February 2007

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"In these times of false triumphs, the true resistance comes from those struggling for beliefs considered to be lost."

European salutes via Eastern lands!

So...I feel more noble, blonder, utter positive, and extra honorable! I am now a part of the European Union! Can you imagine while you're reading these lines, how many advantages will you have from now on collaborating with the Romanians? Bands, labels, magazines, all of you, hurry up and send all of your stuff here, as now the taxes are insignificantly low, we can talk about real savings, serious potential businesses within the land of Dracula! Therefore, promoting your materials in Romania will turn more and more efficient, as our market it is a virgin, unexplored and full of neverending surprises one (so we could make a copy of the Gold Fever syndrome)! The Romanians are yearning for Metal, music and concerts! Come to the tree of wonders, there's no piracy, nor lies or cheep pilfering, moreover, hypocrisy vanished and life's quality miraculously raised over the night (the one between all these years of course)... Even the air I breathe is different now, hosting new and fresh odour, impregnated with a yellow/blue flagrance, the one coming from the big European Family bedeviling to surpass the devouring extinction of the Promised Land, of that young, yet perfect history, where democracy rules, so, all its wealth abundance had to be shared with the rest of the world! Oh, not to mention that this way of communicating with each other is also done in the American way, the one of that Bill guy and his new VISTA.... Yet, I belong to Europe and I should be proud of that!

OK. No more Balcano/Latin frustrations, nor specific problems, the virtual metamorphosis obsession will now end and so shall the never ending struggle between two continents with dichotomic ways of reasoning, yet knotted together in order to survive! (Imagine: the Americans have come to the point of purchasing the third English football club, Liverpool, and the living legend Beckham is going to play in America!)

The other continents, hosting over 80% of the global population do not matter anymore... they are minor details as, in the end, the sole important element that remains is Paretto!

Yes, it's now time for us to focus on the stringent issues, the ones that fill our existence: consumism, globalization, Earth overheating, corporatist nationalism ... it al sounds so fade, ordinary, pharisaical!

That's why I've decided to leave this abnormal normality and enter my rhetorical isolation, wandering towards something pure, hosting natural essences: music! Yet, what is here for me to find? A conglomerate of bands, labels, webzines (as magazines torment into surviving and accept various compromises) all lacked in substance and spirit! There are just more and more clones, plus wastepaper, all acting on a continuously growing scene probably due to the fact that the above mentioned normality contaminates everything...a possible explanation I guess!

Am I one of the last Mohicans for whom the underground music realm has ceased to feed the self? Is it turning into a lost cause too? I fear to admit it, as I fear to believe that my courage into trusting has diminished! I find it hard to believe: ridiculous albums, lacked in originality and interesting concepts, yet strongly promoted by so called big labels, manage to get untrusting reviews, saturated in hypocrite boast! Moreover, no matter what magazine I am reading, the sole difference I can find consists in the pagination...beside that...eternal and multidimensional copy-paste!

There's a never ending scurry for money, material advantages, superficiality, for the three P: practical, possessive and political! It might be a future detailed issue to discuss, this obsessive trinity I mean: 3P...probably derived from the 3D...or perhaps inspired by the 3D...Oh, but there's a political approach too: the art of compromise without compromising yourself! Sounds ineptitude? It is!

Along these pessimistic ideas accompanied in a resonant manner by the unending swan song, I've found out that in this year's first half we'll enjoy a thunderous and violent new ELEND album, an experimental VIRGIN BLACK, a mystical COPH NIA, an explosive FINNTROLL, MANES and OCTAVIA SPERATI, a dramatic ANTICHRISIS, a calm ANTIMATTER, plus a classic HAGGARD, and of course a new MAYHEM or DIMMU! Other interesting albums may also come to light, but the bands I've told you about already enjoy notoriety in the Extreme Metal scene and therefore, they'll have the subsequent focus.

In another frame of mind, I can tell you that my Peruvian-Amazonian-Norwegian friend Jan Kenneth had finished the recordings for his first album under the name TRANSIT, and I have already listened to four tracks and also seen a video; except his superb voice, there is nothing like IN THE WOODS... The Alternative Rock with Experimental elements alongside a light Groovy seems to dominate this album's sound, "Decent Man on a Desperate Moon". I was expecting it to be named "Desperate Man on a Decent Moon", but it seems that his one year old daughter already marks Jan's reasoning and inspiration, so that the music he used to create has now taken a more domestic and retro form, not necessarily a plus commercial one too. Along with his older friends from various bands: GREEN CARNATION, STILLE OPRROR, DRAWN, ANIMAL ALPHA, Jan succeeds into presenting us a track full of energy, dominated by an explosive rhythm: "Bleed on Me". The rest of the tracks I've listened to are a bit too intricate for a sole audition and I wish listening to the whole album in order to choose the right frame for it. March - April will probably be the time.

After the disillusions given by the latest SIRENIA, THERION or TRISTANIA albums (not reviewed here), lets take a look at the current Kogaionon play list, one without exceptional releases, yet presenting some that deserve attention.

By far, KHVARENA project sounds quite interesting, plus the new PUISSANCE album of the Swede Fredrik Soderlund, known from PARNASSUS' glory times; ROME's debut hasn't impress me as much as it did with the EP released two months ago, while KATATONIA has reissued one of their older albums, one mediocre when it was originally released and it remains so; moreover, ATARAXIA complicates our existence with a dramatic album, a theatrical one, probably the most intricate in these Italians history. Beside that, the rest of the releases deserve to be reminded and just that, yet we have a plus in the two DVD's made by the ones from Metal Mind, with SINISTER, respectively OBITUARY.

There is not much for me to say now about the printed version of Kogaionon, as my state of spirit is not of much help into enlivening this long awaited new issue, yet the important thing is that I have not give up the project... until it will come to light, you'll be able to enjoy from time to time, maybe monthly, Metal texts, in the online version.

Soon, the site will host a new set of reviews and an interview with an American quality band, I am still in wait for the last answers from them.

Untill Spring will disenchant everything around, Kogaionon invites you to the Mountains, solely there you can still enjoy the snow refusing to disappear... As for the cause... I do not know if it will cease to exist or dead it is already...yet, the actual triumph seems to shadow the agonic disappearance...or an artificial existence, perhaps virtual in the minds of a few.

February, 2007