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Rusty salutes, 

Looks like the heat goes away... this means nature’s image rusts as well, so the following month’s landscapes will be once again ravishing! Then slowly, over the hills and far away, the gloomy autumn will make its way, a perfect option for the new TENHI album... until then, we will feast on some KAUAN melancholy, Anton Belov proving us he’s able to overwhelm us anytime with brilliant sequences: 


On the other hand, we got to be amazed by “eccentricities” we wouldn’t even remember, but considering the last days the waste collection national campaign took place, I said to myself it would be good to point out the article below: 


The little rocker girl seems to be stupefied by all these things too... or rather scared she started kindergarten: 


It’s obvious the parents don’t listen to disco or house... she has respectable pedigree! 

And that’s how I get to the concerts topic... It’s clear these last 3 months people will be besieged by dozens of concerts, events, everything... let it be money, mood and time! 

We begin with ALTAR OF PLAGUES on October 1, under the KRUNA 1 concept. I wished for a long time to see the Irishmen live and now I’m glad they will be in Bucharest to present their new album, but also something from the past. To me ALTAR OF PLAGUES is the exponent of the new wave of European Black Metal for which I hold great admiration. If you are part of WITTR or KRALLICE, I’m expecting you in Kulturhaus. Still, if you are not, but you are curious about seeing another way of arrangements on the stall that you can’t label or fit in a musical style, ALTAR OF PLAGUES could be a good choice. The Irishmen come for the first time to Romania, in Bucharest, after a more than one year pause (being busy with the release of the introspective, but exciting “Mammal” album) and I expect something very beautiful! They will start before 8 PM and finish at 9, something that will facilitate the view of that evening’s next concert, not far from Kultuhaus, at the Arenas, with IN FLAMES, the Swedes beginning probably at 9:30 PM, if not with delays... I know that for many of those keen on ALTAR OF PLAGUES the association with seeing IN FLAMES might sound strange, but I received some questions regarding this and I wished to point out this too... 


On October 3 I want to see in Underworld SHAKING SENSATIONS, a Danish Post-Rock band that pleasantly surprised me with some tracks listened on the internet. On October 9 there will be great crowd at PAIN OF SALVATION, a concert awaited by many people... I will skip this. 

Mihnea from Ost will have his official release under Cavalleria Events and will organize at Bucharest, on October 13 the tour’s first concert that will include Brasov on the 15th (organized by Leo/Next Evil Horde) and in Iasi on the 16th. I’m talking about the Russians from PUT SOLNCA, a band that played 2 months ago at Rasnov, at Ost Mountain Fest and Stigmatic Chorus, a Symphonic Black Metal follower. In opening, at Bucharest, AKRAL NECROSIS and N.EG.A.T.I.V will play. I would have arrived in Bucharest, but I will be out of the country. But the ones resonating with the OST spirit are invited to support Cavalleria Events. And If I mentioned OST, this relocated itself on other structures, it moved to Bucharest (so the name Mountain is gone), it will take place in June 2012, at Arenele Romane and it will be addressed to a wider public, meaning Cavalleria Events and Project Events shook hands to make out of OST the greatest fest of this kind from Europe and even local one. I hope it will work out, for we needed something more on the Metal side. I don’t embrace such festivals between concrete, but it deserves support, for the 5 thousand places, the location’s capacity, it’s clear it’s not SONISPHERE or Peninsula. Maybe it’s discussed something similar to ARTMANIA, I just expect it to be focused on Death and Thrash Metal, meaning more aggressive and Metalic! Good luck! And they say the line-up will be announced soon - preparing on time for promotion, good for them!   

On October 21, I might halt to see DOWNFALL OF GAIA, there is availability, I’ll have to see how I’ll manage with the air impregnated with mould from Wings... or maybe they did the changes I spoke about with the owner a couple of months ago... It would be great, for the club has great acoustics.  

The next day, on 22, I am taking at the first hour the Frenchmen from KWOON, who changed their flight details only to play together with MOGWAI, on October 21, in Athens. Therefore, on October 22, in the evening, starting with 7:30, in Kulturhaus, KRUNA 2, Melancholic Post-Rock with the French from KWOON, at their second appearance in Romania, now releasing their “The Guillotine Show” EP, a material made out of 6 tracks that walk us through different musical styles. Last year they played together with CECILIA EYES and I can honestly say it was one of the most intense concerts I have seen in the last 2 years. Also Saturday, but at Cluj Napoca, the Days of No Light 2 festival takes place, that I miss for the second time, that’s it. No worries, it’s good that on October 23, in Bucharest, we can see THE ASCENT OF EVEREST, in Control Club, a band I wrote about a couple of appreciation lines in the last Editorials.  

And these would be the events that present interest for October. Then there come two complicated months, with many concerts, but about them we’ll see next month, I overloaded your information luggage. I wish to inform you that besides ROME, on December 3, at KRUNA 3, I will organize something interesting, on December 15, still in the Bucharest club Kulturhaus, with the new project of a delicate, but musical veteran, who, in his 20 years of activity, showed he has no stylistic borders. I will return with all details about this event in a couple of days.  

On other hand, I sit and wonder if it’s alright for so many events to be, especially when all are addressable to the same public. Both big and underground bands come... some big bands come as a routine or bored by so many plays, of never-ending tours, but fit like a glove the fan who awaited for so long to see them... or see them again... moreover, there are concerts with unknown bands, that really have something to pass over live, an intense musical message, supported by much determination and desire... how the hell can you have time, mood and money to check them all? And even if you check them, could you have the capacity to assimilate all at their true value? This, in the case you are interested and want to support this music Scene... 

I was reading in the past few days a message from an old acquaintance (from letters and messages, for we have never met, but I know he’s a loyal Kogaionon reader for many years) about various ideas, especially because I enjoyed how he told me about a book release he attended... and I was telling him he could scribble a chronicle which I would gladly post on the site. And that’s what he answers, after a couple of months: 

I didn’t do the review... it’s incredible how I go through life without doing anything... only now I really appreciate your work and updates from Kogaionon... I believe there is a difference of a couple of years between us (I’m 32) and honestly, I “cursed” you when you scarced the releases of Kogaionon, when you wrote once in a blue moon on the site and I didn’t understand why so half-hearted... well, now, when I fully hit this shitty corporatist life, especially here, (...), where the superficiality, volatility, materialism and personal interest are more important than everywhere else, I understand how much an editorial or review once in a month means. I’m in a state of being thankful for little, I want to do everything and I do nothing, I plan events or holidays and all holiday I sit with my blackberry in my hand and think about work or I’m more busy with updating a facebook status than playing with my son... I realize all these, but I’m unable to oppose. I buy books or interesting magazines, but don’t read them, I don’t even have patience to read the news, I read only the titles... I subscribed to (...) and my wife throws them untouched... I do nothing, but I’m always in a hurry, busy, late, frustrated.

I didn’t do the review as I didn’t touch the book... it has hundreds of pages and I read some in the release’s evening event...” 

Well, my dear friend, I am honestly glad you had the courage to write these lines... it’s a first step towards finding the time to spend more time with yourself. It might be the most difficult first thing in these tumultuous times. I hope you won’t get mad at me for submitting this text, but it was too dear to me for not “showing” it to other virtual friends that keep on reading... rarely, monthly, however it is...


And yes, I have more life experience than you have, I checked 4 decades at DBE 2 and I still feel there’s much to do for the Underground Spirit. But this doesn’t mean I find myself in enlightened cliches or that I will push the pedal of the all knowing adviser/example who gathers around him crowds of souls ready to receive light and follow the Right Path... or the Left one... 

On the other side, I told you about the Utility of Futility in the August Editorial and that perception „cataloging”, inner reflections and revelations, with propagation towards actual human tipologies... or, anyway, the way I see them today... maybe tomorrow I’ll see them differently... So, friend, if you started off on this road, of spending more and more time with yourself, don’t stop here! Whether you do this through modern or anachronical ways, it matters less, as long as you have a mental comfort and availability of meditating,  a pleasure of finding yourself (reinventing sounds too marketing-like).

The declarative amazes us, the factual makes us bitter... and most of the times we like blaming (meaning “to find the explanation”) the things that happen around us... Some tell/suggest us that the fact of realizing is not enough, of finding or discovering how and in what we should change, that it’s good to put into practice what we discover, what we find out, in order to develop, understand, evolve. Maybe that’s the way it is, although it sounds too dogmatic, too well known, something like “belief without deed is death”... and I immediately get again to religion... which is not really my aim... and not gravitating around the terms: religious, spiritual, profane, sacred... although, if I would think through the power of the example and the comparison method, it would be easy to realise I’m far from the “free yourself from yourself and follow me...” phrase. Not even the self-centered/narcissistic/megalomaniac form is the direction that should be followed, although, many times, there is the possibility of skidding between the denial and self-love... especially if you read in one way OSHO’s advice: “Respect yourself, love yourself, because there has never been a person like you and there never will be again”... if you read Yourself instead of yourself, you obviously read it in vain... Swinging is natural and not vicious, as long as we can discover from those experiences other fields of knowledge, become better, more patient, more beautiful in spirit.... 

Therefore, to finish here with all this ramble, dear friend... do what you think you must, do what you feel you have to, for the Universe continuously works for millenniums... and sooner or later, one way or another, in more or less esoteric way, more or less conventionally, things get a concrete shape and even start happening... it depends only on the feelings and intense beliefs we have, that satisfy or not the expectations of our pies in the skies/obsessions! Let’s leave the deadlines, stop being so focused on doing things to be things for others as well... we do when we feel like it, how we feel like it and where we feel like it... and if we are to intersect, it would be great (maybe DBE?)... if not, it will be still beautiful... 

And because all things are already changing, even if you are far from the country, my friend, there’s a sample of advertising, that runs on our TV channels, with samples towards other dimensions, even though the original was created years ago: 


For English, slightly modified in shape, but the background is the same: 


But it’s clear that even the speech of advertisements touches (even if it’s manipulable and with a precise aim) more and more often the human nature, natural approach, the return to origins, at what is most difficult and obsolete to follow: simplicity... What’s next is to have prepared emotional messages addressed to children, through which parents will be forced to increase the intake of products targeted by these “smart guys”... 

Regarding myself, as a declared music lover, I keep on extracting my “knowledge” from the flavours of musical riffs, more or less trendy, more or less promoted various styles... 

If we still mentioned my long Editorial (over 30 pages) from August, rather introspective than explicit, but in which I pointed out the nostalgia of audio tapes, recorder tape and the postman who brought the envelopes with the awaited music... Well, I was in Berlin, at the greatest European fair (IFA) of audio/video and not only. There I entered the backstage of some official presentation stands in order to find out some of the secrets of the greatest worldwide electronics producers... and surely the rest of the producers, for it’s a whole competition based on innovation, on the first one on the market, who takes the top and implicitly, the money... then, smaller ones come who buy the license and produce in series, for everyone.  Spent a half of hour in the company of a brilliant marketer (somewhat hippie considering his speech and behaviour) who conveyed me in the future, not exactly a decade, as he said, but into other world than my perceptions and expectations. Actually, I had no expectations, for I didn’t know what I will see and I don’t brag about being a rodent of gadget novelties... I think I’m rather at the opposite pole... and I made him understand to stop insisting with technical details for I lose myself in their tangles. But, after I saw you can see well in 3D without special glasses (way better than the titled TOSHIBA, that was officially released but you can see clearly without a headache only if you stay in a fixed position), this hippie guy completely won me over... maybe he wasn’t a hippie, but I liked believing this, especially because most of my colleagues made fun of his splay suit, meaning custom made for much money... but it fit him damn well. Why am I saying he won me over? Because he started telling, speaking about himself and his family (I told myself: look at another corporatist expression with emotional message that awakens the sleeping stimulus of yet unformatted consumer...). And that he’s from Germany but lives in Hong Kong for years and his 10 years old girl has never been to a specialized shop to buy a CD or DVD with cartoons or games... that maybe one day she’ll do it, for she heard her parents saying how they did it in their teen years and she finds it vintage, charming... like I would watch a gramophone and think about hearing a musical sequence, when I could just listen to it on CD or as MP3... or on a vinyl but at another, more modern device... 

And anyway, other stories, other enveloping, he continuously carried me between IPhone and Android, between full wireless and docking, so I realized I am an authentic anachronism and probably old fashioned... and I can’t be plugged in day by day at all the evolutions of technology and keep up with them... that I don’t have the mood for it... I’ll let my son do it and that’s it, I’m out...or I hope so... Or maybe Lus, the one who neatly and visually puts my thoughts from Kogaionon/DonisArt/DBE/KRUNA might be more interested and receptive to this... Therefore, not long before we won’t need in our home wires/cable, solar energy will dominate everything, the remotes will become at most a tablet for everything electronic in your room, that vocal dialling will be easier and the music and movies you wish for will be easy to get, not even being necessary to stock them somewhere, for you will find them online everywhere... and I also saw smart TV, where only with a click you can loosely stay on YouTube or Facebook... well, what can I say, it’s great everything evolves at this pace but, for me, with my underground music and concepts, I doubt all these will appear for the minuscule musical enclave we belong to... but never say never... 

If I’m still writing about everything and nothing, let me heed with the sportsman Mutu. That’s he’s a star, he makes mistakes, brags, it’s his problem, his money, his freedom, he’s the one building a lire under himself... that he should be a model for younger generations and should act like it, seems to me funny and wrong in the same time... since when are we chosing models from football? Or who says that the ones who run all their teenage after a round thing and make money must be landmarks for youngsters? Perishable demagogy...

The fact that he had to play a friendly game with Argentina and nothing happened even might be a disappointment for the football player Mutu, but this doesn’t matter. No worries, we’ll send him play a friendly game with Luxembourg, hardly found, where he must be a model for the rest of the players, almost completely unknown. It’s like going to see your favourite movie but in the room there’s another movie rolling and you, in your own foolishness, go along the way... It’s obvious he made an inexcusable mistake  (once again) going to drink the night before the game, but was it the time to get rid of  him right before the official game with France? And when did we have it stolen when Argentina ignored us on front? Exactly when the good and obeying boy model Chivu decided that the national team isn’t an actuality for him anymore, without asking if the National agrees? How the hell can you be a professionall football player and flake on the main landmark that should be Bible for every sportsman? No matter what the reason in, as long as you can serve your country (oh my, it sounds to communist), you should do it! And the star Radoi rolled his eyes since the bucks keep him warm in the hot countries... And we keep seeing at shows how nice it would be for us (fans) to change their minds... I don’t want to defend Mutu or criticise the others, or to judge by comparison (although it might seem like it), but Piturca proved by that he is not made for being a great coach or to have great character... He should have cut Mutu short (at least he didn’t come to the batch), knowing he has unsportsmanlike abilities (that’s it with all stars, you can’t standardize all all the time... same happens in the outside clubs, only that the scandals don’t reach so easily the press and the visionars settle them in closed circle, discreetly). Mutu was a „necessary evil” for the game with France and maybe we saw the light... And they judged and punished him after, in other way... I don’t know... This way, we lick our wounds in front of the screens, we get to label as victory every humble even score, but we show ourselves as being verticals... the person with impeccable morality was found: Piturca... concerning the lifetime leaders Godfather and the Oracle of Balcesti, as long as the fish starts to smell from the head, you have nothing to ask from others... We preferred to avoid becoming brothers with the devil, as long as we cross the bridge... that we are instransigent Romanians, especially when it’s about sports, sportivity, correctness, the noble champion spirit... We have never had champions at football, but very good players... how can we think like the crowds when we are raised since little to follow models like  Pacala-the-thief, Ion-at-the-cherrythree, the curly haired puppy that does what? He steals what he finds... so, great indivisuals. And so, as we grow up, we realize we are the only ones stealing the experience of life, joys, creating greater expectations than we can carry... or accept... and thereon disappointments on conveyors. Because still we, as Romanians (a great part) are taught not to live in community, not to mutually respect ourselves... we are more savage ( like the majority of Easterns compared with Westerns), more singular, harder to educate/civilize, even more inventive in breaking them... for we „orient” ourselves, we’re not the fools of Europe to stay in a  civilized manner at the traffic light, to respect queues in shops, to be less noisy without bothering others... You know how it is? Or at least how I see this? When others would rather fish in landscaped ponds, in periods allowed by law but without expecting to catch aquatic monsters, we hope for that unique boom, record, monster, for that every fish that would offer us lifetime quiet and financial independence... not to work daily, regularly, nicely, rigurously, for less money that would bring a plus value for the community... We desperately run through all the world, we leave home everything dear and sacrifice our lives hoping those days of inner peace will come, spending time with the dear ones we haven’t seen a whole life... Some have this chance. Conclusion? As individualities, we dominate many states with their own individualities, but as a team or spirit... less... or rarely... or even more rarely... at the football nationals, never... and I ask myself: how about our nation? Or which nation?For we are Europeanized, globalized... we are everywhere and nowehere... only individualities resist and these are (yet) uncapable to weld and give the tone of another vision, to another expression of thinking, learning, living... together! 

Getting back to football, we made a fool of ourselves at the game with France, both as game and field... not to mention the scorns at the French entering the field or their hymn singing being already part of a scenario I’m ashamed of and I keep questioning myself if we’re ever going to change... concerning our championship, at Dinamo-Rapid, once again scandals in the tribunes, probably with another new suspensions... it’s obvious our football leaders, like firs, know nothing but to suspend the field... the Turks show us there’s another way:  


On the other hand, Johnny Raducanu left us, but his music remains eternal... as long as we will be eternal too, heh... I remember how beautifully the artist stated in an interview with regards to the words of master Paler: “dying decently and discreetly is the greatest thing”. May he rest in peace! 

And now I have a new Playlist, filled with various albums, out of which I will point out what I find relevant, but wherefrom you can chose what might interest you or you find to sound good... It’s clear I didn’t have a September playlist, but I hope the October one will catch up. 

I discover everyday interesting musical expressions, captivating ones, some through music, some through texts... it’s great to wish, but also to leave the everyday for their everyday, with his everyday things... and that’s how I rolled towards music and new musical releases, some interesting, others just worth checking... but they are somewhat too many (as well as concerts), they consume a lot of resources and sometimes you don’t get to give a chance to the really innovative ones... I would really need a guide in this matter, something that would help me choose and not pick... for picking being non-rigorous / habitual / tired, I can miss out even important aspects... it might be, but it’s good we have community, feedback!   

And I remember how pleasantly surprised I was after the band survey for DBE4, where I saw many various answers, different, not only towards big bands like EVANESCENCE, SATYRICON, IMMORTAL or DIMMU BORGIR, bands that don’t need DonisArt promotion and that surely will be seen the following years around here! Concerning recommendations like HAGGARD, ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE, AMORPHIS... all my respects for those who wrote these, together with the artists, but the bands are already well known here, why would I bring them when others did their jobs so well all these years? Only to play once again under the name of DBE, especially when they have nothing new to offer? Or would I fight for visibility, to fill up concert halls and be satisfied for making easy, logical, successful things... or maybe with meaning? Yes, it’s obvious it’s one sided and I’m in the opposite part, meaning forbidden... or I’m against the tide... meaning I get wet? Should I get others wet too? Who knows...? Those close to me find no sense in this event organizing with unknown bands... but I know surely they care about me and support me, in my folly to carry on my dream (I have no idea what that is and I don’t think I want to know, for the whole prelude would get destroyed), to feed my restless and always hungry pies in the sky... although towards last year’s end I realized the pies grew tired... True for a short while, false on the long run... 

I prefer and keep believing there still are quality bands that haven’t been here yet or, if they were, had no share of visibility correlated with their fascinating music’s message... that is the horizon and field where Kogaionon/DonisArt/DBE/KRUNA gravitates... only there we can resonate, meet, communicate, enjoy... 

Let’s end the stories, introspective flavours, let’s get to pragmatic, tangible, real matters... As headliner we have the new SOLSTAFIR track that announces a monumental new album of the Icelandic people: 


Kim Larsen’s new album follows, under the :OF THE WAND AND THE MOON: label, which sounds brilliant! It is one of the most beautiful all time Neofolk releases, with a beautiful voice and spectacular orchestration. I wholeheartedly recommend the album!

You have a sample here: 


And when I think they will play at Copenhagen with DEATH IN JUNE, that’s what I call an event worth framing! 

The Dane would focus now on his other musical project, an excellent Funeral Doom, entitled BLACK WREATH! The debut keeps lingering in my top and the track below is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard in this niche: 


I was never a sucker for Melodic Death Metal, but the last INSOMNIUM blew me away! With a clean Post-Rock intro, the four Finns release through Century Media maybe the most beautiful album in this genre in the last 4 years, somewhat being able to compete with DARK TRANQUILLITY or IN FLAMES, but with a lesser standardized sound. Nothing innovative, but the execution of this tracks made me believe I am still normal, that I can still listen to classic Metal styles... This maybe because the album reminded me of the first 2 AMORPHIS and SENTENCED albums, which I still find marvellous:  


ISOBEL & NOVEMBER is a Swedish quartet I’ve never heard of 3 weeks ago, but, since I was recommended the band, I continuously listen to. Rock with Country, Americana, Post-Punk and even Goth insertions, with a WOVENHAND-like imposing voice with grave, weary rhythms, with reference to 70s psychedelic. The music is extraordinary and the last album released only a couple of months ago is remarkable: 


WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM managed to release a spectacular album that doesn’t repeat anything from the past, something that proves a considerable open mind. More ambiental and atmospheric as ever, not forgetting about the Black Metal compound, the Americans will pleasantly surprise all those open to novelties but might disappoint the ones unconditionally supporting the brutal, fast, primitive sound. 


I talked earlier about the new KWOON material, recommendable equally to ANATHEMA, MOGWAI or PINK FLOYD fans. Here you can listen to one of the most emotional tracks from this EP: 


OMIT come from Norway and promise very much. The female voice reminds me of

Kari Rueslatten/The 3RD AND THE MORTAL, not especially as inflexions, but as element viewed tridimensionally, consolidated on Doom guitars structure and both depressive and melancholic atmosphere. As sound, we can think of the veterans FUNERAL or ASHEN MORTALITY, if we necessarily want to look for comparative landmarks. The albums has 85 minutes, the tracks are very long and slow, slightly too monotonous here and there and lacking stylistical variety. If you are familiar with SKUMRING sonorities, you will like it, for it’s about the same persons and the Norwegians’ music is highly promising. This album is a very pleasant surprise and I am very curious to see what these musicians will hold for the future. You can listen to OMIT here: 


From Bordeaux, friend with YEAR OF NO LIGHT, are the ones from MARS RED SKY. Their psychedelic mixed with Stoner Rock is mind blowing, the album being recommended to all who grew up with BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN or still admire the activity of KYUSS.  


Prophecy Productions already released the split with ARCTIC PLATEAU and LES DISCRETS that heralds 2 very interesting albums, see 2 samples below: 



UNEXPECT returned with an as progressive, as avantgardist album, but also with many passings, that here and there delights, but also puzzles... ABSU shows us they didn’t die, on the contrary, explode with this new album... OLD SILVER KEY didn’t convince me, except with 2 songs, although the DRUDKH and ALCEST combination sounded damn good; probably the Dark print of the artists’ music is too diluted and the final sound seems too trivial, like an exercise at rehearsals... but I also discover new valences of Neige’s voice that approaches in an entirely different more quiet, calmer, more melancholic manner. 

The Solitude Productions label comes up with a flawless Funeral Doom release, the Russians from COMATOSE VIGIL realizing a perfect second album for the fans of these weary sonorities, a material made of only 3 tracks, but 60 minutes, suitable for the ones keen on SATURNUS, for example. And THE MORNINGSIDE or ENTH sound as this grave Doom too, but not as inspired as the example above... and THE SULLEN ROUTE seems a rather bad joke made by the Solitude label. 

Post-Rock fans will find a relish in the debut of the group COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE, their instrumental swinging between CECILIA EYES, THE ALBUM LEAF, GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT... the existence of soundtrack insertions is pleasant, something that develops a captivating meditative aura. I don’t really like the Indie references, it “enlightens” the sound, somewhere towards the mainstream MOGWAI. But, one after another, the material’s audition is interesting and I hope the release of the other part, “Sacrifice/Isolation” will be at least as entertaining, maybe even darker, as I can see the album is entitled. 


From Sweden there comes a band that doesn’t innovatively, but vividly mix the 70s Progressive Rock with Post-Core, the vocal’s agressiveness showing that NO HAWAII can create much adrenaline live. Surely NEUROSIS, TOOL, ABANDON AND THE MARS VOLTA or ISIS fans will be delighted by this musical expression... To me, these Post-Hardcore references don’t get me... or, how a friend said “not yet”... Not far from these sonorities comes the new BRUTAL TRUTH, with a devastating and destroying grindcore. I didn’t have the patience to entirely listen to it, I admit, for it’s too much for me now...  

Another interesting band comes from America and it’s called THE DRIFT. The band had to give up on Jeff Jacob’s services, cancer being definitely the one separating THE DRIFT going on. Even though, the 3 Americans realise a very coquet album, that rolls down on Experimental Rock, with vivid Dum/Rock/Minimal passages, that remind me of EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY.  

Also from across the ocean there comes JESSE SYKES, with a less Darker album, but focused on the experimental side, the Folk and Psychedelic combination being quite captivating, but this maybe because of her beautiful voice. For those who don’t know, Jesse also collaborated with BORIS and SUNN 0))), so ROADBRUN fans know or should know where this type of music is situated. This expression hasn’t won me over as much as I wanted it to happen... maybe with the new album? We shall see.  

GHOST BRIGADE will surely roar with this new album, it left me cold because this new METALLICA replica gave up on his dark sound in favour of mainstream trend, much easily executed. They’ll surely break all tops with their new compositions and good for them... but they got to another deal... and what a great video Fursy of LES DISCRETS made: 


AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN wish to be a LANTLOS or ALCEST replica, on some tracks it has a personal shape, on others, not. Same goes for FYRNASK, that doesn’t want to be anything but FAUNA, sometimes it sounds damn brutal and interesting, sometimes very meditative and atmospheric, with a dry sound here and there, still... both releases deserve a close listen. 

I found REMORA a project worth remembering thanks to the neat combination of Apocalyptic Neofolk with Post-Rock, Slowcore, Drone and Post-Punk, for JOY DIVISION, SWANS, LOW or BRIAN ENO fans. 

The second release of the Pole under the name of JOHAN WOLFGANG POZOJ didn’t really convince me, it seems a horizontal step compared with the previous one, despite the well used avantgardist aura. In exchange, also from CODE666, another solo project, STIELAS STORHETT sounds great! I remembered the RAKOTH times and also more! This talented Russian presents us the second remarkable album ( I didn’t listen to the first, it was released 5 years ago), a beautiful Arctic Black Metal that, even if it feels from the start it has an artificial sound (being a solo project), it’s a smart original music sample worth collecting: 


Another solo project that caught my eye is called MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY. The Black and Doom Metal combination, on an Ambient background, but also melancholic (visible ARCANA traces) makes this album prove some still can realize intelligent, innovative and charming works in this revolutionary Black Doom niche. For BURZUM, THERGOTHON, ARMAGEDDA or ULVER (first albums) fans. 

WHITE DARKNESS is a very odd project of one of THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE members. If it’s Noise, Ambient, Doom Metal... I have no idea... all I know it’s damn dark, sinister, atypical... Incantations, voices and speeches like from hell, staggering keyboard, jumpy drum rhythms, threatening guitar distortions... oh my, what a horror universe! It’s obvious the project will be liked by the ones who got used to the music of Where Purgatory Ends, created by Costin Chioreanu together with Rune (AVA INFERI). Oh, now that I remembered Costin, he just released a new album with MEDIOCRACY, he made a spectacular live release and now he’s in an European tour, I hope things will work out for him with this group that, although I haven’t seen live, didn’t convince me... but it’s a matter of taste and maybe too much Core in the sound? Or maybe that extreme voice that stops me from seeing further? No worries, I like his determination in everything he does and that’s all that matters... 

From Geneva I just discovered a band that kept having line-up changes, IMPURE WILHELMINA, but the Rock dimension impregnated with Post Hardcore references continues to be dominant, the last album, although released 3 years ago, could have been anytime a getaway and psychical release option... I tried to get something from AUN,  a Canadian duo based on eclectic sound, but I admit it’s still unapproachable by me... although it has an Indie-Noise-Rock touch with traces of dark Gothic that remind me of POPOL VUH, SONIC YOUTH, MY BLOODY VALENTINE or COCTEAU TWINS. From Poland there come two projects that deserve more attention, I wrote about the first LIYR last year, but now, the new material has a better expressed, harmoniously congealed Martial print, recommended to TRIARII, ARDITI or PUISSANCE fans. Not far from LIYR we also fins COLD FUSION, there the sound seems to be more artistic, orchestral, more ample... but equally well settled and structured. These 2 bands are a really pleasant surprise for me this month! 

At the well executed Black Metal chapter nothing new on the West front, we can mention the recent ARCKANUM, THULCANDRA, NACHTBLUT, 1349 and THRONE OF KATARSIS apparitions.  

The vocal and guitarist of AGALLOCH started a solo project that would develop into another direction than the one from the Metal group, an experimental expression that should be followed in the future:


What does the near future hold for us? New albums of some bands I’m truly interested in: ARCANA (they finished their last album) but also Peter’s second solo album (http://peterbjargo.bandcamp.com/track/the-architecture-of-melancholy), Duncan Patterson (ANATHEMA/ANTIMATTER, ION) comes with a new alternative/Rock/Ambient/metal/Electronic project entitled ALTERNATIVE 4 (http://listn.to/alternative4), JOB KARMA in collaboration with SIEBEN (http://soundcloud.com/job-karma/7jk-sieben-vs-job-karma-krau), LANTLOS (Herbst with Neige/ vocals in ALCEST), DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED, BLUT AUS NORD with the second chapter of 777 trilogy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI-Pc5fu5m8&feature=player_embedded),  

I was expecting something odd from Albin Julius but this new musical chapter, under the name of DER BLUTHARSCH AND THE INFINITE CHURCH OF THE LEADING HAND shocks and enchants through the smart and innovative combination of Post-Industrial, Dark Rock, Psychedelic prints and Neofolk shades. It’s the most effective release so far of the Austrian veteran and if you have the chance, go and see his live project! I will surely do so! 


ATOMTRAKT with some Martial Bombastic splendidly mixes fragments from TRIARII, ARDITI, DER BLAUE REITER, SUMMONING and ICE AGES, this new album being one of this year’s favourite, maybe I will come up with a detailed review, for Nuria’s violin of NARSILION develops an incredible depressive-melancholic aura (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmJ1jz7EGkI); 

ROME presents us on 11.11.2011 a beautiful trilogy, in 3 CDs with a spectacular booklet, 150 minutes of JeRome Reuter atmosphere, that swings between Martial & old Dark Industrial accents and melodramatic slow, emotional songs filled with epic romanticism. A masterpiece I expect to be not assimilated by the listener, because Jerome always makes new musical movements that the fan needs some time to correctly assimilate... this somewhat willing to keep listening to what he already knew about ROME universe and not the new musical/poetic ROME message. The artist always managed to confuse the listener with his albums, but avoiding self-sufficiency continuously leads to multiple changes. The most awaited material in this niche for me in 2011, for sure!

... another chapter will be ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI (the new tracks sound damn good), TENHI with the long awaited album, ATOMA debut (ex-SLUMBER), SYVEN... we shall see what’s to be announced...   

And one of the most interesting news concerns HEXVESSEL... that was just announced to participate at ROADBURN together with DARK BUDDHA RISING (http://www.roadburn.com/2011/09/hexvessel-quality-live-footage-from-dark-bombastic-evening-3-availabe-on-youtube/) ... well, Mat/Kvohst’s band will soon present us another video, made together with the talented Canadian Justin Oakey. Watch a sample of his works here: 


It’s obvious the world changes, everything transforms, there’s no way we can’t feel that, unless we refuse to listen to ourselves... the way of thinking changes, behaviour gets another form, the artistic expression catches new dimensions (with references towards pacifist movements 40-50 years ago, but in a new shape), we search and want to be closer to normality (which we lost in our chase/addiction to modernism), we try to get rid of everyday more or less corporatist practices, we seek way more than that inside of us but also in multiple informational sources, we realize it’s equally important to question ourselves, not only to mandatorily find plausible answers, we begin to value and love nature more than ever, we are happy to (re)discover unconditional friendship, those beautiful souls around we like to be, we find out things that are given a shape and form start to happen (without being disappointed because we haven’t found yet the precise sense), that everything is cyclic and irreversible... It’s like the calm before the storm, some kind of “noncombat” the most thirsty/indoctrinated by targets and clear, firm, immediate ones wonder/are appalled by. As I mentioned at the beginning of this Editorial... it’s the will for knowledge, introspection, rediscovery... that will reveal, after all, a “reconciliation”, towards an inner peace we all need... of this resonance I was entirely wrapped in at DBE3 and the fact I felt the need to lay on paper now proves that the Beautiful Aroma of the two days is still fresh in my memory... even though the fatigue was cruel... 

And exactly now, when I finished writing these things, I read the interview with a person dedicated to the photography cause, who I saw at all events I’ve been to and I understood how other events things were, from his remarkable visual expression: 


Finally, I change again the switch. I watch the previous days a documentary made in other times, about Ada Kaleh Island and the last spring there: 


Beautifully told, recorded... but sad... I don’t know what to day, sometimes, in our wish to own or at least control nature, we destroy everything around us, for more or less noble, natural causes! 

On a different level, I read that the patrimony objects from Rosia Montana, those Roman galleries of over 2000 years, will be relocated and preserved, maybe even available to visit, but in fitted places. Maybe the financial interests behind these gold mountains exceed my sensitive perception... maybe I don’t have all the data... although I kept reading things from everywhere... even the advertisement from all TV channels makes me understand that mountains must be exploited to cover the advertising costs that prolongs more than some “enlighted” ones from the buttons estimated...but, don’t you already feel the déjà-vu of Ada Kaleh’s story, now in a mountain shape? We flood, transform, modify, destroy... in order to control... what do we want to control? Nature? With what, money? How, through science? If the human race evolved this way towards what we are, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the relation of this evolution should be compared to what? To artificial/virtual landmarks that defy natural laws? We seem to have become more primitive in thinking than our ancestors, deluding ourselves we can permute mountains, change water courses, shift forests... that we are environmentalists, green, without disturbing nature, without any eventual dramatic consequences... an utopia, a foolishness, a manipulation in which you can’t even stand crooked or think twisted doesn’t shape a logical form of respect towards the surrounding... although the population doubled in only 80 years (we are around 7 billion of souls), the resources are decreasing, even more diminished than 50 years ago per head. What do we do for this? Are we looking for other resources to survive? False, we support (aware of manipulated) others to have more than they need in a normal life, we entered the games of modern gadgets and all purses and we forget there are billions of souls on this Earth that still sleep under the tress, under the clear sky, who die of hunger, condemned not to have life. How are we treating ourselves? We can think in a simple way here: through ignorance... 

And two points of view below, so choose your own option that you find more close to your perception/belief:   



The 26th of September, 2011