatic, depersonalized and not introspective, I wrote a couple of pages in which I haven’t said anything new, anything special... only about... what’s to be a collector, maybe... of wine caps, match boxes but also memories that marked some moments from life... and here the utility is only a matter of trifle, without explanations or justifications!


Back to my anachronism... The same thing happens with the way of communicating, of corresponding... the time has heavily condensed, so mister mailman I eagerly awaited looking through my room’s window (and who was late every time he had to bring the pension so I got to hate his nose red from drinking) became a virtual online mailman who visits a hundred times a day my electronic mail from the laptop’s screen or suffocates me with all kind of spams on various chats... completely depersonalized, lacking any poetic form, but damn quick and efficient! I think I forgot to write about the hand, the only electronic written communication problem being when I change my computer’s keyboard.


The same thing happens with reading, the perfume of books from the parents’ library heavily fights the practical sense of the modern virtual, even my wife abandoning the “righteous path” for the E-book kindle and other crazes, that at first are called gadgets and then become habits, even needs... meaning addictions... In order to corrupt me, she gave me to read some virtual pages about... Kogaionon and Zamolxis... of course, otherwise she wouldn’t have caught me soon there.... Don’t ask me how I found it, I don’t know what to answer... but I don’t see having something against it, as long as the batteries of the small and gentle beast might be solar (or has generous standby) and if I wanted to go somewhere in vacation, this small accessory might carry with him thousands of books, millions of pages... anyway, I don’t have to generalize, probably I have to understand more and choose out of others, much more greedy (let’s not call them avid) pick...this if I have time, patience, disposition and desire! After all even handwriting was replaced by writing machine and then keyboards... and lately, maybe the vocal dialling will convert even easier the inner thoughts and expressions in lines converted on the future applications’ display... or whatever they might be.... I saw in London, at an acquaintance, that the computer’s utility disappeared, everything is incorporated in the screen...


Yeah, I sit and wonder how much the times evolve and I don’t succeed in keeping up... even my mother, who has a remarkable age, preferred to show me what a cactus she bought and put on the balcony, next to a whole arsenal of all kind of flowers... but she didn’t bring me to the specified balcony, that was only a room away, she took out her phone and showed me the photo... hmmm, I don’t know what to say, am I the same and I refuse to see myself as such, or I don’t know what to believe anymore...


I’ve recently read an article of Andrei Plesu who related, with an unmistakable charm, how he “caught his ears” in the shower cabin of a fancy hotel... which is the hot water handle, how it should stay so the water would turn on... a very pleasant reading, especially when all kind of things happened to me as well: where I had to introduce the card so the door would open, how I should dance or move my arms to the hand dryer so the ventilation wouldn’t stop... or the air conditioner that won’t work if the balcony door is open... I sweated here til death until I found out... but I needed room with balcony! I got fast the thing with thrown away towels, for it was clearly written when they are changed and when not... or when the receptionist was glaring at me how I stand in the lift... the doors closed and then opened again... and the lift wouldn’t start...and again... meaning I have to introduce the room card so it would start... but who the hell knows all this... and that lift was frontally arranged with the reception... pretty awkward for me... good luck with a  tourist who enlightened me, slightly wondering like I just landed on Terra... curious thing that the receptionist didn’t even smile to me at what’s obvious, either I wasn’t likeable, either I wasn’t the first one to catch my ears in the lift...  I preferred to believe the second version... and there could be so many examples... through airports, rent-a-cars... like I was from the movie “Everything happens only to me”... I shouldn’t even remind one of my friend’s happening, with the double glazing from the room left ajar by the hotel maid and alerting the reception that someone tried to force his windows from outside... alright, other times, when the double glazing was an untouchable American dream... but it seems I’m not the only one...


I don’t want to seem something I’m not, but I can’t brag that I’m alright with the technical trifles or a householder’s skill... I remember that the last time I changed a chandelier in my mother’s apartment (what a big deal, I’m an electromechanical engineer, pfff!), I burned out all the electric wires from the bloc staircase, so the neighbours stayed without lights for a good while... of course I got out on the hall wondering to see what happened... anyway, things happen to everyone...or maybe not? I don’t even want to know!


The public life is same as before, meaning the job takes many of my hours, the internet (and lately Facebook) created that dangerous addiction, sedentary but convenient, the private life goes through difficult obstacles and the secret one continues to “breathe” through the music I discover, listen to, promote. And I believe this is where the carousel of dimension between I oscillate stops... once there were other ones and, who knows, maybe tomorrow there will be less... or not! My life swings between completely different universes, both physically and psychically... and years ago also geographically!


Mentioning the internet... Facebook obviously dethroned all the other social networks, MySpace becoming only the shadow of what once was, same goes for twitter or hi5. I’m sure this wonder won’t last too long (Google Plus is already stuck with its claws in Facebook’s back and it will immediately win over adepts), for technology functions at a superior speed to my perception of understanding and being 100% functional in real time. Until then, I live the nostalgias of radio show and I’m playing the DJ (in the millennium 3 version for me), posting on the FB wall in meditative nights without sleep (insomnia sounds too depressing) various links with songs from YouTube...and it’s pretty interactive, for some really communicate... like I would have guests through phone, hah... and if I will make or not Google Plus account, I’ll leave it to the one who enlightens me in these matters, meaning Lus... he is the imager and virtual profi technology of my PLATFORM (Kruna, DBE, DonisArt, Kogaionon), I just stay with life’s school and emotional, sensitive, perception stimulus and rhetorical introspection, old school (old-fashion sounds too modernist, Burebista would twist around in his grave).


Nothing is new in my camp but it seems that many things happen, I don’t even know how I could explain (to myself in no case) how I got to put into practice so many ideas, visions, obsessions, even frustrations... probably I should learn how to also listen, leave others with much more energy to do things they could do better and more correctly than what I believe to do well, maybe that way I should find out how much I lose and hurt the ones around me, dear ones, through the gear I started for years and years and I notice  that I already became his slave... maybe I should realize where and when I should stop or give over my virtual relay... I really don’t know, maybe my sign, Sagittarius, throws me every day in all kind of imaginary fights or not (how easy for me to throw the blame on the sign, right?) which I’m glad to create, give them life and then abandon... it seems I'm losing the motivation to finish them, most of the time without being interested in the result... I’m afraid that the illusion of living made a good pair with the so called life, as long as I don’t have time (or refuse) to realize that there are other landmarks after I can guide myself, even govern...


But I got too carried away and the field gets prepared only in the autumn, on gloomy weather, when TENHI seems to be a perfect aid in order to bear fruits the following spring... We enter August, a great challenge is about to begin and I would like to promise that DBE 3 will be a beautiful festival... but there comes OSHO and pulls my ears:” An honest man can’t promise. How could he? How could he know what’s going to be tomorrow?” So I’ll leave it that way, thinking of the adrenaline’s pleasure and the rest of the event’s typical characteristics: tension, stress, emotion, nervousness, joy, pleasure, hope, fulfilment...


And, for the ones interested in astrology... in the night of August 18 the Moon will the at its furthest point from Earth, a  great chance for the ones getting to Alba Iulia to stand at the greatest distance from everyday, but together with a great deal of bands and other friends... And they say in the festival’s evenings, the Moon will stay around Jupiter, a masculine planet, it seems... but I’m sure the opposite sex will be in high number at DBE, in order to alleviate the masculine presence, hah!


That’s it for now, we have time! I did it again, I wrote like I haven't done it for a lifetime! I don’t know how many of you have the patience to read this scripture, I won’t reread it again... too many ideas and brackets... that’s it... That’s when I get rainy weather in the summer! And the night is really delicious!


On other hand, I don’t think I’ll have resources, patience and disposition in September for another Editorial, but who knows what’s going to happen...


See you, we’ll hear and salute each other soon!


July 27 2011


PS. What happened in Norway shocked everyone... sad, regrettable, and painful! Without minimizing the importance and impact of those crimes, I can’t avoid expressing my disgust towards the media that immediately looked forward to publish the condolences of the world’s greatest men who, like Father Stalin, expressed their regrets... I know that’s how it’s done, but why do I see it only from the world’s greatest? Only they have the right to send these kinds of messages? Or only theirs should be mediatised? I wonder, sould who wept, who remained stupefied by those acts committed by some idiots, don’t exist in other, let’s say, smaller countries? Still, only these great men who are at the control panel of all wars, crimes and all interests appear at the TV? If there’s a storm, they appear... if there’s a war, it’s still them... if there’s a great visit, once again, them... These politics... Otherwise, I’m reading about things I can’t believe exist…I was shocked, messed up even sad after reading the article below. This subject should not, at least in my mind, raise any question marks about existence and our conscience.