December 2008

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Brumal greetings!

Another year comes to an end, and with it, the concept of the Special Evenings finalises as well. 2008 was a very active, dynamic and tiring year… But one with many satisfactions too… I hope that, for you as well, it was at least an interesting year!

Thank you to all the participating bands, but also to all the friends that had the curiosity of testing one or more of these five Special Evenings, alongside bands close to my soul... both from a musical and relational standpoint! I tend to believe that at least their memory can create, alongside the vapours of some mold wine, a nostalgic state, for what wanted to be something intimate, elegant, minimalist… an unique aroma with a melancholic taste for those who have equally enjoyed the actual concerts but also the chats with the band members or with other friends in Musik Café; or who have simply spent a different kind of weekend in a city close to the mountains, a place with an exceptional landscape! And perhaps it is merely a first step… for those who will want to continue! I hope it will be so!

On the other hand, keep close, it won’t be long and Kogaionon number 10 will come to light... an issue that might prove interesting to many! But, as you know, in a limited edition, an exclusives standard, for collectors only! This will go into print immediately after the end of the year and will be ready around springtime.

Not that many things to be said about this website, it was updated with the frequency you already know and got used to, my wish of not having it transformed into a news portal still being clear; no clusters of information to suffocate the eye, just a pragmatic way of escaping from time to time from this burdening normality that keeps forever deluding the hope of a complete/exquisite secret life…

Additional materials will be published online as well, but only after the print version of my magazine will be launched… Until then: a few dozen new reviews, a decent Playlist, a new Competition and a partial interview with TRIARII…

I wish you an year filled with extreme underground musical feelings!

December, 2008