January 2006

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Hello in the new Metal year!

Another passing into another year based on patterns, some of them take effect, others not. In my case, the snow's absence has strongly affected me, the New Year's night being a vivaciousnenss one. And exactly when I decided to do nothing, to go nowhere, to stay and laze! If I knew about this desolating landscape, maybe I would have fooled myself with an unplanned New Year which - let's say - would have circled my soul. It wasn't that way and, finally, it was fine. Why? Because, looking and the bright side, a had the oportunity to savour in silence some new exceptional albums, which I had been waiting for a long time. I would like to think you can imagine the sensation of listening non stop to TENHI and CANAAN, to discover a sublime DECANDENCE which develops a neoclassical aura, even a Dark Wave as good as the DVKE project... What could I say more, a fantastic passing into another year concerning the music! Even if KATATONIA disappointed me again, but it was expected to pick up the compromise outlined from the success' echoes of these Swedes, the auditon of the new album was pleasant, thanks to the exceptional sound effects. But some new reviews can be read in this edition... now only in Romanian, but soon you'll be able to read them in English, too...

We observe that almost everyone creates now anual tops with albums and other infantile classifications. Why the Hell do we have to fool with cheap indulgences, only for an uncertain and relative reper, the calendar year? Let's be honest with ourselves and create the top of preferences based on feelings, brought up to date and expanded only when it's necessary and not on reference systems artificially created and falsely presented! I don't know how others are, but I avoid reading again something I wrote because I tend to modify, to change the idea even fundamentally... why? Because, finally, everything depends on the moment, on the frame of mind and soul, on... life! And who remains then to develop what's next? For ex: Quorthon is gone but BATHORY still exists in the soul of every Metal listener! Or he should be! The present world is affected by a fast tranformation which tends to become uncontrollable, everything has guide marks, dates, numbers, locations... why?

Because, in our ignorance, we like to think that's a little time left until we'll take over! The control of what? Of those chimeras daily projected by those visionaries (see the world's geniuses) on that wall of Platon's Republic, from that godly Wall Street to every shadow from Earth, to every corner, which is suspect and pasable for consume, of motion, of energy... of life! And this thing means a guide mark dependent on time... and on being noticed! Is it worth entering in this game, which exists anywhere, with develops the dependence, a pleasant and multidimensional one? Do we refuse to outline our own system of values, consciously risking to be untrendy, to fail in integrating in the daily consume society, which, being honest, emanate and often induce tentacles of security, of certainty? Is it really worth transforming unconsciously in some simple mutants, selfish in being convinced that everything we do is temporary, an act of a play from which we can exit whenever we want or whenever we can see beyond these bonds, which we are unable to touch? Maybe yes, maybe... yes... unfortunately it seems this is the answer!

Let's see what the new year we'll offer us, let's see what the sullen Kogaionon mountain will reveal us and what reviews/interviews you'll be able to filter through this communication source! And something more: my old friend Iskandar informed me in the morning of the first day from this new year that the seventh ELEND album would appear, with another project, calm chamber music, named ENSEMBLE ORPHIQUE. So, stay in touch, the new year seems to transform in a glorious one, after a 2005 pretty boring and pale! Could we now be capable of filling the bottomless abyss from ourselves?

January 2006.