February 2009

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First salutes from the New Year!

Things have moved quicker than I ever thought they would and so, the magazine is now ready, I picked it up lat night from the printing house. I am very happy how it turned out, although, initially, at a price considered to be ’appropriate’ for the Metal/Goth Underground market, the overall quality of the mag would have suffered. And so I found myself in the dilemma of choosing ’the right price’ for a modest quality and an elevated price, but for a work of higher standards… I went with the second option and the result has satisfied me. Haven’t accepted possible discounts that would have impacted on the quality of the paper or on the actual graphics, KOGAIONON 10 can not be compared or made to compete with other magazines that promote bands found within the realms of extreme underground (price, number of copies and frequency). It is simply something else… less than typical, with no ties to what is trendy, with a very limited space allowed for advertising (covers only), the rest being 100% written content, with diverse details, specific to the artists interviewed… KOGAIONON continues to keep its decent, classical line, throughout which the reader can separate from the daily routine for a few hours, reading, browsing, going through and in the end savouring those pages in the most pleasant and comfortable way! The number of copies is limited and the target of this mag is to be addressed exclusively to those who are interested in getting their hands on a Metal ‘almanac’, at an elegant quality, not at all pompous, with an evident note of sobriety but also with a detailed informational content.
Is it a magazine, a fanzine or an almanac... it really doesn't matter! There are 108 pages in A4 format, aimed for the collectors of extreme underground print media, a category of dedicated people who can store away in their archives, on their own shelves, a release of rare qualities, both as appearance/ frequency and as content (interviews, reviews and rhetoric's). It is priced at 50 RON or 12 EURO and the concert from Brasov will present the handy opportunity of acquiring it. So, having said all this, KOGAIONON magazine number 10 is out now!
Further details HERE.

One of my all time dreams was to organize a Metal Special Evening, but since the ARCTURUS break-up, my enthusiasm lost its fire. Organizing events with large bands is not within my profile; the concept I love so dearly – Underground, would lose its meaning. But I encourage and give my support to those who can and know how to create imposing events with big bands, like this years event with OPETH, in Sibiu! Congratulations in advance, ARTMANIA! After MY DYING BRIDE and LACRIMOSA, there is no doubt that the evening of 17th of July will be unforgettable too! On the other hand, on the 14th of February something interesting seems to be happening in Bucharest, where DIARY OF DREAMS will try to get a feel of the fans of Dark Goth, together with DAS ICH and IN STRICT CONFIDENCE. Best of luck!

But getting back to my own issues, I hope that on the 21st of March, both INDIAN FALL and SHINING will manage to transform an ordinary Saturday into a true Experimental Black Evening! A location that goes great with the event itself, a Metal evening that will end with an After Party prolonged into the early hours of the morning, with quality Metal music and a friendly atmosphere alongside the musicians…
The venue, Suburban, opened a few days before the end of 2008 and the KOGAIONON gig will be the first Metal event held there, until now the location being used for Drum’n’bass nights, various events with international DJ’s and other stuff that has nothing to do with extreme Metal! The advantage of the location is that there is no real space restriction and around 150 people can secure a seat at a table, having a bar present in the same hall…

The ticket bookings rewarded with free CDs are still on and the ticket price will remain unchanged (60 RON) until the end of February. After this date the price will go up to 70 RON and the tickets will be available for purchase on the night of the event as well, at the Suburban entrance. I shall see you there!
More detailes HERE.

Let us now move towards issues that concern the updated information to be found on this website. I have posted HERE a new set of reviews. I hope you will enjoy reading them.
As well as that, I have published (in English only) a part of the MY DYING BRIDE interview taken in November last year, and in which Aaron had the courtesy of answering different sorts of questions.

The present Playlist is, as usual, full of recently released albums, my highlights including only the genius 15 years old ENCHANTMENT, now re-edited by Peaceville, TAAKE who is out with a clean Northern Black Metal, MARTOLEA with an interesting Folk Black Metal debut, COLOSSEUM with a new but equally depressing chapter and PROJECT PITCHFORK, who is bringing forward an experimental MCD with all sorts of Dark Goth Electro sounds… Other than that, albums of all sorts, some to be noted, others belonging to the trends…

Until the leaves will be awakened…

1st of February 2009