Introduction to Kogaionon 9

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Greetings for all of us!

Well, I've noticed that it is hard for someone (my case!) to be sincere, especially if in a rhetorical manner, just because this can only cause the act of "labeling"... for the ones who read, judge and sympathize, which is pretty soon followed by other even more dangerous acts such as burying and mourning the person as if he really was dead! This was the feeling I came to experience right after releasing the previous issue of my beloved "Kogaionon". Everybody (I refer now to my few faithful readers) pictured "Kogaionon movie" as a last breath, like a swan's song... like a farewell letter! My dearest fellows bear with me still as I am not dead... at least, not yet!

I think I am a poor writer if trying to define the feeling... the sensation... I am overwhelmed of... in the moment I hold in my hands a new issue of this magazine! Accomplishment... satisfaction, delightful exhaustion, isolation, depression... thrilling enthusiasm... I really do not have a clue what it is exactly but I can tell for sure, it is a special exquisite experience! If I was to rate this very idea, in a Metallic approach, I would say there is something mystical, unknown and mesmerizing deep inside my inner Self that guides me to Dark... towards magic or... other weird realms... but I think I better open my eyes... as time for being and acting childish has passed since a long time ago!

Perhaps these 9 years since my first issue was released indeed must have deformed both my life and its priorities because the truth is simple: "Kogaionon" remained in poll-position! It seems not to matter anymore which is the secret life... the public or the private ones... They all blend together... entwining or disassociating... who can really know?! Anyway..., in the end, the facts ought to matter and to stand for a cause! I suppose that all ideas/desires never acted or completed are to be labeled as COWARDICE! And perhaps it finally matters less if what I had accomplished is not exactly what I initially had in mind... Is it self-content? Is it superficiality? Is it a limitation? Trust me, my friends, it matters no more! For as many demagogues, remonstrators, quarrelers or specialists activate in music field today... ignorance might be the ultimate appropriate response!

This new chapter, as structure, is identical with the previous ones meaning it features and it is built on a similar core: I-performing almost everything and Mihaela consulting me and translating all the stuff. I had chosen, for this issue, to guest here some special collaborators in order to broaden "Kogaionon"'s horizons from its classical line, in which the magazine was constructed for the last couple of years, so that it might become a rising platform for some people: Lars, Roy, Lus, Dani and Matei.

I do thank you all either for collaboration or believing in "Kogaionon" mission (labels, bands, magazines and friends)!

If you need to retrospect to the magazine's content, then you'll discover a pretty large suite of interviews with comprehensive specific questions, which sometimes figured half of the answers... but there is more than that..., there are many intriguing curiosities and spicy details! If some of my interviewees were rather succinct perhaps there was not enough time for them to answer or maybe they were not in a mood suitable for such... or maybe it all meant just a polite refuse to forward the right true answer! Well, it was their choice and I respect such!

I must inform you, there are fewer reviews than the usual but I deliberately preferred "to choose" not "to pick" therefore I skipped many albums either because of the magazine's limited space or (more likely!) because I might have come to a point of saturation in writing and writing over and over again about clones and solely clones! If some of you (or your works) incidentally belong to the categories up mentioned and thus feel frustrated irritated or offended, I sincerely apologize!

It is already a tough truth to admit that underground Metal fanzine becomes more and more a matter of "history" and those who venture out on such road are to be numbered on one hand's fingers. Perhaps I consider myself a pensioner already, anachronous or nostalgic, but I still believe in this cause! And I still put my heart into this! Well, I find disturbing and even annoying (it amuses me sometimes!) to read about colleagues of mine who complain about this irreversible approach: Internet replacing almost everything that is enclosed in "written means" of expression! It is only natural, my brothers in arms, we live in the III-rd Millennium! If you desire to act... take all risks and chances, don't come out with various deplorable excuses! To confront Future is to accept transformation... evolution or otherwise to face resignation, disappointment, frustration and nostalgia... As long as you act upon your heart and soul... as long as you keep devotion alive, there is no way for your beliefs to fade away! At most, they may reach transformation and come out in a different form! There is no other way as otherwise we may come to believe that money, personal frustrations (or those 10 years of Rock) represented the very reasons because of which we intercrossed Metal dimension... If so... you better back away... end of discussion! The same goes just similar in any other topic including the unfair fight against mp-3!

I don't want to make false promises and neither have I desired to hold back the fact that in consequence of a conversation I had with a "Kogaionon" fan I might bring up "Kogaionon" # 10 as a "holy issue", one to come up with a special free CD containing a full scan of all "Kogaionon" pages from the very first issue till the very last! It would be a symbol of how I perceive the fusion of old/new, classic/ modern... but time shall tell if it is going to happen or not!

This would be all for the moment! I hope you will delightfully surf into the realm of this very new "Kogaionon" challenge and let the smell of fresh printed paper keep you everlastingly awake!

Underground will never die!


February 2004.