Kogaionon 10 announcement

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The good news regarding KOGAIONON magazine (a magazine that exclusively promotes extreme Metal musical styles: Dark, Gothic, Doom, Black, Death as well as Ethereal, Ambient or Industrial) is that we have already started to work for issue # 10. The bad or not that good news is not to be able to advance a proper precise date for its outcome: probably 3,4 months or, hopefully, less... This new chapter of KOGAIONON actually also marks 10 years of existence and it features (at least this is my first intention) the same approach-structure we already have got used with. Once again, interviews will be the main key to KOGAIONON realm and they will be as interesting and "large" as always, trying to seduce you with many...so many details of all kind, besides the usual standard stuff you can actually find everywhere else. The REVIEW part is intended to be as selective as always and I want to set on focus solely those albums which fully deserve paying attention to. They defenitely will be presented in a subjective manner, less conventionally, but outlining reality instead of a mirage of simly reviewing promotional stuff or favorite bands. Coverstories, reviews of live performances, other retorics are to be counted as well.

A list of all bands to be interviewed is about to be posted in a very short time and I expect you to let me know if any suggestions or demands.... wishes or other desires are to be "heard", right to this e-mail address: kogaionon@xnet.ro

Imagery, lay-out and artwork are, once again, to be professionally performed; all materials in English (probably-on demand-Romanian as well); each issue is to be accompanied by a few free CDs and I have in mind a limited edition of Kogaionon #10, dedicated solely to collectors; distribution in Romania is made by Bestial and Beauty of Pain... there will be lots of surprises... but there is a time for everything... Don't hesitate to send me the promostuff the soonest possible!

Best regards !

10th of March 2005.