December 2007

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Innermost Decembrist salutes!

Long awaited for neverending months, the new season made its entrance in a majestic way, caressing us with one or two snow banks early in the midst of November. Clearly, due to this global - electoral warming, a la Gore, in this very moment the snow only exists beyond the fog that invades everywhere, even within my olfactive perimeter, and solely somewhere closer to the sky than I am now.

Lately all sorts of events took place, and I've already written about some of them, respectively two concerts. If MOONSORROW definitely worth my entire attention, KATATONIA helped me understand that the best music to listen to is the one in my headphones, unaffected by the trendy gothic influences.
I am in the waiting for certain new releases from some projects that deserve complete consideration! So, ARCANA finished the recording and the mixing of their new album, the same goes for ICE AGES ...
ORPHANED LAND are on their way to perfect the new chapter and OPETH prepare to launch another outstanding material...well, the new year to come already contours interesting experiences.

The last playlist of the year is a pretty modest one, without any significant releases, despite many salutary intentions. The exceptions might be the new PRIMORDIAL album, VULTURE INDUSTRIES's debut or the second chapter of VIRGIN BLACK's trilogy. I would have liked to insist further on the latest releases, but there's no point for doing it now, as there are just a few days until Santa Claus will knock on our doors, looking just the same as we've always known him: with his Newrock boots, unbelievably long hair and White Metal bear!

I've also done some review for the albums that you can find in the playlist, but hey, do not get hazardous into trusting what I've said completely, as you already know that my personal and subjective manner may sometimes fail into becoming a correct guide for you. Still, in what concerns the notifications regarding the new released albums, you can take a glimpse at this folder too.

Given the fact that there were very few correct answers to my last question in the contest, I've decided to select a more formal one this time, hoping that the morose Kogaionon mountain will be able to offer more CDs from his brimful quiver to those who will hurry into giving the right answer to the new challenge that can be found in the Concurs folder.

This year's ending caught me staring at a pretty strange DVDs mingle: Baraka, DEAD CAND DANCE and ARCTURUS, and continuously listening with immense yearn to KATATONIA's "Funeral Wedding" and SUMMONING's "Minas Morgul".

I admit 2007's closure is quite stingy with Metal information. Maybe the new year will bring along more dynamism, vividness and profoundness for this Metal scene, one that lately doesn't seem to cease its diving into mediocrity.

I wish you to enjoy beautiful Winter holiday's moments and to experience the elevating passage between years accordingly to the music that harbours within yourselves! And not solely that...

December, 2007.