June 2006

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Halleluiah Lords of Embarrassment!

I came to the point of being disgusted with what I have heard/seen on the tumultuous television news! The best hit of all European light music popular songs presented this year at the retired Eurovision contest came to be one with Hard Rock sonorities! Is this a Rock world or what? It seems to be enough to enliven a cheap circus (I am refering to the imagery, cause the Lordi Finns could have easily engage in a wrestling with GWAR veterans) and to make a show out of a track plagiarizing the 90's, so that all the grannies abandon their main activity (knitting out all and back in), buy a Finn flag and start to wave it in a mounteback rhythm, packed with maximum adrenalin! Plus, I might take a guess that all the discofans have already bought some thorn bracelets, gave up their glossy sensual hair gel in order to get a nonconformist haircut/ruffling and to put on some angry Cradle and Dimmu T-shirts. It seems that Tolkien stories via Hollywood came to the edge of governing the world, so that any little monster, with or without ears, can get to be digested by those swallowers of all kinds of music! Soon after the books, there came movies and video games full of rings and masters of virtual souls and, now, we can witness the contamination of music! However, I wasted too many words on an event (if I can call it this way) that should still be ignored... but you see, in this suffocating time, the reality towers over the comfortable normality that I delude myself to repress, in vain though! OK, I am still alive... Otherwise, I was brave enough to buy myself a ticket to the King Diamond concert, in order to see the satanist master live, even if his music is not that special to me (it all started and reached an end with Abigail as far as I care), but I thought a veteran of the Metal scene should get the respect of unignore his arrival on Romanian lands. I admit it passed a while since I have been to a concert (seems that Paradise Lost was the last one) and the sea of black T-shirts, leather pants and beer all around Agronomia Hall in Bucharest shocked me a bit, but it is all natural: it was the fans' parade wardrobe! Everything all right, it was pass 7 pm, I was leaning upon a fence near by the hall, waiting for the doors to open as the concert was announced at that very hour.

I found hard to accept the fact that I've payed for a King Diamond ticket and I have to waste my time tolerating other middling bands, but I told to myself that in a couple of hours both Griffin and Thunderbolt performances will be over and, then, I'll see the magician! The good side was that the couple of hours passed, the bad one though was that I still leaned the same fence, waiting this time for an organizer with a drop of common sense to show up and say when will the concert finally begin! As hopes are neverending and the final end does never wait, I decided to leave, probably being the only coward there. I still cannot understand how is it posible to pay for a ticket and miss the minimum respect of being officially told that the concert start hour has been modified! No respect for those youngsters (many of them travelling from all over the country, therefore tired, plus you can imagine that after a couple of waiting hours the beer effects were showing up), also no respect for the mark they are trying to undertake on the market, and so the concert organizers have failed, no matter their escuses as objective or subjective as they might have sound, relevant or not! I consider myself over the particular stage of thinking about the organizers in a tolerant way, issuing the fact that they have done something for the poor audience tormented by the lack of concerts! With all the respect for Nelu/Promusic (I tend to believe I have a fair relation with him), the organization of this concert turned to be a total fiasco! I am glad for the joy of those that could find the courage or the dizziness to wait for a probably successful show! Still, I experience a feeling of wormwood all because of the fact that the youngsters gathered in front of the Agronomia Hall have been treated like animals, free ones perhaps!!! If it would have been a charity show I might have look at it more indulgently, cause some still think that where is something free of charge it doesn't necessarily have to be perfect. Yet, when we are talking about professionalism, an escuse, at least a word to the audience or a prosaic conveyance could have saved an embarrassing situation for all present there.

I might be the only one experiencing annoyance, perhaps all the others were satisfied with what has happened there, because despite the waiting, they could tell stories, find out news and other metal stuff... I would be glad to know that's the way it was... but still disappointed. Why? Because even so, our standards are placed soemwhere around the thought: "It could have been worst than that! The master could have not come in Romania." As for the Agronomia Hall, it looks like a poor stable, with no ventilation included. And in that particular evening was very warm indeed! I refuse to imagine how was to be inside it! I may be too radical or confused. Maybe I am the one just handling the words and keeping himself out of the action line, in order to confront situations and ... solely afterwards making comments. I don't know all the ropes of it, I'm not skilled at doing that, I have no time, bla bla... by I cash down and get a front seat! The truth is that I was in front ... of the concert hall! For two hours ... without anyone to give an official explanation, an apology, a word, or make an extempore speech... to delude me and the rest that the band bus has a delay and therefore we were dealing with a synchronizing problem! Embarrassing, humiliating, sad... I cannot say defiant, because ignorance doesn't always wear a sarcasm raiment! I don't aim for the readers to embrace this point of view. It is solely a way of viewing things ... we shall see if there is space left to accept other perspectives... he he. That's the way King Diamond ended for me in Bucharest! I can see that this year has been and will stay rich in concerts, one of them truly interesting ... at least that's how LACRIMOSA looks to me! I think it's an unique opportunity (at least for me it is) to see Anee and Tilo live in Romania, and I tend to believe that the organizers will assure a professionist show, without any great synchronizing problems! The Swiss/Finnish band has been first presented to the Romanian audience in 1995, throughout an exclusive interview in Kogaionon magazine! Later on I have had the pleasure of reviewing many of this band's albums plus other bands promoted by Tilo Wolf's label, Hall Of Sermon. I wish to see LACRIMOSA live in Romania and I can only recommend to all of you to do the same!

It might be an inspirate choise, even if it's not your favourite band! As for the albums presented in this month's playlist, we are rather dealing with compilations (that I still consider aimless), plus a more inspirate THE GATHERING, a new KATATONIA EP bringing out a great track; also some aggresive Black Metal from my Lithuanian friend Tadas (Ledo Takas), DISSECTION's latest album, some Dark/Ambient from a guy from Sibiu, trying to consolidate his own label and, moreover, a bit of Polish Gothic via Metal Mind. Otherwise, a poor month in what concerns new releases. Yet, I know it is just a matter of days untill I can listen to the new Agalloch and... time will tell when we'll get together again. In the next days I'll add some new reviews on the site, including the one about Titus's zine, named Balamuc. I'll wind up June's digression by telling you that you can now find on the site a brief (subjective) history of Kogaionon and the activities related to this very realm Lot of sun and plenty of darkness! June, 2006 P.S. Longing for a path to outlive this dreadful season? Breathe with maximum trust LOVE IS COLDER THAN DEATH - "Eclipse"... just untill their new album comes to light ... it's just a matter of months!