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SKYCLAD have just finished the recording of their new studio album "No Daylights Nor Heeltaps" (DEMCD 115), the first to feature new vocalist KEVIN RIDLEY and drummer ARRON WALTON. The album, which features 10 re-worked studio tracks, has been promised ever since the band started to perform their now infamous "Irish Pub Tour" set in Germany over 3 years ago. Considered an apt introduction to the new shaped SKYCLAD this album should be treasured by fans old and new. Release is scheduled for 11th May 2002. On other SKYCLAD related topics the band have just picked up sponsorship with Wallsend's MORDUE BREWERY...the brewery, one of the oldest makers of traditional ale in the North East, are brewing a special ale to celebrate the release of the bands new album...the brew imaginatively titled "SKYCLAD" will be available at most UK outlets from June 10th. For all you SKYCLAD fans who want up to the minute news, as well as discounted band goodies check the bands own website Currently, if you purchase the "No Daylights Nor Heeltaps" CD direct from the bands website, you not only get it for a discounted price, you get an extra 5 track CD absolutely FREE!! PAIN CONTROL have their debut release "Subvert" (DEMCD 116) scheduled for an April 29th release via DEMOLITION. The London based 5 piece combine mournful gothic melody with shear brutality, creating an ultra modern sound for one of Britain's most unrelenting newcomers. Dynamic and full of contrasting texture, this is an album guaranteed to reach a wide spectrum of today's metal fans. WYKKED WYTCH fresh from their SOLD OUT European Tour with KREATOR/DESTRUCTION and SODOM, continue to promote their album "Angelic Vengeance" (DEMCD 114) with rave reviews almost everywhere. The band are also looking for a new bassist for touring & recording commitments. If anyone is interested in auditioning for WYKKED WYTCH, email: , or contact us here at DEMOLITION and we'll pass your information to the band. For all up to date band info check out their site at VEIL OF SORROW are currently hard at work writing new tracks for their second DEMOLITION release. Over the last 3 months the band have went through major upheaval with only TOMAS LJUNG (vocals/guitar) remaining from the original line-up. Joining him on guitar in the new revamp is well known Swedish producer PER RYBERG who as coincidence has it, handled the production on the bands first album "DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART" (DEMCD 105) . We'll keep you up dated on things as they happen!!

SACRED SIN have entered the studio to record the follow up to last years hugely successful "Translucid Dream Mirror" (DEMCD 111) and the bands fifth album todate. Tentatively titled "Hekaton - The Return Of The Primordial Chaos". The album, inspired by the myths and legends of Atlantis, promises to be the bands fastest and most brutal release so far. New addition to the band ROLANDO BARROS replaces DANILO WARICK on the drum stool, for his debut recording with the Portuguese metal merchants. Also just completed, is a version of "Chanting Of The Priests" for the new VENOM tribute album "In Nomine Satanus II" due to be released in the Winter 2002 via DEMOLITION. Check out up to date info at the bands site on




The debut album of Italian suicide-promoter FORGOTTEN TOMB is out now! Depressive and mind-disturbing Black Metal at its best. For more information, visit the releases section... Finally, the second SHINING album is re-stocked! Soon we'll re-release -Within Deep Dark Chambers" as well, more information concerning this later. ONDSKAPT have recently finished the recording of their debut full-length album, yet untitled, scheduled for release in May. We have listened to this album more than enough now and we can reveal that what ONDSKAPT came home with is to put it in simple words: The Darkest album ever recorded. We're not kidding, this album will for sure erase all doubts of perfection and submission. Freezing, mesmerising riff-structures powered up by the most insane, dedicated vocals we've ever heard. A milestone for sure... And for those unfamiliar with the band we'll re-release their 10-inch MLP on MCD in a limited edition of 1000 copies including one bonus track so that you'll have a chance to taste what's coming, even though the earlier recording can't be compared with the uncompromising evil ONDSKAPT has managed to capture with their full-length.


Legend', the new album of Japanese black metal heroes TYRANT , is in its final preparation stage before the official release! The new songs are somewhat more melodic, without losing the pure evil touch they presented on their debut! Great lengthy epic tracks that all will be remembered as classics for sure! Great inspiring artwork by Petagno! Release date is set on April 25th 2002 E-mail: Web: INTERNAL SUFFERING from Colombia have finished the recording and mastering of their new mega extreme opus 'Chaotic matrix' for Displeased records! Expect some brutal blasting tornado death/grind in the vein of Devourment, Suffocation and early Cryptopsy! Surely not for the weak-hearted! Release-date: May 25th 2002. Listen to a track from the new album on . With great success INTERNAL SUFFERING supported Cannibal Corpse on a mini tour through Colombia earlier this month! At the moment they are in full preparation of the North American Extermination tour II 2002 with over 20 US dates! E-mail: Web: NINNGHIZHIDDA from Germany have just finished the recording and mixing/mastering of their new album 'Demigod' for Displeased records. The album turned out brilliant, be sure to expect some dark atmospheric and appealing diverse black metal!!! The release date of this masterpiece is set on April 25th 2002. Especially interesting for fans of Dimmu Borgir and Samael! E-mail:, Web: DEFORMITY from Belgium just finished recording their second full length, 'Superior' at Excess studios/Rotterdam! Mastering will take place at the famous Electric Studios in Brussels. This unholy bastard is set to be released on Displeased records on May 25th 2002. DEFORMITY started out years ago as an H 8000 hardcore act, soon to transform into a demonic hateful brutal deathcore infested entity, with oppressing extreme music and lyrics! Think high-octane Cannibal Corpse in a bloody sacrificial ritual! This release will turn a lot of heads!!! E-mail:, Website:

The mysterious northern warriors of UNLORD manifest with their latest and last opus 'Lord of beneath'. The furious new hateful album turned out to be a perfect mix of their fast pacing debut and their somewhat more melodic second album! After this album UNLORD will disappear into obscurity forever. Expect an April 2002 release.

For European territory Displeased records licensed both latest efforts of PHOBIA and MENTAL HORROR from US based label Deathvomit/Necropolis. PHOBIA hails from California USA, playing their typical crusty variant of death/grind, highly inspired by the originators Terrorizer, Nausea (LA) and early Napalm Death! MENTAL HORROR from Brazil are the new extremists within the extreme death metal scene, playing some total over-the-edge insane ultra death metal, something like Krisiun or Angel Corpse on speed!!! 'Serenity through pain' (PHOBIA) and 'Proclaiming vengeance' (with two Europe only bonus tracks, MENTAL HORROR) will both be available from March 25th 2002. E-mail Phobia:, Web Phobia: , E-mail Mental Horror:, Web Mental Horror: In May 2002 Smells Like Team Spirit IV will be available, with new and unreleased tracks by new Displeased records acts. Cover art will be delivered by Kris Verwimp (of Marduk and Absu fame). Again a great way to get introduced by some great acts!

From Beyond productions is a newly installed Displeased records sub-label, specialized in (re)releasing great (oc)cult underground recordings that do not entirely fit in the concept of the main label. All marketing and distribution of From Beyond products is provided by Displeased records. From Beyond Productions is at the threshold of the release of a very underground brutal death metal album: 'Systematic terror decimation', the debut CD of Indonesian's ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE . This Indonesian brutal death metal act, formerly known as VILE, plays fantastic breakdown bomb blasting US style death metal like Dying Fetus, Skinless and Fleshgrind! The professionally recorded and produced album was previously locally released on cassette only. This CD version will contain the same great tracks plus their promo 2001 tracks as a bonus! Release date: March 25th 2002. E-mail:, Web:

For all those old school vinyl junkies From Beyond productions will release the LP version of the discography album of Chilean cult black/thrashers PENTAGRAM . The LP will include both legendary late eighties demos as well as 2 live tracks, capturing the essence of this influential band, hailed by the likes of Dave Rotten (Avulsed), Mitch Harris (Napalm Death) and Wannes (Pentacle)! Expect this slab of hellish black vinyl in late February.

With the help of Paul Tucker of SATHANAS , From Beyond Productions is extremely proud to announce the 'Early Years' album of SATHANAS and BATHYM ! With overlaping line-ups, both bands stood at the birth of the American black metal scene in the late eighties/early ninties, and are hailed in the entire underground scene ever since. The CD will cover the demos and 7" releases of both bands, as well as tons of unreleased, live and rehearsal material! Essential material! The SATHANAS/BATHYM - 'Jaws of Satan' CD will be released late April 2002. E-mail:, Web:

From the isolated Russian underground scene hails SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS , a brutal bomb blasting death metal act in the veins of Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh and Mortician! To promote the band's activities, From Beyond Productions will release a limited 7", with two new tracks which show a big improvement from their brutal debut full length! Expect some sick twisted giallo gore death metal!!! Release Summer 2002.

Insane goregrind deathmongers REINFECTION from Poland will very shortly record a limited 7" for From Beyond Productions, containing some new ultra brutal material, even more harsh and extreme than their debut album! Entitled 'Good efficient butchery', this slab o' vinyl will be another fine addition to your gore collection!

Now available: the limited 7"EP 'Open wound' by American sickos ABSCESS . This 7" contains four never before released twisted tracks recorded in 1998, before their 'Tormented' album! Brilliant cover artwork by Grief (R.I.P.) member/artist Eric Harrisson!

After a great and successful co-operation between the label and founding member Cronald, the NECRO SCHIZMA CD re-issue of their late eighties ultra doom/black demotape is realized! With a lengthy complete live gig as a bonus, 78 minutes in total! NECRO SCHIZMA existed only for a short period, performing one of the most nihilistic and dark Satanic doom ever! Essential for fans of Hellhammer and early Samael!


ANCIENT RITES ... is confirmed for the Eurorock Festival this summer! BLOOD RED THRONE ... Tchort and his "evil" partners in crime just finished the recordings for the bonustracks of the upcoming "Affiliated with the Suffering" mini-CD. This mini-CD will feature three songs from the unreleased "Deathmix 2000" promo, one regular album-song, one unreleased track from the Nordic Metal II - compilation and last but not least a cover-song of Massacre's classic "Cryptic Realms". Release of the mini-CD is scheduled for early May. Furthermore the band is writing new material for their second album on Hammerheart Records. Recordings for the new album are scheduled to start in May. Latest news is that Blood Red Throne recruited a new drummer in the person of Espen "Beist" Antonsen. CRUACHAN ... will be playing at St.Paddys Day-Festival in St.Petersburg (Russia) on the 16th of March. This festival will take place in the L.D.M.-venue. DEMONS OF DIRT ... is currently rehearsing for upcoming live-shows. The "lost" information from the Killer Engine-booklet will soon be updated on the website. DIMENSION F3H ... the recordings for the Dimension F3H-album are a little bit delayed because of preparations for the new Limbonic Art -album. Morfeus is planning to a have big choir of 38 people (the oldest person in the choir being 90 years old!) and the female vocalist of Trail of Tears as guests on the album. Recordings are scheduled to be finished at the end of March. DISMEMBER ... is planning to record their long-awaited new opus in April/May in Das Boot-studio. Furthermore there are strong rumours that Dismember will play the Waldrock Festival in Holland this summer with a "Best of Dismember" live-set. Oldschool Swedish fucking DEATH METAL !!! HAGALAZ' RUNEDANCE ... Nebel recently finished the recordings of her new album "Frigga's Web". From what we heard it will be the long-awaited and logical next album after "Volven". Release is scheduled for the end of April. Furthermore Hagalaz' Runedance will appear at the Gothic Wave Treffen in Germany this summer. IMPIOUS ... our Swedish kick-ass thrashers Impious are currently busy rehearsing material for their upcoming album. The band will enter Studio Mega on the 22nd of March with producer Chris Silver. Working-title of the album is "The Killer" and some of the song-titles are Dead Eyes Open, Stabbed 69 Times, Sick Sex Six, Digital Devil, Deathsquad and The Hitman. Expect the ultimate Thrash-attack! Interested in downloading some pre-production soundclips? Then check out the website. MACABRE ... are preparing to enter the studio, once again with Neil Kernon (a.o. Cannibal Corpse, Queensryche, Nevermore) to record the long-awaited new "Murder Metal"-album, which will be a continuation of Sinister Slaughter. or MACABRE MINSTRELS (Macabre unplugged) the early 1700's travelling minstrels went from town to town, delivering word of savage murderers through songs. The Macabre Minstrels have vowed to bring back this lost art form and will be entering the studio to record some tales of the evilness of man unto others. Imagine children's nursery rhymes and folk ballads played on accoustic guitars with distinct Macabre-flavoring. NECROPHOBIC ... will play the Wacken Open Air and the Party San Open Air-festivals in Germany. The new album "Bloodhymns" will be out at the end of March. Expect a new masterpiece of Satanic Death Metal the Necrophobic-way. Hell yeah!!! For more live-dates check the tourdates down below! MONSTROSITY ... Monstrosity have been touring a lot lately to promote their latest release "Enslaving the Masses". The band will soon enter the Morrisound Studios to record the follow-up to their highly acclaimed "Dark Purity"-album. Furthermore there are plans in the making to tour Europe in September (40-50 shows) to promote their upcoming album. PRIMORDIAL ... Great news!!! The recordings for the new album are finished. More epic and mighty than ever but still in the typical Primordial-vein. The album was recorded at Academy Studios in the UK with producer Mags (a.o. My Dying Bride). Expect a release halfway June. Furthermore the band is confirmed for the Wacken Open Air-festival in Germany. SEVERE TORTURE ... is currently busy recording the follow-up to their very succesful debut-album "Feasting on Blood". The new crusher will be titled "Misanthropic Carnage" and the recordings take place again in Franky's Recording Kitchen with Robbie Woning (Dead Head). According to the band the new material will be even faster and more brutal than the previous album!?!? Release planned for late August. Furthermore Severe Torture will support Cannibal Corpse on their upcoming European tour in September. Latest news is that the band is planning a 4 week tour in the USA/Canada with Deeds of Flesh. For tourdates see below. Busy maniacs, huh!? SKYFIRE ... will enter the Abyss Studio in the summer to record their 2nd longplayer with Tommy Tägtren. Unfortunately the planned Benelux mini-tour with Callenish Circle was cancelled due to problems with the booking-agency. SINISTER ... found a replacement for leaving member Bart in the person of Pascal (also God Dethroned stand-in and member of Cantara). Pascal will join Sinister on their upcoming live-shows to promote their latest output "Creative Killings". THYRFING . .. our Swedish vikings Thyrfing recently finished the recordings for their 4th attack titled "Vansinnesvisor". From what we heard so far it will be the most powerful and dark Thyrfing-album ever. The album was recorded at Dug Out Studio with producer Daniel Bergstrand (a.o. Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah). The release is scheduled for early May.


VIRGIN BLACK - Sombre Romantic.We are proud to announce that "Sombre Romantic" is now available in North America! Arising from Australia, Virgin Black is the epitome of what is dark in music. "Sombre Romantic" combines a myriad of musical elements and will be appeal to those of you who like Fields of the Nephilim, Arcturus, Enigma, Devil Doll, Nick Cave or even Cradle Of Filth, among others. Our version will also include as a bonus CD songs from their "Trance" EP. Sometimes a band emerges that defies all expectations, takes control of one's body and soul, and never let's go. Virgin Black is precisely that kind of a band" - Deadtide "This album is a wonderful journey that I suggest everyone takes" -- 1340mag ARCTURUS - The Sham Mirrors. As we have already announced we are releasing the new and highly anticipated album by Arcturus! The entities who make up the band Arcturus are true musical innovators, as their creativity and experimentation runs at endless plateaus! They have released some of the most influential albums in the scene, and the new one branches out in countless directions as it combines mesmerizing vocals in a gamut of theatrical/progressive/avant-garde/dark-art metal! Release date is April 9th! WINDS - Reflections of the I Also on April 9th, we are releasing the debut full-length by WINDS. This supergroup, which includes members of Arcturus, Mayhem, Kovenant, Sensa Anima, Khold, etc., plays a seamless and most inspiring mix of classically oriented metal, fronted with clean vocals, dark progressive guitars, philharmonics, classical piano and floating synths. A spiral of dazzling melodies and intricate arrangements makes their music a truly superb sonic journey! Two of the members won a Norwegian Grammy Award in 2000 and 1999! "As a real stimulation for the mind, WINDS' music ignores any limits, breaks the clichés and summons the innovation as a motto to the band's art." -- Thrashing Rage AGALLOCH - The Mantle.Agalloch is still in the studio and it seems that they will need a few more weeks until recording is completed. Early indication seems to foreshadow that "The Mantle" will be a phenomenal album. The music appears to draw from a lot more diverse references, most notably Pink Floyd and Godspeed You Black Emperor coming to mind! COMPILATION - At The End of Infinity [Echoes & Thoughts Of Wonder] On February 26th we will be releasing a sampler CD that would include tracks from all our new and upcoming releases: Agalloch, Arcturus, Green Carnation, Scholomance, Sleepless, Virgin Black, Winds. This sampler will be mostly for promotional purposes but a limited quantity would be available at a very low price through our mail-order.

In april 2002 the Norwegian band CROWHEAD ' s debut album "Frozen" will be released, featuring Jo-I Slangvold (ex-Shadow Dancers) and Rym (RAGNAROK and ex-Shadow Dancers). "Frozen" is announced to be a brilliant album of depressive Gothic Metal with elements of Dark, New Wave and Electro-music. They create unique cold atmospheres enshrouded by magic obscure moments generating the true sound of this decadent era. Special guests: Rico Darum (ex-APOPTYGMA BERZERK), Ted "Superdead" Skogmann (ex-APOPTYGMA BERZERK) and Truls Kristian Nyggard (SWEEP). The album is recorded at Das Bunker Studio and produced and mixed by Ted "Superdead" Skogmann and Rico Darum. It will include two remixes as bonus tracks by Sebastian of ICON OF COIL and by the same Rico Darum and Ted "Superdead" Skogmann (also known from remixing/producing Theatre Of Tragedy, Apoptygma Berzerk, Zeromancer, Gothminister etc.). In the same April 2002 will be released "First Year Departure", the first album of the Italian ROOM WITH A VIEW already known as BLACK THORNS LODGE (3rd best Italian new band in Psycho! Referendum). The album will be recorded at the well-known The Temple Of Noise studios in Rome by Christian Ice. "First Year Departure" mixes the troubled KATATONIA's Gothic mood to the avantgarde sonorities typical of the New Wave and of the Darkpop. They describe their music with these words: "Torment, grief and decadence set to music... vintage soundscapes and isolationist atmospheres filtered by the dandy aesthetic of a distant epoch". With great pleasure we are proud to release in april 2002 a new DEINONYCHUS MCD titled "Amphetamine Machine". Recorded in Holland at Virussound Studio, it includes unreleased material from the "Deinonychus" recordings like "Like The Colour Of Snow" & "Moments" re-recorded for the occasion in a new suicidal dress. The MCD will include the original versions of these painful hymns + 2 rare demo studio tracks for what can be consider an obscure door to a delirious, magic world. We also announce that the new Italian sensation KLIMT 1918 (ex-Another Day) and the Finnish promise RAIN PAINT with members of DIABLERIE, RAPTURE, FRAGILE HOLLOW have signed each of them a two albums deal with MY KINGDOM MUSIC. Expect two real masterpieces of Avantgarde Metal for October 2002. Info:

Agressor - "The Spirit of Evil" MCD (Death Metal), Griffin - "The Sideshow" (Heavy Thrash Metal), Deströyer 666 - "Cold steel for an Iron age" (Thrash Black Metal), Penumbra - t.b.a (Gothic Metal).

We are proud to announce that code666 signed a Distribution/Licensing Deal with NECROPOLIS RECORDS. The American Label will ensure the Distribution and Promotion of all our releases in USA and South America. our TOP PRIORITY band for 2002, the Extremely Emotional Metallers Aghora from USA, are in studio recording their second album, titled "FORMLESS". described by Santiago Dobles as "a lot Heavier and a lot more Melodic compared to the previous one", the band is filming in studio some interesting "making of the album", for the cd-rom track of the digipack-cd out on code666 in October 2002. Diabolicum from Sweden, after the 2 successful albums released on code666 in 2001, has decided to renew their contract with us, signing for 2 more albums. The next one will be recorded in summer 2002 and released in November 2002, followed by a full european tour. Thee Maldoror Kollective are now in studio recording their brand new album, titled NEW ERA VIRAL ORDER [dogma slaughterhouse and the children of anaemia] Official Tracklist: Analysis 1 - Xaos DNA Released 2 - Haemorrhage Transmission 3 - Drain-Wound-Cosmosis (Iera Porneusis) Synthesis 4 - Rythmagick Disturbance (Embodiment Cell) 5 - La Flamme Vivant 6 - Rigid Pulse Starfire (93) Thesis 7 - The Toxium Discipline (Null Industries) 8 - Slaughter Mass 2002 9 - Epidemic Noise Age (remix by MZ412) The third album from the Cult Italian Kollective, a massive extreme metal electrocution that will be impossible to label simply as black: a nine tracks opus of overloaded post metal eccentrically infected with harsh industrial beats, ritual dark ambient tissues, hypnotic EBM bass lines melted on a heavy metal machinery made up of inhuman trance-like riffs and schizoid vocals. This is neither for last-time vamp posers, not for trendy clowns of the extreme, nor for "satanic" blustering freaks at all. Radical, innovative, and outstanding! OUT MAY 2002 New signing : ATROX (Norway) after 2 fantastic albums on Season Of Mist, They decided to sign with code666 a long contract for 4 albums. Original, Innovative, Trend-Killer, Progressive, Sick Gothic Metal... fronted by a "Witch-Singer" like Monika (also in Tactile Gemma), who's able to do almost everything with her voice, passing from Dreamy-sweet whispers to Sick-Schizo-Screams, Atrox will move the standard Gothic Metal clichés into a Theatrical Extravaganza... they will record their third album in summer 2002... expect not less than a Milestone. MANES (Norway) Probably the most underrated Norwegian Black Metal band of the '90s, Manes is a Total Cult for tons of UG-fans... their Fantastic previous album on Hammerheart Records titled "Under ein blodraud maane" was a Lonely Black Gem in the actual BM-scene, full of Trendy bands, Abyss-Standard-Sound and Evil-Clichés... after a long silence, they signed a 4-album-deal with code666, and now they are back to conquer the Black Throne. 1st December 2001: After 1 year of hard dealings with several labels Aborym signed a record-contract with Code666! The new album will be recorded in Rome in April and is planned to be out in November 2002 with a special cdrom track inside, realized by Twan Sibon (Cannibal Corpse, In Extremo, Aghora...). Aborym is going to ultimate the song-writing of the new album. Note that the Prophet of the Apocalypse himself, Bard "Faust" G. Eithun, has already written three lyrics for the third album of Aborym. "As some of you guys will know, I have written 3 lyrics for the third Aborym album. With about 2 years left of my imprisonment, I figured it is about time returning to the extreme metal-scene in a more extensive way than I have done so far and therefore I have started writing lyrics for bands around, Zyklon, Aborym and Sigh being the most profound ones. I feel comfortable writing lyrics, and in the hope that people stil read lyrics, it gives me a chance to use the music as a speaker for my thoughts and views. Being an admirer of Aborym as well as a friend of Sethlans it was natural for me to write the band the 3 lyrics when they asked me to. Not only is their debut as well as the follower two strong albums consisting of pure sonic black metal, but I also like to support relatively smaller bands - in this vast jungle of bands - and if my contribution could ever help Aborym to get a little more attention, the attention they deserve, I would only be glad, but whereas for now, I am sure their music will speak for itself. Enjoy the art." Bard "Faust" Eithun

MYRIADS CD "Introspection" Release Date: 04.03.2002, BESEECH CD "Souls Highway" Release Date: 18.03.02 SIRENIA CD "At Sixes And Sevens" New Band from Morten Veland ex-male vocalist from TRISTANIA. A perfect Gothic Metal release! March 2002; DARKWELL MCD "Conflict Of Interest" (4 brand new songs, 1 live track, 1 cover version and bonus videomaterial) out in April 2002! VINTERSORG NEW CD out in April 2002! VINTERSORG DVD out in April 2002! MACTATUS NEW CD "Suicide" out in April 2002! FORLORN NEW CD out in May 2002! OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT NEW CD out in May 2002! OTYG NEW CD out in May 2002! TRAIL OF TEARS NEW CD out in May 2002! LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE NEW CD out in June 2002! DARGAARD NEW CD out in June 2002! ENTHRONED NEW CD out in June 2002! TRISTANIA DVD out in June 2002! SETHERIAL NEW CD out in June 2002! THE SINS OF THY BELOVED NEW CD out in June 2002! THE SINS OF THY BELOVED DVD out in June 2002! MORGENSTERN NEW CD out in June 2002! DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS NEW CD out in June 2002! EISHEILIG NEW CD out in August 2002! DOMINION3 NEW CD out in August 2002! HOLLENTHON NEW CD out in September 2002! ICE AGES NEW CD out in September 2002! ABIGOR NEW CD out in October 2002!

New Signing : DAS ICH . After their successful double cd "Relaborat" including the Dancefloorhit "Destillat", and Bruno Kramm´s solo record "Coeur" it has been quiet around the band for a long time. Now the extreme duet is reporting back with a new album and a new deal. The increase went to the infernal cult label Massacre Records and the new record filled with typical Das Ich 'horrorsmashers' will be released on May 27th, 2002. The thirteenth record (title: "Anti Christ") of the band has again been recorded at Danse Macabre Studio, a single is planned for april while the Worltour´s gonna start in august. And for sure: Touring through the USA, Mexiko and Europe they´ll play in your near either. First listening tests will be recorded and be available as MP3s within the next weeks. Das Ich insist on playing some titles in the context of the Goth-O-Mania Dj Battle tour on which Bruno will take part. Check it out !!! New Signing : MAJESTY In the True Metal scene the name of a band circulates for long time - the name of a band which is designated as THE newcomer sensation in this genre. The talk is of MAJESTY which have devoted themselves to the genuine and true Metal. With their refreshing sound away from all trends they will be compared compared to old Manowar by many. After the success of their self-produced debut "Keep It True" Majesty have just signed a deal with Massacre Records and will release their next 'steel hammer' entitled "Sword & Sorcery" on may 25. Excellent True Metal with in mind staying hymn-choruses is waiting you, so watch out! PRETTY MAIDS You really always can rely on the Danes. Their new album "Planet Panic" justices to highest claims in Hardrock once more and convinces with great songs either. Songs like the outstanding Opener "Virtual Brutality" or the doublebass banger "Playing God" on the one hand and the midtempo rocker "Natural High" on the other one wash all doubst away and show that singer Ronnie Atkinson, guitarist Ken Hammer and co. still know how to write ass kicking songs. You´ll also find a great cover version fromSammy Hagar´s "One Way To Rock" on the record. In comparison to the appeared about 1 1/2 ago predecessor "Carpe Diem" the crunchy guitars have been put in the foreground a bit more. The titel of the album has been changed at short notice: "Planet Panic" will be released on march 25 and from april 8 Pretty Maids gonna kick as: In these days the tour for the new record´s gonna start. Please find the dates below DISBELIEF Germany's Extreme Metal Band No. 1 Disbelief is already roughly one year after the from the european press and fans higly acclaimed "Worst Enemy" Output ready to release a new longplayer called "Shine", on which the guys have perfected their sound even more. Directly compared to the successor "Shine" is convincing with a kaleidoscopic athmosphere of emotions, Disbelieve are managing easily to combine the brutal aggression with melodies and also to sound like Disbelief. For sure Disbeliefe will surprise with this record and not disappoint anybody, as this record, which will be release on march 25, is a big Stepp forward. Right after the record's street date Disbelief wiull appear on the No Mercy festivals standing on stage togerher with Immortal, Hypocrisy, Vader, Catastrophic, Malevolent Creation as well as Destroyer and Obscenity throughout Europe. MYSTIC CIRCLE In the camp of Mystic Circle the preparations for the next album go at full blast, as Beelzebub, Ezpharess & Co will start working on "Damien" together with producer Gerhard Magin on may 30 entering the Commusication Studio. As Beelzebub states the new cd is conceptually following the idea of the "Omens" movies, musically the new record will become the by far most brutal one of the band, the Coverartwork will be done from J.P. Fournier again. But there will also be some live activities of the dark satanic metal band # 1 this year, the appearance on this year's Summer Breeze Festival is already confirmed. The latest information about the band is given currently on the completely redesigned homepage: BEYOND TWILIGHT Beyond Twilight Mastermind Finn Zierler already has quite concrete ideas under which circumstances hés gonna start the songwriting process for the still untitled new album. "The Devil´s Hall Of Fame", with an effusive praise from fans and the press had partly been written in the Sahara, the new songs will be collected in three rather unusual phases: - caught in a dark and isolated room-similar to a prison cell without any ray of light - Finn´s gonna write between three and five songs for the new album in a period between four and five days. - directly following the isolation he wants to visit a as much as possible stimulated place like Time Square e.g., to mix under the people with a portable keyboard and let them inspire himself. Therefore he performs the step from the complete seclusion to the total chaos. The last part of the songwriting will be done at the bottom of a Swimmingpools. Finn will dive with a panel and stay under water so long ´till he will have finished perhaps one or two songs.

We are proud and honored to announce our latest acquisition by name of TERATISM . Hellspawned from the frozen northland of America, TERATISM evokes a soundtrack of utter damnation upon the souls brave enough to venture into the blackest regions of the abyss. TERATISM is composed of prominent, current, and former embers of such ensembles as ANAL BLAST, AZRAEL, LORDE OF ALL DESIRES, MOURNING, ENTAGORIA, and THEATRE OF THE MACABRE. These Promethean veterans convene to unleash chaos and destruction upon the masses while utilizing their dark talents in a sonic blitzkrieg and aural assault. Raw, brutal, and merciless, TERATISM is a fiend of auditory damage with no barriers. Voracious drumming, genocidal guitar mastery, holocaustal bass tremors, apocalyptic lyrics, and torturous vocal domination combine in an onslaught of blackened metal poised for sovereignity in the underground. Conjuring inspiration and fervent energy prevalent of the late 80's and early 90's predecessors, while still maintaining a unique distinct sound for the new millennium. A special prerelease FREE demo will be available at the New Jersey Metalfest with a full length album out in spring/summer. SPEAKING OF NEW JERSEY: The mighty (and blood-drenched) IMPALER are confirmed for the Metalfest and we are now entertaining the idea of combining a brand new record with a live record in a special 2 CD set. More on this as it actually starts to happen. Root of all Evil will also be giving away a FREE compilation CD celebrating our 3rd Year Anniversary at the just stop by our booth and ask for one. THE NEW SOMNUS IS DRAWING NEARER! Yes.....the record "should" be available in about 4 to 6 weeks...we are working on trying to make an interactive CD with a CD-ROM video track for this release (the obvious reason for the slight delay)...but do not is almost ready.... almost here... and most certainly will RULE!! the world spins to its conclusion... the soundtrack will be SOMNUS! AESMA DAVAE: The promos for "The Eros of Frigid Beauty" were scheduled for early March...BUT....there is something special brewing.....maybe a remix? Maybe a new pressing? Bonus tracks? The first press is almost gone WITHOUT ANY of the promos even going out.... this should definitely tell you the awesome power and beauty this incredible record conveys. More as this develops. QUICK BITES: New LE'RUE DELASHAY still brewing....New DEMONICON in the works.... both GOREPIG and GOD-AWFUL busy writing and rehearsing.

HATE FOREST -"The Most Ancient Ones", the forthcoming album by these unfriendly Ukrainian warriors, was taken to a mastering studio in London last week. We asked the engineer what kind of music they usually worked with. They said it was all mainstream. He then asked what Black Metal was. He was told "You will hear it". We then played one song. The guy, who up until then had been smiling, soon became serious, his brow furrowed, his mind in the depths. He was sullen and didn't say much afterwards; the sun had set in his heart. As we walked out, he cast a fearful, distrustful glance in our direction. He was told we would be back for more. "The Most Ancient Ones", will be released on 25 March 2002, the day of Spring equinox. Meanwhile, the band has recorded another song this year, titled "To Those Who Came Before Us". It's more mid-tempo and hypnotic, with bursts of speed and a certain folksy flavour in parts, but still harsh, stern, and unmelodic, as always. Another album by them, "The Gates", will be out later this year on Miriquidi Records; that one will present the more minimalist, abstract side of HATE FOREST - a work of maximum negativity and hate captured in the Scythian burial mounds near Kharkiv. Perhaps sooner than that, Red Stream will be re-releasing "Scythia" on digipak format with a bonus track. And yet another album will be recorded in April/May. Also, as if that wasn't enough, the 7" vinyl versions of "Blood and Fire" and "Ritual" are now out on Sombre Records and Miriquidi Productions respectively in extremely limited editions. We will be selling both through our mailorder, so if you are a HATE FOREST addict, fear not, for you will see them in our catalogue soon. As always, you can find out more about this great band and download an mp3 from the following URL: . THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL -The Islamic world is set to tremble with the new "Jihad". The mini-album by this title they will be sharing with MAYHEM in the forthcoming split 10" picture disc, was recorded in January and is set for release during the second quarter of 2002. With an even more Middle Eastern sound and inspired by the events of 11 September, they have roused the ire of the mullahs and the mujaheedin: expect a wave of fatwas, public amputations, and suicide martyrs exploding at your doorstep very soon. Meanwhile, it seems we have found a printer with enough absense of a conscience to do the t-shirt we mentioned earlier. This one will show the likes of CRADLE OF FILTH and AKERCOCKE how conservative and risk-averse they really are. You download an mp3 of this ever-surprising band from the following URL: . Under FERLY005CD you will find a link called "more info" - when you click it a separate window pops up with information about "The Excommunication of Christ", where you will find the link to the mp3. BEWITCHED . Not much to report on this front, other than Aldo spending his royalties on a bionic eye. We expect the double cd re-issue of "Hibernum in Perpetuum" to be released in the third quarter of 2002. You download mp3s of this obscure band from the following URL: . BENIGHTED LEAMS . The cobwebs continue to gather on the rehearsal tapes. DAWNFALL . Yes, you have read correctly. Seven years after it was recorded, we will be releasing the album that no one dared to unleash: their second opus, "Drei Raume". The debut, "Dominance of Darkness" was released in 1994, in a hand-numbered limited edition of 500 units. The dark, grim, deformed Black Metal within that disc puzzled and enraged many, especially since the band never compromised and cared only for the rawest, most horrendous sound imaginable. The follow up is also nasty as hell, with the same deranged vocals, but more abstract and technical still, with very long, structured songs. The Black Metal equivalent of genetic engineering gone horribly wrong. OTHER NEWS: We have also a number of re-issues planed for this year, incluing BEHEMOTH 's "From the Pagan Vastlands", DEINONYCHUS "Ark of Thought", and MAYHEM "Out from the Dark" picture disc. Our latest releases: FERLY005CD THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL (GBr) "The Excommunication of Christ" cd Part of the new wave of British Black Metal, alongside with AKERCOCKE and ANAAL NATHRAKH, this is probably the weirdest one of the three, with their Mediaevalisms, Middle Eastern flavour, and unorthodox song writing. Symphonic, unpredictable, with rumbling guitars and catchy, unforgettable riffs. Even though we never placed any ads in any magazine and eschewed all forms of hype, the album received 8/10 in Metal Hammer, was proclaimed "album of the week" by Malcolm Dome in his radio show, and the band was featured in the December issue of Terrorizer. CORTES004CD BEWITCHED (Chl) "Somewhere Beyond the Mist" cd Third album from the talented Chilean Black Metal veterans, this time casting away the obvious old MERCYFUL FATE influences of "Dragonflight" in favour of a more technical approach, combining 90s and 80s Black Metal, with brilliant leads and varied vocal work, and Satanic / Tolkienesque / Northern European mythological themes.

The new FOREFATHER album "Engla Tocyme" will be released in March on Angelisc Enterprises. Following up from the superb second CD "The Fighting Man", FOREFATHER deliver a thrilling dose of dark age metal that will take you on a journey deep into English history and mythology. Don't miss this mighty epic. Contact your local distributor or go to . email: