December 2005

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Hibernal hello!

The routine and the repetition bore and scare me, too!! But not in this impeccable season's case! The snow, the cold, the wind, all this wintry accessories create a dreamy atmosphere for me! I don't know if this mirage is something real or exists in my visual papillas' imagination, the important thing is that WINTER was, is and will always be my favourite season (maybe my birthday has its role in this state's alchemy)! And then I wonder why the Hell can't I move on to a Pole, to live in an igloo, near a sincere, honest and protective snow man? The cowardice (read the courage of the great statements made in a warm, cosy place, with an ardent bilberry brandy), the wish of isolation or even the fascination of these demented snow flakes draw for me every year a world which I stubbornly think it's all mine... it's the only period of the year when I almost don't listen to DEAD CAN DANCE! And in this world I just can't help smiling when my old friend Jan K Transeth (IN THE WOODS...) wrote to me that he would become a father and that he was really proud about it ! He, the traveller (in fact the other ME, the active and nonprejudiced one), the one who has furrowed the world from one corner to another, from Norway to Peru, from Brazil to the New Zealand... In this atmosphere, somehow calm, I listened to another realization from his label, named GOLDLOG, which surprised me in the most pleasant way, the female voice and the whole musical harmony reminding me of Tomi Amos' underground times... I also find out that Martin Koller, the boss of the German label Prophecy entered in the happy fathers' club, but keeps on realising new CDs, DORNENREICH and HELRUNAR being his latest choices. STORMFAGEL is a beautiful Dark/Ambient Swedish project (the first in my top) and the KAYNO YESNO SLONCE project overwhelmed me, but the atmosphere created by this sound sends me on the mountain fields in summer mornings, there when a tiny brook develops an inmmeasurable energy ! But yesterday was a sunny day, and it seemd to match perfectly with the state created by the Bulgarian. On the other side, the ones from No Colours besieged me with new furious Black Metal realizations, some of them good, others over the average, but, again, all of them being lamely recorded and immixed ! And I find out that GRAVELAND still exists, and this made me feel extremely pleased, Rob Darken has been existed since the time I started to promote music ! I remember the revelation I had when I succeeded in buying from a specialized shop from Krakovia the first T-shirt with GRAVELAND... And decades have passed since then ! You also find in the playlist other albums that appeared in this period, but they gravitate around the mark : they don't sound very badly, and that tells everything. This time your can find at Reviews almost 20 new albums (and older at the English version section, but that's because of the lag caused by the transaltions), but, casting your eye over the ones in Romanian you can stabilize some reference points for the Christmas collection... or at least what MP3 you'll do ! I would like to offer you more about KOGAIONON but it's hard to do it now... the thing that's important for you, but also for me, remains the periodic revival of this site, a big thing for me in this non-Metal period full of transformation and strained details. And maybe some interviews could appear, some eventual recommendations of some bands would be really welcome. We will surely intersect from now on in 2006, when my old and tireless friend Richard Lederer will release new accords with DVKE and SUMMONING, Tyko has already informed me that the new TENHI is done and it's oriented to Kauan, with accent on the voice, Jan K Transeth will release TRANSIT and BLACK BINE CHAPEL, WINDS will explode with another chapter... and, surely, we'll discover another sounds which deserve to be immortalized, but, more surely, we'll have to cast our eye without any pleasure on tons of mediocre albums, that don't say anything to this Scene, they only exist and no one is interested in them ! Or maybe only the members and their friends, relatives !

One with another, I refuse to think this season won't transform you in real music consumers even if you, just like me, said all the year a decisive No to the CONSUMPTION dependence ! It's also hard to believe that now, when everybody walks wrapped up and in a hurry on the empty streets, when the urban noise shapes the dreadful, but fascinating echo of the Russian snowstorm, when the predominant colours are, in fact, the non-colours white and black, the only warm/neutral hue could be considered the daily/real grey, you can't silently savurate YOUR isolation, scanning the image of a virgin, frozen landscape, which destroys every form of physical, psychological and phonic pollution, when only the Nature and the Music from your mind exist... maybe also a drop of alcohol, if it doen's harm, which you raise for the mysterious owl which you insist to see thorough the window of your cell... and which you use fooling yourself that Loneliness is not an ordinar whore and that your egotism really doesn't seem interesting not even for the portrait you long ago sketched in the crocks of your internal mirror !

Recently I've read the paragraph : "Every human has his own personal chaos. And in the rapports with this chaos, there are three phases. In the first one you ignore your chaos. In the second one, you wander around it. In the third one, you try, if there's any time left, to arrange." Do I really need this chaos ? But if I would refuse it (and that prooves that anyway I admit it's in me), could I still be me ? Who knows ? The one from Heaven, the one from Hell, you, me ? But would it have any importance... someone says it would... and laughs... I can't see him, but I continuously hear him...

Kogaionon says hello and it's convinced you don't need its bushy good wishes, but its lust for music, for life and maximum SINCERITY ! And pay attention to the chimney, you don't know what Santa could bring you in the night when I'm fooling myself to hope you will not totally become some discofans !

And at least the dizzy aroma of a glass of wine will make a halt for a moment in the illogicality's lap and on the senseless mountain Kogaionon... it will keep on waiting, anyway... even if it will last for ever...

An inspired Metalic New Year!

P.S.: We can count the stars from the sky because of insanity or boredom. Sometimes, because of both reasons. But, oftenly, we forget to count ourselves, too - the only star, the only planet, the only Sun that does matter! We look at the universe with a strange mistrust, like we couldn't conceive there are some other worlds, and other realities, and other places where other forms of people love, hate, kill, live. This way reality continuously strikes us with its part hidden in the shadow: What we can't see can see us. What we can't feel can feel us. Whan we don't miss belongs to us. But, gradually, things we can't see become visible and we start to miss the things we are used to have. Our nature tells us that man is a dynamic system in which infinite things we have swap material and spirit for infinite things we don't have. As long as an equilibrium exists in this system harmony will exist, too. But man is a chaotic being who will tend to asume the knowledge's role and will fail facing new infinities of ignorance which he will catch sight of. Man wasn't created to be happy but to oscillate between the insanity of descovery and the boredom of harmony. Happiness is only the bait which will hold him captive, until the end. Octavian Paler.

Happy New Year!

December 2005