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Great heat, mon cher! 

Back again to the Editorial, I see I'm stubborn enough to keep it monthly, especially because some of you showed me that these lines are read... thoroughly or brushed over, these are already details. With my unprofessional subjectivity (more like “school of life”), I can surely puzzle or even erroneously present details about events or albums, but I prefer being sincere with my current perceptions rather than being polite, write much and say nothing concrete. I have nothing to share with anybody and if I can do good, I do it with utmost pleasure, with priority to those who have something smart/inspired to pass on... Sometimes, the good might occur when I point out (honest with myself) things that are not positive. It might have the tendency to sound as an excuse, but I see it as a right explanation. Same goes for the ones who continue to send me audio materials or communiqués about concerts and then put pressure on me to write about them. I've lost my motivation to write thousands of reviews about albums I forget or support events that have been abundantly promoted by others, or aren't my share of things. But I will insert some words, from case to case, through Editorials or Playlists. 

These days, everything seems to be upside down... Father Băse makes us blush for irresponsible declarations about our history's characters (he might be good at patriotic populism, but his history incompetence border has been crossed now), our politics’ illiterates “eject ejaculate aberrations”, in Peru a new statue of Jesus has been built, bigger than the one in Brazil or the most recent from Poland (the greatest, the greatest, the best, the... probably to be the closest to heavens), the asteroids court our planet more and more (we have a new deadline for 2029), the end of the world didn't come, but it's on the way, and this is for real (the last fib is with the French village with 200 people, which will be safe from harm), we will see how things will be with the December 21 2012 solstice, where the Mayans predicted the black hole, together with other Nostradamic predictions (the date would be perfect for a new DBE Evening), the recession seems to have no end (but the bars are still full), nature shows its force and rebellion thorough torrid heats alternated with devastating storms and rain, I got many less favourable news from friends concerning some and other’s health... yeah, a bad time, to be honest! 

But let's draw back little by little towards music... too much envy, frustration and even malice between the ones from our Metallic Scene... honestly, my solution for these people lacking compunction is ignorance! 

I don't even know what music would fit this weather... but let me recommend you a track very dear to me, while you will read this new Editorial, not glowing and targeted to be shorter than the previous writings: 


It's holiday time, vacations, outdoor festivals, mountains, sea, everything, less for studying or working... thumbs up for writing... 

June passed faster than I thought, important things from my personal life have been repreferrenced, meaning that I appeased with the necessary but compulsory changes and I accepted without drama or stoic bravado, the direction which I will have to follow. Maybe my honesty in front of these lines help me to see things correctly and with a taste of optimistic flavour, that seems to be (and I hope it is) vertical and balanced. Obviously, every intention of going to vacation has been cancelled, in that superb location in Greece... there are other priorities now and my family's health is the most important thing for my balance... following the Osho thinking, if I am content with myself, I can offer to my dear ones as much as I can from my gratitude... totally different than the Christian dogmas, this is how this sounds, but well... an entire inner war between a terrible egocentrism and an unconditioned self denial...heh! 

I read here an article that I'd be glad to find true:


I can’t avoid mentioning my colleague, who aroused the ambition to prove that she can post a photo (with some texts) 30 days continuously:


She almost convinced me to test my control but I realized that it's too complicated to propose myself that from today on, 30 days without phone...or internet... maybe I will propose to make 30 events... for there have already been 17 and another ones follow... however, the important thing is I got the interest evening by evening, to see what she posted, the one I characterize as: half Romanian, half Hungarian and half Irish... yes, it seems it goes as synergy, not always 1+1 equals two! This marketing is killing me! 

Let's get to what happened in June, meaning concerts and other musical relishes. One Event screwed up badly cancelling OPETH and KATATONIA, this being a great disillusion for both me and fans... I consider leaving the bands to make the cancelling announcements a great PR mistake, and the organizer getting officially out with a second day press release. Especially that this cancellation happened only 2 days before the so called event. Great tragedy has been made over this subject, of course, exaggerated and wrangled by many people. After all, it was a “delay” (official release) and not a cancellation, on various misunderstandings of logistic and financial kind, but the money has been returned to everyone who paid in advance for the tickets, the ones waiting the fall for this event are doing it consciously and deliberately... this is how it goes when you organize or do things... sometimes they don’t turn out right, but find a transparent and correct solution! I put this mistake on account that only one day before OPETH the same One Event had to organize SUEDE, probably a great deal of time allocated there as well... but a smart PR could have managed the momentary crisis in a professional way and could have detonated a whole deposit of negative energies collected only in a couple of hours... One Event lost at the image chapter with this failure but I am sure Dragos's team will make it up towards autumn, for the historic of events up to date give him lots of credits! And the most disappointed ones can go to Bulgaria, to see these bands plus many others of the same calibre in the biggest Rock festival from there... 

TAINE and KISTAVEN managed to find a solution for the fans and organized a couple of days after the OPETH cancellation a concert where they gathered a couple of hundreds of people. An unexpected success and a perfect evening, from what I heard from many participants. I would have liked to get there but I wasn’t in the country... and this is how I get to tell you in a couple of words my most awaited concert: MONO and the symphonic orchestra of London! 

Koko is a perfect location for such events, on many floors, with balconies, discreet lights, very good acoustics and right ventilation! I saw over 1500 persons on the evening of June 7 and I was stunned by the entry queue... It's touching to see how people stay patiently, in the sun, dozens of minutes only to see a spectacular band, not a mainstream one! The organizers made a great job, the event was well promoted and the attraction was this symphonic orchestra, which was a real magnet for many fans from all over Europe... What can I say about the concert? It was dreamlike, incredible! Too bad I had to stay in the back... it was too full and the fans sat down in the front one and half hour before. Next time, for sure, I will go sit in the first row or I won’t go at all! Especially when we speak about instrumental bands where the energy dissipates exclusively through instruments, without landmarks or drivers based on voice. Despite these small details, the MONO concert was sublime, an experience I don’t think I will ever get to live! Or, who knows... 

There was BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL, an event that timidly but pleasantly revived the DonisArt spirit and the cca 100 souls from Kulturhaus. Photo chronicle and recordings here: 


In another part of the capital, Alice Cooper unleashed himself in front of a modest public compared to what was expected, but an imposing show full of stage fireworks. 

I would have liked to get to GIFTS FROM ENOLA on 26 June, a very talented band that I wrote about in an earlier editorial, but my personal issues kept me away from Bucharest for about 2 weeks. That's it!  

July brings Samfest on 8-9 July, with a very slim line-up, they're lucky with local bands, as I have not high expectations from Bonfire. And PAIN has already been here ... maybe the new album may show more interest than I think. So be it! It would be noticeable the cannibalization between two mainstream fests in the early days of July, more or less annoying in promoting and awaiting tens of thousands of fans ... It's their business, I wish them luck! Then BON JOVI, on the 10th, that even my mother knows about, she sees on TV the promo every day (probably looking at Antena ...). In 15 - 16 July will be a fest at Petrosani with some Underground Metal Romanian bands who made ​​history, such as ABIGAIL, GRIMEGOD, TROOPER or GOTHIC, the Barock Fest, something based on motors and motorcycles, it seems.  

The penultimate weekend of July is intended for the only local Metal Underground festival, OST MOUNTAIN FEST. SAMAEL was removed from the poster (the sincere explanation of lack of budget seems more natural than the replica of One Event ... pretty pathetic though). There weren't many to comment, because all those who had come only for the Swiss were returned the money as well... and I understood that there were not too many requests! There are 30 Metal bands and other 3 Ambient ones, more than half of them being from Romania, which proves the organizers's local Metal movement support! It is obvious that there will be three days where Romanian bands will party with their friends and fans plus spectators who will come to see bands like ONSLAUGHT, DORNENREICH, FEN and the rest of foreign bands. The diversity of bands is a strong point for this second edition and this year I expect to be a very successful OST, both as visibility and as event itself! The OST team does its job very well, I see strong promotion and this can only make me glad, that means the second principle of physics works very well! I've seen custom merchandise that looks flawless, I know very well the location and it is splendid, there is camping, accommodation all through the neighborhood ... If the weather will be beautiful, everything will be perfect!  

The DonisArt team will reach OST only in last two days, on 23 and 24 July, because on Friday 22, they organize the first event in Cluj-Napoca, with the Instrumental Post-Rock Japanese band MONO. The only opportunity occurred now, taking advantage of the fact that artists were invited to play at several festivals in Europe and we hardly found a spare window, only Friday. We tried to synchronize MONO with RED SPAROWES but when we wanted this, it was not possible, when they could, it was too late for us, and we already issued the press release and established all the details.  


What can I say about MONO? It's a band hard to describe in words, perhaps unknown to many from Romania but that will win over fans as soon as it is heard or seen on stage. I have no idea how many people will come to Cluj-Napoca, we understood that there is a pretty active community, and there are even bands of that kind, FLUTURI PE ASFALT being an option for other possible new events. I listened to some tracks on MySpace, on a local organizer's recommendation and I must admit it sounds good. I will be more interested in the future! Similarly, another band, ALTERNATIV QUARTET from Bistrita, that I saw last year in Suceava, in opening to LUNA AMARA, does good job and I heard some songs on the net ... and it could have been an option to play with MONO ... but all these recommendations came only after I officially announced the event with all the data already set. On the other hand, these signals made me understand that in Cluj-Napoca things in this niche really happen, I will see on July 22 how this community looks like ... I put a very accessible ticket price, chose a ventilated location, elegant, with a high stage pedestal and with capacity of more than 150 places ... for both physical and psychological comfort of the participant.  

There are premises for a beautiful evening, as long as possible ... and in the morning, early in the morning, fast off to Râșnov to support OST festival's cause. I'm sorry I can't see THE FORESHADOWING, probably one of the few bands that I would be glad to see for the first time but it will make up Sunday with FEN. Saturday I didn't find any band that would especially revolutionize me (I mean those I'd see first), I'll be curious to see what Costin will execute with MEDIOCRACY, although I am pretty skeptical when I hear about Core taps ... but I shouldn't get started with preconceived ideas as I will give no chance. I will probably look forward to KEEP OF KALESSIN, but after I read an interview for Cartea De Nisip, I am a little disappointed by their way of expression, not to mention what caprices they seem to have. 

Either way, OST is a Metal festival that should be supported primarily by participating ... that bands are liked or not, that's another story ... that you come only one day, two or all three days, it does not matter ... the folly of devotees (organizers) in the Underground music cannot last forever, so this edition should gather at least a few hundred people a night ... so the atmosphere would be pleasant and the bands would have the satisfaction of having public in front of the stage ... then supported by buying tickets and not by all sorts of cheap tricks, such as hundreds of required invitations or press accreditations  on larger and smaller publications. The ticket is not very expensive and special offers (including 1 +1) offer the possibility to buy to any pocket. And last but not least, supporting the movement means to recommend the festival to acquaintances ... not to persuade or put pressure on them, because then we lose the meaning of this Metal movement ...  

But I wrote too much about OST and it would look as if I have any particular interest ... I turn into Mihnea's PR! The only interest is to support people who want to do something for Underground ... for large festivals, with big bands, we don't lack, from Judas Priest and Whitesnake to Bon Jovi or Helloween. And I do not know what support would be needed here, the names of bands attract plenty of public ... it is this Underground "education" we’re not good at ... well, only some of us...  

On the other hand, expressing a point of view may replace a concept and not necessarily a bias on this topic still customary for me, "Underground Spirit" ... Obviously, over time, perhaps generations!  


In August there is Artmania but it is already another slice for me, the announced lineup doesn't attract me at all and that market seems too dry to spend again two nights in an urban area. But the maximum fuss coming was cancelling NEVERMORE ... really didn't depend on the organizers ... happens in bigger houses and no one dramatizes like us ... anyway, the Hammerfall version failed too and probably HELLOWEEN will bring more people, because it is a redoubtable band! It would be nice to move the location somewhere on the periphery, in Rășinari, for example, or in Dumbrava, to bring these great bands and, in addition to them, some Underground ... or Dark or so .... They have history, they have reputation, supported, the know-how, they have fans ... it could easily occur a response to Brutal Assault ... that this year falls in the same time with the fest from Sibiu. Not to say that there is, at the same time, in Bucharest, Deftones ... and other, other things through the country ... Artmania Festival must continue to be a tradition, where people of different Metallic colorations come to feel good for a few days, to meet up with friends, see bands, to relax, as it is outside ... or how, year after year, many Romanians go to those western festivals ... but actually, why do I stick into it ... each with his own way, with their own desires and expectations. I wish them good luck, sincerely!  

As I mentioned expectations.... on August 19 to 20 it's DBE 3. I have no expectation of the event ... and I do not want to seem / be a hypocrite by my statement ... I already mentioned my "philosophy": I do not want big things, mainstream events and well known bands! There are others who can do it professionally, pragmatically and successfully! It's not my profile to do something out of music to climb on the virtual podium of the fans ... without contests, comparisons, rankings and unnecessary assessments / rumors ... it would be nice to have good weather, to gather some beautiful souls (if I take it from Facebook, we should be about 400), the bands to have inspired performances, to have an hospitable atmosphere, discover new friends and greet with great pleasure the old ones...to spend differently two days.... it would be nice, but I don't cling desperately to these items ... let the energies work as they wish and let us be healthy, as DBE will continue to be a patient, but interactive platform, free and unconditional, for all those who feel they can and want to resonate with the Underground Spirit!  

You know that saying: instead of much and...good, rather balanced, but ample! 

And remember, at DBE there are no opening bands and headliners! The band order does not describe anything and I get pretty tired of messages from fans who want the band x to be headliner ... or y... there are only six bands a night, each with its own show, with agreed time together and not imposed by the organizer ... Equality of opportunity is a utopia in this abnormal world we live in but I want to believe that between beautiful souls, there may be miracles ... meaning abnormal things for pragmatics. Perhaps we will start the chants earlier than we expected, around 3 pm, to have the certainty that each band will perform as much as they have proposed and that we will not have delays at the change-over ... although, here, each group prefers to consume the time for the concert to make sure it sounds perfect ... We didn’t want that to happen.  

I have so much to say about DBE 3, but the outdoor July priority remains OST, so I'll stop here now!  


In late summer comes Peninsula, with Within Temptation, which could attract some Metal souls, but still it would be a too large a festival for me, where the ordinary crowd and queue is daily and it suffocates me badly. Something still crowded will be at the seaside, but equally uninteresting to me.  

And there comes the fall! Save up money, think twice before where and how you want to go, for there will be overall madness... And I'll find again tricky the threaded ticket prices on well established time spans... but it's clear, for both bands and organizers, concerts are a deal, each tries to catch the big fish... although then I see sad announcements on various forums of selling tickets at even smaller prices than the official ones... that's why I say I don’t like the idea of differentiated ticket price, bought in advance, but still, it's my trifle, some kind of “I caught you, now do watcha want with the ticket”... and one more thing... I see prices of 80, 90, 100 lei for one single concert, one single band (eventually something well known in the respective niche) that eventually comes through Romania, being on tour, with nighliner and own backline... without a special decorum or other personalized elements... they sing along, take some photos with the fans and keep on going... and we're still happy there are correct ticket prices... damn me if I understand something, is it Metal spirit or just business? It's a rhetorical obsession, not pointed towards the bands, managers or organizers. Where from does the Metalhead have 20-25 Euros for a ticket? There are also travel expenses, something to buy from the band's stall (where you also find illogical prices for a band that sells their CD without infrastructures), you drink a beer or two at the concert... and if you go in a month at 2 or 3 concerts, you really see your wallet double... 

Obviously, we are a consumer country, with a population that buys more than consumes and, as far as I know, most participants are not committed to corporate jobs and entrepreneurs with high-ranking relations that defy the crisis ... For me it is still an enigma, but I am happy for their willingness and commitment, whether they come to the events because the ticket price defies the nonconformist and unprejudiced Metal cause...  

However, it's good we have concerts, that bands come to play in Romania, that there is a still unsaturated market of live shows... we all have to chose from, not only to desperately collect... it's true that some concerts will be great disappointments and some other will be cancelled or experimentally held, in front of a handful of people. And, surely, others will be sold-out! This abundance of concerts raised much the organizers's level, meaning that I see now an increased attention to the text of press releases, the quality of posters, audio or video teasers, including the applied interviews! It's a great great step forward and if some wouldn't be greedy to make money in any way possible, the impossible to breath in saunas of fans would rapidly disappear! 

On the other hand, some people's despair for maximum visibility worries me, getting to offer invitations and free tickets for all kind of more or less boring contests... not to mention crazed obsessions (like “surprise-surprise!”) with “vote for band X to play in opening for headliner Y” or “Z registered in the competition W”. From the idea of being interactive (very correct and efficient nowadays) to transforming everything in NETBINGO seems to be a long way! We already have a bazaar of events, all we need is a shaorma offered to the blondest or most brunette participant or lifetime free access to the one who can kiss the ass of organizers or the bands in the tenderest way possible through stereotypical articles. One step forward, 10 steps back... in our little Romania, everything that's a gypsy deal goes well, a cheap negotiation, a byzantine ghizeft with oriental curves! And the battle between press releases of the ones organizing big fests and events is so cutting, that psychically suffocates the reader's sight. I don't kill myself for 1+1 offers (that sound good for many), but it seems that the practice of outlets successfully transferred at the concerts of all kinds...

This two penny method is welcome if answers the expectations, everything is about the organizer and bands to keep their high standards, otherwise, in 4-5 years, this concert market will fall down as well, faster than the building one, cars or real estate! 

September comes with SAMEL, MELECHESH and KEEP OF KALESSIN, an alternative for the ones who can't come to OST... Initially, SEPTIC FLESH was announced instead of MELECHESH, but it looks like the managers’ hand matters more than the verticality of initial communiqués... kind of surprising for me the decision of Norwegians to play not even 2 months after on our lands again, but same was for me with VULTURE INDUSTRIES...so, let it be more! 

Let's not forget about NAPAM DEATH, at Bucharest and Iasi, organized by Hefe, I think... 

And what shall be in the first month of autumn, we shall see... 

We pass on to October, an interesting month for me... 

I already announced two editions of KRUNA... a brutal one and a melancholic one... I agreed for another one at the beginning of December, we shall see... I saw that the one from October 1st overlaps with IN FLAMES... it might create a dilemma for some, for some it won't... ALTAR OF PLAGUES will play at KRUNA 1 and the band members will be happy to meet for the first time the Romanian fans in their homeland. Concerning the emotional live intensity, I assure you of an unprecedented experience for a new wave Black Metal band! 


On October 22, KWOON returns to Bucharest with a new material, therefore a solid reason to be invited by DonisArt in a new KRUNA edition. 


I remind everyone that at KRUNA there won’t be any invited people, press accreditations or requests with reciprocity flavour! The ones who want, will come, the one who’s in the mood, writes about the event... we will be there! 

I found surprising few days ago when, on Facebook, a person I don’t know, posted this possible event: 


URFAUST is a sensational band that released a spectacular Black Doom Metal album, about which I wrote a couple of words in the April Editorial. Randomly or not, I am discussing with the Dutch for a couple of months about a show in Bucharest, the will is on both sides, but the musicians can’t make it in 2011... 

Let me get back to the announced concerts and tell you that November will be a killer month! Not for me, but for the well known Metal fans, it’s going to be crime and punishment: Amorphis, U.D.O., Amon Amarth + As  I Lay Dying + Septic Flesh, Iced Earth... And from what I saw, other bands will come as well, for it's the perfect month for tours... yeah, and I still feel the itch to organize something Underground, from over the ocean, in that period...I'll see... 

And at the beginning of December, 8 or 9, ORPAHNED LAND and ARKAN, plus 2 other band of Oriental Metal in Cluj and Bucharest... 

With a couple of days before I will organize another KRUNA edition, which won’t be too metal. On the other hand, I kept telling you about my nostalgias of my radio show, “Antofagasta”, whose first edition was broadcasted at the beginning of December 1991, meaning 20 years ago, at a local radio. I would like to organize something anniversary, but who knows how will turn out. Oh my, how does this sound, “20 years ago”... retired, what the... ! 

And that would be all with this year's events announced so far! Truly entertaining! All you need is money and free time, for disposition comes “taking a bite”... 

Let’s get to new album releases and what is announced... I made a chronicle for DRACONIAN, a new soul material for the Gothic Doom metal classics: 


The July playlist is more relaxed and that's good, I had enough of the abundance of dozens of albums with modest accomplishments. Meaning they are few doesn’t mean they are better. 

Costin Chioreanu surprised me again, this time with a new and extremely Dark project, like coming from hell or thrown into it, Where Purgatory Ends. Remember this name, listen to this song and I will come up with more details soon: 


The ones from THE END OF THE OCEAN made a great job as well; the executed Instrumental Post-Rock is tremendous! If you like RED SPAROWES, you won’t be disappointed with this sample inspired by cursive, melancholic music, filled with melody! 

I found the duo THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN an interesting phase, an unoriginal mix that sounds good, with the flavour of ‘90s Goth/DarkWave. You definitely must try this new album, “Before And After the Storm”.  

A project I've never heard of, but which really surprised me is called INDELIBLE, with an AGALLOCH member, but with others from SELF SPILLER or HOLLOW BRANNCHES as well, with many experimental oddities, Dark, Progressive, Rock...  some passages reminds me of ULVER, others throw me into a universe I could hardly outline... The Americans’ music is staggering and hallucinant!

The ones from THE SOIL BLEED BLACK reissue their fifth album, “Quintessence”, with a particular medieval print, maybe the best and most appreciated one from their history... I recommend it to DEAD CAN DANCE, QNTAL or ATARAXIA fans.  

From Turkey a band that wants to follow SHINING's path, meaning an unoriginal Depressive Black Metal that sounds quite alright. Try ACROSOME, you might get into the Oppressive Suicidal Metal side. Over the ocean, LOST INSIDE presents us a rather atmospheric Black Metal, with dreary interludes and passages, something to give a listen to. 

DE KONSORTIUM recently released their debut album. I knew something about the Norwegians from Costin Chioreanu, and indeed, the avantgardist side sounds flawlessly! Otherwise, very explosive Thrash metal, full of energy, smartly mixed with Black Metal riffs.


I listened a little to extremely bizarre, psychedelic releases, with an old but very dark Progressive Rock background. I will have to give more attention but also patience to the bands GIANTS ON JUPITER and I THE WITCH, for they have a grave sound, heavy, inaccessible, but that I feel hide something mysterious. Maybe one cold night I will focus hard on these two materials!


PAIN released a new album, over industrialized, very catchy and perfectly fitting live! I didn’t see it as an evolution or regression, only PAIN, maybe with a less inspired PETER. 

LABURINTHOS managed to finish their first material, “Augoeides”. They have an interesting song, with an ethereal ending, called “God Wept in Tunguska”, otherwise an atmospheric sequence, where the female voice candidly harmonizes with the warm guitar and melancholic keyboard. 


I kept listening to the other songs in the last year, but at this final mixed version, just now. I don't know, something doesn’t sound like I listened to in their studio, at rehearsals, now it's drier, flat and without multidimensionality. Perhaps after a professional mastering everything will sound differently, maybe more dark. The ideas of the project led by Toni are many, maybe too many, with crossings through different musical styles, with a too shrill male voice for such echoes (even the dramatic voice inflexions sound unfitting on some places), the low and grave LABURINTHOS stave doesn’t help the female voice on various passages to perform at its best, but the bass provides a perfect balance, neatly communicating both with a battery with many passings and a liberally used keyboard, overall. The guitar is by far the main element that overwhelms this sound and Daniel's solstices are spectacular. But I consider that Daniel would need one more guitarist, at least in the background, to provide dynamics for an umbilical sound, complex and harder to assimilate. “The Great Brothel Of Mankind” is the most well known, worked on and settled track, where all 6 members manage to perfectly resonate on many passages. I believe, on the other hand, that I'd like to discover an exclusively instrumental LABURINTHOS... or maybe one with discreet feminine insertions only, fragile, not so expressive and, why not, maybe some whispers and poetic speeches in the background, in semi obscurity. Anyway, 5 tracks, 30 minutes, something new for Romania. 

MORBID ANGEL comes up with an album I understood nothing from, I don’t know what David wanted to do here, but it's a complete disappointment! In exchange, EXHUMED and ORIGIN totally rock, with two new “perfume” albums for aggressive metal lovers! 

NIMBRETHIL introduces us a hybrid NeoFolk with Ambient, I understood this would be Thomas's 5th album, a talented Czech musician I haven’t heard of until now. The Classical insertions with experimental phases pleasantly surprise here and there, but on others stays pretty monotonous, maybe because of the lack of vocals... 

The ex-SLUMBER (one of the most beautiful Doom Death Metal underground bands) come back in the attention of fans under a new name, ATOMA, this time insisting upon the avantgardist metal side, space-progressive, with industrialized parts, that doesn’t sound like anything I've heard before and that's great. They finished recording the debut album and I expect a great bomb. I hope to come back with more details in the next Editorials, for it deserves all attention! 

Likewise, I hope that soon I'll present you the chronicle of SYVEN debut album, a musical jewel that I rated highest possible, an incredible apparition! 

Do you remember KOROVAKILL? Well, this summer, a new album is released; I’m extremely curious what of Christof is able, after so many years of silence! 

Do you like Post-Rock? Listen to SORA SHIME, a very interesting group from New Zeeland, wherefrom fathers are the ones from JAKOB that announce us that in September will enter the studio for a new album! I can’t wait; it’s one of the most beautiful underground Post-Rock bands of the world! 

I promised you in the previous Editorial that I'll write about DORDEDUH. Well, I was in their studio and made an ample material (maximum thanks to Lusache!), which I decided to present in a simple manner, without splitting it in days or weeks, even though the material uploaded on the net has the length of their album (over 70 minutes). What can I say? Expect a condensed album, complex, but perfectly balanced, full of different ideas expressed in an original and inspired way, a collection piece for every listener of beautiful music, a small treasure that reconfirms me that being a Romanian isn’t a handicap, but a real virtue: 


ROME announced simultaneously making 3 albums, on 11.11.2011... Now that's what I call news! 

An album that appeared in 2007 but I've missed observing was the one of the guy singing in HORNA, this new project called MORTUALIA. MORIBUND RECORDS decided to reissue this intense Finnish Depressive Black Metal, this time with an unedited track... a new chapter follows at the end of the year... 

GRIMEGOD is in the final phase of a new album! It’s good to see that one of the oldest Romanian Doom Death Metal bands is on the barricade! I wrote many many years ago that Tibor's voice is one of the most expressive and growling from the whole local scene! I listened to almost all new GRIMEGOD compositions and I keep my statement: Tibor “is possessed” by an imposing growl! I didn’t really understand how the clean parts sound, they seem kind of Pop... hmmm. The sound is well built, with that oldies flavour, without too many insertions of modern phases, with explosive guitar riffs, very processed passages (progressive tendency), with a persistent keyboard and a battery that provides perfect gravity. After 20 years of activity, GRIMEGOD from Arad prepare us a well processed album, “Dreamside of Me”-like, but somewhat similar to “Under The Sad And Silent Sky”, meaning a clear return to the origins, but more atmospheric and with more splits of rhythm & portions filled with melody! 

KWOON finished recording the new material, the last 2 tracks are truly ravishing: ANATHEMA and PINK FLOYD in Post-Rock version! 

Neige prepares us together with Roman of DRUDKH a very interesting project, called THE OLD SILVER KEY, LOELL DUINN will release this month the album in CD version, KISTVAEN already has composed some new tracks, OCTOBER FALLS enters the studio in August for the 4th material! 

That’s all for now, I stretched out myself over once again! We'll see, hear and greet each other soon! 

28 June 2011  

PS. On June 25 LAKE OF TEARS were once again in Bucharest, I understood there were some people, they enjoyed the show (with the storm’s threat above their heads) and a memorable thing happened at the half of the concert: