July 2007

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I promised you in my previous editorial that my new post on the site will be sometime in August/September. Yet, I returned from my journey to Sibiu decided to write my story (not the chronicle) about Artmania festival as soon as possible because the event was truly important for the Romanian Metal scene. If I furthermore share you the fact that I consider it a successful one too, than you'll be completely able to understand my eagerness into posting within my site this very saga. The Articles folder harbours it. Do not forget about ORPHANED LAND's concert at Maximum Rock, at Cluj - Napoca, somewhere around August 10th - 12th.

I am also glad that I'm able to listen to some new interesting albums in this frame of time, but about them all you'll find sufficient details next time: ENTOMBED (destructive Death Metal), ARTESIA (their second album, presenting ELEND+DARK SANCTUARY in an exclusively feminine version), ATARAXIA (a continuance of the magnificent "Lost Atlantis", not to be confounded with the experimental album released three months ago by CMI), ELFOR (a bizarre sound), CRIONICS (bombastic Black Death Metal), TULUS (cult Black Metal), ALCEST (the European version of AGALLOCH, yet with calm and warm voices), ISKALD (healthy Black Metal), VREID (Norwegian Folk Black Metal), ANGANTYR (a new chapter of Norse Black Metal), HEL (far more acoustic this time), THE SEVENTH (interesting melodic Death Metal), ASTAARTH (an interesting mix of burgund Folk and Black Metal), LA DIVISION MENTALE (sinister Industrial Black Metal), VARDAN (primitive Black Metal), NEVERLIGHT HORIZON (common Death Metal), a new Black album from DECAYED, AS LIGHT DIES (a band experimenting various Metal nuances), SUFFERING DOOM (a project belonging to the mastermind of ELFOR), a Metal compilation entitled "Might is Right - Nordic Warchants", IN VAIN (a genius band from Kristiansand, also the mother land of IN THE WOODS... in fact Jan participates on this project alongside another key guest, Kjetil Nordhus (GREEN CARNATION, TRAIL OF TEARS), STORMFAGEL (the second opus, very interesting), COPH NIA (Dark Ambient, a new chapter of Aldenon'universe), DESIDERII MARGINIS and the list can go on...

Moreover, I truly hope you'll enjoy the new version of the site, completely changed and maybe more dynamic and flexible than the actual one...Lus assured me that it will be a different approach, but I don't know yet if it will be much superior to the current imagery (which completely satisfies), yet it will certainly be more functional...the drafts I've seen so far are quite promising.

There are 38° Celsius outside, I hurry into evading towards more comfortable places, you should do the same...or not!

Solar frostiness to you!

July, 2007.