December 2012

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Wintry greetings,

After several months of trips, adventures and more or less colorful, but lively experiments, it's time to get back to my lair, not necessarily for hibernation, but rather for relaxation, inner peace and subjective reflections.

A lot has happened since I haven't written here, but I don't want to recount everything that happened to me. Out of convenience, probably. Or, who knows, if this snow that keeps threatening us will lay down, I might have more patience with myself and the stories I've lived in the last half of year.

Viewed from another perspective, my internet addiction and especially Facebook makes me lose the sense of writing, because if I have any idea I want to express, this portal immediately snatches and publishes it…

I will write in the following lines about some concerts, but also about bands with interesting albums I've discovered. It's true few are great, but, in the multitude of appearances, some stayed in my mind. But let me start with the music events.

I decided to be more selective with the events I organize under the DonisArt name, because they visibly cornered the routine's extremities and that copy-paste feeling that does nothing but give me the feeling of indulgence, repetition, stagnation.

Thus, so far, in the last few months, I tried only to convince some impresarios that bands like MONO ( and Jakob (http:/ / / en / special-series-organized-by-Kogaionon-and-DonisArt / jakob) deserve to play in Romania, regardless of how much public they would gather. They are cool bands recognized outside, who made ​​history in their niche and who deserve more, here, in our Romania. Since nobody seems to make an effort to bring such bands, I keep deceiving myself that there is interest and openness, so let there be trust and patience. And I really don't lack these, when it comes to the music I love!


Otherwise, we are a nation guided and strongly oriented towards proximity, self-sufficiency, comfort. I do not know if it is good or bad, I am not in the position to evaluate or conjugate the state of the nation, I just know that there are a handful of people who make enormous sacrifices, firstly time, to discover beautiful music, not getting the promotion they would deserve.

 We also launched a new concept, KruNatura, that will hopefully take shape in May 2014, if we will be healthy and with an appetite for underground sensations:

Meanwhile, I think I will put aside the KRUNA idea, especially because it reached its aim, meaning the 2 cycles of 3 yearly events.

As for our press, I bitterly smile when I see this media (online, for the typed one is history), so-called specialized, on underground music, thrives to resist… Or to survive… it is mediocre, true, because there are no sponsors or financial partners here, except some appliance shops and some banks, probably those coming as well through personal relationships or forced ones in the most unprofessional manner. There is only one site that tries hard to keep the standards high, rather through news taken and translated from other portals, than through periodically written articles especially for It is true that the majority of exclusively and regularly posted materials are either the photos of restless Miluta, either some concert chronicles written with passion and many details by Ana Maria. But even in this case it is felt, through lines and photos, a slight fatigue, not to say routine. I sometimes see 4-5 monthly posted album reviews and in the same way, articles or interviews but, even so, I find it a timid game compared to what is happening outside, in gauge publications. I smile when I read it has the biggest traffic from the specialty sites from Eastern Europe, I am even proud of this thing, but, in reality, I find the info about underground Metal only if I chose the right band. But, on the principle, bad with bad, but it's worse without bad, we go forward! At least something is happening, constantly, regularly and it's for the best!

I also find sporadic updates, but without a regular pace, on, on,,,,,,… and that's it… there are some sites or smaller blogs (I have no idea now what is big and small, when related to materials written especially for a portal… even if everyone relates today to traffic, meaning nothing but quantity matters, it really doesn't matter that everything is on the copy-paste/translate principle), but which, depending on where and how it participates, leaves an impression: see or I sometimes find interesting posts on sites with another reader target, like or, but that venture also with stories or ides about music I listen to or support.

Besides that, peace and quiet, total darkness, we live on musical memories and we like to believe that what once was is no more. Perfectly real thing, but, each day has its own charm, all you have to do is have the mood and will to discover it. Some call it experimentation, others search… and others don't call it a name, because they are not interested. Life is simple when seen like this! The problem is that later you might discover that this ordinary sucked away all your innovative energy, inner joy and old feeling, being in the present nothing but a pawn on a sterile, invisible, faded chess table. All my referential is on underground music, but extrapolations towards other artistic fields can easily be made, for there might be no big differences.

I find it funny, but somehow sad that, for a while now, since I decided to stop giving press accreditations to DonisArt events (exceptions are only some personal permanent invitations for some beautiful souls that supported from the start my activity, plus dear friends), to  discover that almost all these local, regional, national sites, decided to stop promoting what I organize. Actually, what great benefit could DonisArt bring them? Surely none. Why would they write about a new DBE edition, about Jakob, Mono or the KruNatura concept? Why would they write or post about them, as long as they don't get those 2 classic press passes (editor and photographer)? Or that I refuse to organize competitions with free invitations and all kind of obsolete and somewhat stale competitions, from my point of view, when it's about underground? Or that I don't agree with posting on the event's poster the publication or that media partner's logo. It is to be understood and logical each decision's to do whatever he feels or believes, that's why it's freedom of speech!

It's not malice, nor sarcasm, but rather a detached, uninteresting, yet subjective conclusion about the interested and less interesting way of doing journalism here. After all, we have what we deserve, we are what we breathe, what we do. This could be a response to the fact that our quality bands get the right recognition here only after they do it outside. On other hand, the bands that merely play and even catch people's interest are completely uninteresting outside. Therefore, our own juice matters… and we like it! All kind of small communities appear, influence spheres, pro and against gangs, sides and cheap rumors, for a can-can's sake. That's it! That's why I didn't want Kogaionon to be labeled as press, nor as a vector of opinion... It is only an atypical expression, subjective, but vertical and honest towards what I write or post. It's true I rarely do it, more and more, but, under these times, the motivation of writings seems more and more pale. I have no obligations to no one, I didn't do any kind of compromise and I'd like to believe that everything revolving around the music I love has at least emotional value… I don't resonate to terms like professionalism, as I'm not dying after those willing to label or make all kind of comparisons, rankings, tops, governed by "the top", but I don't mind if they do. Each should do what they find right, feels or wishes. It's easy!

But I observe posts of DonisArt events on outer sites, something that pleasantly surprises me, especially when I have no idea who those people promoting them are. Maybe that's why, who knows!

On other hand, every soul attending DonisArt events can record or photograph as much as they wish, can speak to the artists after the concerts in the most chill and relaxing manner, because I always tried to offer them the possibility of chatting while having a drink and not only, in right and calm conditions. Therefore, who wants to support a cause, who believes and finds himself in the Underground Spirit and beyond, for he hasn't forgotten where he came from, but also respects the work and devotion of some talented musicians who come unconditionally or with no fads to show others what musical obsessions they have, is welcome and I feel honored to have them beside me, like in the case of those little, but hearted supporters I meet at underground concerts, no matter if they are organized by me or other people.

I keep smiling when I see posters, from organizer friends, filled with tons of media partners, who overcrowd and ruin the harmony of an image that wishes to be a poster, a work, an artistic concept. Their business, each does as he pleases or wishes to feel.

Truth is, there is an excedent of concerts in the last years and, in like every other story, what is too much, might damage, after all, because the interest for the idea of a concert fades… even the sense of choosing erodes, I won't mention the physical check at as many events of friends or acquaintances who try to make interesting things… same goes for bands. I wrote an article about belonging to a brand of whatever that is, developing through the power of example the Lovemark concept:

But there are events with traditional bands, who come to Romania periodically and are welcome with much warmth, no matter if they release or not a new album. This proves that our public is not as indifferent when it comes to concerts, but it is very selective, especially when the financial factor becomes a certain issue.

I went to SECRET CHIEFS 3 and I remained once again stupefied of the show these Americans can do! They are great! The fact that The Silver Church was emptier wasn't intriguing, because I didn't find Hefe's promotion incisive. I understood that at Cluj Napoca as well only a handful of people were present, but at Timisoara, Daos club was packed, that proves an incredible openness of the public from Timisoara towards experimental phases.  I also saw there a couple of weeks ago the concerts of those from DORDEDUH, SUNSET IN THE 12TH HOUSE and NOMEGA, with an incredibly welcoming and open to novelty public. NOMEGA was, to me, the evening's surprise, a band that doesn't have an original expression, but that passes on live an incredible energy! I will follow their activity from now on, because they convinced me!

If I mentioned concerts, after my dream come true at Budapest (, I saw again DEAD CAN DANCE two weeks later, in Dublin, in their tour's last concert. Except the fact that the room was this time highly suitable, but also the fact that the sound was flawless, I felt the coldness on the stage, something that left me with a bitter aftertaste, as experience.

But in DUBLIN I had my share of an intense experience, an artistic concept named A Letter To Mina. An innovative mix of music, poetry and acrobatics, hard to put into words. The event was organized by the talented souls from PAPERDOLLS, an atypical concept and totally odd for our times. Besides the so-called acrobatics, the characters behind the PAPERDOLLS brand seek to innovate each time through the special shows, where they invite bands, actors, poets. In this case, in the A LETTER TO MINA concept the band ESTEL was invited, and the artist ALABASTER DEPLUME, having its roots in Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula. Actually, in that weekend in Dublic, the Dracula festival was held and this show was part of the complex event.




To make an idea, you can find parts in the report below:


When I entered that unconventional location, next to a sinister Trabant, you could hear interbelic music rolled at a gramophone, and a couple of persons had small talk, next to a glass of boiled wine, waiting for what was about to happen. I don't think there were more than 80 persons that evening, but who managed to create a bohemian, postmodernist, but completely relaxing aura.


After half an hour, we were invited to enter another room, equally dark, where, in front of a fireplace where the fire was avidly burning, a person with aristocrat air, was sitting on a lounge, reading something from a book. He was Alabaster. Then an acrobat wearing make-up, with a circle in his hand, then some ladies in nightgowns, the band started playing Psychedelic-Gothic phases, like we were in a David Lynch movie, then, one by one, the acrobats from PAPERDOLLS appeared, with their incredible suspended shows… everything became sinister, weird, but damn mysterious and attractive.  I don't even know when time passed, everything was so beautiful! All I know is that I wasn't allowed to record it, but, somehow "advantaged", for the organizers knew I come from Romania and I also organize an atypical festival, I allowed myself to keep recording, promising I won't post anything on the internet. Of course I recorded by hard and, at one moment, one of the PaperDolls characters appeared behind us and put a rope in my hands and, through signs, in a dreary semi-obscurity, made me understand I have to hold tight that rope or string or whatever it was… The rope was bound to her body and everything became very tense for me… the acrobat started getting farther from me and, at one point, the rope was fully stretched, she was pulling to go further, I didn't know what to do and, in the end, the rope around her waist got unfolded, and that way, I was relieved. In those couple of seconds I was thinking I did it again, maybe I recorded too much and she wanted to punish me, so I can be with busy hands and I'm going to get it now.

I'm very lucky in these matters, I live life to the fullest, no joke. I remember a couple of years ago, in Cluj Napoca, I was with a friend's family at the circus, and everything to be clearer and visible, we had places in the first row, next to the stage. Obviously, at one point, the clown from the stage needed a volunteer from the public… And, from a room with over 300 people, it's not very hard to realize whom he's chosen, right? He needed an unshaved man and I was the perfect choice. Of course I refused, but during the people's applauses, I couldn't go back. I thought everything was organized by my friends, but who had time to think about this in the following minutes? He placed me in the middle of the room, on a chair, put an apron around my neck and told me he's shaving me… I somewhat smiled, but, when I saw a couple of inches away an elephant with a razor-like piece of wood in his trump, I told myself: that's it, I'm done! And, obviously, he first put shaving foam with his trump, then "shaved" me with that fake razor, but the whole foam wasn't gone.  What could be missing? The big bucket with water, that he instantly emptied with his trump and assured I had no foam left on my face… what an interesting sensation to hear how he pulls water through its trump and then throws it on my face… pfff, dreamy, for sure!

Anyway, I thought something was about to happen to me, that the rope is nothing but the beginning of something, but I was lucky, for it was nothing but a small fire.

On one another, it was an incredible show that I find extremely hard to describe or tell. It must be lived live! If you got the chance of seeing a PaperDolls concept, don't hesitate!

Then I was invited to some event, in a pub, at 6 in the morning!

Obviously, still the ones from PaperDolls. How does this sound: we organize an event at 6 in the morning, are you coming? And of course I got there… I don't have to say it was wonderful. There I saw again Alabaster (, this time with the guitar in his hand and later on, an extraordinary voice, Jennifer Evans. In that environment I got breakfast and then left, distraught by how beautiful life can be if you don't become prey to conventional details. Even now, that voice sings into my ears:

The flavor of those moments will linger long in my mind, especially when I saw, but also met such friendly, relaxed, but kind souls… I felt like taking them all to DBE, I swear!

The last event I went to was called TIGER LILLIES. A superb location, Odeon Theatre, maximum 200 people, intimate, elegant, keeper of bohemian flavors, from the times when times were times, as my grandmother would say. Sold out event, a flawless concert, 3 as discreet, as expressive musicians, fabulous in handling the instruments, captivating through their lightness, but also the synchronicity they proved. There were 90 minutes of musical fairytale, with an irreproachable charm and undeniable savor of quality.


2013 promises to be just as incendiary in concerts and festivals. Depeche Mode come back, Roger Waters come with his "The Wall" for the first time and it would be impossible to miss, Mark Knopfler  will halt for the Dire Straits nostalgics, OST will probably run after big names to bring public, I think ARTMANIA doesn't have to run in any direction, because it already has a clear direction and a constant and faithful public, B'ESTFEST and ROCK THE CITY will surely try to recruit some underground bands to enlarge their interest field, being big festivals, GHOST already outlined their own identity and the following edition has a more addressable promotion manner… and probably other festivals during the holidays will follow, smaller ones, but targeting certain musical styles. Or, who knows, where there's money laundering and other financial tricks behind these activities, where there are sponsors and much money, I wouldn't be surprised other big festivals to pop up. It would be normal to appear, that's how it is outside, but there the event market is already mature and the standard of living is another compared to what's here.

From outside, only ROADBURN and STELLA NATURA catch my eye, and I can see I'll get there. If ROADBURN ( is already an established and loved brand, where Walter knows exactly what to do, STELLA NATURA ( overwhelms through the concept's naturalness, Adam being an extremely inspired character year by year, out of love for music. I can't avoid making a bow in front of these people and raise my hat in front of these two magical festivals!

About DBE, I don't have much to say now, but the line-up has been established for a while now, I am still waiting for some corrections to be sure everything is recorded correctly in the new edition's concept, and, after KRUNA Neios, probably after winter holidays, I will start making the classical announcements…

Because this year coincides as days (August 15, 16, 17) with the dates of the famous Woodstock from 1969, but also because the Psychedelic vibe keeps playing an important role in my daily playlist, I decided to introduce in the DBE concept some bands that present Rock in interesting shapes, with roots and influences from those times, but uniquely expressed and adapted to the times we live in. Taking advantage of the fact that August 15 is already a nonworking day, we extended DBE at 3 evenings, each with its own story. Obviously that some of us will arrive on the evening of 14th, we will stay at RYMA at a bonfire and at a recounted or uncounted story for hours in the night, to enter the atmosphere.

I have in my mind more scenarios of extra activities, including some trips or outings for half a day, but let us see if my intentions will materialize in any way.

Obviously, I will deal with the accommodation for those interested, to the extent of logistic possibilities, but also of my own time, for those present to be as relaxed and prepared as possible for the 3 days and 4 beautiful nights.

I know the bands are the DBE key and attraction point and I'd be very glad if many bands out of the small number that will come will be to your liking. Most of them are completely unknown, only 2 or 3 played here, one only at the previous edition, one of them will hold their first concert ever at Alba Iulia (with a secret line-up you will find out at one moment and might surprise you), another friend-band comes with a super complex show, besides the music we've all been happy with, develops now imagistic expressions, including theatre, other invited bands come with new albums or old messages, but reactivated in our times. I would have liked to have with us EMPYRIUM, TENHI, DARKSPACE, but this time, it wasn't meant to be, out of different reasons.

DBE remains an atypical expression, offside fashion, with a precise Underground direction, that resonates with everyone who feels the wish to be there, no matter from which corner of the world they'll come, for a normal (re)encounter, between good friends. There is no headliner or opening band, there is no artist, spectator, press or organizer, there are only open souls who come to share, each in his way, the wish of unconditional friendship, total support and normal joy. DBE keeps remaining a minimalist concept that guides itself after innovation, free expression and noncommercial landmarks.

There won't be ticket presale (like no DonisArt event), but reservations can be made, with the sum's complete discharge at the festival. The reservations don't imply any obligations from the ones who make it, the only request being that, if from any other reason its cancellation is wanted, I should be informed early.

You probably found out the latest news about the 3 evenings from here:

Let me get to underground musical apparitions. The recent history shows me too little albums detach themselves from the ramp of modest or good realloyings, but with no mark of originality or unusuality.

By far, the latest ALUK TODOLO blew my mind! I find it a flawless material, A+ grade, filled with everything and creating that sensation of breaking away from everyday and intense inner feeling. You can see a live sequence from the new album below:

Also with Psychedelic Krautrock influences, but somewhat more "domestic", the new ELECTRIC ORANGE pleasantly surprised me, the last song being even spectacular! From SULATRON RECORDS I got more albums in the same time, out of which the Electro-Punk URAN left me completely cold. But I really liked 7 THAT SPELLS, ELECTRIC MOON, ZONE SIX and SULA BASSANA. And from Nasoni Records ELECTRIC MOON's "The Doomsday Machine" album , with an extraordinary Psych-Rock sound!

From the veterans, the new AND ALSO THE TREES album sounds amazing! I am very glad the band still exists and they release new songs! And when I think they were formed in 1979 and collaborated with those from THE CURE… they remained somewhat unknown… pffft!

I tried to enter some kind of mood with the new Michael Gira album, especially because SWANS is one of the cult bands for me, and this year I made all kind of scenarios to bring them here, but the technical part they request is beyond what I can find and offer here, in Romania. I listened to the album endless times, but it didn't move me. Same goes for Jarboe (another remarkable artist). I said that at least the new NEUROSIS will move mountains, but this didn't happen. Rather the new CULT OF LUNA seems to be an interesting album, but that hardcore voice keeps screeching my ear. But the instrumental is noteworthy!

I've been looking forward for the new WOVENHAND and I am somewhat confused by the new direction: either it has a way too religious message, either the modernist musical approach makes out of the sound something my ears aren't used to, hmmm, I don't know what to say.

In the Doom Death side, MY DYING BRIDE, FUNERAL and SATURNUS came up with very well worked materials, filled with atmosphere, epic dimensions, with Dark flavors and referential, without bringing something new. I don't even know if this should be their purpose, but I would have liked to discover other influences or new insertions, to see how these monsters of style want to break the walls of a recognized style through strong conservatism.

MOONSPELL and TIAMAT took a road that doesn't attract me, so did LACRIMOSA. They play well, but I'd rather stay at another table.

ROME don't seem to convince me with the new album, let me see how it will sound live, maybe who knows… same for ANTIMATTER, who came up with a stylistically varied album, but lacking Dark references… RAJNA somehow brings some color in the specter of those in love with Lisa Gerrard's voice ( MY SLEEPING KARMA sounds very good (although a certain repetition is easily and obsessively distinguished after the first songs)… MURDER BY DEATH disappointed me even with the new sequences. Niklas and his SHINING keeps making us dizzy and turns on every side that used Depressive Black Metal, turning it into cheap circus as image, even though musically it doesn't sound bad… but I'd rather prefer MANII, that has a more intense underground vibe… MANETHEREN seems to come with an interesting approach, the new album being a small jewel that reminded me of ALTAR OF PLAGUES… I see the Post-Metal approached by KRAKOW gathers support, but this project didn't fascinate me at all… rather the legendary Greeks KAWIR turned me back in time with a new elaborated and epic album, from the times when ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA or VARATHRON wrote the law in Black Metal…GLACIATION pleasantly surprised me, very aggressive Black Metal combined with ambient elements, proving me you can still play well and with quality, the 2 long tracks being filled with inflections, interludes and stylistical insertions. Superb accomplishment… the new GIFT FROM ENOLA completely disappointed me… same goes for the new CASPIAN (who were one of my favorite Post-Rock bands)… COLLAPSE UNDER EMPIRE comes up with something complex in terms of Post-Rock, compared to the previous compositions, but keeps being quite dry as a result… ARMS OF TRIPLOI remind me from time to time of RED SPAROWES and they sound good… but the new ANA NEVER showed me that Post-Rock atmosphere can reach sensational points! It is maybe this year's favorite album in this musical style and they remind me a lot of EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD, only it is completely instrumental!

FEN came up with a new album, this time rather inspired, with 2 wonderful songs, but that's it… QUADRIVIUM came with the second album we've been waiting for a long time, a perfect replica of what ARCTURUS played in the beginning, which I wholeheartedly recommend… DYNFARI sounds good for a first listening, but then it becomes somewhat monotonous… DAYLIGHT DIES doesn't sound bad, but it didn't make me listen to them for the second time (a band that used to amaze in the past and now it seems they limit themselves to what they once did well)… BLUT AUS NORD is a musical jewel filled with unconventionality… while the new WALLACHIA doesn't bring anything new but an album I would have listened to with interest maybe ten years ago… BLACK BOMBAIM sounds very interesting… Mat/HEXVESSEL's BEASTMILK seems pretty fad and lacking originality… same goes for VOID OF SLEEP.

Interesting albums are announced next year: Jari continues the SLUMBER line but through the Doom Death ENSHINE debut… MOURNING BELOVETH will release a new album after a way too long pause… YEAR OF NO LIGHT are also on the last run with the new compositions… the Americans from FAUNA will release a new Ambient Black jewel… ALTAR OF PLAGUES are recording now new songs that will be released in the Spring… the SAEL group records the third album, the vocals being done by Hupogrammos/DORDEDUH and I can assure you the sound is spectacular due to the smart mix of Avantgarde with Progressive, on a Black Metal background that reminds me of ARCTURUS and SOLEFALD, but also with vocals in the 20 years ago American Death Metal vein, from the Tampa studios…SPIRITUAL FRONT will release sort of a "Best of" and a new video (lazy Simone)… ORANSSI PAZUZU will also release a new album, I am very curious what crosses the minds of these super talented and inspired Finns. VULTURE INDUSTRIES prepare us a new avantgardist bomb, with many surprises, but also various ones, as Bjornar said… also from Norway, the ones from IN VAIN will release soon a material I've been waiting for with great interest, especially when between the guests there's Cornelius/SOLEFALD… ARCTURUS will release the long awaited album… ALCEST will enter a famous studio to record in the spring the new material…IRFAN will finish soon the recordings of the long awaited album, especially when they returned to the initial vocalist… It would be nice for LOVE IS COLDER THAN DEATH to release something, because there has been 10 years since the genius "Eclipse" and they keep threatening us with a release, but nothing concrete until now… from us, maybe SUNSET IN THE 12TH HOUSE will release the debut album, THE THIRTEENTH SUN also recorded the first songs in Edmond's studio, looks like ABIGAIL will release the debut album, KISTVAEN will finalize the second chapter with a new vocal, QUANTIQ already released their new album in an event organized by Leo, the new NEGURA BUNGET line-up started the teasing for the Transylvanian trilogy they are getting ready to launch, LABURINTHOS already has new tracks ready to be recorded and probably they will release something new under Avantgarde Music, I had the impression ALTERNATIV QUARTET and FLUTURI PE ASFLAT released or were about to release new albums, but, like in many local bands' cases, I must be the one pushing them to send me audio links, instead of them being participative and fill up with news every communication channel possible.

Ending up the array of new albums, I will point out here what I wrote about the new SYVEN:

As in the last years there hasn't been a December without me organizing something (my birthday is at fault), on the 8th of December we will meet again in Brasov, the ones who wish to come, at Kruna Neios… I haven't seen many of them since DBE4, with others I haven't spoken since and others, even if I don't know them by hard, I will be glad to greet, even though only from the looks. Andrei and Oana will friendly and firmly represent BlackHawk Security, Lao, Spiridusa and the whole Next Dream Event will continuously swarm around there, like true hosts, Horatiu will deal with the sound, Alex/Beauty of Pain together with Cami will easily gravitate around the merch stand,  a small, but hearted group of Italians  I haven't seen since DBE 3 will be present, but who already were at Reduta, two years ago, at AGALLOCH… and the bandmates will walk around us, happy to meet and greet dear faces… Sold out is out of question, 50 reservations have been made so far and I would be happy if the places from the comfortable seats from that theatre room would be filled by as many people as possible, interested to discover new music, but also support the KRUNA event:

I remember that 4 years ago, also at Reduta, I was bringing Spiritual Front and Rome in Romania for the first time, at Martial Post-Folk Evening. And somewhat the nostalgia of that beautiful evening hit me:

And the expressive Simone, when he brought the ones from ROME on stage, at the end of the event, so everything would be funnier:

See you all at KRUNA Neios and then clink a glass of anything at the AfterParty organized especially for the event from Rockstadt, where we can stay and chat with the bandmates and not only until the morning.

Let the snow come and then we shall see what and how. All the best, no matter where you hide!

PS. As the weather in Dublin was beautiful in my trip, I couldn't avoid being saluted by a shy seal, otherwise quite curious and playful…