January 2004

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Hello and A Happy New Year !

The new issue of "Kogaionon" magazine is almost finished! I only have 3-4 interviews to do and some reviews. In the next two months I will end all of them! So, in March we could see the nine issue of the magazine.


-around 65 B/W A4 pages printed in a professional glossy paper, 80 gr (cover 110 gr) -artwork/lay-out by Lars Jamne/OSKOREI GRAPHIX -almost 200 reviews (Metal, Rock, Gothic, Ambient, Dark Wave, Industrial, zine/magazines) -very long and intelligent interviews (more then 30 answers and questions for each chat) with ELEND, MISANTHROPE, TVANGESTE, MANES, FRANTIC BLEEP, NOCTURNUS, FALKENBACH, DVKE, RAISON DÉTRE, BLACK TAPE..., ULVER/ARCTURUS...

-circulation: 1000 copies (250 promos) -distribution: worldwide -written language: English -deadline: 20th Of February, 2004 -out of printing: March 2004 -price: 3 Euro

Advertising rates :

Back Cover.... 135 Euro-booked Inside Front Cover... 120 Euro-booked Inside Back Cover... 110 Euro Full page... 100 Euro Half page... 60 Eur

For other technical details, please contact Lars

Jamne/ www.oskorei.net

So, if you have promostuff/news available before the middle of February, please, inform me immediately and send me its the soonest possible!

Thank you for the time and good luck in 2004!

Best wishes,.

January, 2004.