December 2002

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Hello there,

I would like to inform you that the latest issue of "Kogaionon" magazine, #8, will be available for the sale begin with January 15th. It contains 64 A4 B/W pro-printed pages, in English, decent ellegant lay-out performed by EncoilMark Graphics (, great design, new logo, new image... This issue have enclosed almost 300 subjective and detalied reviews, a few introspective retorics made by the editor's obsessions... and, most important, ten mature and interesting interviews with: AGALLOCH, CODE666, DIVERCIA, GOD, KARMAKOSMETIX, MONUMENTUM, NEGURA BUNGET, THE END RECORDS, OKODLOK, WINDS. The magazine was printed in a special limited edition and the whole Romanian translation was included as a free bonus in an anexa format exclusively for Romanian readers. (almost 30 A4pages) The price for a copy is 6 EUR/$, all taxes included. Distributors, get in touch for the special offer as the numbers of copies are strictly limited.

Please, spread this information by your force. Thanks in advance!

OP12, CP3, Ploiesti, 2000 PH.