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Well, have passed a good time since we talk for the last. But here we are again with some news about what's going on at Decade (in)sanatorium. The biggest and most important news are of course the releasing of Twilight Glimmer's debut CD "Paradox", in stores since May 1st and with a big response by the audience. Besides, this CD also contains a multimedia section with some stuff about the band and you can see some of his live shows. By the way the official release show of the disc will be next month in Pereira. Anyone interested in the band can write them at This CD (and the other Decade releases) are avalaible only at finest stores and distributors (ask yours!!!), or directly with Decade. In the other hand Majestic Realms is finishing the recordings of his debut CD "Quest for Faith", as most of you already know, it is a jewel of pure Power Metal, with lots of energy and epic compositions. After some line-up changes, the band is now working really hard and getting compact to give everything at his upcoming live shows. We hope "Quest for Faith" hit the street by the middle year. Another good news are about Masacre and MistyFate, our best seller bands, they will have a song included in the next CD of Ancient Ceremonies Magazine, so if you haven't yet, here you can check his music. And talking about Masacre, "Muerte Verdadera Muerte" still have a very good response by the public and world critics, so we're thinking about new stuff coming from the band (reeditions, live discs, curiosities). Also it's important talk about his last show in Bogotá with a huge assistance and media coverage (including two pages in Colombia's biggest sensacionalist tabloid El Espacio). Now we're looking for someone interested in licensing this CD in cassette format and collector vinyl too, so if you know this person or company put him in contact.


The DS web store continues to provide our customers with the finest releases in the dark, progressive, extreme music scene. We promised more quality releases from different labels, and we deliver. We now carry titles from Forever Underground, Middle Pillar, Oakenshield, and Pavement/Crash music. Also, look for the latest releases from Aftermath, Eibon, Mighty Music, and those hard-to-find titles from Diehard in the coming weeks! Of course, you will always find our releases from DS including the magnificent 2 cd release by maudlin of the Well "Bath" and "Leaving Your Body Map" as well as the brand new rerelease of Without Face's debut cd "Deep Inside." We are committed to bringing you the finest releases at the very best prices and with the best possible service 24/ exceptions! After some delay with production, the promos for labels, press and radio are now out for the majestic new release by RAIN FELL WITHIN entitled "REFUGE." The initial response has been simply excellent as "Refuge" received 8/10 from Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, 95/100 from The Darkest Hours, 4/5 from MusiqueMachine and great reviews at Delirium, Unhallowed,, and Chaosmetal webzines as well as debuting as #1 on the mighty The Sound & The Fury (US) playlist, cd of the week for Metal Zone (Fra) and #1 adds for Last Exit for the Lost (US), The Darkest Hours (Can), The Dark Zone (Pol), Brutal Radio (US), Massabrutto (Bel), and Dark Inspirations(Aust) radio shows to name just a few. Look for many more reviews and interviews with the band in the coming weeks! The official release date will be April 12th. Fans in the New England area will have a chance to check out the band at The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival as they perform songs off of "Refuge." It will also mark the first appearance of their newest member John Battema on keyboards. John was brought into the Rain Fell Within camp for live purposes so Dawn could concentrate on her vocal performance and interact more with the audience. Finally, if that wasn't enough, the band has already begun writing new material for the follow-up to "Refuge," having just put the finishing touches on a brand new song! NOVEMBERS DOOM have finished the recording sessions and final mix for their newest masterpiece entitled "TO WELCOME THE FADE" with Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Nevermore) at the helm. The mastering process is taking place this month, so look for promotional materials and a release date sometime in late May, early June. Fans in the New England area will have a chance to witness the band performing songs off "To Welcome the Fade" so don't miss this monstrous performance! Finally, there's always time to find out where it all began for Novembers Doom with their epic debut "Amid Its Hallowed Mirth" rereleased on Dark Symphonies with all new artwork and two special bonus tracks. BRAVE have been extremely busy over the past three months writing and recording their debut full length cd "SEARCHING FOR THE SUN." BRAVE are very excited about the new release! The music is both powerful and diverse, combining elements from the older Arise From Thorns material and some of the newer, heavier progressive elements featured on their brilliant ep "Waist Deep in Dark Waters." The new cd includes 11 new songs with a running time of approximately 50 minutes. The official release date has been set for sometime this summer. Brave are also excited to announce that they now have a new member in the band! His name is Juan Somarriba and he plays keyboards and guitar. Juan has previously played in such bands as Black Horizon and Garden of Shadows. Welcome to the band, Juan! Be sure to keep an eye on BRAVE's web site for brand new band photos, tour dates, MP3 samples and other announcements at:

MAUDLIN OF THE WELL are busy writing new material for the follow-up to last years amazing two cd releases "BATH" and "LEAVING YOUR BODY MAP." The band will begin laying down drum tracks this month at Zing Studios with Jim West engineering and co-producing the new material with the band. As reported last month, the new material is darker, heavier, and more sinister than anything they have done in the past...PREPARE! The band is continuing to morph into a new entity as personal changes are occurring within the band. Maria (vocals) and Sam (drums) are leaving motW for various personal reasons. So the band is looking for a new drummer. Interested parties can contact Toby at: Meanwhile, Byron (vocals) is taking a break from live performances with motW to concentrate on his studies. He will still continue to write lyrics and perform on the new cd. Surf on over to for more details on news, gigs, and recording info. Finally, the July edition of METAL MANIACS will hit the streets this month. A full-length interview with motW will be featured in its pages, so make sure you check it out! AUTUMN TEARS officially announce the departure of Erika from the band. No definite replacement has been planned at this point in time, but rest assured that Autumn Tears will move forward and finish their newest cd entitled "ECLIPSE" by the summer. The band have already recorded a half hours worth of beautiful, haunting music that will set the standard once again for the neo-classical darkwave genre. Stay tuned for more details! ANIMUS MUNDI continue to write and rehearse new material for their debut cd on Lure of Lorelei. In the meantime, we invite you to check out the excellent interview with Stacy and Lee at Darksonus Webzine ( ) for more details on this amazing band. TWELFTH OF NEVER have just added two new members to their line up; drummer Mike Brown and guitarist Dave Brocksmith. Mike and Dave have played together off and on for the past twelve years or so in various bands. ToN are still writing and rehearsing new material for their debut cd on Lure of Lorelei. With Mike and Dave in the band, they are really moving along at a good pace. Also, the ToN website will be getting a complete makeover in the coming weeks. The current website will remain up until the new one is completed.


It's a while ago that you have heard from us, but we took it easy the last few months, just preparing for a very hectic period that will come the next few months. Right now we are preparing our new release, "Cardinal VII" by Norwegian band Ashes To Ashes. The music is a good mix of Progressive Metal, Gothic Rock and Heavy Metal. The band describes the music on this new album as Gregorian Metal, which actually is a pretty good description. Expect some heavy stuff in combination with classic piano parts to break the album. The first 2 reviews on the recordings where overwhelming, so we are really looking forward to all the comments we will get. The album will be ready in about 6 weeks from now. Canadian Heaven's Cry is finishing the recordings of the long awaited second CD. Vocals are being recorded now, than the band immediately will start mixing all the stuff. You can expect a release during the summer months. Right now plans are being made for a 2 or 3 week European tour later this year. Nothing is confirmed yet, so no details are available right now. In Canada the band has their first gig since years, the band will play live next week in Montreal. We will let you know how it truned out. Dutch band Silent Edge will enter the studio next week, they will record and mix the album in 4 or 5 weeks. The album will be released in September. As you probably will remember, Silent Edge has won the Metal Bash, the most important contest in The Netherlands organized by Aardschok Magazine ( ). As a result of this the band has won 3 days at the Harrow Studio, but because a studio was already booked for the album the band has decided to give back this part of the price. Therefore Aardschok Magazine will organize a new contest for young bands, details about this will follow pretty soon. Keep an eye on the Aardschok Magazine or their website, we are sure they will announce the details pretty soon.

HAMMERHEART RECORDS have come to an agreement with the Finnish band DIVERCIA, formerly known as LOST IN TWILIGHT !!! Under the name Lost in Twilight they released a MCD called "Planeteer" and this was already an indication of their future development. After hearing 3 songs from their upcoming full-length album "MODUS OPERANDI" it was very clear that the time was there to close an agreement with the band and so it was done. After signing the contract the band decided to change their name to DIVERCIA, convinced this fits better with their current and future musical directions. The album is recorded Summer 2001 at ASTIA STUDIO and was mastered by Mika Jussila in the well known FINNVOX STUDIO. Music-wise DIVERCIA brings together the very best elements of Finnish top-acts like Sentenced, H.I.M. and even some Nightwish, ofcourse all done in a top-notch production ! Beautiful melodic Metal with touches of Gothic and filled with great atmosphere, strong melodies and superb solos... Check out the band on the net:

Hereby, we at HAMMERHEART RECORDS, announce with pride that we will co-operate in the future with the Swedish band HEARSE !!! The core of this band exists around JOHAN LIIVA (vocals and bass) and MAX THORNELL (drums), with the addition of MATTIAS LJUNG (guitars). Johan and Max played together from 1990 up until 1994 in the band FURBOWL (two albums released) and Johan Liiva is known for the vocals on the first three ARCH ENEMY-albums. Of course his trade-mark (that incredible and typical voice any Arch Enemy-fan used to love) is taken into HEARSE. We received two demo's and so we heard six songs, recorded in a basement as demo's used to be done... HEARSE is melody! HEARSE is that remarkable voice! HEARSE is tight drums! Hearse is great riffs with killer solos! What more do we want from a Metal band !?!? The near future will bring a good old 7" to warm you up and a full-length album, which might include a cover of the Pet Shop Boys' classic "It's a Sin". The album is to be expected before Autumn 2002.


Khold's new album "Phantom" will hit the streets April 15. Satyr is currently in Denmark mixing Satyricon's new album. In the meantime Satyricon's 10 years anniversary album Ten Horns - Ten Diadems is on its way. More info at: Monumentum have completed the reocording and mixing of Ad Nauseam . The album will be released in May 2002.


PENUMBRA just returned from a succesfull French tour supporting Within Temptation. Playing for about 500 to 600 persons each night, Penumbra showed what they're worth: an energetic band on stage giving an entertaining show with two female Opera singers who blow you away with their voices! The Norwegian all star band MEZZERSCHMITT just layed down the guitars and drums for their first album. The band will re-enter the studio mid-April to record the additional guitars, bass, synths and vocals. According to one, certainly not unknown member, we can expect the following: "And the result, I believe, will destroy !" ..waaaay heavier, aggressive, darker and more memorable and most importantly more horror filled than ever.. is what we can expect -according to Killjoy- from "Harvest Ritual", the upcoming album by NECROPHAGIA. The band will record late July, for a release end 2002. Beware: some surprising line-up changes will take place! DESTRÖYER 666 are confirmed for the Dutch festival Wâldrock! Wâldrock takes place the 22nd of June and other confirmed acts are: Kreator, Möterhead, Agnostic Front, Tristania and Within Temptation among others DARKSIDE Peter Böhm, bass player and founding member of DARKSIDE, has left the group shortly after their return from their European tour with Mortician and Carnal Forge. To Peter's opinion Darkside are trapped in a musical one-way street and at a dead end image wise, furthermore he feels he has nothing more to offer to the band musically speaking. Peter Böhm contributed a lot to the development of the band in the past, so it will be hard to replace him. For the moment all band activities have been stopped. For more details and to read the reaction of remaining founding member Wolfgang Süssenbeck (vocals, keyboards) travel to Darkside's official site: ON TOUR These coming weeks you'll be able to see several Season of Mist bands on the tour: PENUMBRA, DESTRÖYER 666 and THE CREST. While Penumbra tour France together with Within Temptation, Deströyer 666 is playing the No Mercy Festivals (Immortal, Hypocrisy, Vader among others) and The Crest will be hitting the road supporting Mortiis. So be prepared for a good portion of Gothic metal when hearing Penumbra's new songs of their upcoming album "The last Bewitchment', rawness and brutality from the Australians and Dark Rock from The Crest, enchanted by Nell's vocals. Don't forget to check out: The Crest's "Letters from Fire" out the 25th of March, Deströyer 666' "Cold Steel...for an Iron Age and Penumbra's "The Last Bewitchment", both in stores the 22nd of April. Deströyer 666 are also to be seen at the Baroeg in Rotterdam (NL). To support this great venue the band will give a beneficiary concert together with Hammerhawk on the 26th of July.


Season of Mist will release the MAYHEM catalogue on vinyl. "Deathcrush", "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", "Wolf's Lair Abyss" and "Grand Declaration of War" will all be included in the limited edition box (2.000 boxes only), along with a 45" containing 2 never officially released songs recorded after "Deathcrush" with Death doing the vocals! More soon...


Portuguese avantgard maniacs. ThanatoSchizO are currently finishing the pre-production of the forthcoming album "InsomniousNightLift". After releasing "Schizo Level" - their first album - in middle 2002, the band is working hard and collecting the results of a "great creative era for its elements, in special for Eduardo", as stated by one of the former and most active members Guilhermino. He also talked about "InsomniousNightLift" as "a brick in the present state of music, so full of hip hop mechanical crossovers and when metal is all about kids with large clothes with the "Fuck You" attitude or that operatic power metal so full of stupid clichés". He also told that "ThanatoSchizO does not create music for the masses and one can expect a stronger improvement in order to reach the path of absolute good taste using the ever-present progressive way". There weren't given any special details about their actual musical direction. The album is settled to be recorded in the next couple of months with AFM's Tarantula Drummer Luís Barros at Rec'n'Roll Studios on Oporto suburbs. "InsomniousNightLift" will be released in middle 2002 through Misdeed Records.



European Tour cancelled!

We're sad to inform you that we finally decided to cancel the tour. We really tried our best to make the tour happen, but it became just more and more chaotic in the end. At first, the billing was supposed to consist of Aeternus, Agathodaimon, Hecate Enthroned, Mörk Gryning and Infernal Poetry. After the majority of the shows were already booked, the headliner Aeternus decided to cancel, as they obviously weren't happy about the financial aspect of the tour. There had to be some changes done to the contracts (after many clubs didn't want to pay the sum which the tour management did expect at first). Just a few days later, Mörk Gryning did cancel, too. We discussed the situation together and decided to continue this tour last-minute, together with Hecate Enthroned and Infernal Poetry. The routing was changed here and there, as some clubs of course weren't happy about such a drastically reduced billing. It was obvious that the tour at this point would be a financial loss for all involved parties, but we still had the belief that it would be at least fun to play, especially in countries where we haven't been before. We've been quite nervous about doing a tour under such circumstances, without proper promotion and such a changed billing. But we didn't want to let the fans down, who at least wanted to see Hecate Enthroned, Infernal Poetry and us. Last saturday, we received a mail from Hecate Enthroned where they told us that their label wouldn't give them any tour support, all of a sudden. So they were forced to cancel as they couldn't even afford to travel to the first gig of the tour, they said. Although we sent them a mail the same day, telling them that we'd lend them the money they'd need, it seems that the mail didn't arrive in time. On monday, we received their answer, which said that three of them already told their places of work that they were not going on tour, so they are expected in work now. Well, we even discussed the situation of going on with another band to replace Hecate Enthroned, three days before the beginning of the tour. But we came to the decision that it wouldn't make sense anymore. Three out of five bands cancelled, a lot of confused club owners and fans... it just looks like this tour was never meant to happen. We're sorry that we have to cancel the tour in the last minute, I hope you understand it. We were looking forward since November to play this tour, but shit happens! Our thanks go out to Phil & WorldProgressBookings as well as Infernal Poetry, for all their support and belief in the tour until the last minute. Sathonys, Agathodaimon.


Hard Rock Killer Swiss hard rock commandos, Crystal Ball, return for the third time! Frontman Mark Sweeney and his guys have entered Studio 51 with Tommy Newton (Helloween, Victory etc.) to produce twelve brand new songs. The CD's title is Virtual Empire, and it will be their first release for Nuclear Blast. The guys combine plausible refrains with powerful riffs and discreet but impressive keyboards. You can experience it yourself at one of their gigs in the summer (Summer Breeze Festival for example) and on their upcoming European tour. There'll also be a single and a video clip available soon.


New recordings Darkane are working on material for their follow up to Insanity. The as-yet-untitled disc will be recorded at the band's own home studio and in Dug Out Studio with producer Daniel Bergstrand (who's also producing the new In Flames). Co-production will be handled by Orjan Omklo (ex-Misery Loves Company). You can look forward to a new masterpiece, which is being described as more "variable" than Insanity. Look for it late this summer.


Reitermania goes Carneval Die Apokalyptischen Reiter are escaped. The band that was locked up in their rehearsal room by hordes of fans that are eagerly awaiting a successor for "All You Need Is Love" took the chance to flee during the carnival period. As "The Metal Village Peiole", they brought Love, Destruction and Blastbeats during a Blues (!) Festival to the masses. After playing "Blues Will Never Die", they were catched by the security personnel and brought back to the rehearsal room. There, they'll not only have to deal with music, but also with the aftermaths of their make-up. But until now, the four-piece is content with having a day ration of 5 string sets, 20 drum sticks and russian vodka. The new album "Everything Is True - Have A Nice Trip" will be available November 2002. Until then, we fear asking ourselves: Will their make-up ever go away?


New stuff.

The Norwegian black metal masters are touring America at the moment. They will start with the song writing for the successor to Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia right after they have finished the U.S. tour. At the moment, it seems like Shagrath and the band will enter the studio at the end of the year for new recordings.


New DVD.

Sweden's heavy metal pioneers HammerFall have been working on their second DVD/VHS production for the last several weeks. It's called The Templar Renegade Crusades. It runs two and a half hours, and you'll find highlights from the last three years on it: the award of their gold record, live outtakes, backstage sequences and other surprises, culminating in a mixture of fun and heavy metal brought to you the HammerFall way. And if you are fast enough to get the limited edition, there'll be a 4-track live audio CD with premium material included! After a short break, HammerFall will enter Wisseloord Studios with producer Charlie Bauernfeind (Blind Guardian) to start recording their fourth album.


Booked up.

After supporting Slipknot in Great Britain, In Flames are gearing up for a US tour with Iced Earth and Jag Panzer. But before they leave, they will record their new album, which will be recorded at Dug Out Studio with producer Daniel Bergstrand. We can look forward to a re-mastered re-release of The Jester Race and Black Ash Inheritance together on one digipak.


New concept album.

The official album title of Kataklysm's upcoming release will be Shadows & Dust. This concept album is about war and its senselessness. The song titles are "Where the Enemy Sleeps," "Beyond Salvation," "Chronicles of the Damned," "Face the Face of War," "Inside the Material Flesh," "Kingdom," "Tyrants," "Revelation Enthroned," "Years of Enlightenment/Decades in Darkness."


After the release of Rare Trax last year, Meshuggah are readying themselves to enter the studio again to record the true successor to 1998's Chaosphere. Expect a summer release.


For everyone who's into metal ballads, Nuclear Blast will release the fourth compilation of Metal Dreams. You can find some of the best soft songs from Manowar, Rhapsody, Thunderstone, Blind Guardian, Testament, Demons & Wizards, Avantasia, Hammerfall, Grave Digger and many more top acts.


Mortification's mastermind Steve Rowe informed us about the following: The band will go on! They are currently searching for a few new musicians because they have decided to take the music in new directions beyond the old school death metal sound they are known for. Mortification want to record a new album in the late summer and the release shall be done by Steve's own label "Rowe Productions."


Russian Roulette.

Primal Fear will play their first gig after the release of Black Sun in Russia. It'll be at the Luzhniky Open Air in Moskau. Primal Fear will begin a proper European headlining tour in the middle of September. Rage will be direct support with an opening band still to be confirmed. The band is looking to tour the world on Back Sun, which should include their first tour of the US, although nothing is confirmed yet.


In the studio again.

The Swedish thrash metal combo will enter Studio Fredman in April to record their third album. But how the hell are they going to top the fantastic Not Dead Yet? Find out later this year.


Heads will roll.

The metal heroes are back again. After the reunion of Mat Sinner and Tom Naumann, everything seems to be great again, and they are working on the next album, which will be recorded this summer. There Will Be Execution will be released on 27.01.2003.


Hard working.

The band is currently working on the follow up to Book of the Dead in Los Angeles, CA with producer Joe Floyd. And Ken Kelly, who has done some amazing work for the likes of Manowar and Kiss, will handle the artwork for this new masterpiece.


New metal magic.

After Timo Tolkki released his second solo CD, he will enter the studio together with all Stratovarius members to record their new album with the working title Elements. The release will probably be in January 2003.


Studio Madness.

The crazy norwegians are supposed to enter the studio in may, to record their third album and follow up to the successful "Animatronic" album. The album will be recorded by Siggi Bemm at the Woodhouse studios (The Gathering, Tiamat and more), but still the band doesn't tell which musical direction it will be.


Power Metal Gods.

This great new Power Metal band from Finland are just recording their first album at the Finnvox studios, which is supposed to be released in September. Thunderstone have been discovered by Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tollki and be prepared for a real metal attack! Some of the tracks will be: Me, My Enemy", "World's Cry", "Let The Demons Free", "Eyes Of A Stranger", "Voice In A Dream", "Like Father, Like Son", "Weak", "Spread My Wings" und "Virus".



After years and years of CD heaven, we've listened to the vinyl junkies out there and on May 20th we will be releasing 5 albums on heavy black vinyl, yum yum. Turntable titles bound for the reload are: Opeth Still Life - double album/gatefold sleeve Anathema Alternative 4 Darkthrone A Blaze In The Northern Sky Darkthrone Under A Funeral Moon Darkthrone Transylvanian Hunger Also on May 20th we will be re-releasing the fabulous CD by Trouble/Anathema super-group Lid, (a collaboration between Eric Wagner and Danny Cavanagh), digital re-mastered and with brand new artwork. Lid In The Mushroom We're already experiencing a positive response to the reaction of our first new signings of 2002, Swedish hardcore superstars The Great Deceiver. Expect great things from them this year. Label boss Hammy had this to say; It was always a great privilege working with Tomas when At The Gates were signed to Peaceville in the mid 90's, in our opinion Tomas is one of the best vocalists/songwriters of his generation, we've kept up a firm friendship down the years and I'm absolutely fucking delighted to have him back on the label. Tomas Lindberg; Why did we choose Peaceville? Well, there are two reasons really... First of all I've known Hammy & Lisa for over 10 years, they know who I am and where I come from, they have always supported me 100 %, It's down to mutual respect basically... Secondly, all the other labels that wanted to sign us hadn't even heard the record, it felt like they were interested more about the ex-At The Gates sticker they could put on the cover...whereas Peaceville flipped when they heard the record, they saw what we wanted to do and they wanted to release it because of the strength of the record. The Great Deceiver is a very different band, what we looked for in a label was someone that shared our visions, both musically, lyrically & philosophically and Peaceville certainly fit that bill... world domination starts here. The Great Deceiver A Venom Well Designed (Release date May 20th) The Soundisciples stunning second album Audio Manifesto has now been put back to a June 3rd release, bringing it closer to the States release date of 4th June. The album will contain an enhanced video performance of the band, filmed at Bristol's Inferno Club. The Soundisciples Audio Manifesto (Release date June 3rd) Other prominent releases: The Anathema DVD which was originally scheduled for March has now been put back to April 22nd - the same day that we release My Dying Bride's DVD and their live album: April 22nd Anathema Visions Of A Dying Embrace DVD (Contains all promo vids + live in Poland performance) My Dying Bride For Darkest Eyes DVD (Contains all promo vids + live in Poland performance + extra live fan footage) My Dying Bride Voice Of The Wretched (Live) - Filmed in 2001 @ 013 Holland For up-to-date info on all MDB's live dates & festival appearances for 2001 please check out the bands website Akercocke are strongly rumoured to be included in the Wacken line up - more news as we get it!


-the upcomming releases in the next two months: SEVERE TORTURE-"Butchery Of The Soul" MANES-"Under Ein Blodraud Maane" HAGALAZ RUNEDANCE-"Frigga's Web" DANSE MACABRE-"Matters Of the Heart" BLOOD RED THRONE-"Taste For Blood" INTERNECINE-""The Book Of Lambs" PRIMORDIAL-"Storm before Calm" THYRFING-"Vansinnesvisor" DIVERCIA-"Modus Operandi" THE KOVENANT-"In Times Before The Light" remix IMPIOUS-"The Hitman" SEVERE TORTURE-"Misanthropic Carnage"


We have signed a distribution & marketing deal with the really heavy Norwegian hardrock band TOMMERMENN!! MCD release in Norway on May 13th. Format: MCD. Playing time: aproximately 35 minutes. A lot of things happen at EdgeRunner at the moment and here is a litle hint about our coming CD's as well as our present releases: (Albums sorted from Old - New) Artist: Vanaheim Title: En historie Label: Vanaheim rec. Format: MCD Catalog#: Vana01CD Release date: 1996. Features memebers of Susperia (-NuclearBlast-), Ringnevond, and (x-memeber of) Old Mans Child etc...

Artist: Vanaheim Title: Helter og kongers fall Label: Vanaheim rec. Format: CD Catalog#: Vana02CD Style: Fantasy-metal. Mix of clear vocal, growls and grim. Release date: 1997. Artist: Ringnevond Title: Nattverd Format: CD Catalog#: Edge001CD Style: Brutal Norwegian black metal with a lot of great moods... Release date: 2000 - features Susperia members. Still great request. Only released in a few european countries!!

Artist: Callenish circle Titel: Graceful...yet forbidding incl. 5 bonus tracks. Format: CD Catalog#: Edge002CD Style: Melodic Death-metal ála e.g. InFlames... Release date: 2001 - only released in europe. Great criticism received!! Now signed to MetalBlade. Homepage:

Artist: Arrival Title: An abstract of Inertia Format: CD and limited Digi-CD.Catalog#: Edge003CD Style: "Avant-darkness" / Symphonic- Black metal. Release date: February/March 2002. Excellent criticism so far.... Homepage:

Artist: Absolute Steel Title: The fair bitch project Format: CD Catalog#: Edge004CD Style: 80's party-metal like Dio, Kiss etc... REALLY COOL STUFF!! Release date: April 2002 Homepage:

Artist: Tømmermenn Title: s/t Format: MCD Catalog#: Edge005CD Style: Really heavy hardrock from Norway with Norvegian lyrics... Release date: May 13th 2002 Homepage:

Artist: Arch Nemesis Title: T.B.A Format: CD Catalog#: Edge006CD Style: Dark-melodic metal from Norway... Release date: May/June 2002 Homepage:

Artist: On the Edge compilation CD with alot of up-and-coming bands... Title: On the Edge Format: CD Catalog#: T.B.A Style: Heavy, doom, death, black.. Release date: May 2002 Homepage: And in fall 2002 you can expect new albums from Absolute Steel, Arrival and 1-2 other bands...