December 2006

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Closing 2006 salutes!

Just when the enthusiasm of Romania's entrance in EU lures everybody, the euroskeptic inside of me torments into evincing that no harm is intolerable as far as I'm still alive! In other words, the Negro and the Europe's monkeys turn into normal persons, ones with equal rights, dying in the bliss of their acceptance as being the same as the rest: handed, footed, with/without brain... Pertaining ourselves to the ancient history that obliges us towards a vertical and dignified path, we should have been now in a completely different hypostasis, but our Balkan - Harlotry style placed us in an unworthy position, so that modern history stands as a proof for our way of being a partner. And this very semantic - whose partner to be - can be further dissected, not now though...

Well, it's a big fulfillment for me knowing that, if I'll wish to go to London again, I won't have to make an appointment at the UK Embassy two weeks in advance, wasting a whole working day into various waiting-rooms in order to get a visa so that I could get to spend my own money in that particular country. Moreover, now I'll be able to pass easier under a custom - house officer's thumb, that is much too bored and vexed for the fact that another Romanian wants to visit his country, no matter that my intention has nothing to do with eating the beautiful swans his conational expose. The eternal humiliation: one is free to pass, while another must stay in a corner and wait to be called for having his identification papers checked and maybe, just maybe... We are in the third millennium, but lucky us...we are just entering normality! Thank you Europe for accepting me too as an European... one with rights. On the other hand, once I enter the system I'll have the opportunity to look in an overbearing manner at the subspecies that breed Ukrainian, Serbian, Moldavian, Croatian air... and to treat them the same way I've been treated so far by the sustainers of the unending blue flag full of yellow stars! What an idiotic and discriminative situation! Still, there are also noble exceptions: Norway for instance! Despite the oil fields and shoals so attractive for those that mould other's destinies, the Norwegians have refused twice adhering to EU! Is it dignity, foolishness or logical pragmatism? Take the right answer as you wish...

Odd or not, when everyone hurries into buying ornaments and lightening accessories for the Christmas tree, I am lining in the same endless stores queues yet I do it in order to get the Romanian flag for adorning my yard. Useless to say it's been pretty hard to get one, because the market is filled with the blue flags marked with EU and NATO symbols! If I ever decide to buy the flag of my fascinating Bucovina I already know I'll have to make a special order, as items like this are never to be found in the stores stocks cause of their absent selling speed. Nothing surprises me anymore, because even the pay desk person corrects me by making use of the expression: OK, next! I fear hypocrisy wraps up in Romania and tomorrow, if I'll wish to drink some natural orange juice squeezed right in from of me, the waiter will have difficulties into understanding my order and he'll ask me if perhaps a fresh is what I need! This trendy consumption pattern, so mercantile, so easy to be said, expressed and reasoned, filled with coloured bubbled waters and dressed in etiquettes hiding millions of marketed euros, may confuse me, even determine a new life style... Finally, a new surviving pattern! The old way of isolating in the mountains from the Ottomans (eternal Agripina) isn't a solution now, even though several legends have taught me that it should be considered as a surviving path! IF there is a resistance purpose! Interesting times are announced to come, challenging and unexplored ones, another form of being civilized, times that demand to be assimilated and mould under personal equation. If I'll choose to solely relate my Self to clichés and standardized patterns of thinking and acting, I'll certainly loose my identity and become the perfect clone for the functional, well conceived, but dungeon like System. Anyhow, as a professor from my lands spotted recently in one of his books: the Romanian individual HANDLES every situation! I do not know if the correct sense is to handle, as I would rather identify it within a simple synonym: to make shift... obviously, plastically speaking!

The good part would be that I'll evolve, I'll become more informed, more elegant and better structured into thinking, I'll only communicate via Power Point presentations and rapturous slides, enclosing graphs with ascending trend, I'll make frenetic speeches fully using the body-language techniques that I've learnt during the various and captivating team-building and training sessions that I've attended to, all saturated in let's do it and proactive attitude; moreover, I'll initiate others into socializing via simulated brainstorming processes filled with role - play exercises, I'll apply for several jobs opening paths towards career and recognition, I'll decorate my office with all sorts of feng shui accessories bearers of positive energy that will help me to easily print hundreds of professional info sheets; of course, I'll take my lunch in various restaurants saturated in business atmosphere, wearing smart casual clothes that stir up some other colleagues in charge envy or admiration; I'll cure my anguish via as many as possible therapy meetings with the psychologist (preferably attending group therapy), I'll take my kids to spend the day in the malls, sharing impressions regarding the latest remarkable gadgets, I'll make my weekend time pass through an ample, invigorating, liberating watching and shopping process (focused solely on famous European brands, as the Romanian ones are unsatisfactory) but this very process might be sometimes interrupted by mobile conferences with some potential business partners; every summer I'll go to the sea, on the Turkish littoral first, next time on the Greek one, in Malta afterwards, in Egypt... anyway I'll skip the Romanian seaside as it doesn't satisfy my needs anymore; my child will attend a top school that must be a Romanian - American or a Jewish one, needless to say I'll smile to everybody and I'll be a model in all the focus - groups I'll participate to, I'll mostly communicate through SMART sms and handy black-berry ... and utterly important: there will be no more briberies, but only consultancy and intelligent subcontractor invoices... I shall integrate and be the perfect conformist, bla, bla...!

Even considering these desperate circumstances from my euroskeptical point of view, I shall live more decent, I'll learn to respect more my personal universe and all that enlivens it - solely formal most of the times - I'll drive on better roads, I'll make my shopping in more spacious and diversified emporiums, I'll gain access to more credits in order to fulfill my American dream (house, car, exotic holidays), I'll escape exploitation but I'll still be exploited, yet in a willingly and consciously manner... I shall prove (myself) that I can be as everybody else, but I'll witness my regret for becoming lonelier, more isolated and harassed. As master Paler says, we live and enliven the enigmatic, yet emblematic paradox: we have greater buildings but smaller souls, larger highways but more narrow minds, we spend more money but we own less, we buy more but enjoy less, we have bigger houses and smaller families, more accessories yet less time, various positions but decreasing minds, advanced medicine but precarious health... we have learnt to hurry and forgotten to wait... WE HAVE FILLED LIFE WITH YEARS AND NOT ENLIVEN LIFE WITHIN THE YEARS PASSING... it's the era of fast-foods, slow digestions, powerful yet paltry individuals... time for simulated lives and programmed emotions to prevail. As far as I am concerned, my path shall probably be the one to shyly refuse the regimentation in the classical Occidental society style, and downshifting will finally become the sole way to escape and survive, latent and regressive as it is if related to the blindness that will generate the entire modernist society's epilepsy...

Musically speaking, this year's end brings some slightly above average releases, except for the reissue of a special album, one that had showed us some years ago that the Swedes will turn less catatonic on the following albums, Brave, Murder, Day being the closing work for KATATONIA's genius Dark Doom Death Metal approach before entering the commercial Gothic path. LORD WIND sounds interesting but also a bit repetitive; MOONSORROW's new release should have been an exceptional one, yet it seems that the Epic touch has partially turned into a common Black. FOREST OF SILENCE only moils to show us that there are also other Hungarian Black bands beside SEAR BLISS or TORMENTOR, while the rest of the new releases will be easily forgotten, yet they are reminded in this month's playlist and there are several reviews to be found too.

I also have two new interviews done during this last month, with MYRKGRAV and WINDS, captivating for me, disclosing Lars Jensen's and Andy Winter's certain frames of mind.

That's about all I have to say for the time being, we'll intersect in the coming year, hopefully more inspired and eager for excellent albums!

A happy New Year!

December, 2006.