Kogaionon Magazine No. 8 is OUT NOW!

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It contains 64 A4 B/W pro-printed pages (cover colour) in English, decent ellegant lay-out performed by EncoilMark Graphics, great design, new logo, new image...

This issue have enclosed almost 300 subjective and detalied reviews, a few introspective retorics made by the editor's obsessions... and, most important, eleven mature and interesting interviews with: AGALLOCH, CODE666, DIVERCIA, GOD, KARMAKOSMETIX, MONUMENTUM, NEGURA BUNGET, THE END RECORDS, VOKODLOK, PENITENT, WINDS.

The magazine was printed in a special limited edition (750 copies, 150 for promotion). The price for a copy is 5 EUR/$, all taxes included.

You'll fiind enclosed below my special wholesale offer:

5 copies-$12... $2.4 per copy

10 copies-$20... $2 per copy

16 copies-$30... $1.87 per copy

21 copies-$37... $1.76 per copy

27 copies-$43... $1.59 per copy

all taxes included, registration parcel, surfmail.