Februarie 2011

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Frosty greetings!

Looks like I'm finding my pace and I still have time for myself. The saturation state that overwhelmed me at the end of last year seems to have subsided and the announced pause concerning organizing concerts makes me feel more relaxed and independent. On the other hand, I'm glad there are interesting (at least to me) concerts in Romania in the next months, while I wasn't forced to organize them, although I had discussions with all these bands. The decision of quitting event organization for at least half a year proves me that I still can be what I used to few years ago, a bystander listener who can peacefully enjoy concerts of bands that have never been to Romania or he missed them, like Nadja, God Is An Astronaut, Arms & Sleepers or I Like Trains. I would have wanted to see the guys from Master Musicians of Bukkake, but it seems they won't arrive here, although there's a last.fm post announcing a concert in Timisoara... Their impresario confirmed me last week that they won't even make it to Bucharest (although others were also interested, it would have been really nice to see them in Control club). The same goes for Secret Chiefs 3, who will arrive in late spring in Europe, but will bypass Romania. It would have been interesting to have Trey's band at DBE3. Only a year ago, after a spectacular concert held on a terrace in Alba Iulia, the members from Secret Chiefs 3 stayed with the friends from RYMA and DORDEDUH in the citadel of Alba Iulia, until morning, on a meager rain, around a friendly campfire. Those were beautiful moments, maybe that was where my folly of organizing an event there came from.

Hatework seems to have had an unexpected success with their January event, despite the traffic issues, NILE being the revelation of the evening. I saw that the ones from ROTTING CHRIST return to Romania, with singings in Cluj Napoca, Iasi and Bucharest, which I think will please hordes of fans, especially because last year's album was praised by the whole mass media. I will surely get to one of their concerts, for I grew up with Sakis' music (now, I'm not crazy about it, but the respect is the same) and I haven't seen them live yet!

Viva Music has little time until MORTIIS and COMBICHRIST! Although I should have left the country at that time, I arranged not to miss this event, especially to see in flesh and blood the one who, many years ago, shocked me with his dungeon music, not to mention his musical collaboration with Emperor! And his mysterious project, Fata Morgana. Nice trinket does Viva Music offer us, and it might be a "seasoned" solution for the evening of March 1, in The Silver Church. I don't know if I manage to arrive on February 12 and see that NIN tribute, so bombastically presented and I understand there's been much invested in. I'm not crazy about these tributes, but if I can, I'll get there!

I saw that the ones from Lake OF Tears and Haggard return... probably a great joy for fans, completely uninteresting to me.

Ost Mountain Fest is soon to be announced and, from what I understand, it won't be in August. That's good, for I want to know how to schedule my holiday with my family, it's better you also take into account the second half of July, to schedule in advance your departures in other parts, for this year's OST will have at least one interesting headliner, especially because the band in question should have been brought by me last year. But the cards didn't turn out well then, I'm glad I can see them now in Romania, they really are worth the attention!

Artmania takes place this year one weekend before DBE 3, only 80 km away from Alba Iulia. The good news is that it's not held at the same time with my little festival, so I could be there in case the final line-up will be an inspired one. So far, Artmania announced 3 completely unattractive bands to me (tastes are not discussed, but accepted) but who will bring more people, certainly more than last year, which is good for this festival's longevity. Let's see what other groups they will announce in the coming weeks, for Artmania shouldn't fail to promote lesser known bands who conceive quality albums. The idea of cheap subscription seems very good for those who want to receive special offers, although presenting only 3 bands at this price could be rather tricky. However, subscriptions not being personalized are advantageous, so everybody will eventually benefit... only if the small business in the first night of event wouldn’t appear, in case some “intelligent" ones bought some in advance so they can resell with a small addiction in August...

As for DBE 3, what can I say... I kept bombing you with information of all kind last month, some might look interesting, others less... I want something beautiful to come out so that participants would enjoy the 2 days more than the normal ones. The answers of those interested in setting ticket prices indicate, so far, that we share similar thoughts. So, on February 11 you will find out how much the access to DBE 3 will cost... But I assure you it will be more than OK, if we are to relate to the number of participating bands and the deployment of forces in August. The combination of bands definitely confused some souls, but why would I do something predictable? I would have no motivation... I wanted to invite again certain bands because their visibility wasn’t at its peak at their first appearance in Romania and I really believe that artists deserve more than an audience countable on fingers. The exception is ROME, who comes with an entirely different line-up than last year, so a completely changed face after a break from concerts of more than a year and a half... The bands coming for the first time in Romania immediately and unconditionally accepted DonisArt's invitation, which meant a lot for the final decision, while other groups preferred to communicate only officially in terms such as "does it make sense to put a song in Transylvania?” There were also others I've been speaking with for years I wanted to bring, but there was no way, although the desire is mutual... it’s much to say and explain here, so I'd better stop. We considered the "compromise" of inviting interesting bands from overseas who will tour Europe in the summer, but it’s very difficult and somehow too early for them to make a decision. We received messages, I read comments about DBE 3, some fair, others fair but mischievous, some completely wrong... it's everyone’s right to express their own opinion and I read them all... I will even try to keep in mind the constructive ones, even though some reek of criticism! I appreciate everything that is said sincerely and pointed out, even though, theoretically, it should bother me... there is no way, this can't be! And the pointless ones even make me smile... Even at the ticket prices' voting I found souls with nonsensical answers... that's it! The version with selecting true fans through ticket price won't work this time, as I previously wrote... I don’t want obstacles, I don’t want boundaries... I just want pure Underground Spirit! And I assure you that's going to be! Our friends from Blackhawk Security will be with us again and my respect for the man Andrei Irode is not limited to simple papers or written commitments!

I was in the citadel two weeks ago, I took a tour through Alba Iulia, and I will go again in a couple of weeks to establish all the details... one thing is sure: the citadel is huge! And considering the following investments, in a few years it will certainly be an incredible tourist attraction! Let's see if the ones from RYMA will succeed with the variant of camping! And other interesting details will be announced!

Now let's get to the Playlist. Although I received about 60 albums in a month, not many made me give them a second listening and I received some of them much later or I forgot to mention few lines in the past editorial. For example, SINCARNATE released their debut album, very neatly done and with a decent sound, a material that should be taken into account by the local Doom Death Metal fans, even if the approach has a hint of old style, inadequate to the third millennium. It sounds like a band that started playing recently, listening lately only the first MY DYING BRIDE albums. I saw them two times last year and I can say that I like the fact that they slowed down with the CEMETERY styled Gothic phases, but they still lack something to break the barriers of a well known style. Another band I haven’t got the chance to write about is INDAN FALL, who released in October, at Labyrinthic Metal Evening a new material, an EP in which the new masculine voice visibly moved from the melodic Black with avant-garde tints towards the extreme part, with Death and aggressive references, both in vocalizations and riffs. It doesn’t sound bad, but I somehow still think of "Pathfinder", I don't know why...

AGALLOCH sent me a limited edition of their new album, which also includes a vinyl with 2 experimental tracks. I don't know what to say... some compositions are spectacular, others quite brutal and that’s it... what the material lacks is the epic dimension, through which the AGALLOCH sound was easily distinguished. Maybe I'll have to listen many more times to the material... or I had other expectations... I will return with a chronic. BATTLELORE comes with a catchy album, very atmospheric and full of choral and symphonic elements in a very trendy Pagan form, DORNENREICH presents us new Black Metal compositions with Pagan tints that don't really move me (the drummer's technicality is an exception, one of my favorites), DEICIDE released the tenth worth collecting album, flawless, FALKENBACH kind of disappointed me with these good sounding sequences, but they don't have that epic aura anymore, HERETOIR is trying to be a replica of ALCEST and doesn't sound bad at all, SOROR DOLOROSA presents us a very interesting Gothic Rock, WOODS OF DESOLATION sounds very good now, especially because the vocal parts are done by the one from AUSTERE, an Australian super group that unfortunately has disbanded. From Greece, TRANSCENDING BIZARRE shows us they can be more than a replica of VULTURE INDUSTRIES (Bjornar participates in a song), LIFELOVER return with an album that seems more settled but with a combination of styles that I can't ingurgitate (yet), SIRENIA took up a mainstream way and don't think there's really need for Mortem to growl anymore, for the music is already for MTV, SRODEK presents a Grim Black Metal and seems good enough to put it on the wound when the isolation might be a solution (for BURZUM fans), TESSERACT offers us a very elaborated and excellently interpreted Progressive Metal... and that would be it for this month.

I will return in the spring with other musical cues and more.

I wish you all the best!

February 2011