December 2009

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Eternal salutes from the Kogaionon realm!

The long awaited end of year is creeping up, winter is knocking on the door and so out the classical holidays. Alongside these, DARK BOMBASTIC EVENING is coming too, anxiously awaited by a lot of people from abroad! Hopefully the event will become attractive for Romanians too, in order to justify, even if in a synthetic way, that the event is taking place in Bucharest and not Budapest or Prague. We shall see what’s going to happen! I have included some last details concerning the bands that will play on the 12th of December. You will find these on the interview page.

I haven't had time for more album reviews... maybe a bit later!

As far as new releases are concerned, nothing remarkable, despite of all the big commotion caused by some big bands. Take KATATONIA for example… announced with the sound of rumbling drums, spoken highly by even people like Mikael/OPETH, the album does not offer the surprise element or that something SPECIAL that would overwhelm the listeners ear/mind… I can give another example too: ORPHANED LAND… a release that is more than complex, with insertions like never before, from Oriental to Tribal, or from Progressive to Melodic, but lacking the resonating inspiration! Coming from Russia a new KAUAN album, this time more Melodic and Atmospheric, a mix of TENHI and SIGUR ROS, alluring only on a few passages where the piano is used in an extraordinary fashion… OMASPHERE has a decent debut, a DEAD CAN DANCE replica to be taken notice off by fans of this sort of music, TRIORE with a release that is neither Martial, nor Pop, a mix that I hope you will assimilate correctly on the 12th of December, in Bucharest... CAITHNESS with an equally abstract and more introvert album than we got used to by the artist in DARK ANCTUARY… SWALLOW THE SUN with a Doom Death Metal album, a very good one that could have revolutionised the scene if it would have been created 15 years ago… DISCORDLESS with a release to take account of, especially since we are talking about an Experimental style I haven’t heard of in Romania… and a new DARK FORTRESS that shows us that Black Metal is still of interest, more aggressive and seemingly darker than ever!

And with this, I am done with 2009! Other releases are to appear, announced to rock the house, but let us see what can really rock these days… in a period of time when what rocks = drinking sessions/meetings with friends… Happy New Year and let us see each other less depressed in 2010!

December 1st, 2009